WallyBags Garment Bag
Value for money
Pros: WallyLock secures your own hangers at the top of the bag for quick and easy packing. Holds up to 6 or more garments while keeping clothes neat and wrinkle free. Full length center zipper allows for easy access. Handles fasten together for easy carrying and attach to the trolley of most rolling luggage. Hanger clamping system design mark is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Top quality garment bag at a very reasonable price.
Cons: The material used for these bags are not up to standard.

WallyBags Garment BagKeeping Things Nice and Straight Since the 1960s

Ever since the invention of modern luggage, people have tried to find practical ways of transporting delicate items of clothing such as suits, gowns, and dresses, without getting them wrinkled inside a suitcase during transit. Wallace “Wally” London, who founded garment bags and casual luggage firm Clemco Products Inc., found a neat way to do just that when he developed the first set of travel-ready garment bags in 1960. A new market for garment bags designed specifically for travel emerged; and not long after, WallyBags® was born.

Today, the eponymous brand created by an already thriving luggage company stands as an industry leader when it comes to innovative garment bag solutions. Its products—thanks to the company’s patented WallyLock® Hanger Clamping System, or Wally® clamp—perfectly combine style and travel efficiency. If you are in the market for high quality garment bags, feel free to suit yourself with WallyBags®.

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A Garment Bag for Travelers Who Mean Business – WallyBags Garment Bag

Imagine going to an out-of-town business conference, packing your best corporate suit, only to get there and find your power outfit crumpled up into a pile of unrecognizable mess underneath a pair of shoes that started out at the bottom of your suitcase when you left. If you really want your suits, dresses, and other delicate clothing clean and wrinkle free, you need a product like the WallyBags Garment Bag.

Part of the company’s Series 700 collection, the Style 756 measures 40 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. It is made from tear-resistant and water-repellent 600-denier polyester fabric, which is a tough and lightweight material that works great for keeping your garments in tiptop shape throughout your trip. The Style 756 is available in two shades of Blue—Royal and Navy—as well as in Black, Red, and Purple.

Combining Style with Function and Versatility

The Style 756 offers a great blend of stylish innovation and efficient design. It features a full zip front opening that runs right down the center of the bag, which makes packing your garments in a cinch. The WallyBags Garment Bag can hold up to 6 different items of clothing, and folds up neatly in half for easier transport. It also has top and bottom handles that join together with a hook-and-loop fastener when the garment bag is folded up, making it easier to carry while walking through crowded airports or navigating through the urban jungle.

One great thing about the Style 756 is the fact that you’re not limited to suits and shirts. You can also use it for costumes, dress shirts, uniforms, and more. But if you need more room for longer items of clothing like dresses and wedding gowns, WallyBags Garment Bag is bound to have the ideal garment bag for your specific needs.

Locked And Loaded With Efficiency

Perhaps the best and most useful feature that the Style 756 offers is its patented WallyLock® hanger clamping system; more endearingly referred to as the Wally® clamp. Fully registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Wally® clamp ensures that your garments won’t fall to the bottom of the bag. Simply insert your hangers between the two rubber strips, and, when the Wally® clamp is closed, they will be held securely in place. This helps your garments stay firmly tethered whether the bag is folded or fully laid out.

WallyBags Garment Bag 2The Wally® clamp has an exclusive design that takes in a variety of hanger types such as metal, wireframe, and even tubular plastic models. Keep in mind though that the type of hanger you use affects the number of garments that the bag can safely hold. Unlike wire hangers, tubular plastic models are usually thick, making it difficult to insert more than four of them between the Wally® clamp.

Great Features of the WallyBags Garment Bag With Even Better Value

The WallyBags Garment Bag can be a great addition to any existing luggage set that you might already own. It is not only stylish, but it also helps keep your garments neat and wrinkle-free. The Style 756 costs a little over $30, and between its low retail price, its innovative features, and its durable portability, the WallyBags® Style 756 from the brand’s Series 700 collection gives you exceptional value for money.

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