Top 10 Best Hardside Luggage in 2018 – Complete Guide

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We’ve all had that nightmare at one time or another, the one where you’re walking around with your suitcase and all of a sudden it opens up and all your embarrassing belongings go flying out into the great wide open. Maybe it has actually happened to you, a real life nightmare that you hope no one notices. The easiest way to avoid this sort of catastrophe is by investing in the best hardside luggage.

The benefits of a hardside suitcase is that this kind of unacceptable behavior from a piece of luggage simply won’t happen. They are durable enough to endure the roughest of treatment without tearing or popping open like some of their counterparts. They are the best kinds of suitcases to take on long, daunting flights where you may be changing planes at some point because they can take all the mishandling and abuse thrown at them by baggage workers so you don’t have to worry about your bag breaking. And if it rains, their hard shell ensures that no water is going to be seeping through and soaking your stuff like it does with canvas luggage. When you travel with the best hardside luggage you’re more confident, because there is no chance that the contents of your bag are going to spill all over the airport floor.

The best hardside suitcase is made up of durable materials that will last essentially forever and be completely waterproof. Why would you purchase a hardside piece if it wasn’t going to be tough and waterproof? It should also have wheels that glide with a smoothness that makes you happy on the inside. Bumpy wheels are never a fun experience to have while dragging luggage around, so a case with high-quality wheels technology is definitely a must. The interior structure of the bag should have integrity, providing pockets and dividers where you can keep certain items more secure, though with such a hardcore bag it’s more about the organization than the security. The kind of security you should look for in a hardside bag should be in the form of some type of lock.

There are all types of the best hardside luggage to choose from, and everyone has their own preference when it comes to the above criteria. Some may prioritize the level of organizational components available to them in a bag over how smooth or not smooth the wheels may glide. Or perhaps you don’t mind a slightly less durable material as long as it has a lot of cool pockets and is waterproof. Thankfully, there is a wide selection of great pieces to choose from on the market. Finding the best one for you can be tough, especially if you’re not sure what you prioritize when it comes to luggage. Even so, many hardside luggage pieces are top-notch, displaying strength and durability as well as smooth sailing and organizational merits. Here is a great list of hardside luggage that we think are at the top of their game in every criterion.

Top 10 Best Hardside Luggage in 2018 – Chart

Picture Name Price Rating
Picture Name Price Rating
1. Samsonite Luggage Inova Spinner 28 $$$ 4.9
2. Samsonite Winfield 2 28- Inch Luggage Fashion HS Spinner $$$ 4.8
3. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley (29″) $$$ 4.7
4. Nautica Ahoy 28″ Hardside Spinner $$ 4.3
5. Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Sonic Upright Set $$$ 4.1
6. Rockland Luggage 20 Inch and 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set $$$ 4.1
7. American Tourister AT Polypropylene Hardside Spinner (28″) $$ 4.1
8. Traveler’s Choice Luggage Toronto Three Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage $$$ 4.0
9. Merax Travelhouse Luggage 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Set $$$ 4.0
10. World Traveler 2 Piece Hardside Upright Spinner Luggage Set $$ 4.0

1. Samsonite Luggage Inova Spinner 28

Best Hardside LuggageThis sleek Samsonite luggage comes in two vivid colors;a beautiful metallic brushed silver and a deep indigo blue, choice colors for the professional on the go. It is made of high tech polycarbonate to withstand high impact blows because no one likes to go to baggage claim only to find their investment broken in several places. Polycarbonate is a strong material specially made to be durable. This Samsonite suitcase is twenty-eight inches high with zipper closures and fabric lining, and sports a useful handle on the side for easy carry when the wheels aren’t a feasible option. The four, easy glide double wheels have a three-sixty degree mobility range, making the slide smooth and comfortable. The top handle is conveniently flat to maximize the baggage allowance. The Inova Spinner 28 also comes with an integrated TSA lock with three digits, so you don’t have to worry about fast hands and curious baggage handlers. And like most good pieces of luggage, the Inova has a lined divider with cross straps. Don’t worry about your neatly folded clothing falling out of place during transit because the strap will secure them nicely into place. As an average hardsidesuitcase, the Inova holds up as being waterproof, has great wheels and durability, but definitely, could use a little more interior decorating when it comes to the organization. Other than that this simple luggage is deceptively beautiful in both its colors, has a modern design, and with its polycarbonate shell will perform well in high impact situations.

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2. Samsonite Winfield 2 28- Inch Luggage Fashion HS Spinner

Best Hardside LuggageThe Fashion HS Spinner from Samsonite is luggage from the future, with an almost spacey design. It comes in three bright colors with black accent, a glossy royal purple, charcoal which is basically a light black color, and a reddish orange that is so bright and vivid it is sure to blind all those who accidentally glance at it. The brushed pattern provides stylish visual interest while simultaneously hiding any scuffs, scratches, or other signs of mishandling.It is made out of the wonder material- one hundred percent polycarbonate for an undoubtedly strong shell to protect your luggage from rough humans and the elements. The Fashion HS Spinner has so much room inside it you may be tempted to stuff your entire closet inside. Tempting, but, of course, impossible. It also has the ability to expand to let in more of your stuff, and with two oversized zippered pockets you can just keep on packing it in. The TSA look is side-mounted which is not exactly convenient while the luggage is standing up on its wheels, but makes sense when it is laying down. What is unique about the Fashion HS Spinner is that it is designed to be so lightweight that it absorbs impact and flexes under stress, popping back into shape once the pressure is released. That is a truly futuristic feature that makes for a pretty awesome and surprisingly stylish best hardside luggage to travel around with. This case is for the progressive individual who likes to express themselves in grand colors and high-tech features.

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3. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley (29″)

Best Hardside LuggageThe Helium Aero by Delsey is an interesting piece of fashionable and functional technology. Firstly it comes in an assortment of rich, glossy colors: titanium, cobalt blue, brick red, black, and midnight blue which is only slightly darker than the cobalt blue if exact shades mean something to you. It is made with both nylon and polycarbonate, making it lightweight yet extremely durable, which is something luggage should be. The Helium Aero is just within maximum acceptable size so you can fit a lot of it without having to pay any oversized fees at the airport. It sports four double spinner wheels for maximum movement capabilities. It has the integrated three digit TSA lock to keep your clothes and travel necessities safe while on the go, just don’t forget the combination! The zippers are self-repairing which is always a great feature to have on anything, especially luggage where you just don’t want to deal with a broken zipper at any time during your trip. The Helium Aero has a surprising amount of storage spaces inside it- a padded, easy access front compartment that can fit a small laptop or other small electronic device, two mesh pockets with zippers for small accessories or toiletries, and two compartments for packing. The Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley gets a full score for great fully maneuverable wheels, good organizational options, a combination lock, and high durability. Bonus points for style. The fact that it comes in two shades of blue is pretty cool as well.

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4. Nautica Ahoy 28″ Hardside Spinner

Best Hardside LuggageIt is a known fact that Nautica creates wonderful things, and this piece of luggage is no exception. The Nautica Ahoy Hardside Spinner is a simply beautiful case that comes in fun contrasting colors for the wanderlust guy or girl. It comes in gray with an orange accent, Navy with a lighthouse yellow accent, bright and blinding yellow with a silver accent, stark white with a beautiful cobalt blue accent, black with a blue accent, and a half orange and half gray suitcase that combines two unassuming colors for a modern and whimsical look. These colors are sure to appeal to your personality while standing out amongst other luggage at the airport.The Nautica Ahoy is made of one hundred percent ABS, a material less durable than polycarbonate, therefore, cheaper. It also has four spinner wheels for that awesome three sixty action; telescoping handles with a push-button locking system, a lined interior, and two mesh pockets. When it comes to style, this bag knows how to strut its stuff, but it isn’t made of polycarbonate making it a little less durable than other hardside bags that are made of polycarbonate. It has no lock on it either, meaning a lock needs to be bought separately in addition to the luggage. If you’re all about the looks, then this bag makes perfect sense, but if you’re going for a bag that is going to take some abuse, and one that has a more secure lock system, then it might be best to look elsewhere for the best hardside luggage.

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5. Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Sonic Upright Set

Best Hardside LuggageThis set may look terribly boring in black, however in eighteen other colors they look vibrant, fun, and even flirty to match your personality. There is a color for every personality, but the colors are not what make great luggage. This set is made of Abs, a material often used for the hardside variety. It is durable and lightweight, with three sixty wheels for multi-directional and smooth movement. The handle is aluminum and telescoping with a push button lock. The Sonic Upright luggage set is basic in the interior, with two pockets and straps to keep your belongings buckled in to prevent a mess when you open it up. It seems that the excess amount of colors are making up for something. Perhaps the fact that there is no integrated lock? Or that it is very basic in the organization department? Even so the luggage is durable and made with multi-directional spinners to move around on. This set is a great choice for a family looking to invest in a good set of luggage that is not too expensive but still durable and comes in their favorite colors. It is not, however, for the individual who is concerned with securing their belongings in the best way possible. An integrated lock is key to a best hardside luggage, and unfortunately, this Rockland Luggage Sonic Upright set is lacking in the security department. This set is a wonderful way to express your sense of creativity or your professional background, but it does not give much organizational options or security.

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6. Rockland Luggage 20 Inch and 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

Best Hardside LuggageRockland luggage loves to be colorful, as this set comes in all the same colors as the Sonic Upright set. There is no difference between this set and the previous except that it is missing the twenty-four inch piece in addition to the twenty inch and twenty-eightinches. These suitcases are still made of one hundred percent Abs, still use spinner wheels, still have the pockets on the inside and the aluminum telescoping handle, all which make for easy transport. There is a small difference in aesthetics, however, and that is that this luggage have a horizontal design while the Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Sonic Upright set sported a vertical pattern on the front. An additional lock would have to be purchased for this set as well because there is no integrated lock provided. A lock is a valuable tool to have for safety, especially if you are caring valuable items in your bag. Rockland luggage is at a disadvantage because a free standing lock is not as secure as an integrated one. But a casual person with no valuables would benefit greatly from this two piece set because unless you are traveling very lightly, it is a good amount of luggage to have. A plus is that you can choose among colors like champagne, magenta, lime, and mint. The appeal of these is that they are a good sized set with a durable body, good handle and wheels, a fun selection of colors, but no lock and an uncreative organizational solution.

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7. American Tourister AT Polypropylene Hardside Spinner (28″)

Best Hardside LuggageIf you want to look like you are straight out of a James Bond movie carrying gold bars in your case, then this piece of luggage is for you. The American Tourister is a one hundred percent polypropylene which is similar to polycarbonate. It is a lightweight hardside case with dual spinner wheels and is also expandable. It comes only in black and is a much cheaper option than a polycarbonate suitcase. It, however, does not have an integrated lock, which seems like it should be a given to do but apparently not. This bag does not have any outside pockets, which is normal for the best hardside luggage but it doesn’t seem to have an organization on the inside either, at least, it is expandable if you need more space. The best points about this suitcase are that it is lightweight and durable while being a cheap alternative to a polycarbonate hardside case. The cons would be that is no integrated lock and no known organizational options on the inside. The American Tourister is for the guy who perhaps doesn’t often travel enough to care how his belongings are organized, or if the bag is ever opened and robbed. This is also a really good sized bag, so check with your airline to see what their maximum is on bags before deciding to use this one and be charged and oversize fee. The true appeal is in the appearance of the bag, and if that is what you are looking for then, this may be the one for you.

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8. Traveler’s Choice Luggage Toronto Three Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage

Best Hardside LuggageThis set is made up of tough ABS and is luggage that will withstand even being stepped on while empty because of the extremely flexible shell. They are all expandable, allowing you to stuff them twenty-five percent more full with all the things you want to haul with you around the world. This is a Traveler’s Choice luggage set after all.With a scratch resistant finish, you won’t have to worry about the new look of your luggage fading and becoming more damaged looking over time. They come in three solemn colors, black, navy, and gold. The handles are telescoping with a push button system making these a lot easier to handle than luggage without a moving handle, like say, a duffel. Carrying a duffel around everywhere would be a burden compared to a bag with a telescoping handle, but if you do want to carry them, they have got top and side handles for your convenience. Even more convenient is the four wheel spinner system, allowing you to glide along with grace rather than hobbling about with a heavy bag. The inside is fully lined and contains one multi-use pocket to put all your odds and ends in, or to simply make organization much easier in a bag with no dividers. There are elastic straps to keep your things from moving around in transit. This luggage set does not, however, come with an integrated lock, which means locks must be purchased along with them to keep them secure.

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9. Merax Travelhouse Luggage 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

Best Hardside LuggageShock absorption is what makes riding a bus, car, or bike a whole lot more comfortable. In a similar manner, the ABS material that this three piece luggage set is made up of acts as shock absorption, making them durable and lightweight, giving you piece of mind because you can count on them not breaking while in transit. Each piece of luggage in the set comes with a quiet spinner wheel system so you can experience the blissful silence and ease of maneuverability that every traveler wishes for. They come in sizes of 20, 24, and 28 inches, and in five delightful colors. There is the traditional black, but also vibrant red, blue, orange, and purple. The squared off design allows for a higher capacity, and the three step aluminum telescoping handle system allows you to customize how high or how low you prefer the luggage handle while you travel.Each piece is also expandable, creating an even higher capacity to stuff full of clothing, shoes, gifts, or whatever it is you choose to travel with. The interior is completely lined with pockets which mean you can organize whatever it is you travel with as well. The exterior design is deceptively elegant, properly hiding all scuffs and scratches that accumulate as you travel more and use the luggage more often. A three-digit combination locks hide away and secures your belongings from prying fingers at the airport or in foreign countries. This luggage set is great for someone who loves to travel because it really encompasses everything you’d want in luggage. Each piece is sturdy, has three sixty wheels and telescoping handles, organizational components, and an integrated lock.

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10. World Traveler 2 Piece Hardside Upright Spinner Luggage Set

Best Hardside LuggageIf you love butterflies and whimsical designs, then this suitcase set is the one for you. With a dynamic butterfly design on the front to satisfy your creative and nature loving needs, it comes with one twelve inch shoulder bag, and a thirteen by nine by twenty-one inch hardside suitcase made of sturdy polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is one of the toughest materials for the best hardside luggage on the market, making this luggage set super durable for those long trips. The interior is fully lined and is stocked full of dividers and zippered pouches for organization galore. If you still need more space, it is expandable. The handle is retractable, making for easy storage, and it also has eight spinner wheels that go in all directions, allowing greater maneuverability to slide along gracefully and navigate all corners and tough spots. An integrated lock makes securing your possessions a cinch, and, what’s more, is that the larger bag is still small enough to use as a carry-on bag and fit in the overhead compartments of airplanes. While on the go, the smaller bag can easily hook on to the handles of the larger bag, ensuring that it will never fall off and get lost while you’re rushing around. This beautiful set is almost ideal for anyone who refuses to follow the norm and settle for just any old single colored, bland designed luggage set. Its fun design is no sacrifice as it also has many top notch features for the avid world traveler.

There are so many suitcases out there, and picking the perfect one, well, it’s not easy, especially when there are so many things to consider. Would you prefer ABS to a polycarbonate shell? Do you care if the wheels spin? It’s a challenge, but ultimately many suitcases have similar qualities. If we were to choose one case to travel with, it would probably be the Delsey Helium Aero as it is polycarbonate with an integrated lock, spinner wheels, and a telescoping handle. Whichever one you decide to take along with you, make sure that it does have some sort of lock to keep the thieves at bay!

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