Best Cross-body Bags for Travel In 2018 – Top 10 List


Best Cross-body Bags for TravelShoulder bags are cliché’. In the era where every moment and every movement counts, cross-body bags are the new trend. Be it a notorious city you are visiting or the rush hour of subway travel, you need to hang on to the possessions that your life depends on. Lately, thieves have been getting bolder and embracing technology to get the better of you at public places. Cross-body bags effectually combat these threats and route the impact of weight over a larger area of your body. So it becomes less cumbersome to carry them instead of shoulder bags.

We selected 10 best cross-body bags for travel that will serve you best on your journey, on or away from your life. Each one is consistent with comfort factor but differs in utility options. Why did we pick them?

  • Secure Shelter: Cross-body bags are generally considered to be safer because they are harder to yank off of you. But brands like Travelon and Pacsafe have pulled their A-game with RFID blocking pockets and slash-proof construction.
  • Pockets Galore: Since the intent of having cross-body bags is to travel safe, they are armed with plenty of pockets for all the items like tablet, Kindle, smartphone, ID cards, keys etc. Some of these purses have credit card slots, key clips and coin purses as well.
  • Gender specific and neutral: We have covered some feminine cross-body bags, some macho ones and also unisex bags. They range from mature grace to teenage tenacity in their designs. So there’s something for everyone on this best cross-body bags for travel list.


The Top 10 Best Cross-body Bags for Travel In 2018 – Chart

  1. Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag  Nylon $$ 4.4 
  2. Roma Leathers Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket Crossbody Purse Bag  Genuine Leather $$ 4.4 
  3. Baggallini Everywhere Travel Cross-Body Bag  Nylon $$ 4.4 
  4. Leaper One Strap Sling Cross Body Messenger Bag Shoulder Backpack  Washed Canvas $$ 4.4 
  5. Travelon Anti-Theft Signature 3 Compartment Crossbody Straight Pocket Shoulder Bag  Nylon $$ 4.4 
  6. Baggallini Triple Zip Cross-Body Travel Bag  Nylon $$ 4.4 
  7. Pacsafe Luggage Citysafe 200 Gii Handbag  Nylon $$  4.4
  8. OXA Canvas Messenger Bag Shoulder Bag Crossbody Bag  High Density Cotton Canvas $$ 4.4 
  9. Baggallini Horizon Cross-Body Travel Bag  Nylon $$  4.4
  10. Tom Clovers Summer New Women’s Men’s Classy Bag  Genuine Leather $$ 4.2 
  1. Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag

Best Cross-body Bags for TravelTravelon is a pro at creating theft-proof bags. They use their proprietary anti-theft technology for foolproof security of their carriers. Their cross-body bag has saved many a traveler from getting mugged in international tourist locations. You cannot carry your world with you in this bag but it can hold all your essentials like documents, snacks, muffler, a single change of clothes et al.

There are four important measures that Travelon takes with their anti-theft cross-body bag. The bottom half of this purse is reinforced with chain link construction that keeps it from getting slashed by ruffians. Knifing the bottom of the bag to empty it is a popular tactic with them. Shoulder straps are cemented with the strength of cable as well. This way nobody can cut through the strap and make away with the cross-body bag. There is provision to lock the zippers in place. Once locked, it’s not easy to disengage and open the zippered pockets. Inside the Travelon bags are RFID blocking card slots that interfere with RF that tries to read any sensitive information off your credit cards or passport. Hi-tech as that crime is, even that attempt will be thwarted.  The 1x12x11 inch construction hangs on 52-inch strap that can be adjusted for length. Nylon lining keeps this cross-body bag water resistant. It also carries a removable LED light for emergencies. 6 colors of this bag are available to go with your wardrobe.There are two top-closing pockets on the front and one zippered pocket each on front and back. Inside you have the RFID protected slot and zippered pockets as well.

Travelon anti-theft cross-body bag is an answer to the prayers of tourists who need a safe purse for their most frequently-used items. The amount of thought Travelon has put into it alone qualifies it to top the best cross-body bags for travel list.

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  1. Roma Leathers Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket Crossbody Purse Bag

Best Cross-body Bags for TravelGenuine imported leather at such a lowly price? Yes, Roma has done it with their multi-pocket cross-body purse. At 9×6.5×1 inch, it is a moderate size for your day out in a foreign city or on a cross-district trip. They have limited the size while keeping the pockets big enough to be practical and hold all our regular card, papers, wallets and maybe even a water bottle. That kind of meticulous detailing lands it in the best cross-body travel bags list.

Roma Leathers has this cross-body purse in 5 colors that match most people’s taste and go with the clothes: black, wine, cream, tan, brown and red. The main body is spacious in spite of their shy dimensions and can fit in your purse and scarf easily. The outer side has three zippered pouches in the front and one on the back. The bottom-most pocket has an organizer with slots for 3 cards and an ID window.  Back portion sports one zippered compartment and a normal pocket. You can slip in your phone in the latter. That way the smartphone is easy to pull out but too tightly lodged inside to be stolen easily. Shoulder strap of this Roma cross-body bag is more sleek and stylish. It can be adjusted to be used on the shoulder bag length. By adding length you can wear this bag cross-body. The leather look is austere but authentic. It will surely turn some heads on the subway. The fact that it can carry a mini-tablet and huge smartphones makes it that much more attractive.

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  1. Baggallini Everywhere Travel Cross-Body Bag

Best Cross-body Bags for TravelBaggallini believes in efficiency. Their Everywhere Travel cross-body bag is the epitome of this work ethic. With strategically placed pockets, this bag can carry a whole lot of objects in its puny body. 9 colors spice up the image of this product with some cheetah print models taking a bow.But its beauty goes deeper than the skin.

This cross-body bag by Baggallini has been fashioned out of Nylon completely. This makes it resistant to light rains and water sprays. The more interesting back side of this bag has pocket closed via a hidden magnetic snap. At the bottom, there’s discrete pocket that doubles as a sleeve and goes over the handles of your suitcase in case you want to integrate the two. The front side has large and a smaller zippered pocket and another pouch covered by a top flap. Main body has 10 card slots, a key fob, a removable coin purse and a holder for cylindrical items like pens or lip gloss. The strap of this cross-body bag allows a 28-inch drop from your shoulder. It can be adjusted for length. The 5×13.5×9 inch dimensions can swallow up your personal items like a black hole and you will never notice the increase in weight because of the optimal width of shoulder strap. A quirky design trait is that the black cheetah print model of this bag has fuchsia lining inside. It makes you feel legit on the outside and lively on the inside.

Usually convenience and style are mutually exclusive, but not in the case of Baggallini Everywhere Travel Cross-body bag. Hence its spot in our best cross-body travel bags list.

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  1. Leaper One Strap Sling Cross Body Messenger Bag Shoulder Backpack

Best Cross-body Bags for TravelLeaper shoulder cross-body bag combines the backpack with a cross-body design. This thing looks as rugged as its architecture is. Done in canvas with leather accents, it is one classy bag. What’s more, it has plenty of room for books, laptop, tablets, clothes or wallets. The vintage aura would be deeply appreciated by men who like to travel in style.

This cross-body travel bag by Leaper is bigger than the ladies’ bags. Measuring 11x14x4 inches, this bag can serve you on your college run or even an overnight trip. Its main compartment is closed down by a zip and then a top flap that is fastened in the front with buckles. This area houses 1 zippered pouch, 2 regular pockets and a laptop area that can fit 13-inch laptop easily.  On the front, there is 1 zipped and 1 open pocket under the flap.  There’s one accessible zipped compartment in front of the top flap. There’s a mesh pouch on the side to hold water bottles. A wide shoulder strap mounts on this body and extends to go around the shoulders or across the body. The whole structure of this best cross-body bags for travel is made of canvas that repels water to some extent. The zip handles are and buckle straps are made of leather for an elegant touch. This bag comes in 5 laidback colors including camouflage design and army green.

Leaper cross-body shoulder bag has an unorthodox size that many men search for. It could be the kind of gift that will make you the gift-ninja in the eyes of men in your life. No wonder it ended up in our best cross-body travel bags list.

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  1. Travelon Anti-Theft Signature 3 Compartment Crossbody Straight Pocket Shoulder Bag

Best Cross-body Bags for TravelTravelon was bound for an encore with their anti-theft strategies.  If the Everyday Travel bag is a dog in terms of look then Signature 3 compartment cross-body bag does an excellent job in the looks department. Even with all the security measures, this bag looks more feminine and is roomy enough to hold DSLR camera. Since it has the trifecta for bags, it goes straight into our best cross-body travel bags list.

All the 4 safety precautions patented by Travelon have been implemented in their signature 3 compartment cross-body bag. Shoulder strap and the lower part of the bag are slash-proof. All the zippers can be locked down so that a pickpocket can’t yank them open in a hurry. There’s RFID blocking card and passport slot to fool the tech-savvy thieves. There are two spacious zips on the front face and one on the back. The latter contains a leashed key clip with LED light. Main body has plenty of real estate for your everyday needs. It can hold your stuff for a night over at your friend’s place. The shoulder strap is longer than usual allowing a hang of 29.5 inches which can be reduced to be worn over the shoulder. Reliable Nylon material keeps the outside brave in the face of daily abuse. The interior area of this Travelon cross-body bag is finished with rich material for a gentle feel. It comes in black, pewter, red, purple and khaki colors which are neutral and match with your everyday clothes. Uniformly placed frills on the front add grace to the otherwise utilitarian design that Travelon prefers.  This cross-body bag offers lot of options for arranging your things at a moderate price.

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  1. Baggallini Triple Zip Cross-Body Travel Bag

Best Cross-body Bags for TravelIf practical defines you then you have met your match in Nylon. The Baggallini triple zip cross-body bag packs a lot of bang in its 6x8x2 inch body. It is smaller than the typical purses but it has the capacity of a behemoth. You can store all your day-to-day essential items like sunglasses, Kindle fire, lipsticks, keys, cards, checkbook, memo pads, tissues, medicine etc. in one go. The arrangement of the bag is simply too good to be true.

Baggallini triple zip cross-body travel bag is an overachiever. It has loops on the back and a detachable shoulder strap. So it can be used as a waist bag as well as cross-body. The shoulder sling is 26 inches long on one side. It has two zippered pockets in the front and one in the back. Then there’s the usual main zip. Pretty standard you would think until you start stacking your personal effects here. Inside the main compartment, you have 6 card slots which can hold more if you put two or more cards in a slot. There’s also a lipstick holder in this area. You can fit in a Kindle fire here without its voluminous cover. Other things like a notepad and wallet can also rest in this pocket.  The outer zips can hold your smartphones, tissue and driving license, if necessary. Back pocket is hidden away from sight, so you can even stash your smartphone there. This best cross-body bags for travel is available in blue, black, apple red, charcoal, khaki and mocha colors. It’s not meant to be fashionable so much as convenient for your everyday foray into the city via busy subways.

Baggallini triple zip cross-body bag serves the working women faithfully when they need to travel without worrying about their belongings. By popular appeal, it finds a spot on our best cross-body travel bags list.

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  1. Pacsafe Luggage Citysafe 200 Gii Handbag

Best Cross-body Bags for TravelPacsafe takes the safety of your possessions seriously. It lives up to its name through the Citysafe 200 Gii cross-body handbag. Just by touch, you can distinguish the quality of material used both outside and on the interiors of this bag. The somber black and midnight blue colors indicate that this case means business.

The lower part of the PacsafeCitysafe 200 Gii cross-body bag is emboldened with metal mesh inside to make it impervious to a knife play. This way, primitive muggers will not be able to dislodge the bottom of your bag and escape with your life-affirming effects. The 46-inch shoulder strap is also resistant to ripping. It has a hang of26 inches which can be adjusted depending on whether you want to hang the bag on your shoulder or use it cross-body. There’s a side pocket which we assume is used to keep water. Most of the pockets are inside. There’s zippered pouch inside the main body. Pacsafe has incorporated numerous divisions to hold your items including an RFID-safe pocket which is big enough to encase your passport. The capacity rating is 7L. You can easily fit in a DSLR camera and lens inside the main compartment and add your coin purse, keys, lip gloss, smartphone etc. to the mix. Although on the bulky side, this bag is quite light and designed ergonomically. You can proceed on a day-long expedition without having your shoulders give out midway. The material itself oozes quality so rest assured, this bag is going to outlast your wanderlust.

Pacsafe has created a handy cross-body bag in the Citysafe 200 Gii. It literally is safe against all possible dangers of the city. If you live in a shady area of New York, you will understand the sentiment. For its ingenious architecture, it deserves a place in our best cross-body travel bags list.

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  1. OXA Canvas Messenger Bag Shoulder Bag Crossbody Bag

Best Cross-body Bags for TravelOxa is killing it with the zips. Their canvas cross-body bag has 9 zipped compartments, each useful in its own way. Due to its enormous capacity you can even take it to gym or class. It may not fit your laptop but it can handle the Ipad. At 9x11x5 inches, this bag has 8L volume at your disposal. If that doesn’t make it one of the best cross-body travel bags then what does?

Oxa canvas cross-body bag has been structured out of cotton canvas which gives it the rugged yet suave look. It has two main compartments. One side can house your tablet and notebooks. The other one has a number of card holders and other divisions. It also features a key clip so that you can hang your keys off it. This way you will never have to rummage inside your bag for them. There’s an inner zipped pocket for keeping your valuables. A flap covers one of the main compartments. You also find a handle on the top, should you want to carry this Oxa cross-body bag using it. The shoulder strap is fairly durable and tastefully narrow but wide enough to distribute the weight of the bag. The classy design of this bag is available in the standard black, brown and khaki colors. The quality of this cross-body bag is evident from the shiny stainless steel clips and leather zippers. It’s a unisex bag and both men and women can carry it off with panache.

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  1. Baggallini Horizon Cross-Body Travel Bag

Best Cross-body Bags for TravelBaggallini sure has the monopoly on cross-body bags. Due to their stylish yet useful nature, everybody wants to own one. Their Horizon cross-body travel bag is a slim version of their regular bags with a very balanced arrangement of pockets both inside and out. These are available in 10 color combinations including cheetah prints in some colors.

The Horizon cross-body travel bag from Baggallini has one main compartment zipped across. Inside this pocket, there are several card holders, some other slots and a smaller zipper pouch. There’s an extra coin purse inside which has the same pattern as the bag you buy. On the front you have two zippered pockets divided half across its full length. Small items like tissues, mints etc. can be accommodated in these pockets. There’s another zip at the back which can easily hold an Ipad mini. The main compartment is best suited for slim objects like purse, Kindle, documents etc. Baggallini Horizon is not a deep cross-body bag. You will not be able tofit in anything brawny inside it. But the slim profile is found up to mark by many users. This bag does not cause any shoulder fatigue from carrying it around whole day. Baggallini has also taken care to attach the strap directly to the bag in this type instead of through buckles. You get a 28 inch hang from the shoulder strap and its length can be altered to fit your needs.

Baggallini Horizon cross-body bag is relatively secure and does not allow space for an intruder to slip their hand in. That and its tasteful design propel it to our best cross-body travel bags list.

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  1. Tom Clovers Summer New Women’s Men’s Classy Bag

Best Cross-body Bags for TravelMost of the cross-body bags focus more on security than looks. Tom Clovers came into play and their Summer satchel is raising the temperature. Tan shoulder strap with 8 different colors looks uber-cool on your way to school, college or work. It is part casual but wraps its business in folds of canvas.

Tom Clovers Summer bag has an asymmetrical design.Its 15.4-inch length folds triangularly from one side and attaches to a button out front via a loop. The back side has an angular pocket to slip in your phone or ID card for immediate retrieval.  The main compartment has more customization options when it comes to arranging your stuff inside. It has been divided into 3 parts. One part has the phone pouch and other slots for storing keys or lip gloss. The middle part is a zippered pouch for your important documents, wallets or credit cards. The last part has space for larger objects and also a smaller zip pocket for currency. The fact that the bag folds over itself lends additional security to your effects inside. The sewing work on the bag is neatly done and adds to the strength of canvas. It is moderately water resistant. The Shoulder strap is thin and slick-looking in the front and back but there’s shoulder patch which distributes the pressure when the strap passes over it. A loop on the strap at one side can be used to adjust its length and wear it on one shoulder.The texture of canvas this best cross-body bags for travel evens out the flash of its peppy colors.

Once you buy the Tom Clovers Sumer bag, you will find yourself reaching for it every time your step out. That is the signature trait of the best cross-body travel bags.

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