The Best Backpacks for Travel In 2018 – Top 10 List


Best Backpacks for TravelWhen you decide to take a break from the rat race that life is, you need robust companions, be it animate or inanimate. The one that is going to matter the most is your travel backpack because solicitous as your fellow traveler is, he ain’t going to carry your clothes for you. Reliability, comfort and storage convenience are the three straps that will secure your journey to freedom. When you go conquering the heights of Europe or South America, you need a backpack with numerous gongs and the capacity of a whale. The same backpacks cannot be used for metro-hopping your way to college. And then there are times when you need to go sightseeing carrying something that looks casual and not like you returned from a military assignment. So we picked out 10 of the best backpacks for travel and brought you a versatile list to choose from. How did we distinguish these bags?

  • Quality speaks: The backpacks for travel on this list boast of a durable build. The manufacturers have gotten creative with Nylon or polycotton or even leather to make sure your backpack survives a trip to Kungsleden. All their stress points are reinforced with bar tacking, the mesh made stronger and zippers emboldened by SBS metal. They are tear resistant at the least.
  • Comfort carrier:Carrying huge amounts of weight will wear your shoulder down. An efficient travel backpack will disseminate the pressure uniformly against your back so that you don’t pay for your wanderings with your health.
  • Varied Variety: These 10 travel backpacks differ in their sizes, capacities, highlighted abilities, designs and even material. That gives you plenty of room to make your choice based on your specific needs. Some are lightly blinged to serve only as a daypack while a few others have gone all out with rainfly, carabiner and loops to hang tents.



  1. SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900  Fabric/Polyester $$ 4.6 
  2. Hikpro #1 Rated Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack  Water and Tear Resistant Nylon $$  4.6
  3. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack  Polyester $$ 4.5 
  4. LARGE35L! Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack  Water and Tear Resistant Nylon Fabric $$ 4.5 
  5. Hikpro Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack  Water and Tear Resistant Nylon $$ 4.5 
  6. OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L with Waterproof Backpack Cover  Nylon $$ 4.4 
  7. 8848 Unisex Travel Hiking Backpack  Polyester Fabric and Nylon Webbing $$ 4.4 
  8. Hopsooken 30L Ultra Lightweight Travel Water Resistant Packable Backpack  Water and Tear Resistant Nylon Fabric $$ 4.0 
  9. OXA Vintage Canvas Backpack  90% High Density Cotton Canvas 10% PU Leather $$ 4.0 
  10. G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack  Water and Tear Resistant Nylon Fabric $$ 4.0 

1. SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

Best Backpacks for TravelSwissGear evokes a choking sentiment of trust amongst backpackers. One look at the ScanSmart travel backpack and you’ll know why. It is bombarded with utility features that help when you carouse around the world. But it slacks right down when you just want a daypack to go to college. It sure has abundant potential to be one of the best backpacks for travel of all time.

The main body has two zips. The front zip is free to be organized by you and has a media pocket to hold your smartphone. The back zip can be opened on all three sides allowing the two halfs of this bag to lay flat. Inside is a padded laptop compartment for up to 17-inch laptops. There’s also a recessed TabletSafe pocket protected by mesh. The lay-flat architecture helps you prop open the bag for a quick scan of the laptop at the airport rather than heaving the laptop out. You have multiple zippered pockets outside for pronto access to essentials. There are water and umbrella holders on either side of this backpack for travel. Side compression straps can be expanded as the content increases. A webbing strap in the lower front part allows the traveler to tie their luggage together. Attached carabiner can be used to hang this SwissGear travel backpack on a hook. Shoulder straps distribute weight evenly and are highlighted with reflective accents to make you visible in the dark. Holders for shade are provided on one of these straps. This 18.5×13.5×9 inch backpack is a godsend for the feisty passenger on the road to self-discovery.

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2. Hikpro #1 Rated Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack

Best Backpacks for TravelHikpro ultra lightweight backpack for travel has many tricks up its sleeves. It persistently dazzles us with the hardy determination to survive the wild essence of our travel musings. At 18x12x5.5 inches this has the capacity of 20L to carry everything that plays to your nomadic spirit. That it can fold, makes it’s an apt choice of daypack or a day-long hike.

You have to take this Hikpro travel backpack out of the storage pouch it comes in. This cover is attached to the backpack and doubles as an inner zipped pocket when the luggage bag is in use. Main area has no compartment allowing you the prerogative to fill in your clothes, books, snacks or camera as you would prefer. Outer side has a zip for passport or digital cameras that you would need to fish out in a hurry. This travel backpack has the much-awaited trait of appearing much smaller yet having the potential of a black hole to contain things. On either side, there are mesh pouches to hold your standard water bottle and umbrella. The shoulder straps are broad and made of breathable mesh that gives your shoulders respite in the smoldering summers of an India trip. They have used reinforced metal zippers that don’t break at the slightest impact. When folded into storage, this travel backpack weighs only 6.5 ounces. It will occupy a minor corner of your suitcase during the cross-continent flights.
Teal, red and black color choices add to the allure of Hikpro ultra lightweight travel backpack. It has won accolades amongst many users and now tops our best travel backpacks list.

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3. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Best Backpacks for TravelTeton Sports Scout 3400 is a highly nuanced backpack for hiking enthusiasts. With many options of customization, this travel backpack can hold your clothes, food supplies, tent, climbing gear, sleeping bag and a bunch of stuff to survive in the wilderness. This travel backpack makes an excellent choice for a moderate climber at an attractive price. It adds its charm to our best travel backpacks list.

Dimensions of 30x17x12 inches encase a 55L capacity. You can easily use the compression straps on the side and the front to secure your tent or hammock. Gear loops let you hang you ski pole, shovels or ice axe when you go scaling heights. Lumbar straps provide you all the support for carrying your heavy supplies. Main compartment is massive with room for clothes, camera and what not. It closes with two barrel-lock drawstrings. A top pocket can hold miscellaneous items like lighter, maps, flint etc. Side pockets can hold your water bottles, fuel, gloves and other commodities you need instant access to. An attached rainfly peeks out when you open a front zipper. It can withstand the ordeal of melting snow and rains. There are mesh pockets for carrying documents or earphones and the like. Shoulder pads are padded to even out the pressure and form a tight yet painless grip on your shoulders. A dedicated space for the sleeping bag at the bottom can be accessed from a front zipper. The Teton Scout 3400 Backpack is a juggernaut in backpack world.

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4. LARGE35L! Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack

Best Backpacks for TravelThe outlander packable travel backpack is a nifty medium sized luggage carrier. It will set you up for a hassle-free day trip and fold into submission in a pocket that’s part of its structure. This way you can stow it in your suitcase on your flight back. This feathery light backpack breezes through the hardships of constantly being on the move and lands in our best backpacks for travel.

The weight of the Outlander Packable travel bag may deceive you into thinking it’s not durable. On the contrary, this rip-repelling Nylon structure is infused with equal parts strength and style. It combats the abuse of rough use and remains water-resistant.Pressure points have been substantiated with bar tacking to keep its backbone intact over prolonged use. Double SBS metal zippers secure each compartment and keep your private stuff private. The main pocket has a zippered pouch inside for important documents or valuables.Apart from the main body, this backpack has two zipped pockets in the front to hold your frequently used accessories like camera, shades, smartphones etc. There are mesh pouches on both sides for water and umbrella or rolled up maps. Compression straps help you pack this travel backpack more tightly. 20x13x7.5 inch measurements rule the geography of these Outlander travel backpacks. They come with a lifetime warranty which will reinforce your faith in their capabilities. Be it every day-use or sightseeing tours, this luggage backpack is an amiable companion. 10 delightful colors including Fuschia and orange pep you up for you tour.

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5. Hikpro Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack

Best Backpacks for TravelThe quiet grace of Hikpro Ultralight packable travel backpack is hard to miss. Because of its generally pleasing looks you can use it for your hiking or touring needs and also for university and schools. It looks suave on men and equally appealing on women. Its highly versatile nature lands it a coveted position on our best travel backpacks list.

The 19x12x8 inch architecture of Hikpro travel backpack packs a hefty 25L worth of your personal effects whatever your destination be. It can handle springy clothes to delicate Ipads without breaking a sweat. The main compartment has a spacious area to hold bulky stuff like your notebooks. An inner safe pocket can hold the credit cards or other precious small thingamajigs like a USB drive. On the outside, instead of sticking with the norm of two straight pockets, outlander has settled for two angled ones. One of these pouches is bigger and can hold your tablet. The other one is smaller and works for your pen/stylus or maps and such items which need to be speedily retrieved. Two mesh compartments on the side can hold bottles and such cylindrical things that you might want to carry. The mesh shoulder straps are extremely careful with the pressure on your body and do their best to alleviate any discomfort. The whole travel backpack can be folded into itself to form a sandwich sized pack with top handle.

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6. OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L with Waterproof Backpack Cover

Best Backpacks for TravelOutdoorMaster has certainly created a masterful product in its hiking backpack. It is adorned with all the gongs you might find in a travel backpack 4 times its cost. The best part is that it’s a panel-loading bag, a nice detour from the usual top-loading ones. 7 colors of awesomeness make it very difficult to keep yourself from drawing your credit card out.

OutdoorMaster has tried an upgraded and therefore hugely appreciated design on this travel backpack. The outermost pocket is a small zippered compartment housed on an easy access partition that is closed by a buckle. Main body has two zippered compartments. The slender outer one can hold tablets and also has a cellphone holder. The bigger pocket has the laptop compartment that can accommodate upto 15.6-inch laptops. A waterproof cover is packed into the bag for rainy days. At the bottom are straps for tent or sleeping bag. There are individual holes for headphone wire and hydration bladder tube. There are chest and waist belts with whistle buckles to help you support the weight. Lavish back cushioning further relieves the force on your back from carrying around this travel backpack. A D-ring sunglass hanger on the shoulder straps ensures quick reach to this travel requisite. There are a number of straps and loops to pack all the hang-on extras and make a compact package out of this bag.
There are many laudable features in OutdoorMaster Hiking backpack’s repertoire and we add the acclaim of being one of the best travel backpacks to it.

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7. 8848 Unisex Travel Hiking Backpack

Best Backpacks for TravelFor people who like a splash of color in their lives, 8848 brings out 28 color combinations of their unisex travel hiking backpack. The lively looks are supported by a dash of unconventional style and quality fabric. It looks normal-sized but has a world of space inside for everyone who loves short hiking trips.

If you are bored of the usual Nylon look of your travel backpack, the cotton-Polyester look of 8848’s bag will elicit some excitement. In the interest of water resistance, Nylon webbing inside protects it from getting wet. This rectangular backpack has two leatherette belts running down the front with multiple buckles for a sleek look. It is a top-loading bag with a top flap covering it. The main body is closed by drawstring cinch. This area has two compartments. The laptop compartment is padded and fleece-lined for gentle swaddling of your laptop. Another compartment is free to be used as you wish. It has two pouches: one for phone and another for valuables or documents. There’s a gap for the headphones cord to ascend from this main area. Outside, there are no bottle or umbrella holders. A small outer pocket is again covered by a top lid. You can put in your camera, pens, specs case etc. in this.

8848 travel backpack is not sufficiently equipped for a full-blown hiking trip. It’s a good call for city sightseeing when you are feeling perky. The dainty design is likely to invite more women users than men. This diversion from the utilitarian design earns it a spot on our best travel backpacks list.

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8. Hopsooken 30L Ultra Lightweight Travel Water Resistant Packable Backpack

Best Backpacks for TravelSometimes less is more. Hopsooken travel backpack has all the bare necessary features of a travel bag. If you tour only occasionally and would like something light duty, this backpack is perfect for your travel. You will also find it rather affordable with discounts on all 12 colors. Its rugged build has earned it a place in our best travel backpacks list.

Hopsooken packable travel backpack is extremely lightweight at 11 ounces. That’s almost the weight of an over-ear headphone, if you compare. It can be stuffed into one of its own pockets to create a small kit that can be easily disposed of when the backpack is not in use. Unlike its peers, Hopsooken makes it abundantly easy to fold the bag into its cover. The front-side has two zippers for your emergency supplies and readily obtainable objects. There are two mesh pouches for water bottle, umbrella or maps. Compression straps run along either side. They can be used to tighten the bag if it’s only half full and sagging. A front strap lets you tie this bag together with other luggage items. There are loops at the bottom of the bag, should you need to attach or hang something off it. The main body has a single compartment where you can arrange your clothes or books as you prefer. This travel backpack will stave off some light drizzling or water splash from the class clown friend. You can carry this as a daypack on daily basis as it won’t respond to the minor impacts suffered over your day.

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9. OXA Vintage Canvas Backpack

Best Backpacks for TravelOxa vintage canvas backpack looks like something Indiana Jones would have carried to the Amazon. Oxa has designed a multipurpose backpack. Is it a travel backpack, a daypack, a duffel bag what? It is all of these things and then some. Designed out of canvas and ornamented with PU leather, it has buckles and handles in all the right places.

Oxa’s multifaceted quality comes from the fact that handles with plastic grips have been provided in many places on the bag. So you can carry it like a duffel case or even a suitcase in your luggage. The back has a flap that unzips to reveal the shoulder strap. This flap rolls up and rests on top using a Velcro strip, adding to this backpack’s wanderer appeal. This travel backpack is not cluttered with many pockets. It has the big commodious main compartment which is accessed by a zipper. On the front there’s a zippered pocket behind the leather patch with an inner pouch. One more pocket is provided for instant reach and located below the leather work. A mesh pocket for water bottle can be found on the right side. There are two compression straps on both sides. There are two designs of this collector’s item backpack: one is a black/tan design, another, a khaki/tan one.

You can use the Oxa canvas travel backpack for day-packing, overnight journeys or camping trips. You can even lodge a laptop in there. It is not as convenient for a serious hiking trip. Oxa vintage is the stud out of the best travel backpacks.

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10. G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack

Best Backpacks for TravelG4Free has an ultra-lightweight option in its hiking backpack. Most travel backpacks are more suited to be daypacks because hiking ones are ungainly and not trendy enough. The G4 travel backpack is an attractive find with a 40L capacity for all your hammock-carrying needs. It has executed many colors in classy contours and eyeball grabbing combination with gray.

40L worth of you effects can go into the G4free travel backpack of 23×13.4×8 inches approximately. This travel backpack can be folded into the front spandex pocket and reduced to a sandwiched size for packing, when not in use. The main compartment is covered by a top overhang. Main body has all empty space for you to fill your clothes and important supplies as you like to organize them. The top lid is secured by long straps and buckles. This travel backpack is peppered with zippered pockets on the top flap and on the front. There are mesh pouches on both sides. Shoulder straps handle moderate weights well. A chest buckle strap keeps the impact evenly dispersed on you upper body. This travel backpack is structured out of water-resistant and tear-resistant Nylon. The whole architecture has been carved with two shades of the same color so as to bring out an alluring look without being too flashy.
G4free travel backpack treads a delicate balance between being lightweight and reliable. Its price is unbelievable in the age of SwissGear and REI. There are one too many merits of it, hence its place in our best backpacks for travel.

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