Top 10 Best Briggs and Riley Luggage In 2020 – Complete Guide & Reviews

Best Briggs and Riley LuggageFounded in 1993, Briggs & Riley (B&R) is an international brand of luggage and business cases. The company’s mantra is “Engineered for Reality, Guaranteed for Life,” and they have practically built their reputation by sticking to that motto. They produce bags with a practical design that provides solutions for real-life travel problems, and they offer an unconditional lifetime warranty that covers repairs and replacement without any question asked. “We have also written a complete guide about best of Samsonite luggage“.

The company mainly focuses on manufacturing products that will not only provide long-term services to the travelers but also be something to rely on in today’s travel realities. “We have also written a complete guide about best travelpro luggage“.

Travel Bags Offered by Briggs and Riley

Briggs & Riley manufactures a broad range of travel luggage. They are highly focused on producing bags, and bagsTop 10 Best Briggs and Riley Luggage In 2019 only,which fulfill the travel needs of their customers. For this reason, you won’t find any travel accessories except luggage in B&R.

The company produces hard-side luggage, checked luggage, carry-ons, and laptop bags in different sizes, colors, shapes, and with various features. They also sell repair kits and few luggage accessories including shoulder straps, wire hangers, TSA locks, laundry bags, etc.

What Differentiates Briggs and Riley from Other Luggage Brands?

Briggs & Riley is not known for producing fashion-forward products like other luxury brands. However, it has gathered a fanatic fanbase for its unmatched durability and realistic design.

Practical Design

B&R does not believe in innovation only. Instead, they are keen to combine their thoughtful engineering with common sense so that travelers find their journeys easier and more efficient no matter which corner of the world they visit.

Without adding some useless pockets or fancy features, they design their luggage around real-world needs and wants. The luggage has separate pockets for toiletries and passports, an outside handle that allows more room for flat packing, and an expansion system that creates extra space for storing your belongings securely.

Extra Packing SpaceTop 10 Best Briggs and Riley Luggage In 2019

The Briggs & Riley luggage features multiple patented designs, and one of them is the NXpandable System. It works in two ways – some bags feature a zip-out expansion, and others have a one-touch expansion system, where you can choose to expand the bag or not at all. There’s a more recent CX system too where you can ratchet the extension to specific points and hold onto that level.

B&R luggage offers the most satisfying packing experience that money can buy. Besides, they are also the first company to introduce the outsider handle, so that the user has a flat packing space inside for wrinkle-free clothes.

Lifetime Warranty

Another quality that keeps Briggs & Riley luggage ahead of the game is their lifetime warranty. They back every single product they produce with an unconditional lifetime performance warranty.

If your bag has any manufacturing defects or if it’s ever broken or dented including damage caused by airlines, B&R will replace or repair it without any question asked. They have a network of repair centers across the world and a range of user-replaceable parts to make the fixing and replacement quick and hassle-free.

However, the warranty does not cover cleaning and cosmetic wear. Besides, you can’t expect them to compensate for your lost or stolen bags and damaged contents stored inside.

Key Features of Briggs and Riley LuggageTop 10 Best Briggs and Riley Luggage In 2019

Some people emphasize more on the looks while others seek for quality and dependable performance. If you fall into the second category of travelers, the B&R luggage is for you. Every time you are out there on a trip, you can be ascertained that the bag will provide a high-quality performance. The key features of B&R luggage are:


Rather than sporting fancy designs and carrying almost useless features, the B&R luggage comes with a traditional look and practical style to make traveling easier. The minimalist design and neutral or mostly muted colors are not for the fashion-forward people. However, if your design aesthetic is classic with a touch of elegance, you’ll just love the luggage.

Quality of Materials & Durability

Briggs & Riley does not compromise with the quality of their products. Their luggage is expensive, but you can take it as an investment rather than feeling like a prodigal. In fact, it would not seem much if you consider the lifetime warranty and the long-term service you can get from a bag.

Their hard-sided suitcases are made of ABS or polycarbonate while others are made of ballistic nylon fabric. They are the toughest quality materials that are produced to last for a long time. Besides, the molded wheels, military-grade zippers, durable handles, side guard protectors, etc. are convincing enough to put your trust on them without thinking further.

FunctionalityTop 10 Best Briggs and Riley Luggage In 2019

The Briggs & Riley luggage is high functional as the bags are lightweight (even the largest models weigh somewhere between 10 and 13lbs) and wheels and handles for easy rolling and lifting. The wheels are so smooth that your bag will roll without making any noise. The main compartment offers a flat packing surface because the trolley handle mechanism is on the outside of the bag.

The bags have sufficient outside and inside pockets and a spacious inner compartment so that you can comfortably store all of your essentials. The larger suitcases have an attachment mechanism so you can secure your carry-ons to them. The straps are permanently tethered to the bag and zip neatly away when not in use.

10 of the Best Briggs & Riley Luggage In 2020 – Chart


Name Material Price



Name Material Price


  1. Briggs & Riley Baseline Large Expandable Spinner  95% Nylon, 3% Aluminum, 2% Rubber $$$ 4.9 
  2. Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright  100% nlyon $$$ 4.7 
  3. Briggs & Riley Baseline International Wide-Body Upright Carry-On  100% Nylon $$$ 4.7 
  4. Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright  100% Nylon $$$ 4.5 
  5. Briggs & Riley Baseline Upright Duffle Bag  100% nlyon $$$ 4.3 
  6. Briggs & Riley Baseline Large Expandable Upright  100% nlyon $$$  4.3
  7. Briggs & Riley BRX Explore Domestic Expandable Upright  420D Nylon, 600D Polyester, Water-Resistant Tarpaulin $$$ 4.3 
  8. Briggs & Riley BRX Explore Large Expandable Spinner Suitcases  97% Nylon, 3% Aluminum $$$  4.3
  9. Briggs & Riley Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag  100% Nylon $$$ 4.3 
10. Briggs & Riley Torq International Carry-On Wide Body Spinner Suitcase 100% Polycarbonate $$$ 4.3

1. Briggs & Riley Baseline Large Expandable Spinner

The Briggs & Riley Baseline Expandable Spinner (28 inches) may cost twice as much as its competitors, but it’s the kind of bag that you should pick up if you travel more than 30,000 miles per year.

It has much value and will improve your travel experience immensely with hands-on features and the unmatched expansion/compression system.


The Baseline Expandable Spinner carries a traditional design with a streamlined body and no-fuss exterior. Available in three cool colors, black, olive, and navy, the bag is perfect for those gentlemen who prefer simple elegance to gaudiness.

Indeed, you won’t feel trendy with the Baseline Expandable Spinner, but it does the jobs what it is meant for.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The Baseline Expandable Spinner is made of ballistic nylon with nylon lining inside. The outer fabric can resist wear, dirt, moisture, and puncture. The aluminum handle and the high-quality zipper closures are meant to last while the double swivel wheeled spinner isextra strong to carrya heavy load. However, the rubber layer on the wheels might be a point of worry.

B&R backs all of their products with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Take it back to them for any airline damage or manufacturing defects, and they’ll replace or repair without asking any question.


The bag has two external pockets, a small one for tickets and passports and a larger one for small items. It has garment securing mesh panels inside to reduce wrinkling and keep the clothes from moving during transit. There’s also a tri-fold garment folder that can hold one or two suits.

The mechanism of the telescoping trolley handle is outside, so you have a flat packing area. However, the most significant feature is the CX expansion-compression system. It allows you to fit an additional 3-4 days’ worth of clothes and then compress the bag down to keep the contents secure.


  • Simple, classic design
  • Spacious to carry lots of contents
  • Outside handle
  • CX expansion-compression system
  • Double swivel wheels for effortless navigation


  • The rubber layer on the wheel may chip off
  • Expensive

2. Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright

The Baseline Domestic Carry-on is the smaller version of the Baseline Expandable Spinner. A combination of the functionality of a packing suitcase and the convenience of a garment bag, this carry-on will breeze through airports, narrow isles, and hotel lobbies with its sleek design, smaller size, and 9lbs weight.


All the Baseline luggage carries almost the same design, featuring a classic, well-made look. With just two color options, black and olive, and a sleek body, it looks classier and more formal than its colorful competitors such as the Rockland Melbourne 20.

The bag has four exterior pockets and two compartments with a built-in garment bag section inside. Besides, it has two carry handles, one trolley handle, and two spinner wheels.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The carry-on is made of 100% ballistic nylon and features fabric lining inside. The nylon fabric is wear, puncture, and moisture resistant. However, the more impressive thing is its frame, which is one of the strongest among soft-side luggage. It can take a considerable amount of squeeze and pressure without being bent or damaged.

Additionally, the bag has corner guards to perform well in high impact conditions. The spinner wheels and the YKK zippers also seem high-quality. The only concern is probably the trolley handle, which looks like it may rip off the bag entirely. However, even if it happens, B&R will cover it up with their lifetime warranty!


The bag is just packed with features to make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable. The external compartments are perfect for storing laptops and other stuff. The mesh compression straps in the main compartment are large enough to keep all of your belongings securely in place.

It comes with CX technology so you can expand it to create 25% more packing space, and then compress it again to wherever you want it to fit in. The outside handle makes packing easier as you have no hidden crevice to work around.

Besides, the carry-on features tethered strap for attaching two more bags, double spinner wheels, and a trolley handle.


  • Classic, formal design
  • Perfect for a 2-3 day business/weekend trip
  • The CX technology provides extra storage
  • Sufficient external pockets


  • Trolley handle doesn’t seem too strong

3. Briggs & Riley Baseline International Wide-Body Upright Carry-On

The Baseline International Carry-on is the most fitting choice for frequent travelers who believe in simplicity and quality. You can use for both domestic and international air travel, as its size complies with airline regulations. Besides, it’s expandable so that you can enjoy the maximum packing capacity.


The carry-on comes with Baseline’s distinctive design features – sleek body, no-fuss style, and two classy colors, black and olive. Despite having four external pockets, the exterior sports a no-frills look.

It has a trolley handle, carry handles, two wheels, two side bezels, and corner reinforcement. It looks formal, so will suit the travelers who frequently travel for business purposes.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The bag is constructed from ballistic nylon, which is extremely durable and doesn’t show wear. It’s also moisture and dirt resistant, so can be your reliable partner in any adventurous trip. The corner reinforcement further keeps it safe in high impact areas.

The aircraft-grade aluminum handle, high-quality zipper closures, and the interior fabric lining, everything vouches for its durability. The two wheels are sturdy too and let it roll freely any direction you like.

The bag comes with a lifetime warranty that covers all types of damage – manufacturing defects as well as airline damage.


The carry-on comes with CX technology that allows an expansion of almost one-third of its size. What’s even better is you can compress it back again to the original size so that there’s no problem fitting it into the overhead bins.

The interior is flat because the trolley handle mechanism is secured outside. So, it’s now much easier to pack. There’s a built-in suiter for those who like to travel with a suit or sports jacket.

There’s a Speedthru pocketin the middle of the handle assembly for storage of items at security checkpoints. The Smartlink strap is handy for securing one or two more bags with the carry-on.


  • Classy design
  • CX technology for expansion and compression
  • Built-in suiter
  • Speedthru pocket


  • Two-wheeled design doesn’t allow for rolling sideways

4. Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright

The Transcend Domestic Carry-on is a great option for those who want to stay clear of the airport’s baggage claim area at any cost. However, it does not mean that you have to carry a small overnight bag. The Transcend Domestic is an expandable carry-on that can easily hold a week’s worth of clothes.

Besides, it comes at a lower price than the similar-sized Baseline Collection bags.


The Transcend Domestic comes in a black color. However, unlike the baseline bags, a crimson version is also available for the fashion-minded travelers. The fabric used in it has a fine weave for a sleek touch and streamline appearance.

The exterior looks a bit busier than the Baseline bags because of the cargo net pocket. However, every pocket and compartment have been thoughtfully designed to fulfill the needs of a traveler.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The bag is made of double helix nylon twill fabric that provides extra protection against wear and abrasion. The aluminum trolley handle, plastic wheels, hard-plastic bezels, and top-grade zipper closures further add to its durability.

In addition, you’ll get a lifetime warranty for this product, which covers airline damage too. So, whether it’s a taint of color or a broken handle, you’ll always be covered.


The exterior cargo net pocket is very handy for storing quick-access items that you frequently use during a flight. It also as a slide-in pocket on one side and a zippered Speedthru pocket between the handle frames for easy access to documents at security checking.

The interior has pockets too. The main compartment features garment panels for keeping the stuff in their place. There’s a garment carrier too to keep your suits wrinkle-free. You can expand it to 12.3 inches,so it means enough space even if you do a bit of shopping.


  • Stylish design
  • Expandable
  • Cargo net pocket for quick-access items


  • Two-wheeled design prevents it rolling sideways
  • The zippered expansion is not as convenient as CX expansion-compression technology

5. Briggs & Riley Baseline Upright Duffle Bag

The Briggs & Riley Baseline Upright Duffle Bag is another member of the Baseline Collection that is built to endure the oil of all kinds of travels. With a sturdy handle and wheels, the mid-sized bag (27 inches) can be the alternative to a suitcase while still providing the convenience and comfort of a duffel.


The duffel looks classy in two beautiful colors, black and olive, and a sleek design. Like the other Baseline bags, it sports a no-frills design but is highly functional with external pockets and two separate compartments inside.

It has a V-groove trolley handle, one carry handle, two wheels, two bezels at the bottom, and a shoulder strap.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The bag is made of 100% ballistic nylon so you can toss it around without being worried about doing any damage. The fabric is also resistant to wear, moisture, and scratch. There’s fabric lining inside and the honeycomb frame provides flexibilityand shape retention, so it can stand upright without being loaded.

The aluminum trolley handle is securely attached to the bag and guarantees less jamming. The spinning wheels keep you moving without any fuss though their rubber layer may break off on rough surfaces.

The bag comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty performance. So, you’ll have a replacement or repair service no matter how it has been damaged.


It has two separate sections inside for easy and organized packing. The flat packing section at the bottom can be used for wrinkle-free and secure storage of shirts, trousers, and other similar clothes. The large duffle section above the lower part features garment-securing panels to keep items in place.

The heavy-duty trolley handle can be locked in four positions so that people of different heights can roll it around without putting any strain on hands. The inline wheels further add to the easy maneuverability.


  • A combination of upright suitcase and duffel bag
  • Classic design
  • Roomy interior
  • Handy trolley handle and inline wheels


  • Two-wheel design doesn’t allow side rolling
  • The rubber layer of the wheels may chip off

6. Briggs & Riley Baseline Large Expandable Upright

Your carry-on is might be just perfect for carrying all of your stuff for a weeklong trip. But, it must be frustrating when you find no extra room for souvenirs on the return journey. Well, you can solve the problem with a Baseline Large Expandable Upright from Briggs & Riley.

The high-quality bag is expandable along with providing lots of features to make your travel hassle-free.


With two color options, black and olive, the carry-on sports a simple but elegant design, like the other Baseline Collection. Its exterior and interior styling are simple, but B&R’s thoughtful engineering has made all the features highly useful for real-life needs.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The carry-on is made of 100% ballistic nylon that shows exceptional resistance to moisture, scratches, and abrasion. So, even if you bump it into the stairs or knock it off, there will be no abrasion. Plus, its color won’t be tainted because of water splashes or rain.

The internal frame is hybrid fiberglass that provides flexibility as well as frame retention. You can take the bag while traveling around the world and toss it around everywhere but it will remain the same for years to come.

In fact, every part of the carry-on is built to last. If it doesn’t? Take advantage of B&R’s unconditional lifetime warranty!


The CX technology allows the bag to expand 26% more. But, you can compress it back after done with packing.

The interior has ample pockets to keep your belongings safe. The main compartment is flat and has mesh garment panels to keep clothes organized and wrinkle-free. There’s also a built-in garment folder to keep one or two suits.

The two-wheeled bag glides effortlessly while the two bezels at the bottom keep it upright no matter how loaded unevenly packed it is. The trolley handle can be locked into different positions for comfortable rolling around.


  • Classy design
  • Expandable
  • Trolley handle can be adjusted todifferent positions


  • Two-wheeled system does not go sideways
  • Expensive

7. Briggs & Riley BRX Explore Domestic Expandable Upright

Briggs & Riley has designed the BRX Collection especially for the urban travelers who take packing light seriously. The BRX Explore Domestic Carry-on (21.5 inches) is the perfect choice for withstanding the rigors of domestic and international travels with its high-quality build and durability. Besides, it is virtually weightless with just 7.3lbs weight, so you can carry it everywhere you go!


The carry-on is available in two colors, black and blue. Both the versions have touches of an accent color around the front zipper and in between the carry handles, which give the bag a nice urban look.

It has a trolley handle and two inline wheels. Itcan stand on its own with the help of the bottom bezels. However, it looks more like a backpack than a suitcase, which also suits well to the lifestyle of trendy, city travelers.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The carry-on is made of a combination of ballistic nylon, polyester, and tarpaulin, which makes it more lightweight than the bags made with 100% nylon. It is dirt, moisture, wear, and abrasion resistant so you can toss it around or bump it into anywhere without fearing of doing any damage.

The zipper closures, plastic wheels, and the aircraft-grade aluminum trolley handles are built to last. However, if anything goes wrong, just take the bag to any B&R service center to avail their lifetime warranty!


The exterior has several pockets including a SpeedThru Pocket for items that you want to access quickly at the time of emergency and a HideAway ID Tag for storing personal documents. The interior also has separate pockets for shoes and toiletries.

The main compartment is pretty roomy, and you can secure the stored contents with the EZ-Hook Adjustable Compression.

The wheels are wide for easy and smooth maneuvering,and the trolley handle locks at different positions to put less strain on wrists.


  • It’s a good-looking bag suitable for urban lifestyle
  • Wear and abrasion resistant fabric
  • Roomy interior


  • The trolley handle can get stuck sometimes
  • The cinching straps inside don’t attach properly sometimes

8. Briggs & Riley BRX Explore Large Expandable Spinner Suitcases

The BRX Explore Large Suitcase is aimed at holiday travelers that need a large but lightweight, and extra-durable bag so that it can withstand the rigors of journeys. Despite its large size (29 inches), the suitcase does not weight that much. It makes your travel a lot simpler and more enjoyable.


Available in two color options, blue and black, the bag looks more like a backpack than a suitcase. It looks so effortlessly stylish that any fashion-minded traveler will like to have one in his/her collection!

Just like other Briggs & Riley luggage, the bag carries a no-frills design with a few zippered and slide-in pockets, a trolley handle, two carry handles, and four Recessed double spinner wheels.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The suitcase is made of nylon and polyester, which make it sturdy but lightweight. The exterior fabric resists moisture, dirt, wear, and abrasion.

The zippers are high-quality as you don’t have to fear them bursting open and leave your stuff in a mess. The aircraft-grade aluminum trolley handle is durable, and the V-groove tubes assure less jamming of the handle. The plastic wheels are firm and ensure smooth rolling of the suitcase.

B&R backs this product with an unconditional lifetime warranty that covers even airline damage.


The EZ-Hook compression panels in the main compartment that keep clothes organized while in transit. There’s a zippered expansion system that allows you increase the space by a couple of inches.

The trolley handle can be fixed at different positions so that people of different heights can move it without any difficulty. The double spinner wheels offer 360-degree navigation, which makes it easier to roll in any direction.


  • Stylish design
  • Retractable trolley handle can be adjusted to different heights
  • Recessed double spinner wheels offer 360-degree navigation
  • Carry handles for easy lifting


  • Zipper extension doesn’t provide as much extra storage as CX technology
  • The trolley handle mechanism doesn’t seem too securely attached to the exterior

9. Briggs & Riley Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag

The Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag is ideal for air travel with its 13.5 inches height and less than 9lbs weight. The smart design is based on the needs of seasoned travelers. It’s a perfect bag that can carry all of your essentials on board.


Available in crimson and black colors, the bag sports a practical, no-fuss design, just like other Briggs & Riley luggage. It has several pockets inside and outside, and each one is thoughtfully designed with particular functions in mind.

The bag has the perfect size for tucking under your seat and storing into the overhead bin.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The bag is made of 100% ballistic nylon, which is moisture, scratch, and abrasion resistant. It is built like a tank that is likely to survive even the roughest of handling and toughest rigors of traveling.

The trolley handle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the inline wheels are hard plastic. The YKK zippers are extra durable and provide self-repairing zipper action while the double zipper pulls are lockable and ergonomic.

You can take advantage of B&R’s lifetime warranty if you find any manufacturing defect or the bag suffers any airline damage.


The interior of the bag has several sections for storing your laptop, notebook, documents, and other essential stuff. The interior also has room for storing clothes. The exterior features zippered pockets and two mesh pockets with elastic closures where you can keep water bottles, chargers, and pens.

The handle’s tubes have V-grooves that guarantee less jamming while moving the bag. There are also two carry handles for comfortable and versatile carrying options. The wide wheels keep the rolling smooth and quiet.

The bag features an attachment mechanism so you can secure it on top of another suitcase if the latter one has a handle.


  • Practical design
  • Separate compartments for storing different types of stuff safely
  • Trolley handle and inline wheels for smooth moving


  • The inline wheels don’t roll sideways
  • The laptop compartment is not padded and cannot carry a laptop bigger than 12.5 inches

10. Briggs & Riley Torq International Carry-On Wide Body Spinner Suitcase

Finding quality luggage is a daunting task. A bargain brand will go easy on your pocket but is likely to show issues very quickly. So, it’s wise to invest in a good suitcase like the Briggs & Riley Torq International Carry-on and put the worries behind for years to come!


Available in a bright ruby color, the 21.5 inches carry-on is lightweight despite being hard-shell. It looks masculine and stylish with several grooves on the exterior and robust construction.

The outer side of the bag looks neat and clean, featuring just a trolley handle, a carry handle at the top, and four dual wheels.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The exterior is made of 100%Makrolon polycarbonate, which makes it extremely tolerant to scratch, water, and wear. In fact, the hard shell is so durable that it can take whatever you have to dish out and will still look great. There is corner reinforcement too for better performance in high-impact conditions.

The trolley handle is aluminum and features an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling. The dual wheels facilitate easy rolling and help you maneuver over any surface.

You’ll get a lifetime warranty with this product. B&R will repair and replace it even for airline damage.


The exterior has a locking system to make sure the bag doesn’t open accidentally and dump your belongings out. There’s a Smartlink system outside to strap one or two more bags together.

There are compression panels inside to keep the clothes in their place. Open the zipper on the top lid, and you’ll find a strap to hang a wire hanger. It’s an excellent feature to keep your suits or sports jackets wrinkle-free.

The trolley handle locks into three different positions that allow people to move without straininghands or wrists. The 360 degree pivoting of the wheels makes it a breeze to roll onto any surface.


  • Sturdy polycarbonate shell
  • Locking system to secure the inner compartment
  • Adjustable trolley handle
  • 360-degree spinner wheels


  • No carry handle on the side

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