The Best Toiletry Bags In 2018 – Top 10 List


Best Toiletry BagsTired of toiling away when you pack for a trip? A bunch of tubes and bottles left unattended in your travel bag can wreak havoc on your clothes and laptop. The best toiletry bags let you arrange you shampoo, sun tan lotions, toothbrush and what not, keeping your baggage from looking like a Pandora’s box about to unleash a burst of Hydrazone on you. Besides cosmetics, these toiletry cases indulge us in our second-favorite hobby- organizing. With a flurry of mesh this and plastic that, they have space for everything. So you can settle down with your mountain of creams, foundation, sprays etc. and spend a jolly afternoon picking the pockets for each one. Sounds like a plan but you need more coaxing? Here goes:

  • The house of everything: You can accommodate everything you need on a trip inside these toiletry cases for women. Even at home, if you are loath to placing your essentials on the bathroom counters or cabinet, you can house them in these bags and keep track.
  • Hanging toiletry bags: Many of the toiletry cases we covered here have a hook or D-ring to hang them from a wall peg. This way they do not clutter any surfaces. And you can conveniently pick up any item you want from it while going through the regime of getting ready. With the specialized compartments you will be done in a jiffy.
  • Versatility: These toiletry bags can moonlight as make-up bag or travel bags. TSA approves the use of these as your carry-on luggage. You can use them to store all related merchandise in one place. They can also serve as carry bags for baby stuff and kids’ trinkets.
  • Soothing contours: The best toiletry bags we picked out for women are of different sizes and utilities. They come in vibrant colors to stark grey to go with your persona. These babies have all the curves you need to lodge your favorite bath-time necessities.



  1. Bago Toiletry Hanging Bag For Men & Women  Waterproof Fabric $ 4.8 
  2. Household Essentials Grooming Travel Bag Organizer  Ramie Polyster $$  4.4
  3. AmeriLeather Leather Toiletry Bag  Leather $$ 4.4 
  4. Mountaintop Toiletry Bag  Water-Resistant Ripstop Nylon Fabric $$ 4.4 
  5. Runbox Hanging Travel Kit Organizer Toiletry Bag  Polyurethane $$ 4.4 
  6. Pockettrip Hanging Toiletry Kit Clear Travel BAG Cosmetic Carry Case Toiletry  70 Denier Nylon $$  4.0
  7. Portable Toiletry Bag for Women Makeup or Men Shaving Kit with Hanging Hook by Sistel Technology Limited  300D Polyester $$ 4.0 
  8. Hanging Toiletry Cosmetics Travel Bag by BAGS FOR LESS  70 Denier with PVC Backing Size $$ 3.9 
  9. Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer  Nylon $$  3.9
  10. LYCEEM 3 Space Hanging Toiletry Bag Travel Organizer  300D Polyester $$ 3.9 

1. Bago Toiletry Hanging Bag For Men & Women

Best Toiletry BagsBago created the most solicitous travelling companion for us with the Bago hanging toiletry bag. Light, hanging, durable and funky, it checks all of the right boxes. This toiletry case is unisex and comes in black, light blue and flashy pink colors. Between these three themes most of the people from either gender find their true mobile lifesaver.

Bago uses a highly sophisticated thin material to construct a case that is so compact that you can roll it up in a tight package, when not in use. It also reduces the weight of the toiletry bag without compromising on its strength. The overall dimensions are 9 x 10 x 4.5 inches. The most effective quality of this travel toiletry bag is that it is organized in itself with multiple practical compartments. You have mesh zip pockets on the top cover and mesh cloth pockets in the main body for items like toothbrush, mini scissors and razors. There are two side zipped pockets as well. You can fit in Godzilla-sized shampoo bottles, shades, lotions, emergency medical supplies and you name it. The dividers make it easy for you to quickly grab the suntan lotion when you are running to the beach. A hook coming out of the top flap makes it convenient to hang this toiletry kit on door hook while you go through your morning routine. Never will you have to litter the sink or place your beloved Toni & Guy shampoo on a questionable surface.This case will survive your frequent careening to the washroom.

If Hermione ever performed the Undetectable Extension charm, we would bet it was on the Bago toiletry bag. Fortunately, it price isn’t as elaborate as its repertoire is. It makes a no-brainer choice for our best toiletry bags for women list.

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2. Household Essentials Grooming Travel Bag Organizer

Best Toiletry BagsDo you draw the line on organizing your cosmetics in the toiletry kit? Like to store some things just so, but stuff the bottles in? Household Essentials brings you a travel toiletry bag well suited for the more laidback ladies. It can hold all your vacation supplies in one go, allowing space to shove in a few nail paints last minute.  Household Essential has created the bestseller for our best toiletry bags for women list.

Structured out of Ramie polyester, this toiletry case has a minimalistic look. Done in grave black, this allows you to focus on the interesting merchandise inside. The opening top of the zippered case has a clear plastic pouch which can hold wet items like toothbrush. It is stitched with elastic bands that will create places to hold razors and brushes. The main body is predominantly open for you to stack your stuff as you please. One side has a zippered pocket for band-aids and medicine strips. The architecture of this toiletry bag is padded all around for a pliable but hardy feel. Handle on the top allows you to carry it around easily. At 10x7x2.4 inches, it will suffice for your power-packing needs. To top it off Household Essentials has set a lowly price. You will get more use out of this bag than you pay for it. This toiletry case is the best bet for no-nonsense women.

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3. AmeriLeather Leather Toiletry Bag

Best Toiletry BagsStyle and substance define the AmeriLeather toiletry bag. If you are a daredevil female, you will appreciate the posh feel of this leather case. Festooned with 3 zips, it’s smaller than many of the other bags on this list. If you are packing light, AmeriLeather toiletry bag will make you feel special during your nighttime ablutions.

Outside, leather swathes the 6.5x7x11.5 inch travel bag in luxury. And we are not talking about faux leather that cracks with the second use. This is genuine imported leather that encapsulates a roomy area for all your essential cosmetics. Its interiors are lined with double-stitched nylon liner to survive the occasional water spill. You can clean it by simply running a damp cloth all over it. Apart from the main body area, it has a back pocket for storing small items like medicines and emergency thread spools. It also has a bottom zipped compartment. This area can be used to store flat knickknacks like nail file or face towels. Given its overall size, you might not believe how much capacity it has inside. In fact, it is perfect for a less fussy traveler who likes packing in style. There are different shades of brown and black models of this toiletry case. We are partial to the Ostrich Brown color which has an alluring pattern.

AmeriLeather toiletry bag is a downright steal for the price given its quality. That’s the kind of performance that lands it a spot on the best toiletry bags for women list.

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4. Mountaintop Toiletry Bag

Best Toiletry BagsMountaintop hanging toiletry bag espouses the sentiment of ‘one bag, a whole lot of purposes’. Guaranteed we made that phrase up, but this bag sure does don a lot of hats. Make-up bag, travel kit, storage bag, all these are roles that Mountaintop toiletry case fits into. Its water-resistant Nylon goodness makes it impervious to the abuse of bathroom use. It’s almost too good to be on our best toiletry bags for women list.

Mountaintop toiletry case uses a balanced proportion of compartments and open space allowing its varied utility. At 4.7 ounces it is feathery light. When you don’t need it, it will sit tamely in one corner of your suitcase without eating up all the area. The lid itself has mesh zippered pocket on the inside. The mesh is solidly built and will not get ripped by the sharp edges of lotion packs. The main body has two mesh pockets and remaining real estate is for you to clutter as you like. Inner area can be cleaned with wet cloth if necessary. A hook protruding out of the bag can help you hang it by the wall peg. It also has a carry loop on top for portability. The quality of this toiletry kit is evident from its tangible feel. It will see you through some adventurous self-discovery trips. Thankfully the wide array of colors alone adds at least 10 brownie points to its cred.

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5. Runbox Hanging Travel Kit Organizer Toiletry Bag

Best Toiletry BagsHave you ever had a toiletry bag that swallows half your luggage? No?  *Drumroll* Runbox hanging toiletry case.  You are going to run out of cosmetics before you run out of pockets. It looks like a small, portable bag from the outside but it consumes your toiletries like a behemoth.

At 10×8.7×4.3 inch dimensions, this bag has a main body, two side zipper pouches and other pockets in the top flap. There are two see-throughmesh sacks in the top flap. The central unit has mesh compartments, a zip and a voluminous area. The two side zippers lead to pockets that open side-wards and reveal a number of holders for cylindrical items like make-up brushes, lip gloss, nail clippers et al. Gray internal liner is resistant to shampoo explosions which can otherwise upset your couture clothes. Water accidents are remedied quickly because it evaporates off this bag at the speed of light. From contact lens solution to fat scrub tubes, everything will be able to find a nook to occupy in this travel case.A hook makes it convenient to hang the bag off a wall hanger. This arrangement makes it redundant to take all your toiletries out of the bag when you can simply open the zippers and it converts to a rack.

At its price, Runbox hanging travel toiletry bag is your BFF on the road to freedom. Its many capabilities at a delectable price propel it to our best toiletry bags for women list.

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6. Pockettrip Hanging Toiletry Kit Clear Travel BAG Cosmetic Carry Case Toiletry

Best Toiletry BagsA lot of manufacturers go for a utilitarian design of the toiletry bag. After all, who is going to see it, right? But for all the women who find their zen in pretty colors and blossoms, Pockettrip hanging toiletry kit is a must-have accessory. Swaddled in beauty are the many pockets, user-friendly compartments, plastic clear pouch and fool-proof construction. Any best toiletry bags for women list is incomplete without this gem.

Built outwardly like a laptop case, you wouldn’t mind carrying the Pockettrip toiletry case in public. It even has a small pocket on the outside to keep documents like prescriptions or face tissues. Inside opens up to deceivingly commodious. The elongated top flap wraps around the inner structure and seals with Velcro tabs. The main body is secured by a zip. A clear plastic pocket allows you to stow away your toothbrush right after brushing. There are a bunch of mesh pockets and compartments to store all your bottles and tubes in harmony. There are no small holders for makeup, but two side holders in the main body can serve as brush stands. You can hang it off the hook provided at the top of its overhang. It is a petite toiletry case that cannot hold ultra-large containers. When relieved of its contents, the bag folds completely flat and takes up negligible place in your box. There are a number of solid colors and combinations to choose from. It is TSA carry-on approved so you can travel with it in peace.

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7. Portable Toiletry Bag for Women Makeup or Men Shaving Kit with Hanging Hook by Sistel Technology Limited

Best Toiletry BagsThis toiletry bag by Sistel is the unisex answer for well-designed bag. It will make Mars and Venus agree on the fact that, it is handy, organized and sleek. 8x4x9 inch dimensions make for a well-structured case that can carry your hugest lotion bottle and your tiny nail clippers. Its quality build is a testimony to its place in our best toiletry bags for women list.

The top covering shuts down with sturdy zippers. The main body has six pockets made out of mesh and some empty space to stash larger boxes like perfume. None of the containers will spill out when you hang this toiletry bag because they will be protected by a mesh grill. There are two zippered mesh pouches in the top covering as well. Mesh allows a breathable atmosphere inside the bag for items that are harmed by heat. The side pockets have holders for brushes, pens, combs and the like. A robust hook allows you to hang this toiletry kit from a door peg. It comes in blue, green or gray with insides done up in taupe. A handle on top completes its movability. The overall quality of this bag is commendable. The rich fabric has a strong feel to it. It looks more expensive that it is and lives up to that in terms of longevity.

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8. Hanging Toiletry Cosmetics Travel Bag by BAGS FOR LESS

Best Toiletry BagsOrganizing could get real fun with the Bags for Less Hanging toiletry bag. Armed with drastic pockets, it persuades you to get smart with your placement strategy. At its price, the material, the appearance and its reliability will exceed your expectations.

The top flap of this toiletry bag is a separate entity. It covers the main body which has a zip to close it. The flap has three clear plastic zippered pockets that can store your kohl, mascara, eyeliners, lip gloss, lipsticks etc. Your toothbrush, toothpaste and combs can also be housed in one of these. Being transparent allows us to identify the item we need instantly. The main body has no partitions. This is to stuff the items haphazardly if you are not a stickler for tidiness. It also makes space for flat, long items. The top cover descends to be fixed via a Velcro patch. A handle is provided on the side so that you don’t yank the Velcro top while carrying it. You can choose amongst teal, black, red, navy blue and royal blue colors of this toiletry bag. It doesn’t have a hook but a D-ring which can be used to fasten it to a hook.

Many a customer is flabbergasted by the bang this hanging toiletry case brings for bucks. Its slender architecture makes it perfect as a makeup carry case as well. This travel comrade is hard to keep from the list of best toiletry bags for women.

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9. Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer

Best Toiletry BagsOsprey Ultralight toiletry bag will destroy your notions of good quality and set up a higher threshold. Constructed to last, this kit is the roll-up kind that can be organized into a tight roll closed by a buckle. The buckle strap can be extended, so when you cram it with your essentials and you can adjust the buckle strap so that it still shuts tight. These two features alone can sustain its place in our best toiletry bags for women list.

Available in olive/lime green and olive/poppy orange designs, the Osprey toiletry case can be hung via a hook provided on its top cover. The top cover also commands two mesh pockets and one solid pocket. The mesh material is yielding if you want to put something bulky in those pouches. The main unit has a zipper that encloses more small pockets. Osprey adds a mirror to the pack to up the ante. The Nylon material can stave off moisture and keep your toiletry bag dry as a bone. The mesh is made of durable material. It will not rip off from constant use by ladies struck by wanderlust. The kit is almost weightless and makes for a great accessory for your backpack. The 8x10x2 inches body of Osprey toiletry bag will take up insubstantial place if you are packing light. The trendy looks only add to its already-fabulous blueprint. It can double as a make-up bag when you are planning to pool in at one place and get ready for a party.

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10. LYCEEM 3 Space Hanging Toiletry Bag Travel Organizer

Best Toiletry BagsTurquoise blue, baby pink and sunshine yellow are all colors that Lyceem hanging toiletry bag likes to sport. And if you are the colors-don’t-bother-me kind you have a black version too. Lyceem has packed a 5L capacity into a bag with 9.5x4x8 inch measurements. That is a whole lot of moisturizer and shampoo. All at a miserly price.

Lyceem 3 space hanging toiletry case has a voluminous main body with multiple mesh pockets for all your tubes and even flat items like combs. Some open space will allow you to stuff towels and sun-shade cases. Top flap has a clear pocket and a mesh pocket. This top flap comes down to be zippered on three sides with the main compartment. Side zippers reveal two more pockets that have elastic place holders, both small ones for brushes or eye-liners and large ones to hold hairspray and deodorant. On the outer side is a discreet pouch for your phone if you like to take that to the loo.  This toiletry kit is made of a thick Polyester material that will most likely outlast your liquid beauty products. It is waterproof inside out making it the perfect ally on a busy business or vacation trip. A holder on the top is provided to carry it around. Its fetching looks make it suitable for taking this case out in public.

Lyceem hanging toiletry bag has all the bells and whistles to make it to our best toiletry bags for women list. The inviting case will complete all your wanderings with your life saving cosmetics and would fit any of your favorite travel suitcases.

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