Top 10 Best Underseat Luggage in 2018 – Complete Guide

Come holiday season, flights are booked solid. It’s hard to get a seat. But you know what’s harder? To get overhead bin space. TheTop 10 Best Underseat Luggage in 2017 laxer the airline is about the carry-on luggage restrictions, the harder it is to find a place for your tiny baggage in the overhead bin. But there’s a better option, an easier option. There are certain carry-ons designed especially to fit under the seat of an airplane. Not all bags/suitcases that go by the name of ‘Underseat Luggage’ actually fit under the seat. To save you the trouble of researching bags and then figuring out whether they would fit under the seat, we selected the 10 best underseat luggage. They range over a wide price range and have enough space to carry all your carry-on items.

Why choose underseat carry-on luggage?

Underseat luggage is designed to fit under the seats of airlines. There are a number of advantages in choosing underseat carry-ons instead of any regular large carry-on:

  • No rush for flights: People keep standing in the queue to the gate in the hopes of getting on board first. The sooner you are in, the more your probability of finding overhead bin space. The scrambling for this limited space is frustrating and the reason for tempers flying high. Amidst the confusion everyone forgets the clever space under the seats. If you carry an underseat luggage, you can easily find space under your seat to store it. Overhead bins might be common, but underseat space is exclusively yours.

So board the flight only as you have to, no sooner. And put your luggage in a place no one else would touch it.

  • Height: What if you are travelling alone and you can’t reach up to the overhead bin, you are in a bit of a dilemma. Not all co-passengers are sweet and kind enough to haul up your luggage for you. They might even settle it down with a loud clunk, rattling whatever prized possessions are inside. With underseat luggage, this problem is solved.
  • Injury: What if you have spondylosis, some kind of back pain or an injury_ You won’t be able to hoist up your luggage. Again, your self-reliant personality may balk at the prospect of asking another person for help. Underseat luggage? Much easier to slide in under the seat all by yourself or even your kid.
  • No Damage: When placing or removing items from overhead bins, it’s possible to drop the luggage and damage something inside. Or you may even drop something on a person. With underseat luggage, this is unlikely. As long as you don’t kick viciously at your own luggage, there will be no damage to your items are anybody else.
  • Easy unboarding: Most people rush to retrieve their luggage as soon as the airplane stops, as if they don’t leave soon they will be taken back to their starting station. While people push and shove at the each other to get their luggage off the bins, you can pull out your underseat luggage and walk away in style.

 What to look for in the underseat luggage?

There are a number of considerations to see which underseat luggage is best for you and actually goes underseat:

Size: Airlines have different seat measurements. But the maximum accepted size for the underseat luggage would be 22” x 14” x 9”. This is the mandated size for carry-ons laid down by Delta airlines. But we did some research on the average dimensions of underseat areas in different airlines. There are no clear figures, but we found some estimated ones. Dimensions are in W x D X H format

Delta: 20” x 17” x 11”

American:  20” x 17” x 11.5”

SouthWest: 18” x  18” x 9.5”

United: 20” x 14” x 9”

JetBlue: 17” x 12.5” x 8.5”

Virgin America: 18” x 15” x 8”

Spirit Airlines: 18” x 14” x 8”

These are approximate average dimensions. The space under the middle seat is the widest. The aisle and window seats are usually narrow underneath by 0.5-1”

Construction:  We don’t prefer hardshells for underseat luggage. They don’t squeeze well and may be hard to fit in certain airlines. At least with softshells, you have a chance to take out some item and make them fit. The constant shoving under the seat is bound to end in some snags. Make sure that the underseat carryon you buy is made of sturdy materials.

Also look at the quality of stitching and straps of the carry-on. If the strap snags on something, it shouldn’t detach at the seams.

Wheels: Are you capable of carrying your underseat luggage from terminal to terminal on a long journey. Would it be better for your arms and back if it has wheels? Or are you a strapping young person who doesn’t need wheels and doesn’t want to haul the extra weight of the wheel arrangement?

Which is the best underseat luggage?

There are a number of bags in the market with the underseat tag. We selected the ones that truly work based on the following parameters:

Dimensions: We checked that once full-packed, these underseat carry-ons are capable of fiting under the seats of popular airplanes. We checked that we could make good use of the side pockets and the main body without it being stuck under the seat.

Durability: We looked at the material of the best underseat luggage. Fabrics like high Denier Nylon and ballistic Nylon were used in these carry-on bags. The seams are sealed such that they will hold the parts together for years to come. We checked the zippers and the zipper tabs for longevity.

Pocket arrangement: We picked out the best underseat luggage with varying pocket arrangements. If you like your organization done for you, we have carry-on bags with multiple pockets. If you want to do your own arranging, we picked bags with spacious main compartments.

Mobility: You will be carrying along your underseat luggage with you everywhere. It’s best that they are easy to carry around. Or if they have wheels, they will be easier to lug along between connecting flights. We checked that they were either comfortable to carry with padded straps or had smoothly rolling wheels.

Price: Folks with all budget ranges deserve the best their money can afford. We compared luggage from various price ranges based on value for money.

Top 10 Best Underseat Luggage in 2018 – Chart

  1. Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Large, Black, One Size  Removable toiletry pouch $$$ 4.7 
  2. Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On with Back-Up Bag, Black, One Size  Includes Water bottle pocket $$$ 4.6 
  3. Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote- EXCLUSIVE (Black)  Interior pockets for small items $$$  4.6
  4. Vanluqi Leather Travel Trolley Suitcase Wheeled Duffle Hand Luggage Roller Case  Smooth rolling wheels $$$  4.5
  5. Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside Boarding Bag, Black, One Size  Zippered side pocket for smartphone $$  4.5
  6. LUCAS Wheeled Underseat Cabin Bag 16″ – EXCLUSIVE (Black)  Single telescopic handle $$ 4.4 
  7. Baggallini Carryon Rolling Travel Tote, Black Cheetah, One Size  Three separate compartments $$ 4.3 
  8. Nicole Miller New York Kristina Collection 15″ Under Seat Bag (Black)  Telescopic push button handle $$ 4.2 
  9. Briggs & Riley Baseline Expandable Cabin Bag, Olive, Medium  Expandable main and flat packing sections $$  4.1
  10. Lily Bloom Under the Seat Design Pattern Carry on Bag With Wheels (One Size, Origami)  Tidy Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip  $$ 4.0 

1. Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Luggage

Samsonite means quality in the luggage circle. So it’s not entirely surprising that the Samsonite Wheeled underseat carry-on tops theSamsonite Wheeled Underseater Luggage best underseat luggage list. This is a lightweight but durable carry-on with loads of space to carry all your emergency items. Being wheeled, it can be easily zoomed around through the airports. It’s a bit more affordable than our second choice, the Travelon underseat. And finally, this handsome bag rests easily under any seat, aisle or middle.


The Samsonite wheeled underseat luggage looks unassuming in black. But upon feeing the material, you will realize that it doesn’t give easily. It is made of 900Denier Poly/Nylon blend. The higher the Denier value, the more durable the bag is. The bag is 13” long, 13” wide and 9” deep. It can be laid flat on its back and pushed under the seat. These are the maximum dimensions. It is also available in the Large model which measures 13”x 7.5” x 16”. If you want a carry-on complaint to most airlines, we suggest the Small one.

This underseat carry-on has a two-wheel arrangement. The front side has two legs that allow it to stand straight. The weight is balanced that it does not tip over even when packed. The wheels have ball bearings for smooth movement. The telescoping handle locks in both extended position and retracted positions. Once retracted, it packs away neatly inside a zipper. There are two handles on top of the bag to carry it. When empty, it weighs around 2.5 pounds. So carrying it with clothes will not be a difficult job.

The Samsonite underseat carry-on can be loaded over the handle of another spinner through its broad back strap. It can easily hold 1+ week worth of clothes minimum based on your packing capabilities. We have only seen a black model in this. We would have liked more color choices here like the Travelon Underseater.

Pocket Arrangement

The pocket arrangement of the Samsonite wheeled underseat luggage is impressive. On the outside, you can see three compartments apart from the main packing compartments. This includes the front organizer and two side pockets. The organizer has four pockets to stash tissues, documents, hand cream etc.. The side pockets open to fit water bottles. They are lined with plastic which repels the moisture from condensation on the surface of cold water bottles.

The main compartment of this underseat carry-on is the biggest attraction. Its flap has an organizer pouch with 1 each of mesh, plastic and polyester pocket. This pouch is removable and can be hung off a hook. This doubles as a nice toiletry bag. There’s a small divider pack which has 4 pockets. This divider the packed items of the main compartment in place. Then there’s another organizer. It has a mesh pocket with a removable wetpack inside. Here you can store any damp items or leaky liquids although we aren’t sure these are carry-on compliant. And it has another pocket. The main cave itself has plenty of space for 7-8 or more pairs of clothing and even shoes. Use packing cubes for maximum space utilization.


  • Excellent pocket arrangement
  • Small one has lots of space
  • Removable toiletry pouch
  • Wheeled with retracting handle
  • Can be mounted on handle of another spinner
  • Removable wetpack


  • None


2. Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On with Back-Up Bag

The Travelon Wheeled underseat carry-on is an economical bag that truly fits under the seats of most popular airlines. Being wheeled,Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On with Back-Up Bag it’s easy to carry around while you prance from airport to airport. It has the Travelon’s trademark standards of quality. The pocket arrangement is the most convenient for the majority of people we have met yet. The extra bag is a great incentive for making the right choice with this carry on. It’s an unbeatable deal for the best underseat luggage list.


The Travelon wheeled underseat luggage is a beauty in its quilted design. It uses highly durable and water-resistant microfiber in its construction. The quilting makes it stronger and makes for a nice pattern. The bag measures 13.5 inches in length, 14 inches high and 9 inches deep. Don’t worry about the height because you can lay the bag on its spine and slide it under the seat. The dome-shaped head is structured such that you can even rest your feet on it. These dimensions include the handle when packed.

This underseat luggage is built on a 2-wheel assembly. There are two stubs in the front to balance it. The telescoping handle extends as high as that of most spinners. When retracted, this handle packs away neatly behind the bag and disappears under a zipper. Apart from the handle on top, this bag also has a backstrap to hoist it over the handle of another luggage.

The standalone tote that comes with the Travelon wheeled bag can be slung over its handle. It folds neatly into a small size. It can be stashed inside the bag and brought out when you buy souvenirs to bring back. This tote also fits beneath the airplane seat. They are available in matching colors of black or brown. Together the combination makes a complete set for 2-4 day travel based on how much you pack.

Pocket Arrangement

The Travelon underseat luggage has a large main compartment. The closing wall of this compartment has a mesh zipper pocket and two top-open mesh pockets. There’s a semi hard wall in front of with one more zippered mesh pocket. This wall holds the items stowed in the main pocket when the bag is upright. There’s plenty of space here for 3-days worth of clothes. The front compartment is an organizer for your documents, toiletries, smartphone, wallet or what not.

On one side there’s a flat zipped pocket which opens to show to petite mesh pockets. You can stash some documents or tissues here. The other side of this underseat carry-on has a bottle holder.

The matching tote has a single zippered compartment. You can store food items, phone, tablet, wallet etc. here for immediate retrieval.


  • Wheeled with telescoping handle
  • Comes with a free foldaway tote bag
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Bottle holder
  • Durable quilted design
  • Add-a-bag strap


  • Zippers do not function smoothly

3. Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote

Don’t let utility get in the way of style.  The Delsey Quilted rolling underseat luggage is a beautiful travel companion. Done in poppyDelsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote colors, it’s a delight to carry. The pocket organization is smart and efficient. It is made out of the highest quality materials so it can take the rigors of sliding in and out from under the seats. It dimensions have been approved by Spirit Airways. The wheeled mobility takes the stress off your shoulders too. All in all, this is the style pinnacle on the best underseat luggage list.


The Delsey Quilted Rolling underseat carry-on has a quilted design as the name suggests. But it appears over 1800 Denier Polyester. The denier count indicates this is a highly durable material. The bag measures 14 inches in width, 14 .5 inches in height and 9 inches in depth. It can be tilted on its back and slid under the seat. The base of the bag is hardshell, so you can’t squeeze it under seats lower than 9 inches. There are two handles on the top to carry it.

This underseat luggage has a two-wheel assembly. The from side balances on two legs that keep the bag from tipping over. The retracting handle hides under a zipper on the top of the bag. It rises a considerable length from the bag to match the height of normal spinner handles. You don’t have to stoop to hold the handle. It locks in the extended position.

There’s a narrow strap at the back of Delsey Quilted Underseater which allows you to mount it on another handle. This is not a tight strap like that of Samsonite Underseater. So it’s easy to load and unload this bag. It is available in black, navy and teal colors.

Pocket Arrangement

The Delsey Quilted Rolling underseat luggage makes good use of its dimensions. The main compartment has a cave-like space protected by a half wall. You can arrange your clothes, shoes, souvenirs etc. in this space. The wall area has a mesh pocket for undergarments, toiletries etc..The lid of this compartment has a zipper for important documents, jewelry, watch etc. It is completely opaque. The double zipper of the main compartment allows you to open it in flight without sliding the bag out.

The front side has an organizer pockets. It has a padded sleeve for your tablet or phone. There’s a separate phone pocket and mesh pockets for small items. You can stow your documents in this pocket too. Once side has a zippered compartment that opens to show mesh pockets where you can put sunscreen or hand creams. The other side has a mesh pouch for water bottle.


  • Highly durable and fashionable
  • Optimum number of pockets
  • Padded sleeve for tablet
  • 2-wheel with telescoping handle
  • Lightweight
  • Can be mounted on handle of another spinner


  • May not fit under aisle seats of Delta 737

4. Ciao Luggage Carry On Suitcase Wheeled Airplane Weekender Under the Seat Bag

We have been on the lookout for a more affordable underseat carry-on for people who aren’t living out of their suitcases all times ofCiao Luggage Carry On Suitcase Wheeled Airplane Weekender Under the Seat Bag the year. And Ciao Luggage Carry-on seemed like a great deal. This is an imported bag and an excellent deal for the price. It has a top-notch construction that can stand the abuse of underseat shoving. It’s not the most fashionable bag in the house, but it’s definitely worthy of the best underseat luggage list.


The Ciao Luggage underseat carry-on looks utilitarian at the first glance. It is made of real ballistic Nylon. Ciao claims that it holds on through the travelling abuse better than Polyester. It measures 15 inches in height, 14 inches in width and 8.5 inches in depth. It is 0.5 inches too deep for Spirit Airlines. But it fits under the seat of many other airlines. We think the dimensions are reasonable given the packing capacity here. There are two handles on top for carrying the bag. There’s no add-a-bag strap at the back. These handles help you fasten this bag over the handle of another spinner.

This underseat luggage has dual wheels at the back. They aren’t multi-directional but swivel fast and smooth. The telescoping handle locks at the top position.  The handle extends far up enough for a 6 feet tall person. It packs away neatly into the groove at the back. The bag weighs around 4 pounds when empty. It is available in black and navy blue designs. The branding could have been less obvious, but for the price we could live with that.

Pocket Arrangement

The Ciao Luggage underseat carry-on has numerous pockets. The front side itself has two pockets. One can be used to carry your travel documents. The one right behind it will easily fit a tablet. It’s tight so the tablet won’t move around and get damaged. There are side compartments accessible through zips which will fit water bottles or a pair of shoes. It is deep enough so that these items don’t spill over.

The main compartment is large enough for 6-7 sets of clothing. Three-quarters of this is walled off by a partition. This partition has more pockets for worn clothes or toiletries. The lid of this compartment has a mesh and an opaque pocket where you can stash stuff for daily use. The inside pockets are limited number but usable sizes.


  • Affordable
  • 2-wheel assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Sane number of pockets
  • High quality construction


  • No backstrap for mounting on luggage

5. Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside Boarding Bag

Even though wheels are quite convenient, they add extra pounds and 0.5-2 inches to the overall size of your carry-on. If you are okaySamsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside Boarding Bag with carrying your personal luggage on the plane, the Samsonite Silhouette Sphere2 underseat luggage is an excellent choice. The best part is you can squeeze it to suit the requirements of individual airlines. Yet it’s large enough to pack as much as a duffel bag when needed. It charmed us all the way to a place in the best underseat luggage list.


The Samsonite Silhouette Sphere2 underseat luggage cracks a balance between weight and durability using quality Nylon material. It can withstand the behavior meted out during continuous travel and sliding under and out of the seats. The bag measures 18 inches in length, 12 inches in height and 10.5 inches in depth. The shoulder strap drops 29 inches from your shoulders. The length of the strap can be adjusted to meet the requirement of individual heights. It is removable via the carabiner hook at its ends. The area of the strap that touches the shoulder is padded for support.

This underseat carry-on comes without wheels. But it does have a broad strap at the back. You can mount it over the handle of a spinner and carry the together. It also has two handles which join at the top using a Velcro tab. It’s useful when one person wants to hold them together. The D-rings to which the shoulder strap attach can be used to lock the luggage to a stationary object. The zipper tabs of the bag have holes to slip on a TSA lock if needed. It is available in black and Cypress green colors.

Pocket Arrangement

The major attraction of the Samsonite Sphere 2 underseat luggage is the main compartment. It has a lot of space. You can fit 2-week’s worth of clothes, shoes, water bottle etc. in there. You can even accommodate a laptop with its laptop sleeve. We love the freedom it allows us to stuff our items the way we wish. There are side pockets on either side for keeping documents or other items you need instant access to. The front side again has two pockets.

This carry-on doesn’t have as many pockets as the wheeled luggage we mentioned above. But it has the space to store your rolled-up toiletry back.


  • Can be squeezed undermost airline seats
  • Very spacious
  • Detachable shoulder strap with padding
  • Quality detailed build


  • No organizer pockets inside main compartment

6. LUCAS Wheeled Underseat Cabin Bag

Sometimes you need affordable options because you travel rarely or abuse every carry-on such that it breaks within the first 6 months.LUCAS Wheeled Underseat Cabin Bag The Lucas wheeled underseat cabin bag is an option that will not burn a hole through your pocket. It’s smoothly mobile and has a number of pockets. It even comes with a nice set of separate accessories. Provided you use it carefully, it actually is great value for money, hence its place in the best underseat luggage list.


The Lucas wheeled underseat carry-on looks simple but marginally funky because of its contrast zipper tabs. It is made of polyester doby. It’s not particularly hi-end but definitely durable if you are cautious with the use. It is available in black, red and blue colors, all with yellow zipper tabs. The zips can be locked using a small lock. There are two handles on the top for carrying this by hand. They can be stuck together using Velcro. It has a piggy-back strap at the back to mount it on the handle of another luggage.

This wheeled underseat luggage has a single telescoping handle instead of the hairpin handle. The latter is usually easy to maneuver. But this Lucas bag moves smoothly enough. The handle extends 23.5 inches. There are two wheels at the back and two legs up front.

The Lucas underseat carry-on comes with a separate hanging toiletry bag. This is very useful when you are staying in hotels. It also has thin travel slippers and a document pouch accompanying it. We may not use them, but they are nice to have.

Pocket Arrangement

The Lucas wheeled underseat carry-on has three pockets in the front. They can hold documents and other slim items like phone, wallet etc. There are zipped pockets on either side with a mesh opening to store your water bottle. The main body has plenty of space to store 4-7 days worth of clothes. It is walled up to three-quarters with a partition which has more plastic pockets. The lid of this compartment has two more plastic pockets facing inwards.


  • Affordable
  • 2-wheeled
  • Separate hanging toiletry bag
  • Separate slipper and document pouch
  • Plenty of outside pockets
  • Add-a-bag strap


  • Quality could be better

7. Baggallini Carryon Rolling Travel Tote

The Baggallini Carryon rolling travel tote is a beautiful phenomenon that combines looks, efficient design and quality. As a result, it’sBaggallini Carryon Rolling Travel Tote pricey. But if you can afford it, we will recommend it as the best underseat luggage for you. The orderly design has space for clothes, laptop and all other small items you need during your travel and stay. And it’s small and lightweight enough to be called a tote.


The Baggallini rolling underseat luggage is one classy-looking tote. It is done in quality nylon that doesn’t rip easily. The lining is nylon as well. It will easily fit underneath most seats at 17” width and 14.5 depth. Being a tote, it has low shoulder straps that measure a 4” shoulder drop. The straps do not stick together through.

This is a wheeled underseat carry-on. When we unzipped a pocket on top, a telescoping handle popped out. It locks in its extended position. It has a two-wheel assembly at the back. The front side balances on two legs. There’s a sleeve at the back to mount this tote over the handle of a different luggage. It is available in 6 interesting color combinations, from somber black to leopard-print Mocha.

Pocket Arrangement

The Baggallini rolling underseat has a very different pocket arrangement from what we have seen in this list till now. It has two main compartments in the body. The back compartment is completely empty and spacious. You can arrange your neatly-ironed clothes here. It has two compression straps. The lid has two mesh pockets. The second compartment is slim and wide enough to hold a 17” laptop. It’s not padded but you can put a laptop with sleeve here. Either way the laptop will be protected by the packing on both sides.

There’s and organizer pocket in the front for cosmetics and other essentials. On top of that lies a slim pocket for documents.


  • Has laptop compartment
  • 2-Wheeled
  • Very spacious
  • Innovative pocket arrangement
  • May fit the stringent new Spirit airline measurements
  • Exciting colors/pattern


  • No water bottle pocket
  • Expensive

8. Nicole Miller New York Kristina Collection 15″ Under Seat Bag

We have seen plenty of utilitarian designs of the underseat carry-ons here. But what about when fashion calls? The Nicole MillerNicole Miller New York Kristina Collection 15″ Under Seat Bag Kristina Collection underseat bag is an uber-stylish bag that can pack a bang for your getaway. You can ditch your handbags and have this one travel-buddy on the flight to hold all your personal items. It wheels its way right into the best underseat luggage list.


The Nicole Miller Kristina Collection underseat luggage is made of patterned high-density poly. The interior is completely sheathed in printed quality material. The bag measures 14.5” wide, 14” deep and 8.5” tall on its back. It has two flat, glossy handles on the top. They can be clipped together with a press button. It is available in black and brown colors.

This bag has a 2-wheel mobility mechanism. Two feet in the front support it. The arrangement adds minimally to the overall dimensions. It has a single telescoping handle. This locks in the extended position. It has no strap at the back for mounting over other luggage. But it can be mounted using its carry handles. The zips do not have any holes to pass a lock through.

Pocket Arrangement

Like most other underseat carry-ons, this Nicole Miller bag also has a walled main compartment. It can hold 4-7 days worth of clothes and even a pair of pumps. It cannot hold a large laptop though. The partition is transparent and has a zipped pocket. The lid of the main pocket has two more clear pockets. There are three pockets on the front side of the bag. One of them can hold a tablet. The others are good for documents. There’s another zipper at the back of the bag. There are two very spacious side pockets. They have mesh pouches inside to hold water or cosmetic bottles.


  • Very stylish
  • Wheeled
  • Number of pockets
  • Rather small, fits everywhere
  • Spacious


  • No locking provision
  • No sleeve for piggy-backing

9. Briggs & Riley Baseline Expandable Cabin Bag

The Briggs and Riley Baseline Expandable bag is a cool piece of engineering. You will be surprised that such a small bag can hold soBriggs & Riley Baseline Expandable Cabin Bag much. This is a bag with a shoulder strap and no wheels. It’s easy to carry even with a laptop inside it. Most importantly, it is expandable at both bottom and top. It’s an expensive bag but we have never seen anything quite like it. It earns a solid place in the best underseat luggage list.


The Briggs & Riley Baseline underseat luggage looks rather handsome in its Olive model. But they also have a black model for the more conservative folks. The bag is constructed of ballistic nylon which is scratch-, dust and water-resistant. It measures 16.5” x 8.1” x 11” but it can be squeezed into far smaller sizes. It can either be carried with small handle. These bundle together with a Velcro patch. Or you can use the detachable strap to carry it on your shoulders.

Briggs and Riley offer lifetime warranty on this underseat carry-on. You are unlikely to need it. There are four expansion zippers on it, two on top and two at the bottom. They can be used in any combination based on where you need space. It allows y total expansion of four inches.

Pocket Arrangement

The Briggs and Riley Baseline underseat carry-on has a three-gusset design. It has a front, a main and a flat packing section along with a number of pockets everywhere. You can pack your clothes in the flat compartment. Or else you can place files and documents here. The next main compartment has space for a laptop and more items like slim footwear or clothes. You can even put your slim laptop in the flat area. None of the pockets are padded, so you need a laptop sleeve.

The outer pockets can hold a number of items like your phone, keys, passport, books etc.. There are couple of waterproof compartments too where you can stow your sanitary essentials without the fear of leakage reaching the clothes.


  • Expandable bag
  • Compact with huge capacity
  • Compartment for laptop
  • Waterproof pockets
  • Detachable shoulder strap


  • Expensive

10. Lily Bloom Under the Seat Design Pattern Carry on Bag With Wheels

The Lily Bloom underseat luggage is designed to brighten up your day. The arrangement is convenient. It is wheeled but small. It hasLily Bloom Under the Seat Design Pattern Carry on Bag With Wheels plenty of space to pack away your personal items but it still fits under almost all airline seats. The ergonomic design is supported by 5 years worth of manufacturer’s warranty. What more can you ask of the best underseat luggage.


The Lily Bloom underseat carry-on comes in wildly tribal color patterns. There are 5 different patterns to pick from, each more colorful than the rest. This bag measures 15 inches in length, 14 inches depth and 9 in height when laid on its back. Lily Bloom claims that it has been created out of fabric made from recycled water bottles. It is lightweight at just 4 pounds when empty.

This underseat luggage has two flat straps on the top to carry it. It rolls on two wheels. It has a single telescoping handle. It feels less stable than the hairpin handle. But it easily handles the w eight of the bag. Leather-like accents on the bag make it look even classier. The zip tabs are not made to lock.

Pocket Arrangement

The Lily Bloom underseat carry-on has a lot of outer pockets. There are two pockets at the bottom front part and one on the top. They can hold documents and other slim items like phone, tissue papers, wallets etc.. The side pockets open up to hold water bottles and other such objects need be.

The main compartment is spacious. You can put your clothes, shoes, water bottles etc. here. These items are shielded from spilling out by a transparent wall. It has a zipped pocket. There are two more zipped pockets on the lid. This can be utilized for cosmetics.


  • Tribal patterns
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 2-wheels
  • Spacious, lots of pockets


  • Single handle feels slightly rickety

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