Top 15 Best Hiking Shoes for Women In 2020 – Complete Guide

It is mesmerizing for a woman when she comes across a wall filled with a variety of hiking shoes. There is also a Top 15 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2020confusion relating to the beginning or picking the right model for the requirement. The feeling is mutual, and the content in the proceeding paragraphs will help you learn everything about the hiking shoes. Apart from clearing confusion, it also helps in providing the tips that help select the right pair of shoes.

You will be going through the different models available in the hiking footwear and explain what shoes are best for which specific occasion. You will also read about the materials, design, sizing, and fit. When you have complete information about the basics, you are bound to pick the right model, size, and fitting from the preferred brand.

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Advantages Of High Quality Hiking Shoes

Here are some of the different advantages which the best of hiking shoes have to offer.Top 15 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2020

  • Comfort: With the best of hiking shoes, you are definitely going to enjoy an added sense of comfort. They keep the feet happy and comfortable.
  • Better posture: When you wear the right type of hiking shoes, it enhances the type of walking posture you have. A good shoe is crucial to ensuring a good gait.
  • Long lasting: When you invest in a good quality of hiking shoes, it is much more likely to last long. It will give you the best return on your money.
  • Improved experience: With the right type and quality of hiking shoes, you can improve the overall hiking experience which you enjoy.
  • Rougher trails: Even when you take up difficult hiking routes, having the best pair of shoes can make the journey easier for you.

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Types of Hiking Shoes For Women

The only option available much earlier was a stiff and heavy full-leather boot. However, you can now choose from a variety of options such as boots, hiking shoes, and trail runners. The following are the common varieties that you will be looking at when you are planning for a hike:

  1. Trail running shoesTop 15 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2020

The design is such that you can run on dirt trails and uneven surfaces. Although they are not apt for a typical walk, choosing them is preferable for those who like to travel light and maximize the distance without compromising on the time. Most of the models in this category weigh 10 ounces per shoe, which is less than a typical hiking shoe. Furthermore, there is no compromise on the traction due to a reduction in weight. These shoes have low protection to the toes, are comfortable from the first wear, and sensitive underfoot.

  1. Hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are the lighter version of the trail running shoes. These shoes share the aggressive nature of the thread of the trail running shoes but are durable and sturdier. The thick soles and the protection offered to the toes increase the overall weight by a few grams. You have the option to choose a waterproof or non-waterproof model. They are stiff and provide support, but lightweight ensures to keep you going for a longer distance at a faster pace. The selection of the shoes is preferable when you are opting for a moderate hike with a backpack not exceeding 25 pounds.

  1. Approach shoes

Approach shoes are like that of hiking shoes but have a rubber toe rand and sole. These shoes are perfect for approaching rock climbing destinations, scaling rocky peaks, and scrambling around rocky trails. Many people Top 15 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2020choose hiking shoes or trail runners. However, opting for approach shoes is essential because of the traction they provide apart from the protection and support to the feet.

Features Of High Quality Hiking Shoes

As you understand the different variants available in hiking shoes, it is time to learn about the points that come handy when you go shopping the next time for the shoes:

  1. Objective

You must pick a pair based on the hiking objective – the terrain that you will be tackling the most. The next step is considering the use – day hike, backpacking, fast-packing, or a mix of each of the categories. You also must choose the difficulty level – easy, moderate, and hard. Each requirement changes the shoe that you will be picking. For instance, an easy day hike requires you to choose a lightweight shoe with minimal support. However, for the same day hike that is hard, you will need a shoe that provides additional support to the ankles.

  1. Terrain

If you know the terrain well, then it is easy to select the shoes. If you hike on muddy and soft terrains, then it is preferable to opt for shoes that are waterproof and have mud-shedding lugs. If you are planning for a hike in the Top 15 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2020desert regions, you require footwear that provides plenty of breathable area along with immense protection against rocks and plants. So, let the terrain help you choose the shoes.

  1. Water resistance

Water-resistant hiking shoes have either an inner membrane sandwiched into the upper layer or a chemical treated top layer. The role of the diaphragm or the chemically treated layer is to prevent the entrance of external moisture and vent out internal sweat. You will also find polyurethane as a layer added to different models. It also helps in preventing moisture from entering the interiors. It acts as a hydrophobic barrier. You may or may not need a waterproof shoe for your hike. Therefore, considering the length of the walk and weather is essential.

  1. Fit

Hiking shoes provide incredible support across the footbed and the arch. Better support results in increased comfort levels and stability during a trail. Ensure to check for the fitting across the toe box and forefoot. You have to consider the following points – the room in the front and the bending of the shoes. Additionally, the space in the toe box that prevents the bashing of the toe during a downhill trail is also vital. Wear the socks you in which you plan to hike along with any footbeds inserts to check for the fitting.

  1. WeightTop 15 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2020

Lightweight shoes are preferable, as it helps in moving faster and freely when compared with those that are bulky and heavier. You can choose heavy and more cumbersome hiking shoes for a different scenario.

  1. Uppers

Nubuck leather is a popular choice for the uppers, as it is water-resistant and flexible. If you are not sure about the material, pick a pair that is a combination of synthetic and leather.

  1. Insole, Midsole, and Outsole

The insole is removable and comes in different thicknesses. Pick the one that gives you increased comfort and support. The midsole sits between the sole and insole. EVA is the standard molded midsoles in the shoes. Densest EVAs also feel soft and require a short break-in period. The outsole is the external layer that comes into contact with the ground. Made from hard rubber, outsoles have varying lug shapes and dimensions. These lugs provide traction and act as slip-resistant on different terrains.

  1. Toe protection

Most of the hiking shoes available offer toe protection to some extent. It includes leather to rubber rands and molded toe caps. Depending on the hike, you will be checking for the protection needed for the toes. For instance, toe protection is essential for a rocky hike and increases the life of the shoes. Also, bulkier protection adds to weight and reduces sensitivity. Make sure to consider the terrain that you are planning for the hike to choose the right shoe with the needed toe protection.Top 15 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2020


  1. Will a hiking shoe run large than the daily footwear size?

Yes, a hiking shoe will run large than your daily footwear because of toe protection. Make sure to test it and pick a size that is not too tight or loose.

  1. Are hiking shoes waterproof?

Whether the shoes are waterproof or not depends on the model you picked. In many cases, you will come across waterproof models.

  1. Can I use inserts?

Yes, you can use your inserts.

  1. Can I change the laces with standard laces?

Although you can change the laces, changing the quick tightening laces is not advisable.

  1. Will the hiking shoes prevent slipping downhill?

Yes, they prevent slipping.

Top 15 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2020

1. Salomon Women’s Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoes
5-inch forefoot width $$$ 4.8
2. KEEN Women’s Voyager Hiking Shoes
Non-marking rubber outsole $$$ 4.8
3. Oboz Sawtooth II Low Hiking Women’s Shoe
3D molded heel counter $$$ 4.7
4. Salomon Pathfinder Women’s Hiking Shoes
B-DRY breathable and waterproof membrane $$ 4.6
5. KEEN Oakridge Women’s Hiking Shoe
Lightweight leather and mesh upper $$ 4.6
6. Merrell Moab 2 Women’s Hiking Shoes
Vibram TC5+ sole $$$ 4.5
7. Adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex Hiking Shoes
Lace-up closure $$ 4.5
8. KEEN Women’s Presidio Ii-w Hiking Shoe
Metatomical EVA footbed $$ 4.4
9. Columbia Wahkeena Women’s Hiking Shoes
Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch $$ 4.3
10. Adidas Terrex CMTK W Women’s Hiking Shoes
Continental rubber outsole $$ 4.2
11. New Balance 410v6 Women’s Trail Running Shoes
Synthetic/ Mesh $$ 4.2
12. Merrell Siren Edge Women’s Hiking Shoes
Breathable mesh lining $$ 4.1
13. Columbia Redmond V2 Women’s Hiking Shoe
Durable upper $$ 4.0
14. TFO Women’s Hiking Shoes
EVA midsole $$ 3.9
15. BomKinta Women’s Hiking Shoe
Lightweight midsole with side port drainage $$ 4.0

1. Salomon Women’s Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoes

Salomon worked hard to bring out the best hiking shoes for women. With already existing experience and designs, it Salomon Women’s Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoeswas easy for the engineers to carve a useful product, which is the Ultra 3 GTX model. The hiking shoes are efficient and help females who love to go hiking have safe and secure footwear for the entire trail.


The design of the product is simple and elegant. The curves and colors, along with the use of the quick tightening laces, makes it convenient for any woman to have the best pair of shoes in their reach. The shape is such that it accommodates the feet with ease and provides the best comfort and support that one would seek from a hiking shoe.


The snug fit, especially to the sides, hugs the entire feet with ease and provides the warmth that you need during the long walks. They are aggressive and yet comfortable. You would need some break-in time before they become soft. The toe box comes with protection and gives an easy way out through loose sediments.

Quicklace Mechanism

The shoe uses a Quicklace mechanism, making it easy for the users to keep them tight to the feet. The Kevlar laces slide easily through the three webbings and the last metal eyelet. They help the user to have equal tightness and pressure across the region, which eliminates any hot spots.

Upper construction

The upper construction helps in removing sweat from within while improving air circulation. The company opted for perforated Ortholite insole, which enhances air circulation.


The stiffness of the outsole offers excellent lateral stability with additional assistance from the molded shank that lies between the outsole and midsole. The 4.5-inch thickness of the forefoot width ensures a profound foundation that is helpful when hiking in uneven terrains. The flexibility reaches the required agility, making it a right combination of speed and comfort. The use of Contagrip with its deep lugs helps one to move with ease on a variety of surfaces.

Product Highlights:

  • Aggressive traction
  • Versatile design
  • Water-resistant
  • Snug fit hugs the feet with high comfort
  • Quicklace system to equalize tightness
  • Ortholite insole improves air circulation and increases comfort levels
  • The moderate weight helps in increasing speed
  • The stiff outsole gives lateral stability
  • 5-inch forefoot width provides a solid foundation and flexibility

2. KEEN Women’s Voyager Hiking Shoes

KEEN believes that venturing outside is essential to explore the world. However, there should not be any constraints that make it impossible for anyone. KEEN believes in the endless possibilities that one could achieve. Therefore, it introduced a range of hiking footwear for women. Voyager is one of the different lineups available from the company for women. The shoes are perfect for women who like to surf around the streets of a city or a hike.


Ensuring to attract even the older generation, KEEN designed the Voyager such that it is attractive, sturdy, and comfortable. The color of the material and the stitching pattern also add to the charm. The quicklace mechanism is another advantage of the shoes, as it helps one to tie down the shoes to the feet with equal pressure.


KEEN ensured to provide a snug fit the needed comfort. Therefore, a user would feel completely safe and yet have the highest comfortable level. It may need some time to break-in but will eventually serve the purpose. Also, the toe protection addition is an added advantage.


KEEN constructed the shoes such that it withstands the harsh environmental conditions with ease. As breathability is of utmost importance, it opted for the combination material – leather and mesh. They added durability and comfort. While the leather protects the feet, the mesh ensures the free movement of the air to keep the feet fresh.

The platform ensures comfort while giving protection from external sources. The positioning of the heel is such that it reduces pressure in the ankle while walking, and the rubber sole provides flexibility.


The outsole provides complete support to the feet. Additionally, the width of the forefoot is such that it gives the needed support and stability when the need occurs. The agility provided is such that it helps in attaining the right speed at the right time.

Product Highlights:

  • Manufactured using premium leather and mesh
  • Superior airflow in the interior
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Snug fit provides superior comfort and fit
  • Quicklace mechanism for equal distribution of pressure
  • Heel platform reduces pressure on ankles

3. Oboz Sawtooth II Low Hiking Women’s Shoe

Oboz attained an excellent reputation for provided high-quality hiking shoes, especially for women, within an Oboz Sawtooth II Low Hiking Women’s Shoeaffordable price range. Not only they are giving enhanced protection to the feet but also delivering the ability to walk for miles with reduced wear and tear. Of the different products available, Sawtooth II is preferable for moderate hiking.


Oboz designed the product such that it helped people who participate in moderate hiking with most of the terrain in a deflated condition. The attractive design not only captures the eyes but also provides excellent comfort during hiking. The use of Nubuck material ensures that the upper is abrasion-resistant and allows more air into the interior to keep the feet free from moisture.


The use of Nubuck leather adds superior protection to the overall feet. Furthermore, the Oboz B-DRY membrane acts as a barrier between the outsole and interior, preventing the entrance of water or moisture while allowing the interior heat to dissipate. It, thus, helps in keeping the feet dry. Also, the use of high-density EVA extends the support to the feet and increases the cushioning effect.

O Fit Insole

The company opted for O FIT insole to elevate the comfort level. The use of EVA designed in arch shape gives excellent support while offering maximum stability and support. It, thus, reduces stress in the ankles and calves while hiking. The EVA pods embedded also act as shock absorption spring and helps in rebounding the feet with ease.

Sawtooth Midsole and Outsole

The midsole, designed precisely by experts, increases protection and torsional stability. It is lightweight but firm and allows for a smooth outsole. It sits between the heel and forefoot for added support. The outsole is a classic example and the right choice for a hiking shoe. It is flexible, versatile, and supportive. The lugs ensure enhanced support while avoiding unwanted particles to settle when the footwear meets the ground.

Product Highlights:

  • Nubuck leather offers superior protection
  • Abrasion-resistant and breathable upper construction
  • B-DRY breathable and waterproof membrane
  • 3D heel counter
  • Dual-density EVA for excellent support and stability

4. Salomon Pathfinder Women’s Hiking Shoes

Salomon grew in stature because of its expertise in designing and manufacturing world-class hiking shoes for Salomon Pathfinder Women’s Hiking Shoeswomen. The shoes meet and surpass the expectations of users. Not only they protect the feet from varying conditions of the weather during a hike, but they also offer excellent support. Pathfinder is one of the different products sold by the company in the hiking segment for women.


The multi-color pattern is attractive and makes it interesting for any woman to have a pair in the shoe rack. That said, the company designed the shoes such that they offer incredible support to the heel, ankles, and the foot. The specifications, especially the dimensions, make it attractive as they give enhanced stability and the foundation needed for one to push forward in a hike.


The shoes are aggressive and require some time to become soft. However, the warmth they provide is excellent. The snug fit wraps the feet with ease while giving all the benefits essential for a long walk or hike. The use of the leather-coated material for upper construction makes it durable while resisting most of the hindrances during a trail.

Quicklace Mechanism

The shoe is durable and lightweight. The laces slide easily through all the webbings, which is part of the Quicklace mechanism. It helps in keeping the feet secure and tight. There is also equal distribution of pressure, making it convenient to walk during a climb. It, thus, helps in preventing the development of hotspots.

Upper construction

The combination material for the creation of the outsole helps in wicking sweat from the interior while preventing any from entering the feet chamber. Furthermore, Ortholite insole enhances the support to the feet and increases air circulation to keep the interior fresh.


The addition of molded shank between the midsole and outsole increases stability with ease. The wide forefoot offers the needed foundation to push forward while hiking on uneven terrain.

Product Highlights:

  • 100% synthetic material
  • Measures low to top from the arch
  • Lightweight and yet sturdy
  • Protective leather coating upper
  • All-terrain grip
  • Ortholite insole increases air circulation and extends the durability

5. KEEN Oakridge Women’s Hiking Shoe

KEEN developed a variety of shoes for women, especially for a hike. Given the challenging conditions, it made sure KEEN Oakridge Women’s Hiking Shoeto provide the best of the quality and comfort, which play a crucial role in a hiking shoe. Oakridge is one of the different products that the company manufacturers.


The product’s design is subtle and attractive. What makes it unusual is the contour of the sole. KEEN designed such that there is no pressure on the heel or ankles, which helps in reducing stress on the knees and calves. The same setting allows the user to climb and walk at a faster pace, which results in covering more miles than usual.

The appearance is intriguing, given the use of combination material. The rose color with a magnet background makes it a must-have product for women who like to have different shoes in their rack. The leather is hydrophobic, which makes it repellant to water.


KEEN laid high emphasis on comfort, along with protection. The use of leather and synthetic material for the construction helped it to achieve the same. The reason is that the synthetic material with mesh helps in increasing the breathability while the leather segments protect from debris and other particles. The snug fit wraps the entire feet with ease while offering the coziness that is essential during a walk.


The outer sole with an enhanced lug pattern provides extreme support on any terrain. It ensures stability and offers better protection while getting down a hill or going through a rocky/muddy ground. The molded shank between the outsole and insole gives a better assistance to the heel and arch. The insole uses Cleansport NXT, which helps in promoting natural odor in the interior while keeping the feet dry.

The low-to-high design from the arch reduces pressure on the ankles and acts as a shock absorber. Due to this, there is a decrease in the stress that falls on the knees.

Product Highlights:

  • Pure leather and synthetic combination
  • Hydrophobic exterior prevents water and moisture entrance
  • Synthetic mesh portions increase air circulation
  • KEEN breathable and waterproof membrane
  • Removable EVA footbed

6. Merrell Moab 2 Women’s Hiking Shoes

Merrell has been offering some of the most elegant hiking shoes for women for over a decade. The reason it attained Merrell Moab 2 Women’s Hiking Shoesthe reputation around the world is for the quality of the product and the comfort. Not only are the shoes durable but also provided protection, which is an essential element for hikers. The Moab 2 received necessary changes compared to its predecessor and is offering more comfort and protection.


Merrell designed the shoes to deliver the highest comfort to the user. The shape of the sole and material used for the construction of the product help in elevating support while minimizing the stress. The company went on to use suede material for the construction. It helps in improving stability, durability, and provide the required comfort along with air circulation within the interior. All these elements ensure the maximum comfort to the feet, which is an essential factor for hikers.


While designing the shoes, Merrell did keep in mind the importance of comfort and did not compromise it with safety. The shoes give complete protection to the toe while delivering the needed space in the region and footbed for air circulation. The use of the M Select dry sole helps in locking the water and moisture from the environment while releasing the same that formed in the foot chamber. Therefore, the feet remain fresh even after walking for several miles. Also, the sole circulates the air across the chamber with ease.


Merrell often uses premium insoles to ensure the highest protection to the feet while delivering extended support to the feet. The use of Vibram rubber sole makes sure that the shoes are durable, stable, and are slip-resistant on any terrain. The enhanced lug design makes this possible. Furthermore, the addition of air cushion in the heel region within the insole reduces stress by acting as a shock absorber.

Product Highlights:

  • 100% Suede material
  • The Vibram rubber sole offers durability, stability, and protection
  • Shaft design is low-to-top from the arch
  • Kinetic Fit removable insole for enhanced support
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Targeted air cushion in the heels reduces stress

7. Adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex Hiking Shoes

Adidas has a reputation around the globe for providing a variety of footwear for both men and women. It even offers Adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex Hiking Shoesan incredible collection of sportswear in the form of t-shirts, shirts, and other accessories. The hiking segment is one of the most sought-out industry given that people from different walks of life try hiking at some point in their life. The Terrex collection is for women who like to have a fun weekend with friends and family.


The design is simple, and the outlook is pleasing. The use of the fabric material makes it convenient for the manufacturer to achieve the desired shape that offers excellent support to the feet. The strikes on the mesh lining are striking, and the color combination makes it perfect for any outfit.


Comfort plays a significant role in hiking. Understanding this very point., Adidas crafted the Terrex such that it reduced stress on the ankles while delivering the best support mechanism. For instance, the shape of the sole is such that it enhances stability while giving increased support to the arch.


Soles have an essential role, as they prevent slipping and prevent stress. The outsole with a redesigned lug pattern ensures durability, stability, and firmness while stepping on any terrain. The midsole acts as a perfect ventilation system to the feet by diverting most of the air from the environment into the interiors and help wick away the moisture. It, thus, keeps the feet dry and fresh. The cushioning effect in the heel reduces strain on the ankles and knees. It further helps in increasing the pace.

Quicklace Mechanism

Quicklace mechanism is another important element added by Adidas to the shoes. The arrangement helps in attaining equal pressure when tying the knot. Likewise, it keeps the feet intact and prevents slippage, which is a typical sign during a walk or climbing a hill.

Product Highlights:

  • Fabric material adds flexibility
  • Enhanced rubber sole provides more excellent stability, durability, and traction
  • The shaft is ankle-high from the arch
  • Cushioning effect in heels reduces strain in ankles

8. KEEN Women’s Presidio Ii-w Hiking Shoe

KEEN garnered attention in the world of footwear by offering incredible products at an affordable price tag. KEEN Women’s Presidio Ii-w Hiking ShoeLikewise, the quality factor also added to the journey of success. Given the advantage they have, the company released several products in different segments. The Presidio li-w falls under the hiking category for women.


KEEN often kept the design concept to the minimal. Even the Presidio li-w looks elegant and straightforward. However, it does serve the purpose of being a hiking shoe. The silhouette and the color of the material make it attractive. It is suitable for any attire and gives the right impression for a hike.

The shape of the entire layout is practical. It means the shoes offer incredible support to the feet along with comfort even during the long walks, which is uncommon for several hiking shoes.


The company believes in delivering the highest comfort to the user. But attaining the same is difficult because of the cost and use of materials. KEEN ensured to balance quality, protection, convenience, and cost at the same time. It opted for leather material to give lightweight feeling while preventing scratches during climbing or passing through a rough trail. Another benefit provided by the material is its ability to wick away moisture from within and ensure air circulation with ease.

Footbed and Cushioning

The footbed has a vital role to play. Considering the amount of stress that it takes and the necessity to wick away the moisture, KEEN opted for the Metatomical EVA footbed. The footbed provides incredible protection and cushioning effect while enhancing the air circulation within the feet chamber.

The breathable lining ensures to deliver optimum air circulation into the interior of the shoes. Likewise, the footbed reduces stress on the ankles, which makes it easy for anyone to add a few more miles to their total count.

Product Highlights:

  • 100% pure leather
  • Abrasion-resistant and enhanced protection
  • Improved rubber sole with redesigned lug pattern
  • Incredible support to the arch
  • Breathable lining enhances the intake of air into the foot chamber
  • Metatomical EVA footbed
  • Non-marking outsole increases stability and firmness

9. Columbia Wahkeena Women’s Hiking Shoes

Columbia is another famed name in the footwear industry. With several signature models targeting different arenas, Columbia Wahkeena Women’s Hiking Shoesthe company has garnered a sizeable amount of the market with ease. The hiking shoes are always in demand, and people often choose the best in the market that is also affordable. The Wahkeena from Columbia is the right choice for those who like to have a companion for a rigorous outing.


The aesthetical structure is simple and makes it a perfect choice for a long trek. The stitching pattern and the use of the material further add to the charm while holding on to the fundamental aspects – comfort and safety. The blue and grey steel colors spice up the visual appeal.

The layout of the shoes is excellent, for they offer the needed support to the arch with ease. Also, the low-top arch design makes it convenient for any user to have their feet sit securely without any worry.


Comfort provided by the shoes is extraordinary. The construction is such that it wraps the feet with ease while delivering the comfort that one requires while hiking. One no-longer must worry about anything, as the mesh bootie construction and full-grain leather material ensure to give security and convenience at the same instance. The mesh tongue increases air intake, which makes it convenient to eliminate sweat.

Sole and Traction

The use of Omni-Grip increases stability while providing a firm grip. The foundation offered by the outsole comes with enhanced traction that makes it simple to hike any terrain with ease. Columbia opted for specially formulated compounds to tread the shoes to any environment.

The molded shank between the outsole and the insole offers more comfort than before and adds support to the arch. The cushioning effect in the heel decreases strain on ankles while improving the pace at which one walks in a trail. There is also the adjustable feature – lace-up closure that makes it convenient for a user to adjust and secure fit.

Product Highlights:

  • Leather and textile combination material
  • The shaft is low-to-top from arch
  • Omni-Grip offers multi-terrain traction
  • Comfortable construction

10. Adidas Terrex CMTK W Women’s Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes have always been a notable segment when compared with others in the footwear. The reason is due to Adidas Terrex CMTK W Women’s Hiking Shoestheir use in rigorous environments. Adidas has a long history of manufacturing different footwear for different needs. The Terrex CMTK W is a hiking shoe for women. The company made sure that it is offering the best shoes for women hikers who take challenging trails.


The product’s design is aesthetically pleasing. Not only is the appearance different, but it has a new platform, which makes it a fantastic product in its price range. The use of a three-color combination makes it even more exciting and a perfect combination with several dress outfits.

The layout of the shoe is futuristic, and the shape of the sole makes it convenient for the user to experience low stress on each impact. The design of the sole makes it comfortable to step forward with ease while offering a better grip.


The comfortability of the shoes depends on the material used and the design. Adidas made sure that there is no comptonization in comfort and protection without reducing quality. The change in design helped it to achieve balance with ease. Likewise, the use of the lightweight midsole makes it possible to have the comfort level that the user seeks during a hike.

Of the essential parts, the outsole and midsole play a crucial role. While the outsole with lugs offers stability and slip-resistance, the EVA midsole reduces stress and increases the cushioning effect. These factors add to the level of comfort.


The outsole of the shoes has lugs inspired by MTB. Due to this, there is an enhancement in the traction. It helps in moving with the needed pace on any surface with ease. These lugs also have slip-resistant feature, which prevents a fall or give additional support when the situation arises.

Product Highlights:

  • Textile and synthetic material for high comforts
  • Measurement of the shaft is low-top
  • Continental rubber outsole with MTB inspired lugs
  • Enhanced traction
  • EVA midsole for an improved cushioning effect
  • Breathable mesh upper construction
  • Reduction in stress due to arch support

11. New Balance 410v6 Women’s Trail Running Shoes

There is a surge in demand for hiking shoes that are capable of molding to any environmental conditions and allow New Balance 410v6 Women’s Trail Running Shoesfor walking comfortably on any terrain. Understanding the necessity made it possible for New Balance to come out with several products in the hiking segment. The 410v6 is one of the many models manufactured by the company and targets the female clients who like to venture out to different trekking conditions.


The design of the hiking shoes is pleasing, as the company structured it practically. The synthetic material made it possible for the company to design it attractively while offering the comfort that the feet require during a hike. The logo of the company on either side of the shoe and the lace strips adds to the charm.


Comfort has a significant role to play in hiking shoes. However, one should never compromise safety. New Balance made sure that it attained the right balance between comfort and security in the 410v6 shoes. The company opted for the ACTEVA midsole technology that helps in increasing the comfort level without compromising the protection. The midsole is lightweight and gives an incredible cushioning effect to the feet. The technology helps in increasing the air circulation within the chamber that keeps the feet fresh and dry.


Traction is an essential part of hiking shoes. Not only they offer stability but prevent slipping on a wet surface. The AT tread outsole of the shoes allows the user to venture into different off-road terrains without worrying about losing control. The lug pattern helps in enhancing the traction while giving extraordinary support to the feet.

Fit and Size

The wide toe box of the shoes makes it convenient for any user to slip quickly and accustom to the shoes with ease. There is no break-in period, and users can use the shoes right out of the box for their next adventure trail.

Product Highlights:

  • Synthetic material
  • Rubber outsole with AT Tread pattern
  • The measurement of the shaft is low to top from the arch
  • Sleek mesh upper for increased flow of air
  • ACTEVA midsole technology

12. Merrell Siren Edge Women’s Hiking Shoes

Merrell designs and manufactures some of the finest footwear for women. It becomes even more impressive when it Merrell Siren Edge Women’s Hiking Shoescomes to the hiking segment. Not only are the shoes attractive in visual appearance but also offer incredible support and comfort. Keeping the requirements necessary for women, the company came up with new designs and redesigned patterns to enhance protection and comfort. Siren Edge is one of the products.


The visual appearance of the shoes is incredible. Not only the color combination makes it the right choice for any attire, but it also elevates the overall outlook. The stripes on the mesh lining allow more air into the foot chamber while the pull-up tag at the rear makes it easy to slide the feet. Merrell also opted for the contoured footbed to ensure enhanced support to eh arch.


Comfort has a significant impact on how one walks during a hike. Keeping the importance in mind, the company opted for using FIT.ECO contoured footbed, which makes it possible for the user to walk more miles without sweating and feeling uncomfortable.

The footbed further embeds organic odor control, making the feet smell fresh even after wearing the shoes for long hours. Likewise, the air cushion present in the heel region assists in reducing the stress observed by the heel and ankles. It, therefore, increases the agility and the power needed to push forward on uneven terrains. The nylon shank that sits between the outsole and midsole increases arch support.

Vibram Sole

The use of Vibram sole for the midsole further elevates the level of comfort delivered by the shoes. The sole not only is lightweight but prevents the accumulation of moisture by allowing improved air movement.

Fit and Sizing

The fit and sizing are apt – thanks to the use of the Vibram sole and contoured footbed. Users achieve increased stability and shock absorption that reduces stress on ankles.

Product Highlights:

  • 100% mesh material for improved breathability
  • Vibram sole for elevated comfort and arch support
  • Seamless upper overlays
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Bellow’s tongue prevents the entrance of debris
  • ECO contoured footbed

13. Columbia Redmond V2 Women’s Hiking Shoe

The Redmond V2 from Columbia comes after rigorous testing of the shoes through several environmental conditions Columbia Redmond V2 Women’s Hiking Shoeand terrains. Columbia ensures that the shoes are the finest in its category and provide the best support and comfort that females expect from a branded company. They are the right companion for those who like to opt for challenging trails.


Redmond V2 from the company is aesthetically pleasing. The combination of leather, webbing, and mesh delivers the appropriate construction for the shoes. These make them lightweight and achieve enhanced breathable support that acts to the advantage of those who like to move through varying trails.

High response

It is the high response from the midsole that offers incredible cushioning while delivering complete protection to the feet. With less loss of energy, it is possible to move forward with ease and have the firmness or grip essential to step on any uneven terrain with ease. The rubber outsole ensures to provide stability while holding to the ground and traction necessary on any given surface condition.


The durable construction of the shoe makes it a viable option that allows users to have performance and function in the same instance. These hiking shoes are perfect for any environmental conditions and deliver apt comfort across all the seasons.

Trail ready

Given the rugged construction and excellent protection against harsh conditions, users can participate actively in tough adventures with ease. The shoes are further water-resistant, making it easy to pass through any terrain and surface without hindrance.


The company opted for the TECHLITE midsole that is lightweight in construction. It helps in reducing the overall weight of the shoes while delivering all-day comfort. The midsole likewise gives a superior cushioning effect and helps in generating high energy necessary for pushing forward when the need arises.

Product Highlights:

  • Advanced construction – suede leather, mesh, and webbings
  • TECHLITE lightweight construction midsole for superior comfort
  • Combination of performance and functionality
  • All-terrain traction – Omni grip technology
  • Features metal rivets, lacing aglets, and trail-proven webbing aglets
  • Reinforced heel and toe construction for extended use

14. TFO Women’s Hiking Shoes

TFO or To Fee Ourself has come out with exciting models in the hiking shoe department for both men and women. TFO Women’s Hiking ShoesThe company aimed at delivering promising results by manufacturing high-quality shoes that are a blend of comfort and strength. The hiking shoe for women from the company makes it convenient for anyone to explore the unexplored parts of a trail with ease. Likewise, the shoes are also suitable for the daily commute.


The layout of the shoes is pleasing and provides better support to the feet and arch. The construction and design are such that it helps in improving the agility and energy production necessary to move forward with ease. The combination of suede leather with Oxford mesh fabric ensures complete protection while reducing the overall weight.


The response from the midsole helps in attaining a high degree of comfort and elevated comfort levels. Every step is fresh because of breathable insoles that circulate the air with ease across the chamber. It removes the sweat while keeping the feet clean and dry. It, thus, helps in generating energy with ease that is crucial in stepping firmly on the ground.

The midsole design is such that it helps in offering maximum protection to the feet while giving the needed support to the arch. The system reduces stress on the ankles, which produces the required energy at the right time. The EVA midsole also acts as a shock-absorbing layer, preventing shocks to the knees.


The construction is such that one can choose to use the shoes for a hike irrespective of the weather conditions. The hiking shoes are a combination of performance and function.

Trail ready

The rugged construction and anti-collision toe cap offer excellent protection to the feet against harsh conditions. Therefore, one is bound to enjoy a trek without focusing on the protection.

Product Highlights:

  • High-quality suede leather and Oxford mesh fabric
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Performance and functional oriented
  • Copper buckle shoelace holes
  • Water repellant and breathable upper vamp
  • Midsole promotes air circulation
  • EVA midsole acts as a shock absorption pad
  • Non-slip outsole

15. BomKinta Women’s Hiking Shoe

BomKinta is in search of delivering promising results to its customers. It aims to create hiking shoes that have BomKinta Women’s Hiking Shoeencouraging comfortable levels than others and yet are fashionable. The hiking shoe for women from the company is the sign that it achieved the same and helps one to stand up to several activities. The high-quality product obtained is a dream-come-true due to the stringent quality measures adopted by the company in the manufacturing phase.


The attractive layout is pleasing, and the pop-up color combination makes it suitable as a combination for any outfit. Likewise, the use of suede leather and mesh fabric for the construction ensures a reduction in the weight while giving performance required for a hike. The material further prevents the feet from external weather conditions and assists in generating the energy needed to move forward with ease.

Fresh feet

The use of the mesh fabric along with suede leather made it possible to increase air circulation within the feet chamber. The mesh helps in wicking the internal moisture while keeping the feet fresh and dry. Therefore, the feet feel comfortable all through the day, even after indulging in several activities. BomKinta also used a one-piece tongue at the front that helps in avoiding penetration of gravel, water, and sand particles into the interior.

Back support

The support at the back is waterproof, soft, and breathable. All these elements ensure to keep the feet dry regardless of the external weather conditions. The support provided by the shoes helps in generating the needed energy that is essential for a hike, walk, or any outdoor activity.

Durable sole

The sole of the hiking shoes a significant role to play. BomKinta made sure that the outsole is anti-skid and durable. The rubber material used for the construction of the sole is such that it enhances stability and sustainability. The lug pattern acts as slip-resistant and provides the needed traction.

Product Highlights:

  • Suede leather and mesh construction for improved agility
  • Breathable mesh increases air intake
  • Lace-up construction for equal distribution of pressure
  • The lightweight midsole offers enhanced comfort
  • Rubber outsole with enhanced lug pattern

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