Top 15 Best Lightweight Luggage in 2020 – Complete Guide

Anticipating a trip is always fun, but as far as a luggage is concerned, very few travelers enjoy the thought of draggingBest Lightweight Luggage 2018 heavy, overfilled bags into and out of planes, trains, buses, and vehicles, even the baggage carousels.

Whether you like checked baggage or a carry-on, when it comes to luggage, lightweight and durable is the choice to curtail hefty overweight fees and bag-stowing problems, and also to get you moving more swiftly. Saving weight is necessary to maximize the possessions you can carry.

So, if you are single-minded to find a luggage that weighs less, these 15 best lightweight luggage recommendations will be your top bet. Go through the available options to make an informed decision and buy something that satisfies your requirements.

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Is It Possible To Buy A Lightweight Luggage That’s Durable?

It is surely possible to buy a lightweight luggage by finding equilibrium between weight and durability.Top 15 Best Lightweight Luggage in 2019

It can be enticing to choose the suitcase that weighs the least. While this is your chief goal, remember that you need durable luggage that can withstand wear and tear over time.

For instance, regarding soft cases, if you desire a light luggage, you can pick polyester rather than a weightier nylon fabric. Nonetheless, it is still vital to buy a suitcase that is constructed of at least 600D materials so that the fabric has some robustness.

The same thing applies to hard-shell cases. You must think about whether it is more vital for you to care for your belongings or to keep its weight low. For the finest possible blend of these two outcomes, a material such as polycarbonate or ABS is best.

Benefits & Importance: Why Must You Choose Lightweight Luggage?

Now, you could be wondering why shop for bags that are lighter and how it will change your travel experience. Well, opting for lighter luggage can totally alter the way you travel, chiefly if you fly often.

Cost-Effectiveness: In particular, luggage might weigh a bit. Actually, a medium-sized case can weigh anywhere from 10-15lbs. Considering the weight restrictions placed on baggage, you won’t be able to pack as much. The lighter your bag, the lower baggage fees you pay.

Convenience: Sleek and solid styles can be stowed effortlessly in an overhead bin or under the seat, while larger sets are put in cargo hold. The lightweight luggage can make life trouble-free as it is easier to carry around. You can lift your back off security belts, and have an easy time at the baggage belt. You can move around the terminal and your destination without straining yourself.Top 15 Best Lightweight Luggage in 2019

Ergonomic Benefits: Lightweight luggage constructed of aluminum, nylon or fabric has benefits for short and longer travels. Lightweight luggage sets are lighter than ordinary luggage and lessen the strain and exhaustion of taking the luggage around while traveling. Using lightweight luggage and packing light will decrease strain on your upper/lower back, hands, arms, wrists, shoulders and neck. Suitcases, luggage carts, bags, duffel bags made with nylon, vinyl or split leather are lightweight but hard-wearing enough to protect your spine as carrying weighty material is a test of strength and stamina of an individual.

Time-Saver: Lightweight luggage items save time to carry around, store and go across long distances. When you pack light and utilize all compartments, this type of luggage saves more time than heavy bags while making your way through the terminal, getting off/on buses or during long walks to hotel rooms.

Prolong Luggage Life: The idea of keeping the luggage nearby will definitely grant the comfort, calmness, and easiness you need during a trip. The fear of denting or mishandling of the luggage in the cargo hold is no longer there and the longevity is thereby ensured.

Peace of Mind: Lightweight luggage is simple to own and is very comfortable for long travel. Light luggage offers you peace of mind and freedom to move around. You can engage in a chat without risking losing it and forego Top 15 Best Lightweight Luggage in 2019carrying additional weight all the time. A light-weight bag might be swiftly brought on airplane as a cabin baggage. This is of great help for corporate executives who might stay away from lengthy queues for check-in baggage.

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Weight Range Of Luggage: Weigh Before You Check-In

Remember that most luggage come with a carrying system – wheels and handle. You need to consider this when determining how much a luggage will weigh.

On airplane, there are two kinds of baggage treated differently: checked luggage and carry-on luggage. For both, transportation companies include rules on weight and size.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released guidelines for limits on checked and carry-on luggage. Some companies follow these recommendations, while some adhere partially.Top 15 Best Lightweight Luggage in 2019

Checked Luggage: For any checked baggage stored in cargo hold, the weight is the restrictive factor. All checked items are usually weighed by the airline staff during check-in, and if limit is exceeded, the passenger is informed. To avoid fees, the passenger must switch some items in the suitcase to handbag.

The restrictions for checked baggage are: suggested maximum weight is 23kg (50.71lbs), weight limit is 32 kg (70.55 lbs), advised maximum size 62.2” length + width + height, limit 80”. The 23kg limit is present owing to analogous limits in health or safety regulations.

Carry-On Luggage: It is judged chiefly by size. Bags are gauged by dimensions or in linear measurement (length + width + height).

Because of the broad variation in hand/carry-on luggage limits, IATA released a size proposal for cases meant as carry-on luggage. These suitcases must have a maximum size of 21.65” length, 13.78” width and 7.87” depth, the weight limit is around 40 lbs. If they satisfy these requirements, the bag carries the logo “IATA cabin OK”.

What Are The Notable Features To Look For While Selecting Lightweight Luggage?

When you shop for luggage, there are many things to consider such as quality, resilience, storage choices, and style. What countless people don’t consider is how much a case/bag weighs when it is vacant. Not considering this can cost you in many ways later. To prevent this, here are the factors to note while shopping for lightweight luggage.

Material & ConstructionTop 15 Best Lightweight Luggage in 2019

Soft-shell and foldable cases are made from polyester or nylon, although other combinations are available as well. The lightest luggage is often made of polyester as it is the most lightweight material.

Nylon isn’t almost as light as polyester but has the advantage of being sturdy. Cases made from this material are pricey but are of very high quality. With both nylon and polyester, the denier matters. More denier means thicker material. This increases the fabric weight. Nylon maintains shapes, is durable and damage-resistant.

Soft-shell cases have frames that help them stand up vertically. These can bear weight so choose carefully. If you select graphite, aluminum, or fiberglass, the cases become moderately lightweight. To reduce the weight further, you must look at honeycomb construction that enhances lightness.

For hard-shell cases, the lightest choices are polypropylene, ABS plastic, and polycarbonate; polypropylene being the lightest. Polycarbonate cases are quite resilient. ABS plastic ones are often quite strong.

Honeycomb frames help lightweight hard-side luggage to maintain good form while retaining sufficient power and resiliency for long-term use. Metal frames aren’t always heavy and are trouble-free to maneuver.

Comfort & Durability

If you’re less than 30 years of age and are physically fit and athletic, a heavy luggage isn’t a problem. For almost all individuals, holding a weighty load isn’t medically recommended. Notably, for people who are older and for people who have muscular, cardiovascular diseases, or chronic pain, owning lightweight suitcases could be practical in moving around without risking the body. Arthritis, back, shoulder, or knee pains are sometimes linked to carrying heavy luggage during traveling, motivating to keep the luggage light.Top 15 Best Lightweight Luggage in 2019

The lighter your luggage, the less strain it leaves on the body, making you less exhausted and can decrease the incidence and/or harshness of body aches and pains from travel. Any person who wants to haul a weighty suitcase around an active terminal or train station knows how much damage they do to their bodies. That’s why you need lightweight suitcase. Being able to travel light is bliss.

A grand feature of luggage is the capacity to increase the suitcase size, and every bag must be expandable. Expandability can boost capacity when you decide to purchase extra items, and creates a more protected environment for luggage contents. Interior compartments ease organization whilst traveling. In this regard, hard-case suitcases are generally safer, as they allow you to use straps and zippered pockets.

You don’t discern what a luggage faces in the cargo hold. You must get a lightweight suitcase that can endure the test of time. The material must be safe from grime, rain, and spills. The case must be hard enough to withstand rough handling and should be scratch or dent-resistant. A suitcase must be effortlessly recognizable and noticed on the conveyor belt.

If you desire your luggage to last longer, buy one with a manufacturer’s warranty to repair or replace the bag. The top luggage brands have longer warranties. Buy luggage that can be cleaned easily.

Weight & Portability

When your plan of carrying a low weight falls apart during packing, a lightweight case is a godsend if you pack too Top 15 Best Lightweight Luggage in 2019much. The top way to restrain this habit is getting you a luggage that’s portable and light.

Hard case will come in handy as it is complicated to over pack. It even has restricted storage options. Zipper-less lightweight luggage is a great option. Since there’s no zipper to make spreading out possible, you need to pack as much room as the luggage has.

Having rolling/spinning wheels below permits multi-directional movement; you can maneuver it with absolute ease through an airport terminal, train/bus station, cruise terminal, and hotel lobbies. The major benefit of wheels is they’re unproblematic and smooth to swivel off.

After a frantic flight, you need to rest your arms and wrists and need a lightweight luggage to carry. Unparalleled and entirely engineered wheels and the telescopic handles augment portability. Easy to drag across the narrow spaces and corners, the lightweight luggage saves energy and strength.

Best Lightweight Luggage Reviewed


Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price Rating
1. American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set, Red/Black (Top Pick)
Four rollers for flexible navigation $$ 4.7
2. Samsonite Luggage Andante Wheeled Duffel, Black/Grey, 22 Inch
2 carry handles $$ 4.6
3. U.S Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-on Luggage Set (15-Inch and 21-Inch)
21-inch upright, travel tote $$ 4.5
4. American Tourister At Pops Plus 3 Piece Nested Set, Moroccan Blue, One Size
Fabric folded within a zipper compartment $$$ 4.5
5. Travelpro Maxlite 4 25″ Expandable Spinner, Purple
Weight : 7.8lbs $$$ 4.4
6. Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 29, Blue Dream
Body Dimensions: 29.0 x 18.5 x 11.5 inches $$ 4.4
7. Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 28-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright, Black, One Size
5 year limited warranty $$$ 4.3
8. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Softshell lightweight
according to IATA standards $$$ 4.3
9. AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage, 25-inch, Black
3 zippered pockets $$ 4.2
10. Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 24-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright, Maritime Blue, One Size
weight 6.9 LBS $$ 4.1
11. it luggage World’s Lightest 27.6″ 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner, Raven
360 degree maneuverability $$ 4.1
12. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase Spinner Softshell TSA Lock Carry On 20in24in28in
2 year warranty $$$ 4.0
13. it luggage DuoTone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set, Grey/Black
30.1×18.9×10.6 $$$ 4.0
14. American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner 29, Pink/Purple Stripes
beveled push-button locking handle $$$ 3.9
15. LUCAS Ultra Light Weight Originals 24″ Exp Spinner
Fully lined interior $$ 4.0

1. American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set, Red/Black (Top Pick)

Fly light with American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set, Red/Black!

American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II has set standards by innovating luggage. Years of consistency, flexibility,  American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set, Red/Black (Top Pick)and ground-breaking functionality has made it a traveler’s choice.

Material & Construction

Red/Black Fieldbrook II is available in 3 colors. It has ultra light-weight construction with manifold exterior and interior pockets to keep you organized.

Push button locking handle and inline skate wheels made of polyurethane with ball bearings diminish frictional struggle, offer sturdiness and lessen resistance for downy rolling.

Smart sleeve is on tote for trouble-free travel. Retractable mono-tube handle has a powerful EVA housing. It offers maneuverability if extended from case, and stores tidily inside if not in use. It locks in place in fully-extended/stored positions for safe traveling.

Product includes Boarding Bag – 15″ x 10″ x 8″; 21” upright – 21″ x 14″ x 7″; 25” upright – 24.5″ x 16″ x 8″. Inner compartment is plastic-coated meant for storing soggy or unclean clothes. The inner compression straps keep clothes in place.

Comfort & Durability

Reinforced corners protect against toughest travel conditions. The corners are well-built so there’s barely any pressure if it is completely packed for a trip. Its 100% polyester fabric exterior permits fortification for outfits and shoes.

These last through numerous cruises, business trips, and holidays. You won’t be worried about them getting spoiled. The luggage is made from strong polyester, about 600 denier.

Put the two bigger cases back to back and push along or alter direction rapidly without strain. Its four multi-directional wheels make it trouble-free to move about. It rolls upright so there’s no sprain on arm and its handles provide comfort, making it trouble-free to lift and maneuver.

The luggage has corrugated pull-out handles with high-strength alloy steel with a firm and soft appeal while being dragged. The wheels survive several trips without showing wear.

Weight & Portability

These have a zipper expansion for additional packing capacity, with each interior pocket expanding 25% larger. This 3-piece collection weighs roughly, 10lbs, 11lbs and 13lbs, making it ultra-light and portable to carry about.

The size of each luggage- 21”, 25”, 29” – allow for supple piloting throughout travels, particularly during lifting the luggage into plane bins, and dragging it through hectic streets as they are designed to offer balance.

This is an ideal choice if you are restricted in weight allowance, and the smaller sizes of this set can be stacked over the larger ones. Each is easily maneuvered due to cushioned carrier handles. It has a solid pull-out alloyed steel handle to increase portability.


  • Elegant appearance
  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Ultra-light structure
  • Four rollers for flexible navigation


  • Not effortlessly navigated through bumpy surfaces
  • Doesn’t have swivel wheels

2. Samsonite Luggage Andante Wheeled Duffel, Black/Grey, 22 Inch

Travel with style using Samsonite Luggage Andante Wheeled Duffel, Black/Grey, 22-Inch!

Going on a trip and need some flexible luggage as a carry-on? Then Samsonite 22” Andante wheeled duffel is your  Samsonite Luggage Andante Wheeled Duffel, Black/Grey, 22 Inchbest buddy.

Material & Construction

Black/Grey 22” Andante comes in 5 colors. It has a very lightweight design and a big U-shaped opening with organization pockets for trouble-free access to contents.

Smooth-rolling skate wheels with locking standing handle allow easy mobility, the shock suspension wheel housing with SoftSpin wheels offers soft transport.

22″x12.5″x12″ soft-side expandable luggage made from polyester fabric is very lightweight just weighing 5.1lbs. 2-zipper closure gives access to the chief compartment, another to the side section.

Comfort & Durability

The ergonomic pull-out handle balances nicely and even “stands up” beside you before flights without any strain on your body.

It is spacious, but still tiny enough to be allowed as carry-on luggage on flights. It fits absolutely in the overhead bin.

No matter how full you pack it, you can keep it under the maximum weight. The bag’s light weight is a plus and it leaves you with about 25+lbs of packing limit.

Andante takes a real beating and holds up much better than expected. The handle is heavy-duty and strain-free for over-packer! It’s compact enough to fit in small vehicles.

Weight & Portability

5.1lbs Andante has a pull handle with locking mechanism which makes it portable. 2 carry handles on top and front ease portability.

It can roll smoothly on 7-day trips, long car ride, plane trips. It is expedient, lightweight, easy to roll, and easily fits in the overhead bin.


  • 1lbs lightweight wheeled duffel bag
  • 2 carry handles
  • Multiple pockets


  • Less fortification against impact
  • Polyester is vulnerable

3. U.S Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-on Luggage Set (15-Inch and 21-Inch)

Rely on the new-age design of U.S Traveler Rio Two-Piece Expandable Carry-on Luggage Set (15-Inch and 21- U.S Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-on Luggage Set (15-Inch and 21-Inch)Inch)!

Go anyplace with the traveler’s choice U.S Traveler Rio two-piece expandable carry-on luggage set (15-Inch and 21-Inch). It’s made of comfortable superior 1200d firm polyester construction.  Moreover, the top/side carry handles make baggage lifting trouble-free.

Material & Construction

Green-colored Rio is available in 5 colors and is made of polyester. The internal superior retractable push-button/self-locking handle structure allows for trouble-free maneuvering and Piggy-bag-strap for easy-lifting the tote bag together.

Top/side carry-handles and bottom grip handle and elegant completely lined interior with tie-down straps and big internal meshed zipper pocket are offered. Adjustable and separable non-slip padded shoulder strap is given on tote.

Comfort & Durability

EVA padded front panel gives utmost durability. Rio is spot cleaned and thus stays clean and lasts longer. Complete interior lining and dual variable tie-down straps secure your belongings. The rock-solid metal hardware protects things and the bag.

It has an internal superior retractable push-button/self-locking handle structure along with inline skate wheels with corner protectors.

It puts no strain on your hands and can comfortably accommodate boots, coat, flats, t-shirts, jeans, other garments, toiletries, and accessories. Tote can carry essentials like book, charger, extra sweater, purse, makeup bag, paperwork, jewelry.

Weight & Portability

Retractable push-button self-locking handle method allows easy maneuvering and gives portability. Inline skate wheels with corner protectors allow for smooth and quiet rolling.

21” upright (H x W x D): 21 x 13.5 x 8.5 weighs 6.6 pounds; while travel tote (W x H x D): 14 x 10 x 6 inches weighs 1.3 pounds. The suitcase itself isn’t too weighty; it truly depends on what you place in it.


  • 21-inch upright, travel tote
  • Durable 1200d polyester
  • Piggy-Bag strap
  • Expandable attribute
  • Fully-lined interior having tie-down straps


  • Could be a little larger

4. American Tourister At Pops Plus 3 Piece Nested Set, Moroccan Blue, One Size

Enjoy your trips with American Tourister At Pops Plus 3 Piece Nested Set, Moroccan Blue, One Size!

American Tourister Pops Plus 3-piece nested set is made from hard-wearing polyester that is ideal for the amateur  American Tourister At Pops Plus 3 Piece Nested Set, Moroccan Blue, One Sizetraveler who desires to make a brave statement on the go.

Material & Construction

One Size Moroccan Blue Pops Plus is available in 6 colors. Padded top/side carry handles offer comfort while lifting a completely packed case. It features retractable handle, several pockets for quick organization.

Expandable fabric is folded inside a zipper compartment to add 2″+ carrying space in the center of your suitcase.

Comfort & Durability

Four multi-directional spinner wheels allow easy mobility. It puts no weight on your arms, hands, fingers.

The layout of the bags is very durable, convenient for your requirements for holding things needed for dissimilar tasks. Pops Plus doesn’t get dirty quickly and can be rinsed and cleaned easily to remain sparkling for years.

These can be loaded/unloaded on flights 10-20 times and handled by cargo handlers but still stay in great shape.

Weight & Portability

21″, 25″, 29″ cases weigh 8.6lbs, 10.5lbs, and 12.10lbs. The biggest and the medium one are usually checked. The smallest one can pass as your carry-on.

There is a plenty of room in these suitcases and the spinner wheels are grand and move smoothly with effortlessness on rug or concrete. They are pretty well-constructed.


  • Sturdy 3-piece set
  • Well-made zippers
  • Easy to wheel around


  • Rolling across carpet is a bit difficult

5. Travelpro Maxlite 4 25″ Expandable Spinner, Purple

Travel in an ultra-light manner with Travelpro Maxlite 4 25″ Expandable Spinner, Purple!

For over 25 years, Travelpro has focused on innovation and sturdiness in crafting the high-quality luggage for all  Travelpro Maxlite 4 25" Expandable Spinner, Purpleflight personnel and frequent travelers with the innovation of wheeled luggage that has radically transformed the effortlessness of modern-day travel.

Material & Construction

Purple Travelpro Maxlite 4 25″ expandable spinner is sold in 6 colors. 25” expandable spinner has water-repellent coating, in and out. 360-degree spinner wheels roll smoothly in any way you want to move.

The bag features exterior ticket pocket, modest carry handles, tapered 2” expansion designed to augment constancy, full-size zippered lid compartment and side mesh pocket, flexible hold-down straps with Duraflex anti-break buckles.

Comfort & Durability

Patented contour grip with rubberized touch points offers more comfort and superior control when dragging spinner luggage. Telescoping handle adjoins length and power with stops at 38” and extra-tall 42.5”.

Protective crash-protected wheel housings save your baggage. Honeycomb framing system is incorporated with bottom tray to offer exceptional lightweight resilience.

Roomy chief compartment has tapered expansion of 2”, maximizing packing suppleness and stability while maintaining low center of gravity.

Unique bottom tray aligns and steadies wheels for improved durability and easy maneuverability. The external material repels water.

The extremely durable luggage has passed zipper and extension handle open/close wear test, fabric tensile strength and abrasion test, carry handle jerk test, extension handle lift test, wheel system roll test, temperature testing, cold crack drop test, water repellency test, product stability test and fabric color stability test.

They’re subjected to getting dragged up/down stairs, dropped, flung, chucked, stacked or sat on, vibrated, and dragged across flights, cobblestone streets, gravel, grime, on subways, in and out of tiny cars, escalators and hills but show no wear.

Weight & Portability

Measuring 25”x18”x11” and weighing 10.45lbs, it meets international carry-on size guidelines. The polyester bag effortlessly fits in the plane overhead bin, and has spinner wheels so it’s portable. The telescoping handle has 2 positions so that the luggage can effortlessly be toted by persons of all heights.


  • Lightweight polyester bag
  • Telescopic handle
  • Spinner wheels
  • Full-bottom tray for stability


  • Zipper can get stuck

6. Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 29, Blue Dream

Make your journey enjoyable with Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 29, Blue Dream! Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 29, Blue Dream

Samsonite Aspire Xlite expandable spinner 29 lets you travel with self-assurance. Aspire Xlite is a brave fusion of lightweight structure and sturdiness.

Material & Construction

Blue Dream Aspire Xlite has 4 multi-directional spinner wheels for effortless mobility. It has fully-featured center including WetPak and mesh pockets for augmented organization. The cases get bigger for additional packing capacity. It’s available in 5 colors.

It consists of a quick-stash zipper pocket for boarding passes or tinier items. It has an outsized front-panel pocket.

Comfort & Durability

Rugged polyester and steel wire structure create a distinctive blend of power, flexibility, durability, and capacity. It has padded top/side carry handles to offer comfort while lifting a completely packed case.

Aspire Xlite’s effortless mobility and comfort is improved by the usage of silky, smooth rolling in-line skate wheels along with multi-directional spinner wheels that ease the dragging and relax your arms, hands, and fingers.

Weight & Portability

Aspire Xlite weighs 11.5lbs and measures 31”x18.5”x12.5”. The extremely lightweight and portable luggage is huge. You can fit so much in it and have leftover room. It is right at the size limit; it’s easy to go over 50lb weight limit as it fits so much stuff.

This bag is very sturdy, yet portable. The spinner wheels make it very trouble-free to maneuver.


  • Lightweight, doesn’t surpass airlines baggage weight limits
  • Plastic interior pocket for toiletries avoid leakage
  • 4 wheels facilitate steering


  • Wheels could be smoother

7. Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 28-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright, Black, One Size

Relax your arms with ergonomic Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 28-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright,  Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 28-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright, Black, One SizeBlack, One Size!

Great care is taken in choosing finest lightweight components to produce a suitcase that is tremendously light in weight. Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 28-inch upright is one such product.

Material & Construction

Black Mirage Superlight is available in 3 colors. Gain augmented packing capacity with the trouble-free pull of a zipper, ideal for packing souvenirs.

Full-length mesh pocket is perfect for lingerie, belts, ties and stores little easy-to-misplace items protected in one place.

It’s the vital size to check in a bag, and it’s super light. The wheels are super-soft, and the color is vibrant.

Comfort & Durability

An ergonomic side carry handle offers extra assistance and is comfortable to maneuver while lifting your case into an overhead bin or off the luggage carousel.

Polyester-constructed Mirage Superlight has 5-year limited warranty and 4 wheels grant 360-degree spinner comfort. It holds up well, and due to its weight, you can carry more items without having to skimp. Retractable handle system is tough.

Skyway makes products that can bear the abuse put through by airlines on luggage. The fabric doesn’t tear; the spinner wheels are delightful; extendable handles always glide nicely; zippers outlast by years.

It survives international flights, constant luggage-on/off the coach along with being handled by bellhops at hotels.

Weight & Portability

Exterior dimensions are 30″L x 20.5 “H x 11” W, it weighs 8.5lbs. The spinner wheel system provides outstanding portability and mobility; whether dragging, pulling or gliding alongside the case. Built-in elastic shoe pockets keep your belongings organized.

No need to worry about the luggage breaking down and causing annoyance during your travels, it is put through a battery of tests to guarantee durability and reliability. With manifold locking stages, it adjusts to the height. Self-caring ergonomic nylon zippers with smooth-zip motion are easy to handle.


  • Ergonomic nylon zippers
  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Handle is a bit stiff to pull out

8. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Softshell lightweight

Get the most ergonomic Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Softshell lightweight!

Coolife Luggage 3-piece set comprising soft-shell lightweight spinner cases offers you a satisfying experience with Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Softshell lightweightyour travels.

Designed to provide users comfort, functionality, consistency, and peace of mind, this 3-piece set features a 28” suitcase for consignment, a 24” suitcase for checking in and a 20” carry-on.

Material & Construction

Coolife 3-piece set is of blue & sliver color. It’s available in 4 colors and consists of 1680D oxford material and 210D nylon lining. It’s better than polyester material.

Four silent 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels and adjustable telescopic handle allow for trouble-free mobility. It has a strong side carry handle.

Comfort & Durability

Worldwide 2-year warranty is given. 3-piece luggage in one set with 20”, 24”, 28” upright can be stacked onto one another. The carry-on is appropriate for US airline cabin luggage along with IATA standards. Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescopic handle enhances comfort.

Better than polyester material, the luggage is prepared of 1680D oxford cloth. Four multi-directional spinner wheels reduce the strain on back and arms.

Weight & Portability

The weights of 20inch, 24inch, 28inch are 7.8lbs, 9.2lbs, and 11lbs. It’s made of lightweight 1680D oxford fabric, this luggage is portable, supple and can soak up impact under stress.

Quiet airplane spinner wheels and a flexible 3-level telescoping handle permit you to swiftly maneuver in tight spaces and provide effortless portability. Make packing clothes easier with the fully-lined interior and multi-usage organizational pockets.


  • Amazingly durable construction
  • Luggage is designed to be pulled along and supported
  • Perfect for transporting items


  • Weak zipper

9. AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage, 25-inch, Black

Stylize your luggage with AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage, 25-inch, Black!

AmazonBasics Softside spinner luggage is an awesome option for vacationers or corporates who love to travel light AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage, 25-inch, Blackand tension-free.

Material & Construction

Black 25-inch soft-side AmazonBasics spinner check-in luggage is available in 2 colors and is good for 3-5-day trips. Soft-side design can cave in a bit to fit extra easily into taut spaces.

AmazonBasics spinner luggage makes a smaller, lighter option for checked luggage. It offers enough packing space to hold 2-3 changes of clothes, a toiletry kit, and shoes.

The spinner luggage offers a long-lasting zipper for dependable closure, and its expandable structure creates better packing space for additional room if you need it.

The luggage has a fabric lining that protects stored items from scratches, spills, and snags, while its 3 interior storage pockets with secure-closing zippers keep contents securely stored and tidily organized, so it’s easier to find what you need.

Comfort & Durability

Compared to hard-side luggage, the soft-side luggage offers comfort and flexibility. It can fit into taut spaces more effortlessly or be collapsed down to make room for compact storage at home. 360-degree spinner wheels guarantee smooth-rolling mobility.

3-year limited warranty is offered. It has durable zipper closer, solid, strong zippers and fabric lining with 150D-polyester internal organizer with 3 zippered pockets.

Telescopic handle and securely-mounted short handle for comfortable maneuvering with 25% extra packing capacity adds to comfort.

To ensure the peak quality luggage for flight personnel and routine travelers, AmazonBasics testing team conducts a complete array of thorough qualification protocols for its whole line of luggage.

It undergoes several testing procedures such as stability test, active-handle-strength test, castor/roller-durability test, drop test, zipper test, color fastness test, seam-strength test, control-elements test, stacking-capacity test, effects-of-extreme-temperature-change/humidity-exposure test, resistance-to-corrosion test.

AmazonBasics strict quality-testing simulate the real-world travel conditions to test general stability, dynamic handle strength, and castor/wheel durability.

Weight & Portability

For additional convenience, AmazonBasics carry-on comes equipped with an accessible telescopic handle locking into place. You extend the handle while rolling the luggage, and then disintegrate it down in a smooth move for placing in an overhead compartment.

The securely mounted short handle offers rocky strength for stable lifting and portability. Maneuver the luggage around with ease with its four 360-degree spinner wheels.

AmazonBasics luggage offers greater strength and glides readily everywhere. It measures 16”x11”x25” and weighs 6.9lbs. It’s deep and wide enough to hold lots of items.


  • Zipper closure with expander feature
  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Easy to maneuver and large adjustable handle


  • Smaller than expected

10. Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 24-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright, Maritime Blue, One Size

Drag easily across terminals with Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 24-Inch 4-Wheel Expandable Upright, Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 24-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright, Maritime Blue, One SizeMaritime Blue, One Size!

Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 24-inch 4-wheel expandable upright is a connoisseur’s choice when it comes to lightweight luggage.

Material & Construction

One Size Maritime Blue Mirage Superlight is available in 2 colors. Gain augmented packing ability with the straightforward pull of a zipper, ideal for packing souvenirs.

Full-length mesh pocket is idyllic for lingerie, accessories, jewelry, knick-knacks and helps store essentials in one place.

Comfort & Durability

5-year limited warranty is offered for the product. Company uses first-rate lightweight components to produce a luggage that is tremendously light in weight.  Never worry about your luggage getting broken and causing annoyance; it undergoes tests to ensure durability.

Retractable handle system is durable having multiple locking stages; it adjusts to the user’s height. Self-fixing ergonomic nylon zippers with soft-zip movement are handy and comfy.

It survives bus tours, cruise, and many flights. It is versatile; you can pack so much, and still stay under airline weight restrictions. It holds up great. It’s lightweight and simple to maneuver, in busy airport terminals and train stations, the wheels make it simple to get in and out of the aisles comfortably.

Weight & Portability

A side carry handle offers added assistance for lifting your case onto the overhead bin or from the baggage carousel. Inner dimensions are 23.7″ H x 16″ W x 9″ D, item weight is 6.9lbs.

The spinner wheel system provides exceptional portability; whether you drag or pull it. Built-in expandable shoe pockets keep objects organized. The spinner wheels make dragging so much easier, the handles lengthen as if they are brand new.


  • 9lbs luggage
  • Retractable handle system
  • Ergonomic nylon zippers


  • A little tippy

11. it luggage World’s Lightest 27.6″ 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner, Raven

Get the world’s lightest it luggage 27.6″ 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner, Raven!

it luggage’s top-selling ‘World’s Lightest’ range evolves and reinvents itself. This iconic compilation keeps its well- it luggage World's Lightest 27.6" 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner, Ravenbuilt design DNA, whilst adding improved features such as 8-wheel rolling system, graceful colors, optimized capacities, and added protection.

Material & Construction

it luggage 27.6″ 8-wheel Raven lightweight spinner is available in 5 colors. The multi-step push-button locking handle – made from a solitary piece of light-weight aluminum – gives a roomy smooth packing bed for crease-free packing.

The it Luggage World’s Lightest is made from high-density polyester fabric and has a hard-wearing fiberglass frame with a strong locking handle structure made from a solo piece of aluminum.

It suits your individual sense of style; this comprehensive spinner rolling case presents fashion and storage, while its featherweight design permits you journey with effortlessness.

Comfort & Durability

‘No pipes’ means additional space and keeps clothes crease-free. The constant design and testing guarantee the performance of the wheels that adds to your comfort.

Durable, lightweight fabric opposes abrasion and prolongs use. Medium size and wonderful features for the heavy packer allow for a trip over 5 days.

You can pick and hold them up with a finger and, of course, the spinner wheels allow to exactly spinning them rapidly as if they’re on ice. They hold up as a checked bag because of their light weight and frame once these are filled, they hold up well after numerous trips.

The bag stays in good shape with nothing busted, ripped, twisted or damaged in any way. Scuff marks from the airplane handling and dusty roads are washed easily to make it as good as new.

The double wheels roll so nicely and don’t get caught up on each fissure in the sidewalk. This helps to keep the size contained and in size regulations. It has a 10-year warranty.

Weight & Portability

Exterior dimensions (including wheels plus handles) are 27.6”x16.1”x9″ and it weighs 4.63lbs. It features 8 wheels for 360-degree maneuverability and portability.

A hard-wearing yet lightweight soft-side meets all your voyage needs. Tough fiberglass structure comprises its remarkably lightweight frame which is honestly well-built and built to last.


  • Flat packing interior
  • Superior 8-wheel control
  • High-tensile fabric


  • Weak zipper

12. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase Spinner Softshell TSA Lock Carry On 20in24in28in

Buy the comfortable Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase Spinner Softshell TSA Lock Carry On 20in24in28in! Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase Spinner Softshell TSA Lock Carry On 20in24in28in

Coolife Luggage soft-shell expandable spinner suitcase with TSA lock is the safest bet for frequent travelers due to its versatility.

Material & Construction

Navy-colored Coolife case is available in 3 colors; it has Nylon lining and manifold front zippered pockets for travel to meet your diverse storage requirements.

This luggage is made of high-quality hard-wearing lightweight 3-color Jacquard oxford material. 24in, 28in has expandable function, adding an additional 2” of width.

Plus, numerous front zippered pockets are ideal for travel files and magazines. It features 4 spinner wheels for soft rolling. Dual top/side carry handles ease lifting.

Comfort & Durability

Coolife has 2-year warranty. Tough corner protectors are built to last long. 3-color Jacquard oxford cloth makes the color richer and looks quite three-dimensional. It’s long-lasting than polyester material.

4 multi-directional silent rubberized 360° spinner wheels let rolling in numerous directions and strong ergonomic aluminum telescopic handle allows cool comfort.

Only TSA agents can examine your bags without damaging its lock. 3-dial combination lock allows for safe/protected packing. Wheels are sturdy and durable ensuring ongoing usage and safety.

Luggage is good for a spring/cold weather overseas trip to fit a week’s worth of sweaters/woolens in it. The luggage holds up well and marks come off with a wet cloth.

Weight & Portability

Three different sizes 20”, 24” and 28” weigh 6.3lbs., 8.1lbs., and 10.2lbs respectively. Expandability adds 15% to the scalable space, adding an extra 2” width. 20” features a big front pocket.

The push-button locking system enhances mobility and the wheels roll great over flat surfaces (lobbies, sidewalks, cobblestone streets, long walks over gravel). Non-slip grip design doesn’t tip it over. Capacities are 38L, 60L, (75L when it is expandable) and 93L.

Exquisite and robust zippers closure allows safety. Fully-lined interior with detached mesh pocket and functional straps secure the packed clothes.


  • 4 multi-directional soft/silent 360° wheels
  • 3-color Jacquard oxford cloth
  • TSA combination locks having resettable code
  • Fully-lined interior


  • Lock instructions are difficult to understand

13. it luggage DuoTone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set, Grey/Black

Get extreme portability with it luggage DuoTone 4-Wheel 3-Piece Set, Grey/Black!

it luggage DuoTone 4-wheel 3-piece set is the perfect item for jetsetters and vacationers for carrying essential items  it luggage DuoTone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set, Grey/Blackin a neat manner.

Material & Construction

Grey/Black DuoTone it luggage has a unique base construction with particularly developed case platform providing added strength and stability. It’s available in 6 colors.

From the company that’s designing and innovating rolling luggage for more than 30 years, you can tour in a stylish manner with the DuoTone collection! This ultra-lightweight and roomy 3-piece set is the ideal purchase for your subsequent trip.

Each case is equipped with 2 front zipper pockets for travel essentials. The interior case is completely lined with two tie-down straps and a big zip mesh pocket for documents or accessories.

Complete with trouble-free-grab top/side handles to make a trip comfortable and smooth, the collection brings a joyful beginning to your upcoming vacations. 4 wheels allow for 360-degree maneuverability.

Comfort & Durability

Duo-Tone from it luggage comes with a 10-year warranty. Each case has 4 wheels for 360-degree maneuverability and a telescopic top handle for comfortable transport to your destinations.

The material feels sturdier and thicker, and on 2-3-week trip through various countries including flights and train rides, these hold up amazingly well. It doesn’t attract dirt and is simple to spot at baggage claim.

It holds lots of stuff and is so trouble-free to roll around and lift into the overhead bin. Treating them with a stain-repellent makes them damage-proof.

Weight & Portability

Lightweight trolley system with strapping, lightweight aluminum tubes decrease weight and perk up strength. Superior wheel control comes from steady design & testing ensuring the performance.

The luggage set is 17.16lbs. This is exceptionally lightweight and well-made. Swivel wheels (rotate in all directions) and lofty adjustable handles enhance portability.


  • Easy-grab top/side handle
  • Fully-lined interior and zipper mesh pocket
  • Easy-access spacious front panel pockets


  • Inside doesn’t have pockets

14. American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner 29, Pink/Purple Stripes

Try out the featherweight American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner 29, Pink/Purple Stripes! American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner 29, Pink/Purple Stripes

American Tourister iLite Max soft-side spinner 29 takes travel to a new limit! Stylish design is infused with the newest technology to generate a collection that is chic, lightweight, and enjoyable.

Material & Construction

Pink/Purple Stripes-colored iLite Max has 4 multi-directional low spinner wheels for trouble-free mobility.

600dx600d poly/nylon fabric lightweight luggage has beveled push-button locking grip and top carry handles are included right into the case.

Comfort & Durability

Solid, well-assembled, comfy bag is ergonomic in nature. It rolls straight so there is no burden on your arms or shoulders.

The ultra-durable bag holds up for multiple years. It was great. The wheels turn easy. Colors make it easy to distinguish on the luggage carrousel.

Weight & Portability

Dimensions are 29”x20”x11” and the weight is 10.4lbs. Spacious luggage has tons of area left over. It’s easy to maneuver.

The spinner wheels work immensely and it’s an elegant fabric. To keep the weight manageable for a regular person, just leave it partially unpacked.


  • 600dx600d poly/nylon fabric
  • 4 spinner wheels
  • Push-button locking grip


  • Too big
  • Zipper doesn’t interlock
  • Slight interior odor

15. LUCAS Ultra Light Weight Originals 24″ Exp Spinner

Travel weightlessly with LUCAS Ultra Light Weight Originals 24″ Exp Spinner!

Lucas Ultra Light Weight Originals 24 Exp Lightweight Spinner features ultra-deluxe Satin Polyester, 360-degree LUCAS Ultra Light Weight Originals 24" Exp Spinnerspinner wheels for extra mobility, wholly-lined interior and tie tapes to keep your contents in place.

Material & Construction

Old School Navy Lucas spinner is available in 4 colors. Lightweight structure shuns airline fees and it has expandable capacity if you need it.

The fully-lined interior has organizational pouches to keep your belongings shipshape. The compartment design is practical. Straps & zippers are easy to use. Well-made Lucas is sturdy.

Comfort & Durability

360-degree spinner wheels facilitate mobile comfort over different surfaces chiefly in crowded airports. Ergonomic handles make for a comfy grip and won’t hurt your hand.

You can use it for plane trips, cruise, multiple-week treks, and drag it above canal bridges and down alleyways, it will take plenty of abuse, but will hold up well. The zippers are nice and big on the outside.

Weight & Portability

Dimensions of Lucas are 24”x9”x16” and it weighs 10.15lbs. Roomy, rugged, yet tremendously lightweight, plus the wheels make it effortlessly maneuverable.

The handles are sewn into fabric exterior; they are placed exactly where you require them to lift the bag into car trunks. Easy to maneuver, spreading out allows room for stuff, and front pockets are cool for umbrellas, maps, guidebooks.


  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Portable, lightweight
  • Satin polyester material


  • Built-in handholds require practice for lifting
  • Zippers are problematic
  • Can get dirty if checked

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