The Best Beach Bags In 2018 – The Complete Guide


Best Beach BagsHolidays should be a stress-free affair, but when you’re packing for four kids for a trip to the beach, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Unfortunately, it always falls to the moms to bring the towels, change of clothes and bottles of water. Picture this – the kids run ahead to the inviting blue waters for a swim, leaving you huffing and puffing to find a space on the beach, with multiple bags weighing you down. Hardly sounds like a good time.

With summer in full swing, it’s time to look for a quality bag to keep all the family’s items in one place. While a regular bag could do the job, it might not stand up to the wear and tear.

Getting the beach bags could save you money, time, and a lot of hassle – ensuring that everyone (moms included!) gets to enjoy a relaxing getaway. Here are some things to look out for:

Practicality / Ease of Use

Some beach bags look good as a fashion accessory, but that’s about it. They might be too small or unable to handle heavy loads. If you’re packing for the whole family, look for bags that are roomy, or ones that can expand to fit more items when needed. While allowing for plenty of storage space, the bag should also be lightweight and easy to carry around. Consider features like padded handles for a better grip, or designs that distribute weight evenly. Some bags even come with a reinforced bottom to lend the bag more structure and form.


It’s always a good idea to get a bag that has multiple compartments for easy organisation. Imagine the hassle of searching for a bottle of lotion at the bottom of a stack of clothes or towels. Look for designs that have at least a few pockets for smaller items. Outer pockets, to store bottles of water or sunblock, are also handy as the items can be taken out quickly without having to rummage inside the bag. Zippered compartments can help to keep water or sand-sensitive items out of harm’s way.


While there are many different kinds of material when it comes to the best beach bags, it’s best to go for something that is lightweight and durable. Since you’ll be bringing it to the beach, where water and sand are unavoidable, pick materials that are quick-drying, easy to clean and water repellent.

Straw weave is handy when it comes to getting rid of sand,as you can simply shake the grains out. Mesh-like designs function in the same way.

Cotton canvas is sturdy but light, while polyester is machine washable. There are also types made from waterproof material like polypropylene.


A functional bag doesn’t have to be bland, boring and blah – it can look great as well! There are a variety of designs and colors on the market. Some of the unique looks will not only attract envious glances on the beach, but also be easy to spot when misplaced.

The Top 10 Best Beach Bags In 2018 – Chart

  1. Raqpak Mesh Beach Bag  waterproof mesh $$  5.0
  2. Baja Beach Bag Waterproof Canvas Tote  waterproof canvas $$ 5.0 
  3. Fashion Print Ultimate Tote  polyester $$ 4.8 
  4. Aruba Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Insulated Picnic Cooler  canvas and mesh $$ 4.7 
  5. Ever Moda Beach tote  cotton canvas $$ 4.4 
  6. SCOUT 4 Boys Jumbo Zip-Top Tote  polywoven fabric $$ 4.4 
  7. Fishers Finery Day At the Beach Beach Bag  canvas $$ 4.4 
  8. Deluxe Oversized Mesh Family XL Beach Tote/Jumbo Bag w Carabiner Hook  mesh $$ 4.3 
  9. Blue Mesh Whale Bag – The Original, From Saltwater Canvas  weatherproof mesh $$  4.3
  10. X-Large Chevron Print Canvas Beach Bag Tote  canvas $$ 4.3 

1) Raqpak Mesh Beach Bag

Best Beach BagsAs any parents of toddlers or small children will tell you, packing toys and swim equipment to the beach is no easy feat. The Raqpak Mesh Beach Bag is perfect for storing the family’s beach gear, all in one place. For one, it has massive dimensions measuring 18” x 12” x 17”, so it can easily fit beach towels, mats, clothing, and toiletries for the shower. Made from a strong and durable nylon material, it is stretchy and has a sack-like shape that can expand to hold more items. Unlike most of the best beach bags, which have zippers, magnetic snaps or are open at the top, the Raqpack has a pullable drawstring to secure items.

The kids will probably be playing with shovels, buckets, and other toys that accumulate sand, but no worries about bringing the ‘beach’ home – the bag’s mesh design filters sand and dirt effectively.

Comfy, adjustable straps go over the shoulder, and are lengthy enough to be slung across the body like a sling bag. Best of all: the bag folds down into a compact shape when not in use, and fits into an attached zipper pouch. You don’t even have to be an origami master to fold it, as it presses down easily. The small, waterproof pouch doubles as a compartment for electronics, car keys and cards.

The bag is machine washable and air dries quickly. Available in vibrant blue or yellow mixed colors.

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2 ) Baja Beach Bag Waterproof Canvas Tote

Best Beach BagsThe Baja Beach Bag’s vibrant colors and beautiful, striped patterns are attractive enough to make you want to buy it for looks alone. Appearance aside, this waterproof canvas tote delivers quality in terms of massive storage space and durability.  It is made from tough Ripstop canvas, which has strengthened resistance against water, tearing and ripping, making it suitable for heavy duty use.

Two extra thick straps drop down to 10”, evening out the bag’s weight on the shoulders. Shaped like ropes, they make for a comfy fit and are easy to carry even when the bag is full. The straps are looped through metal grommets for a secure hold.

The Baja’s extra large size, measuring 16.5” x 14” x 7”, means that the it can fit everything from beach toys to lunch boxes. Moms can bring it not just to the beach or pool, but also to the park, on picnics, camping, shopping, or for general travel.

There is no zipper for the main compartment, but it has a magnetic snap which clicks shut over the center. The interior has a zippered pocket for keeping car keys, smartphones and other valuables. Two spacious external pockets on each side of the bag allow easy access to sunblock, sunglasses and water bottles.

A common complaint with cheaper bags is the fraying seams or loose stitching. No such problem with the Baja Beach Bag. Strong, reinforced stitching holds everything together, and the seams are tight for greater protection against dust, sand and water. With such a good build, the bag is likely to last for years – proving that sometimes, good looks and functionality do come in the same package.

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3) Fashion Print Ultimate Tote

Best Beach BagsThese bright and colorful Fashion Print bags offer both form and function. Measuring 21” x 11” x 13.5”, its spacious main compartment is excellent for keeping items – with one user commenting that the bag could comfortably fit four towels with room to spare for hats and lotions. The rectangular shape holds well and can stand up on its own, even when not filled in with items. Meanwhile, the durable polyester material, which covers the outside as well as the inside lining, is waterproof to help protect items from water and moisture.

Never fret about having to dig deep into the bag to look for ‘lost’ items. The Fashion Print has six inside open pockets to help separate bottles, underwear, toiletries, baby wipes and sunglasses. An additional inside zipper pocket secures keys, cards and cash.

Its lengthy straps are comfortable over the shoulder and strong stitching ensures no ripping.

The bag can be wiped clean, but users should avoid tossing it into a machine as this might rip the fabric or cause discoloration.

Available in beach-themed designs, such as prep stripe, sea tile and beach floral.

One fun feature that the best beach bags have over others in its category is the option for personalisation. The kids will have a field day, as the manufacture allows buyers to customize the bag with monograms – so you can go ahead and put their (or your) initials on it.

It would be perfect if the compartments had zippers to secure items inside and protect them from sand. Otherwise, this is a solid choice as a beach bag.

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4) Aruba Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Insulated Picnic Cooler

Best Beach BagsNothing beats a homemade, packed lunch after spending the day building sandcastles, or swimming in the sea. But how can mums bring that along without risking freshness and taste? The Aruba Mesh Beach Tote Bag has a compartment just for that.

Lightweight but roomy, the bag measures 20” x 16” x 6” and comes with an insulated cooler compartment at the bottom, Place bottled juices, milk, sliced fruits, sandwiches and other snacks without worry, as the soft and flexible liner keeps them fresh and cool.

The bag’s main compartment can comfortably fit four large beach towels, clothing and beach gear. There are two external pockets. One is zippered to safekeep smartphones, keys and cards, while the other can be used for easy access to suntan lotion, sunblock, chapstick or water bottles.

The canvas and mesh design is breathable and encourages airflow, so there is no worry of bad odors building up from wet clothes and towels. The netting has large holes: small enough to keep items from slipping out, but big enough to easily remove sand and dirt. The bag can get quite heavy after being filled up, but reinforced padded handles and a 9” shoulder drop help to minimize discomfort. It is machine washable and dries quickly.  Available in an attractive teal color.

As the cooler part makes the bag bottom heavy when filled with items, some users have found that the bag tips over when not filled to the brim. This might be a minor annoyance for some, but overall, it delivers good quality at an affordable price.

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5) Ever Moda Beach tote

Best Beach BagsRoomy and versatile, the Ever Moda Beach tote measures 21” x 6.8” x 14”, with plenty of space to store the family’s beach supplies, and then some. Made from 600 denier polyester, the bag comprises a main compartment which expands well to fit in rolled up towels, clothing and drinks.

There is also an exterior pocket for easy access to sunblock, sunglasses and other items that users will take out often, as well as a small interior pocket for keeping valuables and keys. These have zippers for extra protection against sand and water; as does the main compartment so that contents will not spill out. All compartments are lined with a soft linen material. The bag comes with a detachable coin purse with matching print, to put loose change, memory cards or accessories.

The part of a bag that gets dirtiest is usually the bottom, because it constantly comes into contact with surfaces. The Ever Moda has small metal legs to keep it off the floor and away from sand and dirt. The reinforced bottom is hard and sturdy, to handle heavier loads. It also gives the bag better structure and shape. Meanwhile, the 10” shoulder drop features double straps that run down the sides of the bag, held together with strong stitching.

The bag comes in 14 colorful designs, including chevron pink and chevron grey with blue trim, anchor blue and military green. It can be cleaned off with a damp cloth.

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6) SCOUT 4 Boys Jumbo Zip-Top Tote

Best Beach BagsThey don’t call it ‘jumbo’ for nothing. For big families with lots of stuff to carry, consider getting the Scout 4 Boys Jumbo Zip-Top Tote. The brand was developed by a couple who had four children and four dogs, who understood the need for lightweight but big storage space when on family vacations.

Measuring a massive 24” x 19” x 12”, the Scout 4 Boys is as tall as a small child and can fit at least four oversized beach towels plus anything else you might need for the beach or pool. Unlike some bag designs which narrow down at the bottom, the Scout 4 Boys tote is rectangular shaped for maximum storage space.

The bag is made of a lightweight and durable polywoven fabric, which feels stiff to the touch and has a crinkly appearance. This helps the bag keep its shape and carry heavier loads.The material is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your items getting wet at the pool or beach.  It is also easy to wipe clean and folds down flat for convenient storage.

To handle heavier loads, the bag has a reinforced leatherette bottom and strong handles reinforced with Velcro. The unique U-scoop zipper allows easy access on three sides of the best beach bags.

The bags come in a variety of funky designs and vibrant colors, with equally quirky names. There’s the bright pink ‘Back to Fuschia’, the chequered ‘Bachelor Plaid’, white and blue wave patterned ‘Surfer’s Channel’, and many more.

A small zippered compartment for keys, cash and personal items could have been a great addition to this otherwise very handy bag. However, due to its size and lack of compartments, it can be unwieldy for folded laundry, as there is nothing to hold them down if the bag tumbles.

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7) Fishers Finery Day At the Beach Beach Bag

Best Beach BagsMeasuring 27” x 18” x 8”, the Fishers Finery Day at the Beach bag is roomy, with space to store a few large towels, spare clothing, and more. Made from a tough canvas material, it is nevertheless lightweight and easy to carry around. Soft but thick cotton rope handles go easily over the shoulder, while its grooved design keeps the bag from slipping off. The straps are long in length, making it easier to distribute weight evenly.

As anyone who has ever brought bags to the beach or the pool can tell you, it’s easy to get stuff wet when you’re near a large body of water. The bag’s water repellant lining, made from 230T nylon taffeta material, helps to keep items safe and dry.

Running diagonally at the top of the bag is a zipper for the main compartment, helpful in keeping sand and dirt out. Inside, there are two large pockets, also zippered. These are just the right size for smartphones and tablets, or for keeping bottles of sunblock secure. The zippers themselves are not flimsy and can take being opened and closed multiple times, as some reviewers have pointed out. There is also a small pocket on the outside, which is convenient for storing items like sunglasses.

Design wise, the bag looks attractive and is stylish enough as a tote bag on its own. Its nautical design, with navy blue and white stripes, fits the beach theme perfectly. One downside is that the bag is not machine washable due to the sewn-in, reinforced bottom.

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8) Deluxe Oversized Mesh Family XL Beach Tote/Jumbo Bag w Carabiner Hook

Best Beach BagsIf you’re the type that has a hard time finding things in a large bag, then go for the Deluxe Oversized Mesh Family XL Beach Tote /Jumbo Bag. Besides having plenty of storage space, with dimensions measuring 16.5” x 14.5” x 7.2”, the bag has eight large exterior compartments so users can conveniently sort out items without having to rummage inside the bag.

These pockets are deep, with six compartments measuring 8” high and the other two 11” high, so bottles and lotions can fit securely without the worry of spilling. They can also fit cards, wallets, small valuables, watches and goggles.Meanwhile,the inner space can hold towels, clothing and beach toys. There is a carabiner hook on the interior for attaching keys and sunglasses.

The mesh design is useful at the beach, as sand can be shaken out. It is made from a durable, fade-resistant textilene weave with vinyl-coated polyester core yarn in the wrap; suitable even for extreme conditions. As the bag is see-through, you can locate your desired item quickly.

It can be cleaned off easily with a hose or by machine wash.

When it comes to load, the Deluxe bag can carry weights of up to 30lbs or more, according to one reviewer. The 9” drop straps are made from polypropylene and X-stitched, while the exterior edges are complete with piping stitching for extra strength and durability.

However, the Deluxe’s drawback is that moms might find it heavy to carry over the shoulder due to the short straps.When stuffed to the brim on the inside, the outer pockets inflate and the opening becomes small and inaccessible. The bag does not have zippered compartments and there is no way to close it.

Available in blue, solid black, lipstick red and lemon green.

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9) Blue Mesh Whale Bag – The Original, From Saltwater Canvas

Best Beach BagsFun tidbit: The Blue Mesh Whale Bag has once been used to rescue a seabird; or so it’s description says. While we can’t attest to whether or not this is true, users have praised the bag for its function and durability, with a few commenting that the bag still holds up and looks new even after many trips to the beach. Family-sized, it measures 16” x 15” x13” and comes with a whopping eight pockets on the outside and a zippered one on the inside. It can hold up to six beach towels, toys, clothing, swimming or snorkelling gear, snacks, and wetsuits. There is a carabiner for attaching keys.

The weatherproof furniture mesh is designed to strain out sand, and its sturdy build means that the bag can stand upright on its own or flatten down for easy storage. The wide straps are made of tough polyester and run the length of the bag. The material will not rip easily, and is resistant against fading and mold, even when exposed to sun, sand or saltwater. To further reinforce the bottom to carry heavier loads, the base has been sewn three times around.

For families who’d like to bring their pets for a walk around the beach, this handy bag can even double as a dog carrier. It can be cleaned by hosing or machine wash, and dries within 10 minutes. Available in 12 solid or mixed colors.

Only drawback? There are no zippers, so you won’t be able to close it. As with mesh bags, the Whale tends to be heavier than cotton or canvas beach bags.

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10) X-Large Chevron Print Canvas Beach Bag Tote

Best Beach BagsIf you’re looking for an affordable bag to carry the family’s beach day supplies, then the Chevron Beach Bag Tote does the job well. Made from canvas, the material is lightweight and environmentally friendly. It has large dimensions, measuring 22” x 15” x 6”, but not so large as to make it difficult to carry. It can store at least two large beach towels, sunblock, toys, beach mats, snacks and more. The inside is lined for extra protection against bumps or impact.

A plastic zipper secures everything inside the main compartment, preventing them from spilling out even when your bag falls over. That should not be a worry, as the material is sturdy enough, holds its shape well and should be able to stand on its own. A small inner pocket keeps items like keys and cards safe, although this compartment does not have a zipper. The double straps are made of pleather and drop down by 11”, making it comfortable to carry around without the heavy load cutting into the shoulder. Sand can be easily shaken out by tipping the bag over.

Function aside, the bag looks stylish, and even moms can show it off as a fashion statement. The chevron print on the best beach bags is available in black, pink and blue, and the wave-like patterns suit the beach theme well. While they can be wiped clean, it is not recommended for machine wash as the colors might run. Some users have commented that the pleather handles seem flimsy, but for the price, you get what you pay for and a bit more.

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