Top 15 Best Beach Coolers – Guide & Reviews 2020

Summers and beaches are made for each other. If you are not vacationing on beaches during summers, you are Top 15 Best Beach Coolers - Guide & Reviews 2020missing a lot in your life. On the contrary, if you are a beach lover, you’ll need some great food and beverages to make the most of your beach picnics. The biggest problem in carrying edibles and drinks to the beach is preserving them and keeping everything chilled.

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But how do you do that?

It’s simple:

Get your hands on the best beach coolers. These mini coolers are the ultimate products that sure-fire keep all your food and drinks items cold and fresh.

What are Beach Coolers?

Beach Coolers are portable cooling appliances designed to keep edible items cold and fresh. Since the beach coolers Top 15 Best Beach Coolers - Guide & Reviews 2020are exposed to direct sunlight and are used frequently, these products must maintain optimum cooling temperatures.

Since these coolers come in a wide variety, it’s critical to learn about the best products along with their unique quality attributes.

In this product guide, we have researched, enlisted, and reviewed the best beach coolers you can buy in 2020.

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Let’s get started!

Advantages of Beach Coolers

  • Beach coolers serve as portable cooling appliances, providing a one-stop, easy solution to keep your food items fresh and beverages chilled.
  • They are affordable and come in a diverse price range.
  • Beach coolers can ideally be used in day-to-day summer activities, including camping, hiking, and as well as during sports, offering handy options and easy access to cold water and chilled sports drinks.
  • These cooling appliances are available in a range of designs, sizes, and types. Depending on your need, you can always choose the one that correctly serves the purpose.
  • They are insanely easy to carry.

Types of Beach Coolers

The Beach Coolers come in a range of sizes and designs. However, all of these sub-categories of beach coolers fall Top 15 Best Beach Coolers - Guide & Reviews 2020into two broad types:

  1. Hard Coolers
  2. Soft Coolers

Hard Coolers: Hard coolers or hard-side beach coolers are heavy cooling appliances that are insulated to keep contents cold for days. Because of their sturdy construction, these beach coolers are more massive in weight and have optimum storage capacity. The hard-sided coolers are further divided into a range of sub-types. Let’s have a brief overview of each,

Hard Coolers with Wheels: These coolers contain heavy-duty wheels that roll effortlessly over any terrain. 

Hard Coolers without Wheels: The hard cooling appliances come without wheels. They can be placed as it is on the beach and come with a carry handle for convenient portability. However, heavy-weight coolers need a separate cart or pull wagon for ease of transportation.

In the following guide, we have reviewed Might Max Cart Ice Chest Dolly Cooler, which is hands-down the best cart for beach coolers.

Hard Coolers with Telescoping handle: The heavier a beach cooler is, the more worrisome it is to carry the appliance. Telescoping handles solve this problem by making the pulling part a piece of cake.

Soft Coolers: Soft coolers or soft-side coolers serve as lighter and flexible cooling appliances but with a relatively lower degree of insulation. They are designed as tote bags, backpacks, and regular carrying bags with shoulder straps.

Top 15 Best Beach Coolers - Guide & Reviews 2020

These coolers can keep the contents cold for a few hours and can be carried along easily on beaches, small picnics, camping, hiking, etc. However, unlike hard coolers, you cannot rely on soft coolers’ cooling capacity for days.

Puzzled, already? We have reviewed beach coolers from the cream of the crop in every single category, so keep reading!

Features of High-Quality Beach Coolers

When buying beach coolers, it’s essential to look out for crucial quality attributes and pick the best type most suited for your need.

Regardless of the type of beach coolers, it’s best to check if it carries essential quality features.

Discussed below are some of the main features we have considered to select the top 15 best beach coolers for you. We highly urge going through each element and invest your money in making a worthwhile purchase.

  • While preparing this product guide, we paid special heed to the quality of materials used in the manufacturing of beach coolers.

Regardless of the type of cooler, it should be durable, water-resistant, and reasonably weighed. Typically, hard coolers are built to provide superior insulation through their steel-based construction, holding the ice for 24 hours- 5 days.

Soft coolers are usually made from aluminum and polyester-based fabrics to maintain insulation and enhance durability.

  • The size and weight of beach coolers are vital factors you need to consider during your purchase. Are you Top 15 Best Beach Coolers - Guide & Reviews 2020planning a short solo hiking trip or a family picnic? Will you be traveling a lot or enjoying the same spot across the beach? Lightweight soft coolers work best for individual hiking and camping trips, or short beach visit. On the contrary, the bulkier hard coolers can take up several soda cans and food items. Thus, they are more suited for longer trips.
  • Durability is another factor you need to consider while buying beach coolers. Almost all coolers which we have reviewed below are durable enough to last you for several years.


  • The next element to take into account is the price range. The best part about beach coolers is that they are available in a bunch of sizes, types, and design features, and their prices equate to their size, quality, and features. Whether you are on a low budget or are willing to invest some extra bucks, we have got you covered.

Top 15 Best Beach Coolers in 2020

1. Mighty Max Cart Cooler and Fishing Cart
Durable HDPP resin construction 4.8
2. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler
Rhino-tech water and stain-resistant exterior 4.8
3. Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Portable Cooler
UV-resistant color 4.7
4. Seehonor Leak-proof Backpack Cooler
Can hold up to 25 cans 4.6
5. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler
PVC free and FDA compliant exterior material 4.6
6. Columbia PFG Zipperless Cooler
Broad frame with a 58 can holding capacity 4.5
7. Coleman Rolling Hard Cooler
Molded cup holders 4.5
8. Coleman Soft Cooler
Heavy-duty wheels 4.4
9. Arctic Zone Insulating Rolling Tote
Retractable handle 4.3
10. Coleman Party Stacker Cooler
Premium grade heavy-duty material 4.2
11. Lifewit Collapsible Cooler
Dirt-proof 2100 D oxford fabric 4.2
12. Tourit Cooler Backpack
100% water-resistant and leak-proof 4.1
13. CleverMade Tahoe Collapsible Cooler
Padded carry handle 4.0
14. Seehonor Insulated Soft Cooler Bag
High volume capacity 3.9
15. One Savvy Girl Beach Bag Tote Set
Pure polyester construction 4.0

1. Mighty Max Cart Cooler and Fishing Cart

Take your beach coolers anywhere and everywhere with the Ice Chest Dolly Cooler Hauler by Mighty Max Cart.Mighty Max Cart Cooler and Fishing Cart

Beach coolers come in all sizes. Until and unless they are equipped with rolling wheels, carrying those appliances throughout the trips can be a back-breaking task.

The Mighty Max Cart solves this problem with one single product! The Ice Chest Cooler and Fishing Cart is undoubtedly one of the most versatile carts ever created. From using it as a moving dolly to a cooler cart, fishing cart, sports equipment cart, or a flatbed cart – it leaves no option in spare.

Frame Size

The Mighty Max Cart Cooler and Fishing Cart embodies an expandable frame that can easily fit beach coolers ranging in size from 31″ to 38″ in length. Whether your cooling appliance is small or large, this cart can take care of both.

Materials and Design

The compact construction of the Cooler and Fishing Cart allows you to store it easily in your car trunk, and the cargo bay. Furthermore, the product weighs only 27 pounds, which makes its transportation a breeze.

The cart also houses four sturdy foam rubber wheels meant for use on all terrain. Other features of these wheels are that they are airless, flat-free, and have no wheel bearings.


Don’t let the compact size and light weight of this hauler deceive you. This Cooler and Fishing Cart is made from weather-resistant and rust-resistant HDPP resin, imparting it strength and resilience.

Result? The cart can fearlessly carry a weight of up to 300 pounds!


  • Robust construction with a weight limit of 300 pounds.
  • Easy to store and carry due to its lightweight and compact design.
  • Includes all terrain solid foam rubber wheels.
  • Expandable frame to take up coolers weighing 31″ to 38″ in length.
  • Versatile design makes it perfect for use as a moving dolly, cooler cart, fishing cart, sports equipment cart, and flatbed cart.
  • Durable HDPP resin construction makes it sturdy and weather proof.

2. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler

Avail superior cooling and high durability with the Arctic Zone Deep Freeze Cooler by Titan. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler

For years, Titan Deep Freeze has been a leading cooler manufacturer in the industry. It has produced some of the best portable beach coolers. If you are looking for durability and versatility, Titan coolers are undoubtedly the best choice you got!

The Arctic Zone Deep Freeze 30 Can Cooler comes with several amazing features and details. It includes elasticized gear straps, detachable bottle opener, side carry handles, back-saver shoulder strap, and a triple-layer cold-block base. However, the feature that makes it stand out is its high-performance insulation and patented zipper-less lid.

What’s more, the radiant heat barrier reflects heat instead of absorbing it and provides long-lasting cooling. The triple layer cold-block base further enhances the cooling effect. Besides, advanced manufacturing techniques such as the Rhino-tech water and stain resistance make it unique.

Frame Size

The 30 Can Titan Cooler comes with interior liner dimensions (12.75″ x 7.6″ x 10. 25″). It features an FDA compliant sturdy Hardbody liner with a removable Smart Shelf. Moreover, the cooler gives you ample space to keep soft stuff such as sandwiches separate from hard stuff such as cold drinks.

Material and Design

Titan cooler is constructed from high-quality abrasion-resistant material. The Rhino-tech exterior material imparts resilience and strength to the cooler. It allows you to wipe and clean the cooler easily.

When it comes to design, Titan Deep Freeze stands at the top of the list. The flip-open zipper-less lid provides easy access to the food items inside the cooler. Also, there is a zippered front pocket for placing napkins and cutlery.

Furthermore, the adjustable shoulder strap with the anti-slip pad helps center the load weight and makes carrying more comfortable.


The 30 Can Hardbody Cooler is super safe, highly durable, and puncture-resistant. The premium-grade material enables it to withstand wear and tear and last longer.


  • Flip-open lid for easy access to items placed inside.
  • FDA Compliant Hardbody liner with removable Smart Shelf.
  • Insulated and zippered front pocket.
  • Rhino-tech water and stain-resistant exterior for extra strength.
  • Back-saver shoulder strap for better portability.

3. Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Portable Cooler

Get rid of your cooling worries while traveling with the 36 Can Coastal Xtreme Series Portable Cooler by Coleman.Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Portable Cooler

Coleman has been producing some of the most resilient portable coolers for quite a few years now. Keeping your food items fresh on the road is a challenging task. If you are looking for a long-term and reliable solution, Coleman coolers are the best options out there.

With the 36 Can Coastal Xtreme Series Portable Cooler by your side, you can avail up to six days of enhanced cooling. The lush white color gives the cooler a classy look. The stylish outer casing and innovative design give you a premium feel.

What’s more? Advanced insulation techniques that are free of CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs make the cooler eco-friendly and super safe. So, you don’t have to be guilty of harming the environment.

Frame Size

The Xtreme Series Cooler has a sturdy frame that can hold up to 36 cans. It provides you all the space you need to keep your stuff. Whether you are going camping or trekking, the Coleman cooler’s broad frame ensures that you can take everything you need.

Material and Design

Highly durable and environmentally safe material is used in the construction of the cooler. The hard-outer casing enables it to withstand higher levels of damage. Not just that, the cooler can also support the weight of up to 250 pounds.

You can sit on the cooler without worrying about breaking it apart. Moreover, the spacious design enhances the storage capacity. The handle is large enough for two people to carry it. Also, the two molded cup holders keep the drinks in place.


High durability is one of the outstanding features of the Coleman cooler. The retextured EZ-clean top allows you to wash the cooler easily. UV-resistant color additives are used to prevent yellowing and weakening of the stylish case.


  • Hold up to 36 cans-more than a case of soda can be placed in a 28-quart cooler.
  • Robust have-a-seat lid that can bear 250 pounds.
  • Xtreme 3 technology for long-lasting cooling.
  • Retextured EZ-clean top for quick and easy washing.
  • Eco-friendly insulation free of ozone-depleting CFCs and HCFCs.
  • UV-resistant color additives to prevent color degradation and weakening.

4. Seehonor Leak-proof Backpack Cooler

Get the insulated, durable, and versatile backpack cooler by Seehonor for your picnics, camping, hiking, trekking, Seehonor Leak-proof Backpack Coolerand fishing trips.

Whether you are going on a beach trip, road trip, picnic or hiking, Seehonor backpack cooler can take care of all your needs. Seehonor is known for its remarkable features and innovative designs. It has been producing high-quality travel accessories and backpack coolers.

The 25 Can Leak-proof Backpack Cooler comes with several noteworthy features. It includes an inside mesh pocket, front zipper organizer pocket, reflective strip and bungee cord, and two side mesh pockets.

Don’t get confused with its compact and lightweight body. Premium-grade material is used in its construction. It is highly reliable, convenient, and resistant to damage.

The multiple compartments assist you in keeping your stuff organized. It includes a bottle opener and two D-shape hooks for attachment. All in all, the Seehonor backpack cooler is the best companion for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Frame Size

With a broad frame (dimensions: 13.3” x 8.6” x14.9”) and a roomy interior compartment, the backpack cooler can hold twenty-five cans. It provides you ample space for keeping all your stuff in one place. You can easily place your beers, juices, sandwiches, and other items.

Material and Design

The backpack cooler Premium thickened PEVA hot-pressed material. It is specially engineered to keep your stuff cold for hours. The thickened foam insulation on the inside works with the heat-sealed leak-proof lining to prevent dripping, leaking, and wet spills.

Furthermore, its stylish and spacious structure gives the cooler a classy look and provides extra room for holding things. The ergonomic breathable design, along with the padded shoulder straps provides you extra comfort. You can carry it around effortlessly.

What else? The bungee cord provides quick access to clothes while the side mesh pockets can hold your umbrella or water bottle.


The Seehonor backpack cooler is made of heavy-duty scratch-proof nylon that can withstand wear and tear. It is undeniably among the most durable portable coolers in the market.


  • Can hold up to 25 cans easily.
  • Multiple compartments and zippered pockets for better organization of your stuff.
  • Side mesh pockets for quick access to travel wallet or water bottle.
  • Perfect lightweight gear for all kinds of outdoor activities.
  • Thicker padded back with an ergonomic breathable design.

5. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler

Go camping, hiking, fishing, and trekking with the extremely versatile 60 Can Arctic Zone Rolling Cooler by Titan Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Rolling CoolerDeep Freeze.

Titan Deep Freeze has been a leading travel accessories producer for years. It has produced some of the best portable outdoor coolers. If you are looking for versatility and resilience, Titan coolers are the best appliances to invest in!

The 60 Can Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler has enough room to accommodate all your stuff. It caters to all your traveling needs. The remarkable feature of this cooler is the addition of rolling wheels. So, you don’t have to carry it on your shoulders.

What’s more, the cooler comes with several appreciable qualities. It includes an easy-access lid, a detachable bottle opener, a highly insulated front compartment, and ultra-leak-proof interior lining. It is specially designed to provide extra comfort and look classy at the same time.

Frame Size

The large and leak-proof cooler has enough room to hold up to sixty cans at a time. Don’t forget the multiple compartments and zippered pockets for keeping napkins, cutlery, clothes, and travel wallets. Besides, the big wheel on the cart can hold up to 100 pounds and is removable.

Material and Design

The Titan Cooler is made of heavy-duty premium-grade material that is completely free of PVC. It is further lined with Microban anti-microbial protection that prohibits the uncontrolled growth of bacteria. Moreover, it prevents stains, odors, and material degradation.

Apart from that, Titan guarantees lifetime protection and resistance to wear and tear. The bag also includes a back-saver shoulder strap with an anti-slip shoulder pad for better portability. You can carry it on your shoulders if you want to.

Also, the FDA compliant Microban lining meets CPSC safety requirements, and the inbuilt protection can withstand higher levels of damage. It prevents bacterial contamination and foodborne illnesses.


When it comes to durability and strength, Titan Deep Freeze stands at the top of the list. Its ergonomic design and sturdy structure impart resilience and enable it to last longer.


  • Big wheel AT cart can bear up to 100 pounds.
  • Ultra-leak-proof and durable lining with insulated compartments.
  • Microban anti-microbial protection for preventing bacterial contamination.
  • PVC free and FDA compliant exterior material.
  • Back-saver shoulder strap for easy carrying.
  • An easy-access lid for quick cleaning of the internal compartment.

6. Columbia PFG Zipperless Cooler

Take everything you need on your trip with the roomy, versatile, and robust 58 Can PFG Skiff Guide Zipperless Columbia PFG Zipperless CoolerCooler by Columbia.

Are you looking for a portable cooler that can take care of all your traveling needs? Buying a new cooler can be quite vexing, given the full range of available options.

For years, Columbia has been producing the most innovative and durable cooler packs. The 58 Can PFG Skiff Guide Zipperless Cooler has a robust structure that imparts resilience and strength. It is best known for its ThermaCool insulation. The cooler includes a leak-proof zippered front pocket as well.

You can easily place your stuff inside the large internal compartment. The hardbody liner also features a removable smart shelf that allows you to keep the soft stuff separate from the hard stuff. So, your beers and bottles won’t crush your sandwiches.

Frame Size

With a thick interior liner measuring 16.5″ x 9″ x 10.25″, the PFG Skiff Guide Zipperless Cooler can easily hold up to 58 cans. Apart from that, the cooler is expandable and can accommodate extra stuff if needed.

Material and Design

The Columbia PFG Skiff Guide Cooler is made of high-quality material that can withstand wear and tear. It features a smooth, clean, long-lasting interior lining that may develop stains and odors if left unattended. You should wipe and clean the appliance regularly to inhibit bacterial growth that may lead to product degradation.

Along with its robust construction, the cooler has an ergonomic breathable design. It includes back-saver shoulder straps with anti-slip pads that make carrying more comfortable. Moreover, the flip-open lid provides easy access to the food items inside.


High abrasion-resistance and exceptional durability are the noteworthy features of the 58 Can Columbia Cooler. It can bear more elevated levels of damage and last longer. Also, its slime-tech exterior is quite strong and sturdy.


  • Flip-open lid for easy access to drinks and other stuff.
  • Insulated front pocket for placing cutlery, napkins, travel wallet, and other things.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting slime-tech exterior.
  • Broad frame with a 58 can holding capacity.
  • FDA compliant hard body liner with removable SmartShelf.
  • Radiant heat barrier for high-performance insulation.

7. Coleman Rolling Hard Cooler

Enjoy a memorable outdoor experience with the 50 Quart Xtreme Rolling Hard Cooler by Coleman.Coleman Rolling Hard Cooler

Portable coolers come in many different designs and sizes. Looking for a cooler online can be quite vexing. Coleman brings you the best tents, coolers, stoves, and other camping gear. It is famous for the strength and premium quality of its products.

The 50 Quart Rolling Hard Cooler is one of the best portable coolers with several noteworthy features. Whether you are going camping, hiking, or fishing, this cooler will make your trip fun.

It comes with an EZ-clean lid, heavy-duty wheels, built-in cup holders, and locking telescope handles. The high-performance insulation keeps the ice up for five days in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The insulated lid doesn’t let the cooling escape the internal compartment.

What’s more, it is available in the market at an unbeatable price. Buy it once and get rid of your cooling worries on outdoor adventures for the rest of your life!

Frame Size

The Coleman Rolling Hard Cooler has a broad frame and extensive storage space. It gives you all the space you need to keep your beverages, sandwiches, and other food items. The cooler can hold up to 84 cans at a time with ease.

Material and Design

High-quality material is used in the construction of this cooler. It can withstand higher levels of damage. The robust frame and premium grade exterior make it leak-proof and resilient. Besides, the have-a-seat lid can bear up to 250 pounds. So, you can sit on the lid when you are exhausted.

The cooler is also appreciated and loved for its simple yet elegant design. The lush black color gives it a classy look. For comfortable pulling and compact storage, the cooler features a telescopic handle. You can drag it along effortlessly.


Coleman is known for producing highly durable camping accessories. The sturdy 84 can cooler is highly resistant to abrasion. It is strong enough to last for a lifetime. Moreover, it features molded cup holders to avoid any wet spillage.


  • Provides ample space for storing up to 84 cans.
  • Have-a-seat lid can endure up to 250 pounds.
  • Available at an incredible price.
  • Molded cup holders to keep the drinks in place.
  • Telescopic handle for more comfortable pulling.
  • Xtreme technology insulated body keeps ice up for five days.

8. Coleman Soft Cooler

Make your adventure memorable with the 42 Can Soft Cooler by Coleman. Coleman Soft Cooler

We just can’t get enough of Coleman’s incredible beach coolers! The brand has been producing highly durable portable coolers for quite a few years now.

Keeping your stuff fresh on a trip is a challenging task. If you are looking for a long-term and reliable solution for your camping worries, Coleman accessories are the go-to picks out there.

The 42 Can Coleman Soft Cooler comes with a removable liner and heavy-duty wheels. It is the best companion for your camping, hiking, and trekking trips. Several zippered compartments and insulated pockets help organize things better.

Apart from that, there are mesh pockets on both sides for keeping travel wallets, napkins, phone chargers, and water bottles. The cooler offers ample space for placing beverages, sandwiches, and other food items. Besides, the black-colored fabric with grey stripes gives the cooler a classy look.

In short, the Coleman Soft Cooler can take care of all your traveling needs like a faithful outdoor companion. Buy it once and remain carefree on your beach picnics for a lifetime!

Frame Size

The Coleman Soft Cooler has a suitable frame size that can accommodate everything you need on your trip. It is large enough to hold 42 cans at a time. Besides, the removable liner in the interior compartment offers packing flexibility and allows you to organize your stuff.

Material and Design

Heavy-duty material is used for the robust construction of the 42 Can Coleman Cooler. It is further treated with anti-microbial agents to prevent the growth of mildews and molds. Thus, you don’t have to worry about microbial contamination inside the cooler.

What’s more, the ergonomic design of the cooler makes it the perfect pick for camping adventures. You get a dry storage pouch with bungees that offer extra storage. Also, the front zippered pocket is completely insulated.


Heat-welded seams make the cooler ultra-leak-proof. It is specially designed to withstand excessive wear and tear and last longer. Above all, it stands at the top of the list in terms of durability and resilience.


  • Thick frame to hold up to 42 cans.
  • Heat-welded seams to prevent melted ice leaks.
  • Anti-microbial treatment to prevent fungal growth.
  • Telescopic handles for comfortable transport.
  • Heavy-duty wheels for effortless fulling on any terrain.
  • Removable hard liner for packing flexibility.

9. Arctic Zone Insulating Rolling Tote

Go camping, hiking, and fishing in style with the Diamond Mosaic Insulating Rolling Tote by Arctic Zone.Arctic Zone Insulating Rolling Tote

For years, Arctic Zone has produced innovative and stylish coolers that can cater to all your traveling needs. If you are looking for a sturdy cooler that meets the latest fashion trends, Arctic Zone is the right pick for you!

The Insulating Rolling Tote comes with many distinctive features and surprising details. However, it’s the elegant texture of the product that we adore to the core. Thus, the bag not only holds all your belongings, but it also satisfies your aesthetic sense.

The Insulating Rolling Tote comes with accessory pockets, an ergonomic retractable handle, and heavy-duty rolling wheels. For more relaxed and comfortable carrying, it features a removable and adjustable shoulder strap with anti-slip pad. It helps center the load weight and makes handling easier.

What’s more, the diamond mosaic white and gray colored texture give the tote a classy look. Whether you are going on a picnic, potluck, or to the beach, the Arctic Zone Rolling Tote is the perfect companion.

Frame Size

The frame size of the rolling tote is large enough to hold 44 cans easily at a time. Highly durable material is used in the construction of the frame. Don’t get deceived by its lightweight and compact profile! It is exclusively designed to endure excessive abuse and last longer.

Material and Design

Besides the high-density thermal insulation, a highly reflective Therma-Flect heat barrier is used to preserve the tote’s cooling. The Ultra-leak-proof lining prevents the leakage of melted ice. It ensures that not a single drop leaves the internal compartment.

Apart from the robust structure, the Arctic Zone Rolling Tote has an innovative design that gives you a premium feel. The Microban lining on the inside inhibits fungal growth and keeps your food fresh. So, you don’t have to worry about any bacterial contamination.


When it comes to durability, Arctic Zone coolers stand at the top of the list. The 44 Can Insulating Rolling Tote is highly resistant to abrasion and punctures. It has a sturdy frame and is worth every penny.


  • Large enough to hold 44 cans at a time.
  • Beautiful diamond mosaic grey and white colored texture.
  • Versatile, efficient, and worth the money.
  • Retractable handle for more comfortable pulling.
  • Therma-Flect interior radiant heat barrier enhances the cooling effect.
  • Durable rolling wheels for effortless transport.

10. Coleman Party Stacker Cooler

Make your parties and picnics worth remembering with the 33 Quart Party Stacker Cooler by Coleman. Coleman Party Stacker Cooler

Are you looking for a large-sized stacker cooler for your casual camping trips and picnics? Coleman has produced the best camping gear in terms of style as well as sturdiness.

Yes, we are reviewing Coleman’s Cooler once again!

The 33 Quart Party Stacker Cooler is another beautiful product by Coleman. Its large size and low profile make it the perfect companion for parties and casual gatherings. Not just that, it is made of high-quality, heavy-duty materials and can take care of your traveling needs too.

Besides canned drinks and beverages, it is tall enough to hold twenty oz bottles in the upright position. You can buy the stacker coolers in many different colors.

Frame Size

Apart from its low profile, the Coleman Stacker Cooler has a broad frame that offers ample space for large-sized dishes to fit in properly. It can hold up to 48 cans at a time. You can place and take all the stuff you need at the party in these stacker coolers.

Material and Design

Superior quality materials are used to build a sturdy framework of the Coleman Party Stacker Cooler. It can withstand higher levels of damage. The interior is lined with special agents to make the cooler Ultra leak-proof.

It has a sleek, low-profile design and a classy look. Besides, it is available in many different colors. You can place beverages in one stacker cooler and food items in another. Like all other Coleman coolers, the Party Stacker Cooler allows you to organize your things better.


When it comes to resilience and durability, Coleman coolers have got no parallel. The 33 Quart cooler is designed to last longer. It is resistant to scratches, stains, and bacterial contamination.


  • Premium grade heavy-duty material for longer life.
  • Sturdy and robust construction for enhanced abrasion resistance.
  • Broad base for easy packing of large-sized dishes and bottles.
  • Available at an incredibly low price.
  • Wide range of colors for better organization.

11. Lifewit Collapsible Cooler

Enjoy refreshing beverages and food items on soccer games and camping trips with the highly insulated 32 Can Lifewit Collapsible CoolerSoft Collapsible Cooler Bag by Lifewit.

From camping gear to outdoor sports accessories, Lifewit has excelled in terms of style and quality. It has produced some of the best cooler bags in the industry.

If you are looking for a cooler bag to take on outdoor training sessions, camping and hiking trips, and casual picnics, Lifewit is has got you covered.

The highly insulated, portable cooler bag has everything you need. It is the best companion for all kinds of outdoor adventures and picnics. However, it’s the product’s versatility, which makes it worth every penny. It can fit comfortably in the trunk of your SUV or get packed in your briefcase if you are traveling by air.

Apart from that, the appliance is equipped with two zippered side pockets, two front pockets, and a full top pocket. The multiple pockets allow you to organize your things better. You can place different items such as travel wallets, napkins, and cutlery in the pockets to save space in the internal compartment.

Above all, the portable double-decker cooler tote is available at an incredibly low price and is worth the money.

Frame Size

With a broad frame and large capacity, the Lifewit cooler tote can hold up to 32 cans. It has multiple insulted sections for keeping beverages and drinks separate from dry food. You can fill it up with snacks enough for your group of friends on a hiking trip.

Material and Design

High-density, premium quality 2100 D oxford fabric is used to construct this double-decker cooler tote. The water-resistant and dirt-proof nature of this fabric makes cleaning more comfortable. Moreover, the cooler tote includes a detachable shoulder strap and padded handles for more comfortable carrying.

The interior lining is connected seamlessly through hot pressing technology to prevent wet spillage and leaks. The high-performance insulation and leak-proof lining work together to preserve the cooling for as long as twelve hours.


High durability and resilience are the prominent characteristics of the cooler tote. It can withstand wear and tear for a lifetime.


  • Broad base with large capacity to hold 32 cans easily.
  • Hot pressing technology for seamlessly connected lining.
  • Dirt-proof 2100 D oxford fabric for maximum strength.
  • Versatile, inexpensive and ultra-leak-proof construction.
  • High-density insulation keeps food fresh for up to twelve hours.
  • Perfect choice to haul food items from grocery stores.

12. Tourit Cooler Backpack

Gear up for your next beach trip in the Insulated Cooler Backpack by Tourit.Tourit Cooler Backpack

As an acclaimed travel accessories brand, Tourit believes in providing value through its range of flexible and trendy backpacks.

If you are an outdoor person who loves traveling, hiking, and spending your day off at beaches, this Cooler Backpack is a sure-fire must-have.

Apart from being insanely affordable, the Tourit Cooler Backpack offers you tons of advantages in carrying your food and drinks comfortably. You can use the backpack as it is to keep your edibles fresh for a couple of hours. Alternatively, you can also use Freeze Packs to maintain the backpack’s temperature under 15℃ for up to 16 hours.

Frame Size

With a large frame size measuring 15.8″ x 13.0″ x 7.5″ this Cooler Backpack can accommodate up to 30 cans in its storage compartment and yet still leave enough space for small items in spare.

Materials and Design

It’s the design of the Tourit Cooler Backpack, which makes it both functional and trendy. The minimalistic designed backpack is incredibly light in weight, weighing 1.1 pounds, and heavy in performance.

Furthermore, the use of a blend of 600D Oxford, Food Grade EPE Foam, and Heat-welded PEVA in the pack’s construction makes it ultra-leak-proof and confers a high degree of insulation.

Result? You can rest assured that your food and drinks will remain cool and fresh without leaking ever.

Other worth mentioning features of this backpack include its multiple pockets providing endless storage options.


Do not let the lightweight of this backpack deceive you. The hard-wearing material and water-resistant fabric blend used in the pack’s construction enhances its durability massively.


  • Provides sheer insulation with its heat-welded PEVA and EPE foam construction.
  • Lined with 100% water-resistant and leak-proof material.
  • Houses multiple pockets for storage.
  • Main compartment designed to accommodate up to 30 cans.
  • Maintains enhanced cooling temperature for 16 hours when used with Freeze Packs.

13. CleverMade Tahoe Collapsible Cooler

Relish your picnics and beach trips to the core with the Tahoe Collapsible Cooler Bag by CleverMade.CleverMade Tahoe Collapsible Cooler

It’s collapsible, it’s structured, and it’s leak-proof – it’s the cleverly made Tahoe Collapsible Beach Cooler by CleverMade!

Outdoor trips have to be fun. Whether you are at the beach or amidst a hiking trip, the last thing you want to be worried about is your cooler and food supplies. The Tahoe Collapsible Cooler stands out as the perfect travel companion who takes full ownership of preserving your drinks on sunny days.

Not only does this bag cleverly secures and chills your drinks, but it also is incredibly easy to handle and store. Once you’re back home, you can simply fold the bag down and store it easily.

All in all, the CleverMade Tahoe Collapsible Cooler is a reasonably priced, super-functional, and lightweight cooling appliance that makes a perfect present for family and friends.

Frame Size

When opened to its full capacity, the CleverMade Tahoe Collapsible Cooler measures 15.5″ x 12″ x 10″ in dimensions. The bag only weighs 1.75 pounds and yet can carry a total weight of up to 35 pounds. When not in use, you can fold down the bag flat and, reducing its dimensions to 15.5″ x 10″ x 2.75″.

Materials and Design

The Tahoe Collapsible Cooler is made with heavy-duty polyester and triple-layered, leak-proof insulation liner.

However, what impressed us the most is this bag’s solid base and innovative SnapHinge technology, providing it a full-structure yet making it effortlessly easy to fold it flat.

Other noteworthy features of this bag include cushioned holding straps and adjustable shoulder straps, offering you a two-way solution of carrying along.

The use of welded PEVA further enhances the bag’s durability by providing it a perfect seal.


The CleverMade Tahoe Collapsible Cooler entails high durability due to its triple-layered leak-proof insulation and sturdy polyester construction.


  • Unique patented SnapHinge technology fold the bag flat in a single snap.
  • Keeps your products cool with its three layered of leak-proof insulation.
  • Resilient enough to carry 35 pounds of weights.
  • Provides padded carry handles and shoulder straps for carrying.

14. Seehonor Insulated Soft Cooler Bag

Prep up for your next beach excursion with the Insulated Soft Cooler Bag by Seehonor.Seehonor Insulated Soft Cooler Bag

Picnicking with a large group of family and friends means carrying along with a vast supply of meals, snacks, beverages, and other necessary items. The Seehonor Insulated Soft Cooler Bag accommodates all of them!

Because of its roomy storage compartments, this bag makes an ideal outdoor partner for short and long trips. It carries multiple pockets and storage compartments to hold your phones, dishes, towels; you name it.

What’s more, the leak-proof design and insulated lining of the bag ensures that the temperature of food is maintained correctly.

The Seehonor Insulated Soft Cooler Bag is also lightweight, easy to carry, versatile, and supremely durable.

Finally, like the CleverMade Collapsible Cooler, the Seehonor Cooler Bag can also be folded flat when not in use, saving you some storage space.

Frame Size

With a vast carrying capacity of 15.3″ x 11.8″ x 12.2″, the Seehonor Insulated Soft Cooler Bag can carry 45 cans with a total volume of up to 35 liters. Be it drinks, packed snacks, fruits, or tall beverages; the bag will ensure you can carry all you want to feast on your beach party.

Materials and Design

Externally, the cooler bag is constructed from pure nylon that is both lightweight and resilient. The internal lining provided a high-degree of insulation through food-grade PEVA liner and padded 5mm PPE foam.

It’s because of the bag’s leak-proof lining, which makes it water-resistant and dust-resistant.

What’s more, the Seehonor Insulated Cooler Bag also carries tons of storage pockets to tuck in your items here and there. Other than its roomy main compartment, the bag also carries two side pockets, a front zipper pocket, an inner zipper pocket, a bottle opener, and some extra D-shape hooks.

What more could you ask for?


The heavy-duty Nylon construction and thermal resistant linings enhance the bag’s durability by leaps and bounds.


  • High volume capacity of up to 45 liters.
  • Foldable design makes it easy to store in a small space.
  • High degree of thermal insulation through PEVA liner and PPE foam.
  • Entails carrying handles and shoulder straps.
  • Houses multiple pockets for storing other necessary items.

15. One Savvy Girl Beach Bag Tote Set

Head out to your outdoor adventure in style with the ultra-chic Beach Bag Tote Set by One Savvy Girl. One Savvy Girl Beach Bag Tote Set

Outdoor events are fun. Why turn up there carrying a boring bag? As a woman-owned business designing female-focused products, One Savvy Girl believes in making outdoor adventures fun and fabulous.

The Beach Bag Tote Set by One Savvy Girl is designed to make the most out of simple pleasures of life. The bag’s innovative design brings comfort, style, and convenience in one plate.

The product comes as an all-purpose outdoor adventure bag with a small removable insulated cooler. It includes several storage compartments to hold your essentials and a pair of premium-quality microfiber towels. The towels can be rolled up and secured outside the bag, providing convenient access at the beach and pool.

Buy One Savvy Girl Beach Bag Tote Set for yourself today or present it as a holiday gift to your savvy girlfriends – they will love it!

Frame Size

Designed as a rectangular tote bag set measuring 22″ x 11″ x 2″ in dimensions, the product carries a separate removable insulated cooler inside.

Materials and Design

This beach bag is designed with pure polyester fabric to withstand rough use during outdoor trips. The design of the bag is incredibly spacious, providing enough room for all your essentials. All in all, the bag set’s carry handles, lightweight, and trendy design offer you comfort, convenience, and style in a single product.


The use of hard-wearing polyester construction enhances its durability, making it perfect for use on every outdoor trip.


  • Includes a separate removable cooler.
  • Tote bag carries tons of pockets and storage compartments.
  • Includes two premium-quality microfiber towels that are folded and placed towards the front.
  • Pure polyester construction enhances the product’s durability.
  • Ideal holiday gift for women.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long do beach coolers keep contents cool?

Hard coolers keep the contents cool for a more extended period than soft coolers. Premium quality hard cooler can keep your drinks and food cold for up to 16 hours.

How can I clean the beach cooler?

Beach coolers are simple to clean. All you have to do is drain the liquid inside the cooler and wipe them thoroughly afterward. To avoid microbial growth, allow the cooler to dry completely before putting it back.

Are soft coolers better than hard coolers?

If you are packing light and going on a short trip with a small family, Soft Coolers will do the job. However, Hard Coolers will work better in a huge family and friends gathering, requiring longer stays.


Let’s face it: you cannot always buy food and drinks from nearby shops as they are super-pricey. Beach coolers are a must-have in Summers as they allow you to feast on all your favorite snacks and beverages. Though the market is bombarded with tons of beach coolers, finding the ones that provide excellent value for money is not easy.

We dedicated several hours of research and testing to come up with the best 15 beach coolers you can buy in 2020.

Was this guide helpful? Do let us know and enjoy your beachy Summers

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