Top 15 Best Down Jackets For Women 2020

Down Jackets for WomenFor any woman wanting to enjoy the winter or to survive through it, it is important to select the right winter jacket. Before making a purchasing decision, it is also important to first ponder what she would be doing in the outdoors in the winter. Down jackets prove to be quite effective in keeping a woman warm throughout the winter and they have got a casual outlook as well which suits the modern lifestyle very much. A casual knee-length down jacket or even a waist-length one with nylon fabric shell would be quite appropriate to protect the wearer against the harshness of cold and at the same time, give a very elegant and casual look to cater to one’s fashion needs. Down jackets are insulated with soft and warm under feathers from geese or duck. The material is a perfect insulator and keeps the body warm at all times. Its loft or thickness is a result of thousands of air pockets inside it which allow warm air to be trapped inside and thus, it retains heat for as long as the wearer has it on.

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Benefits and Uses of Down Jackets for Women

Warmth from Down

The down-filled in these jackets provides perfect insulation. The down is either from duck, geese, or sometimes; it is The Top 10 Down Jackets for Women In 2020 - Complete Guidea combination of both. While the jackets with goose down are considered to be the warmest, the ones that have got duck down filling are cheaper and still provide a high degree of warmth. The measure for the warmth of the down is through Down fil power which acts as a measure of the fluffiness, thickness or the loft of the down as well as its properties for insulation. The down fill power is a determinant of the number of air pockets in the down as well as the increase in their numbers increases the warmth and insulation of the down jacket. A fill power in the range of 400-450 is considered medium warm, 450-500 is considered good, 550-750 is considered very good and 750-900 is considered as excellent in terms of insulation and warmth. The unit of fill power is in cubic inches per ounce and it is measured in laboratory conditions. The fill power of the down is tested by applying compression with a weight in a glass cylinder. The ability of down to bounce back or loft is calculated as the fill power of down.

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Excellent Warmth to Weight Ratio

The down jackets exhibit excellent warmth to weight ratio, and thus it is possible to make very elegant sophisticated jackets with down. These jackets while going very well with fashion trends and elegance, will be very warm as well. These jackets retain heat perfectly due to the presence of thousands of air pockets inside the down which trap warm air and retain heat. Thus, as compared to synthetic insulation, the down jackets with the same fill power would tend to be thinner, lighter and thus more trendy in their designs which suit women very well. A disadvantage that the down jackets have in comparison to jackets filled with synthetic insulation is that it loses its warmth and insulation when wet and also takes a long time to dry. For all those women who have a good enough budget for purchasing a down jacket, it is recommended that they go for one made from goose down as compared to duck down as the goose down is warmer.

Wider Comfort Temperature Range

The down jacket for women can be used in a wider temperature range as compared to the jackets with synthetic insulation. This means that in relatively cold or warm temperatures, the down jackets will be wearable while it would The Top 10 Down Jackets for Women In 2020 - Complete Guidebe very uncomfortable to wear a jacket with synthetic insulation in slightly warmer conditions. Synthetic materials have an advantage as well which relates to their ability to dry faster as compared to down. They also do not lose their warmth and insulation as much as down does when wet. However, the inability to wear the synthetic material insulated jackets in slightly warmer conditions gives an edge to down jackets as they are capable of providing comfort and warmth to the wearer in both cold and slightly warmer conditions.

Fashion Statement

Down jackets serve as perfect fashion statements for women. The down enables the designers to make the jacket warm by using thinner down as compared to synthetic materials. Besides acting as a fashion statement, they are a perfect means of survival as well. Thus, the down jackets allow for a perfect combination of design and fashion elements along with the functionality of the jackets. The down obtained from larger birds is usually the source of more warmth as regardless of whether they are from geese or duck. The reason is that more down is obtained from under the large feathers. The larger feathers lead to higher fill power and thus, the down jacket provides a higher loft.

Waterproof or Water-Resistant Hardshell

The down jackets contain a hard shell, which is usually made out of very durable materials such as nylon. This shell contains the down insulation inside it. The hard shell is either lined with a waterproof membrane that stops rainwater from getting inside and also provides perfect protection against sleet and snow. The shell and the lining have a direct effect on the performance of the down jacket. They affect the weight, durability as well as water resistance. There is some light down jackets as well which can weigh as little as 9 ounces as they contain only 3 ounces of down and the rest of the weight is that of the fabric shell, zippers, closure system, etc. The durability of the hard shell depends on the fabric material used to make it. If the material is very thin and light, it would the subject to a higher degree of snagging and abrasion. However, many down jacket manufacturers are now using super, light shell fabrics, which allow the jackets to become very lightweight but they are still able to maintain an acceptable level of warmth to weight ratio. These super-light fabrics are also quite durable. The unit of measurement known as denier denotes the linear mass density of the fibers in the shell fabric. A 10D denier fabric would feel quite fragile and thin in comparison to a 20D fabric which would be heavier.The Top 10 Down Jackets for Women In 2020 - Complete Guide

Breathability despite DWR or Waterproofing

Regardless of the thickness and weight of the shell fabric material, it is either coated with a Durable Water repellant (DWR) finish, which makes it resistant to water however, the coating does not make the shell waterproof. The waterproofing of the shell is attained by adding a waterproof membrane to the shell fabric which converts it into a full-fledged waterproof material. In the case of waterproofing, the shell becomes a layered fabric which is also coated on the face fabric with DWR finish. Some down jackets are not made waterproof and are left with the DWR finish only to make them water-resistant only as these jackets are not intended for use in very wet conditions. The DWR treatment helps to extend the time out in the elements; however, such jackets will eventually saturate. In the case of the layered waterproof down jacket, one of the layers is the waterproof membrane. The waterproof layer keeps the snowmelt or rainwater out but at the same time, it has te characteristic of allowing the inside sweat and moisture to be wicked away by circulating airflow. These waterproof but breathable membranes have got millions of small pores per cubic inch of the membrane and they allow the moisture and sweat to go through. This enhances the breathability of the down jacket and ensures that the wearer would not feel uncomfortable due to sweat at any time.

Types of Down Jackets for Women

There are many types of down jackets for women depending upon the kind of down used in them as well as differences in other features such as waterproofing, water=resistance, light or heavyweight, construction, etc. These are described below:The Top 10 Down Jackets for Women In 2020 - Complete Guide

Lightweight Down Jackets for Women

These are made out of super-thin fabric material, and the shell is coated with DWR finish to make it water-resistant. Such down jackets are only used in mildly cold weather and are also not suitable for very wet conditions. The greatest advantage they provide is that they have good warmth to weight ratio for the small amount of down contained inside them and they are very easy to manage and carry around. However, as mentioned earlier, these are not suitable for very wet conditions or even very cold weather.

Heavy Down Jackets for Women

The heavier down jackets are made with layered shell, and they usually have excellent waterproofing capability as they contain waterproof membranes as one of the layers. Such down jackets usually have a higher amount of down as well and the more expensive ones contain goose down while the cheaper omens have got duck down. Waterproofing is an essential feature in these jackets as the down can lose its warmth if it gets wet. Such jackets protect the wearer from cold, wind, snow, rain, sleet, etc. and also provide a high degree of warmth due to heavier insulation in cold weather.

Sewn-through or Box Baffle Construction

The Sewn Through down jackets is the most common as they are usually cheaper and are simple to manufacture. They also consume a lot less material as compared to the Box Baffle type. The Box Baffle method of construction further modifies the down fill in the down jackets. It also increases warmth. The baffles have got their portion of down and this means that these would be less pinching. This results in the maximization of loft and the minimization of cold spots. These jackets are normally heavier and thicker as compared to the sewn-through ones; however, they also consume more materials, and the construction is also relatively complex. These jackets are therefore more expensive as well. These jackets boast uniform consistency of warmth all over the down jacket as the down is held firmly in place providing the required warmth at all spots.

Features of Down Jackets for WomenThe Top 10 Down Jackets for Women In 2020 - Complete Guide

Features in some down jackets for women include hoods or fleece-lined pockets, nylon cuffs, internal carrying straps, and adjustable cinched waist, etc. However, in general, the following features are present:


The hood helps to protect the wearer in stormy weather and also provides warmth on very cold days. Most of the time, the hoods are removable so that they can be separated from the jacket when they are not required. However, in some very warm jackets, the hoods are not removable at all. Such hoods have got insulation as well to provide additional warmth.


Fur ruffs around the hoods are also available in many down jackets. They provide an extra level of protection against wind and storm. The ruffs are also made in such a way that they are removable.


All the modern down jackets for women have got cell phone pockets. In many down jackets, the pockets are fleece lined as well. These pockets provide extra warmth and comfort as compared to unlined pockets. The front pockets are the handwarmer pockets, and there are internal and external chest pockets as well to hold items like sunglasses, Chapstick, etc. They are insulated so the phone battery can stay alive.

Other features include the hem drawcords to tighten the jacket around waist and hips, zippers, and closure systems at the cuffs and the waist to ensure that the wind and cold do not make the wearer uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of down do down jackets for women contain?The Top 10 Down Jackets for Women In 2020 - Complete Guide

The down contained in down jackets for women is either goose down or duck down. The goose down is considered superior in quality and provides better warmth. Goose down jackets is more expensive as compared to duck down jackets.

In what way down is superior to synthetic insulation materials?

Down is superior to synthetic insulation materials in terms of the warmth and the loft it provides. However, if the down gets wet, it is hard to dry and also loses its warmth and loft more as compared to the synthetic materials. The down jackets with waterproofing allow for perfect warmth and comfort.

Are DWR and waterproofing the same?

No, DWR finish makes the hard-shell fabric of the down jackets water-resistant but not 100% waterproof. For the down jacket to be fully waterproof, the proof membrane as a layer in the hard shell.

Why is Baffle Box construction superior to Sewn-through construction?

The sewn-through construction is simple but it does not ensure that the down will not shift or create cold spots in the down jacket. The Baffle box construction reduces pinching and ensures that the down will stay in place and that there would be consistent warmth throughout the body of the down jacket.

Why are the hardware, zippers, closure system important?

The zippers, closure systems, and the hardware ar important to ensure that the jacket will remain airtight and watertight to prevent snow, rain, cold and wind from getting into the jacket from the cuffs or the bottom part of the jacket.

Top 15 Best Down Jackets For Women 2020


Name Price


Picture Name Price Rating
  1. Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket – Women’s $$$ 4.7
  2. Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Hooded Jacket – Women’s $$$ 4.6
  3. Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody – Women’s $$$  4.6
  4. Outdoor Research Women’s Aria Hoodie $$$ 4.6
  5. Marmot Montreux Down Coat for Women $$$  4.5
  6. Arcteryx Thorium AR Hoody – Women’s $$$ 4.5
  7. Women’s The North Face Arctic Parka Jacket $$$ 4.5
  8. The North Face Aconcagua Jacket – Women’s $$  4.4
  9. Women’s The North Face Nuptse 2 Jacket $$$ 4.3 
10. Columbia Women’s Flash Forward Down Jacket
$$$ 4.2
11. Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket
$$ 4.2
12. Calvin Klein Women’s Lightweight Chevron Packable Jacket
$$ 4.1
13. Valuker Women’s Down Coat with Fur Hood
$$$ 4.1
  14. BGSD Women’s Water Resistant Quilted Down Toggle Coat
$$ 3.9
15. Columbia Women’s Powder Pillow Hybrid Jacket
$$ 4.0

1. Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket – Women’s

Down Jackets for WomenRab has an amazingly detailed jacket in the Best Down Jackets for Men list. So we were intrigued when we checked the specs of Rab Microlight Alpine women’s down jacket. Its Aubergine color has pink highlights which look feminine and sporty at the same time.  It is a highly waterproof down jacket with considerable warmth from down filling. The hooded comfort is supported by a slim fit. Microlight Alpine has a slice in every jacket advantage, hence its top spot on our best down jacket for women list.


Rab Microlight Alpine women’s down jacket is a handsome winter-wear. We would characterize the cut as athletic. It has space around the chest and shoulders. But it gets real trim at the waist, giving you a gradual curve towards the hips. The neck extends into a hood which covers 3/4th of thehead.Its most exciting feature is a visor-like formation which can be folded.

There’s a single zipper running down from the high neck to the bottom. Apart from hand-warming pockets, there’s a Napoleon pocket on the chest with vertical zipper. Closely sewn baffle design covers the jacket.


Rab jackets are known for having a tough exterior. Their 30D Pertex shell is not merely durable. It provides Fort Knox protection from wind and water.  Moreover, Microlight Alpine women’s down jacket is filled with 750-fill power hydrophobic down. Together they make it the most weather-resistant jacket on the list.

At 14 ounce it is heavier than Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer. But Microlight Alpine is warmer too, proportional to its weight. The Pertex face-fabric works with the narrow baffles to retain heat close to the body. The hem of the jacket has a drawstring to tighten it around your body. Cuffs have an elastic fit which seal them against cold wind. The hood is the only area we found lacking in this jacket. It has no draw cord or Velcro to tighten it. The visor is very good at shielding the eyes from direct sun but it’s difficult to fit it inside a helmet. The jacket can fold into its own chest pocket.


  • Water- and wind-proof
  • Warm for its moderate weight
  • Hem and cuff can be sealed
  • Hood has a small visor


  • Hood cannot be adjusted

2. Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Hooded Jacket – Women’s

Down Jackets for WomenMountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer down hooded women’s jacket is the lightest winter-wear on this list and surprised our granny sweater off with its warmth. It feels and warms you up great.It can be used as both a middle layer and an outer layer. If you are tired of the bright colors, it comes in some weird dialed down colors as well. Ghost Whisperer is a must have in your wardrobe if you live in Alaskan cold. It whispered its way right into the best down jacket for women list.


We checked out the Dark Raspberry/Navel Orange version of the Ghost Whisperer women’s down jacket. This is an interesting combination that we couldn’t decide if we liked. Many of the 19 color combinations of this jacket will make you feel this way. The fabric is shinier than that of Rab Microlight, it might appeal to some folks.

This women’s down jacket has a slim fit. The waist does not seem to taper as much as the Rab Microlight.There’s a single zipper through the length of the jacket. It has two zippered hand-warming pockets on the sides. A hood covers the head and parts of the face.


Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer women’s down hooded jacket uses Ripstop Nylon for the face-fabric. It reduces the overall weight but it’s not as weatherproof as the Pertex used byRab Microlight. 800-fill power down in generous helpings creates a high warmth-by-weight ratio for this jacket. In its weight category, it is the warmest.Durability-wise Rab Microlight leads the pack. Its shell and stitching are much more reliable than that of Ghost Whisperer.

The hood of this jacket has an elastic cinch and fits snugly over your head. The cuffs are deemed the butter Jersey cuffs. They are absurdly soft and toasty warm. The hem also has a drawstring to keep the cold out and trap the warmth. Because of its low weight, it makes a great additional layer when you are out hiking or mountaineering. A stuff sack is shipped with it to carry it around.


  • Lightweight and compact when compressed
  • Good insulation
  • Hooded with snug fit
  • Comes with a stuff sack


  • Some colors are too dreary

3. Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody – Women’s

Down Jackets for WomenPatagonia is no stranger to winter-wear. Their acumen in designing one is apparent with their women’s down jacket. This smart jacket is an excellent pick for everyday wear and rough use. Its moderate weight is combined with cozy warmth. The fit and overall comfort of the jacket scores full marks. Coming from Patagonia, the durability is also top-notch. We plunked it right into the best down jacket for women list.


Patagonia women’s down hoody immediately attracts you. We thought it looked better than the garbage liner-type sheen of Ghost Whisperer. But Patagonia has a more moderate cut. It allows you to add more layers inside. The inside of the center zipper is protected by a storm flap.  There are zipped pockets to warm your hands on both sides of the waist. An internal zippered pocket can be used to stow your keys, phones etc..

The fit of the hood is face-hugging. Arms of this down jacket have a wider fit than that of the Ghost Whisperer. There are four colors of this jacket to choose from. The baffle pattern is moderately placed. It is not as narrow as the Rab Microlight Alpine.


As with the Patagonia men’s version, this women’s down jacket uses recycled polyester Ripstop fabric. It uses 800-fill power animal-friendly goose down. The outer shell is rubbed down with Durable Water Repellant. Until this layer washes off, this jacket will be nominally water-resistant. It’s no match for Rab Microlight’s weather resistance. Even Ghost Whisperer performs slightly better in rain. It weighs almost same as the Microlight.

The hem of this down jacket has a drawstring to cut the flow of cold draft inside. A drawcord has been installed at the back of the hood. This expertly adjusts the size of the hood to fit any head.The cuffs have an elastic lock to keep the winter on the outside. The jacket can be stuffed into the chained pocket inside. It is equipped with a loop that can be held by a carabiner clip.


  • Comfortable and good-fitting
  • Warm and has place for inner layers
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Easy to zip up


  • Expensive

4. Outdoor Research Women’s Aria Hoodie

Down Jackets for WomenOutdoor Research usually hits the nail on the head with its winter-wear. Their women’s Aria down jacket is a prime example. It is a sewn-though baffled jacket which uses a new and innovative pattern of sewing.It does moderately well in all aspects of our checklist for rating down jackets. But nothing stood out. The dark colors flattered us with the good fit and soft finish.It gradually convinced us of its place in the best down jacket for women list.


The most catchy feature of the Outdoor Research Aria women’s down jacket is the baffle pattern. Instead of going for straight horizontal stitches, they have used curved ones. This pattern looks louder than the regular one and some women absolutely loved it. But it’s a matter of personal choice whether you would accept it.

The front side of this down jacket has one full zipper and two hand-warmer pockets. The hood is an extension of the neck. The jacket is longer at the back and protects your lower back and torso against the brunt of cold. Although there are 12 colors of this jacket, we would stick to the darker colors. The down feathers of lighter colors show through the shell.


At 12.1 ounces the Aria women’s down jacket is lighter than the previous three jackets. But it is also less warm. You have to wear it over middle layers if you are in a subzero region. The 20D Ripstop polyester shell of Aria has decent durability. It is filled with 650-fill power goose down mixed with feathers. The warmth is pretty good for the weight but it’s not extraordinary.

The hood of this jacket can be adjusted with a drawstring on its brim. Aria is not treated with a water-repellant and this is perhaps its greatest failing. It still shows minimal water-resistance though. The cuffs look bunched up with their elastic lining. They prevent warmth from escaping through your sleeves. A stuff sack is included for portability.


  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Unique baffle pattern
  • Fits most people well


  • Bunched up cuffs

5. Marmot Montreux Down Coat for Women

Down Jackets for WomenMarmot Montreux women’s down jacket is a knee-length armor to fight off tough winter. This is a technical jacket, focused on the concept of providing warmth. And it keeps you toasty quite efficiently.  If you live in a snow-bound area, you cannot ask for more.  It manages to balance all this with a great price by ditching waterproofing. We rated it slightly over The North Face Arctic for its better warmth-for-weight ratio.It burnt a path for itself into the best down jacket for women list.


Parkas are usually awkward because of their puffy long nature. Marmot Montreux women’s down parka bypasses this problem. It has a moderate fitment and it covers the whole length with baffles. We liked the smooth exterior of the Arctic parka better. But Marmot has its takers. A full double-zipper runs down the front size.It has a double storm flap protecting the zipper area. There are two zippered waist pockets on the side. These are fleece-lined for extra warmth and we couldn’t have been happier when our freezing hands thawed.

The hood of this down jacket is a removable affair. It has a faux fur trim at the hood brim in a contrasting color.


Marmot Montreux women’s down parka uses regular polyester as the shell fabric.  This is DWR-coated and can take a light sprinkling of rainwater. This is a 700-fill power goose down jacket. At 2.2 pounds, it’s lighter than the Arctic parka and warmer. It comes up to the knees at moderate heights. Marmot uses something they call the Defender down.They claim it does not to lose its loft when wet.

As a much-appreciated addition, the torso of this women’s down parka is fleece-lined. This provides extra warmth in these areas. The cuffs are also lined with fleece inside. It has two inner pockets for tossing your personal effects like smartphones, keys etc.The hood provides maximum protection to the head when zipped on.


  • Very warm for its weight
  • Fleece-lined cuffs and torso
  • Two internal pockets
  • Classy looks with muted sheen


  • Only water-resistant, not waterproof

6. Arcteryx Thorium AR Hoody – Women’s

Down Jackets for WomenArcteryx Thorium down hoody – men’s version made it to the Best down jackets for men list.  So we picked up the Thorium women’s down jacket to check. As usual, the key Arcteryx qualities shone through its warmth, build and finish. It is a highly technical jacket with down mapping for reinforcement of cold-prone areas. The rejuvenating colors and somber gloss led Thorium straight to the best down jacket for women list.


The Thorium by Arcteryx is a form-fitting women’s down jacket. It tapers gracefully from the shoulders and the chest to the waist and then flares conservatively.  Because of this design it looks pretty on you and also cuts out any inlets for cold drafts to get in. The baffle design is widely spaced as compared to Rab Microlight which makes Thorium better at heat retention. The Microlight retains heat well only because of its Pertex shell.

The collar of this down jacket extends to cover the lower portion of the face. The hood covers your head completely. It fits well both under and over a helmet. The architecture is generic with two hand-warming pockets at the waist.


As with the men’s jacket, the Arcteryx women’s down jacket uses the Arato 40 face-fabric. Its sheathed with DWR which is only nominally effective.This shell hides 750 fill down for warmth. At 12 ounce, the Thorium has high warmth to weight ratio compared to BGSD toggle coat. It uses synthetic Core loft insulation in areas like the hood, wrist and shoulder for better loft and moisture wicking. However, these areas take more time to dry out than the down.

In areas with consistent snowfall but no rains, this women’s down jacket will do very well. It remains cozy and comfortable in sub-zero temperatures. It is not as free-moving as the Ghost Whisperer though. So if you are planning a strenuous climbing trip, you might want to look at the Ghost Whisperer instead. Thorium comes with a stuff sack attached with a carabiner clip.


  • Very warm for its weight
  • Moisture-resistant insulation in hood, cuffs and shoulders
  • Snug hood
  • Athletic fit


  • Water-resistance is low

7. Women’s The North Face Arctic Parka Jacket

Down Jackets for WomenThe North Face has many winners even in the Best winter jackets for men list.So it’s no surprise that they lodged a place in the best down jacket for women list as well. The lengthy Arctic women’s down parka is perfect for protecting you from head to torso. It’s highly waterproof and warm for the New York winters. Except for the selective fitment, the Arctic is exactly what its name suggests, best for Arctic winters.It melted a cold path to the best down jacket for women list.


The North Face Arctic women’s down parka is a curvaceous jacket. Its fitment only works well for few people who are rather petite in their frame.It looks bulky for its size but otherwise fits slim.It has a double zipper down its front that’s protected by storm flaps. The double zipper tab lets you unzip from the bottom so that you can sit comfortably. Storm flaps prevent rain water from seeping in through the chain.

The hand-warming pockets on either side are covered by similar flaps that prevent water from getting inside the coat.The hood of this down parka is detachable.There’s a faux-fur trim at the brim that looks quite classy.There’s no bafflepattern on the exterior which is a huge relief. So the Arctic parka can be used for business wear,


The Arctic women’s down parka has a HyVentface-fabric. Not only is this highly waterproof, it is quite durable. It is simultaneously breathable and warm.It houses 550-fill down in plenty.The result is complete radio silence from wind and water. However, the trade-off is weight. The Arctic parka weighs more than 2.5 pounds which is a heftyamount for someone to carry.

The hood is removable and can be unzipped off from the coat. It also has a tightening option to suit your head size. The inner lining is quilted taffeta so the heat is retained inside. The parka does not restrict the movement of your legs. At the wrist, you have spandex storm cuffs peeing out. This keeps the cuffs airtight against cold attack.


  • Very warm and waterproof
  • Spandex cuff for full protection
  • Removable hood
  • Available in good colors


  • Heavy
  • Fitment only suits few body shapes

8. The North Face Aconcagua Jacket – Women’s

Down Jackets for WomenThe North Face is not done shining on the best down jacket for women list. Their Aconcagua women’s down jacket is a generally decent winter-wear. If you are in need for a jacket for the October and November cold in Chicago, the Aconcagua will do. It is reasonably priced for its capabilities.The sheen of the exteriors with slanted baffles makes it look more expensive than its price. Isn’t that great value for money for the best down jacket for women list?


The Aconcagua women’s down jacket from The North Face is built for athletic bodies. We liked the way it hugged our waist but made space at the shoulder and the chest. Most ladies who shop online for this jacket would mistake it to have a matte finish. It is actually slightly glossy, though not as much as the Ghost Whisperer. The baffles have a slanted pattern that is easy on eyes.

There’s a single zipper with a slim storm flap covering the chain. There’s no hood. But the collar extends all the way up to your chin. The metallic silver and dramatic plum colors are especially alluring out of the 14 shades.


The shell of the Aconcagua women’s down jacket is made of polyester blend which has a glossy look to it. It conceals 550-fill power goose down for warmth.  At 1.4 pounds it’s one of the heavier jackets on this list. You get the Ghost Whisperer which weighs only 8 ounces to keep you just as warm. But it also costs more. So you must look for a lighter jacket for climbing expeditions.

Both the collar and the hand-warming pockets are fleece-lined to keep these sensitive areas extra warm.Because of the tough shell, it is extremely capable of bearing the brunt of regular use. You would be less scared of tearing the Aconcagua than the Ghost Whisperer. The shell also repels water to a decent extent.


  • Flattering fitment
  • Highly durable shell
  • Fleece-lined collar and exteriorpockets
  • Water-resistant


  • Low weight-by-warmth ratio

9. Women’s The North Face Nuptse 2 Jacket

Down Jackets for WomenThe North Face brings its A-game to the best down jacket for women list. Their North Face Nuptse 2 women’s down jacket is for those people who cannot have enough warmth or layers. This puffy jacket will lend them conviction in its warming capabilities. It has upgraded from the original Nuptse to have better fabric, certified down and moderate fit. This is the one jacket of which all 13 colors are equally attractive. The Nuptse 2is a necessary addition to the best down jacket for women list.


The Nuptse 2 women’s down jacket is a moderate fit jacket. So it looks relatively puffy on women. On the upside, it can accommodate your extra pounds in a smaller size. It has a single zipper running down its front. There are two hand-warming pockets with zippers and thin storm flaps.  The fleece-lined collar extends up to your chin.

The lack of a hood is conspicuous in this rather warm down jacket. It is meant to be an outer layer so we would have appreciated some protection for our head.


The North Face Nuptse 2 uses a recycled polyester taffeta shell to hold the 700-fill goose down. The down is certified to be traceable, as in it has been plucked without causing unnecessary pain to the birds. The jacket is exhaustively stuffed and is quite warm. So it can be taken to cold and rough excursions. However, its loft limits the range of movement. So we prefer not using it for mountaineering.

There are 2 interior pockets in this down jacket. It also has additional padding on the shoulder where the straps of your backpack rub. For its price , the Nuptse 2 is highly durable. A DWR coating keeps it water-resistant for a few months. It can be easily packed into its own internal pocket


  • Very warm and puffy
  • Brushed collar
  • Moderate fit for all body types
  • Has 2 internal pockets


  • Loose for slim people

10. Columbia Women’s Flash Forward Down Jacket

Perfect for fall or early winter weather, Columbia’s Flash Forward down jacket for women combines aesthetics withColumbia Women’s Flash Forward Down Jacket practicality, to ensure its wearer stays warm and snug. Thin and compact, it complements the figure and is easy to pack and stow into luggage. It is also one of the lightest in its category at just over 71 grams, making it an ideal companion for travel.  Because of its thinness, the jacket might not hold up to extreme cold, but it works well as a layering piece.


Winter clothing may not always be flattering due to its bulkiness. No such problem with the Columbia, which boasts a tight, ‘active’ fit: meaning that it is body-skimming and designed with end-use mobility in mind. The sleek, modern and streamlined look is complemented by binding at the cuffs and hems, as well as zippered hand pockets – handy for keeping small items such as keys or handphones.

When it comes to sizing, the Columbia goes from extra small to extra large. The cut, however, can be improved, as it is tight at the chest and hips, and long at the sleeves. We recommend users purchase a size up from their usual jacket sizes.

The Columbia has a shiny, reflective exterior: attractive for some, gaudy for others. Some of the brighter shades, such as Atoll/Nocturnal, Tippet and Emerald have a plasticky, almost garbage-bag-like sheen, and can be very eye-catching. If you prefer darker, more muted shades, opt for black or black with a plum lining. There are a total of 22 different colours to choose from. The only thing the jacket lacks is a hood.


Sporting bonded baffle construction, the jacket is durable and easy to maintain. It has a 100% polyester taffeta shell, complemented by 100% polyester lining and 650 fill power insulation. Heat Seal technology eliminates baffled stitches to keep the down packed securely in and to keep the cold out.

Owing to its light weight and thinness, the jacket may not be as warm as some other models on this list, but should still be good enough for light weather, or when layered with other coats. The fabric on the exterior is also water resistant.


  • Durable
  • 650 fill power
  • Heat seal technology
  • Bonded baffle construction
  • Lightweight, thin and easy to pack
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Variety of sizes


  • No hood

11. Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket

Brave the chilly winters in New York, Michigan or even the mountains of Colorado with the Orolay, a thickenedOrolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket women’s down jacket that provides plenty of insulation to keep its wearers warm and toasty. Because it is packed with down, expect the jacket to look bulky and puffy in places, although it does not in any way compromise on its looks.


If there is one thing that the Orolay scores on, it is the design, with many users complementing its attractive appearance. The jacket is long and hangs down near the hips, and features a unique hem design with elegant crumples and fine stitching. It goes from XXS to XXL sizes, although the cutting seems to be narrow in the hips and larger in the bust. If you have an apple-shaped body, it is recommended to go up a size. As a reference, the XXL would roughly be a 16/18 American size, with a bust of 41.5 to 43 inches.

The Orolay comes with six pockets: enough to store everything from mobile phones to loose change, keys and other small items. There are four zippered front pockets, as well as two zippered side entry pockets. Available in beige, black, green, navy and gray, it also features a thick hood lined with faux wool in hunter’s orange.


The Orolay’s body and sleeve filler consists of 90% duck down and 10% feathers. The material is eiderdown, traditionally used in duvets and comforters, renowned for their comfort and warmth. Unlike some jackets which retain an unpleasant smell from the down, the Orolay is odourless. The inner lining of the hood is faux wool, which adds a touch of elegance and class.

Meanwhile, the outer fabric is adopted polyester, which is 60% denser than regular polyester and has good windproofing properties.

Although not touted as waterproof, the fabric is slightly water resistant, meaning that it can handle a slight drizzle. Maintenance is easy, as the jacket can be machine washed cold, separate, and tumbled dry on low to redistribute the down. Another unique feature of the jacket is the side zippers, which can be unzipped for more room. The Orolay’s downside would be the quality of its construction, especially when it comes to the zippers and stitches.


  • Very warm, suitable for winter
  • Eiderdown material
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive design
  • Hooded
  • Six pockets
  • Easy maintenance
  • Side zippers unzip for more room


  • Heavy and bulky

12. Calvin Klein Women’s Lightweight Chevron Packable Jacket

If you’re looking for an attractive jacket that’s good for spring and autumn, consider the Calvin Klein Chevron jacket.Calvin Klein Women’s Lightweight Chevron Packable Jacket Despite its seemingly snug fit, there is plenty of room for layers underneath. It is also pretty warm on its own. The tight fit is flattering on the figure, even for plus-sized women. As the jacket is lightweight at just under 1lb, it compacts down well and takes up little room in a suitcase, making it a solid choice for travellers.


The Chevron sports an attractive, streamlined look, thanks to an exterior that features mitered quilted stripes trailing down in a V-shape, and is more elegant than sporty – something that you might wear to an office or business meeting. It is available from sizes XXS to XL. Since the jacket is very roomy, users may want to go down a size from what they usually wear. Note that the sleeves can be quite short and tight, since it lacks elastic cuffs. Meanwhile, the stand collar sits high on the neck, shielding the wearer from wind whilst keeping the interior warm.

Two weltered hand pockets come in handy for small items, and are lined with faux fur. Choose from seven beautiful colours, namely black, flax, loden, navy, titanium, red and shine wine. As a finishing touch, the front zipper with gold detailing adds some ‘bling’ to an otherwise ‘formal’ looking jacket. Note that the jacket features tiny animal prints on the inside. There are a few minor improvements that can be done, such as adding zippers for the pockets and a hood on the back of the jacket.


Thin jackets are generally best for lighter weather, and the Chevron works well for this purpose. It has a seven-degree warmth factor to keep users toasty, but will need to be paired with other layers if worn in very cold weather. The shell and lining are both 100% nylon, with the collar filler being 100% polyester. The body and sleeve filler is 90% duck down and 10% waterfowl feathers. It is soft and velvety to the touch, and very comfortable to wear. The exterior is water resistant but not waterproof, so it will hold up in a light shower but not a heavy downpour. It is also machine washable.

The biggest downside to the Chevron is that it sheds feathers from between the seams – bad news if you are wearing a black sweater underneath.


  • Flattering cut
  • Roomy
  • Lightweight, compact
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive, elegant design and colour scheme


  • Sheds feathers
  • Short sleeves
  • No hood
  • Pockets not zippered

13. Valuker Women’s Down Coat with Fur Hood

The latest women’s down coat from Valuker brings style, comfort and function to the table. Styled like a pufferValuker Women’s Down Coat with Fur Hood jacket-cum-parka, it is especially made to keep its wearer warm even in cold winters, with the added bonus of a hoodie to shield one’s head from wind and sleet. The coat is considerably lightweight at 2.6lbs and feels comfortable to wear for long periods. However, its puffy design may not be flattering for all figures and makes it difficult to pack for travelling.


The Valuker sports a long style that covers the hips, with two front pockets below the waist. Although unzippered, these are lined with insulation, so your hands stay warm even without gloves on. The pockets are also handy to store valuables, a small purse or mobile phones. Coat sizes are available from XS to 3XL plus size, but since it tends to run small, it is recommended to order up from your usual size. As a rough guide, an American 16/18 would be a 2XL or larger. It comes in earthy tones of beige, black and green with white faux fur lining in the interior of the hood. That being said, where the Valuker needs to improve on is its design. Measurements are disproportionate, especially with the hood, which is extremely large. The puffy material also adds a lot of bulk to the figure and looks less than flattering.


The Valuker’s shell is high quality and made from 100% polyester, which is windproof and resistant against water splashes. This means that it will hold up well in snowy weather, but not heavy rain. The body and filling is 90% down and 10% feathers, with 100% nylon lining. The material is ultra-soft and construction is sturdy. The Valuker also avoids a common problem with down jackets and coats – shedding – but there may be a slight smell from the feathers. Upgraded from the previous design are the buttons, which are now metal instead of plastic. We liked that the faux fur hood was removable and packaged separately during transportation to protect the material, but the end loops connecting it to the jacket are extremely tiny and difficult to connect. Maintaining the jacket can be another point of contention, since it has to be hand-washed.


  • Comfortable and warm
  • Nice colours
  • Long style jacket
  • Removable hood
  • Sturdy construction


  • Disproportionate design
  • Hood too large
  • Smell from feathers
  • Not flattering, bulky

14. BGSD Women’s Water Resistant Quilted Down Toggle Coat

Down Jackets for WomenAll of us like to indulge in vanity once in a while. And the BGSD women’s down toggle coat is the perfect opportunity to do so. The sophisticated looks of this jacket had us sighing. This thigh length down coat has a trim fit with statement buttons in the front. It is not the warmest of the lot. But you can survive Los Angeles winters can be scaled in this upscale dress.Considering that we can’t live ditch the high life forever, this is the best down jacket for women.


The BGSD women’s down coat is a well-fitting jacket. It hugs the contours of your body without looking too puffy. It comes up to the top of our knees. The storm flap of the main central zipper is decorated with overlarge button-on loops. The zipped hand-warmer pockets have a similar button loop for aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The knit collar comes up to your chin. There’s detachable hood at the back. It is adorned with faux fur trim. The arms are loose-fitting but the cuffs are not. The bottom part of this down jacket flares. While it looks pretty, it’s not very practical in windy areas.


The women’s down jacket from BGSD uses polyester shell for shielding against wind and water. It can take light drizzling and protects the upper body well against wind too. The problem is only the A-cut hem which allows air in. You can pair it with a belt to avoid that issue. It carries 80% of 600-fill power down which is effective up to 60F cold.

Both the collar and the cuffs of this down jacket are ribbed-knit areas. They close it off from outside wind. It has pockets on the chest, arms and also on the inside. So you can carry a ton of your everyday stuff around in this jacket. The hood is attached to jacket via zip. When attached it covers 3/4th of your head.


  • Very fashionable
  • Rib-knit cuff and collar
  • Removable hood
  • Water-resistant


  • A-cut of the hem allows cold wind inside

15. Columbia Women’s Powder Pillow Hybrid Jacket

Those looking for a comfy jacket to wear in early spring or late fall will find Columbia’s Pillow Hybrid a decentColumbia Women’s Powder Pillow Hybrid Jacket choice. Although the down is synthetic as opposed to real duck feathers, the jacket performs well in keeping the wearer warm, and is relatively inexpensive. At 1.16 lbs, it packs down almost flat and lacks the puffiness of large and bulky down jackets. Its snug fit also complements different body shapes and sizes. For anything below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, however, it is recommended to use the jacket with layers, such as a fleece or sweater underneath.


Designed for those on the go, the jacket’s slim, body hugging fit is streamlined and modern, without compromising on quality and comfort. Sizes go from XS to XL, with the latter fit for an American size 16/18. The zipper closure on the front goes all the way up to the high collar, which pops up to protect the neck and chin from the cold. The Pillow Hybrid comes in nine colours. Like the Flash Forward series by the brand, the bright colours such as Bright Plum and Ruby Red can be gaudy and more suitable for casual wear, while hues like Nightshade, Mindshaft and Chianti are toned down. There is a security pocket in the interior for keeping important valuables, but users can also opt to use the exterior zippered hand pockets. The jacket does not come with a hood.


Many attest to the effectiveness and warmth of real down, but synthetic down also offers several benefits. It mimics the softness and warmth of real down –  minus the worry of odd smells when the jacket is wet. The shell and lining of the jacket is 100% nylon, while the insulation is 100% polyester. There is a draw cord over the adjustable hem, to help keep air out.

Using Omni-Heat technology, the jacket sports thermal reflective properties via silver dots covering the inside layer of the garment, which reflects and retains body heat. This reduces need for bulky layers. The material is breathable and wicks moisture to keep wearers comfortable and dry. Cleaning the jacket is easy as it can be machine washed. Care should be taken not to hook the jacket on sharp edges, as the fabric punctures easily.


  • Lightweight
  • Stylish design, comfortable
  • Zippered pockets, interior pocket
  • Omni-heat tech retains and reflects body heat
  • Breathable material
  • Machine washable


  • Fabric punctures easily
  • No hood

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