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A few hundred years ago, only a chosen few – mostly the elite and wealthy – had their own luggage sets or suitcases. After all, they are the only ones who can afford to travel. Today, millions of people look for the best luggage brands because travelling has become more than just a luxurious activity. Especially in the 2000’s until recently, when airlines and even cruise ships have made budget tickets available, travelling has become very popular and more dreams of travelling are coming true.

A Brief History of Luggage

Before the 1800’s, there was not much that has been written about luggage. It was only in the early part of that century when it was recorded that handles, hinges and latches were added on to suitcases to make luggage portable. Prior to these portable luggage sets, chests and boxes usually made of wood are the ones that are more popular. Since then, suitcases serve the same purpose as its purpose today – transporting valuables, clothes and other personal effects while travelling.

Today, most people travel for either business or leisure. Back then, you will see these luggage sets being used by Best Luggage Brands In 2019families fleeing their town, city or country, and others who are moving to another side of the world or to a different area where they feel they can start a new and better life with their loved ones – this reason still applicable and quite popular today.

From the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s, heavy trunks, big or small, were the most popular types of luggage. Usually made with wood and metal, you will commonly see iron or tin material as protection for the whole case. In the 1950’s, luggage was used not only to permanently move to a new location, but when one wishes to go on a holiday trip or even a short vacation.

Smaller luggage sets, usually wooden boxes that looked like briefcases, with easy handles, hinges and straps, with simple locks that keep valuables secure, became popular when trains became a common mode of transportation for travelling. The gladstone, ones that you can see until today, commonly called the doctor’s bag, gained popularity as well. Usually made with leather and other layers of material such as fabric and thin wood, the gladstone was one of the early versions of luggage that isn’t as heavy as the large trunks and wooden suitcases.

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton sold luggage sets since the mid 1800’s. Until today, Louis Vuitton is considered as one of the most popular (and expensive) luggage set brands that are commonly used by the elite. Another brand that became popular early on was Samsonite. Founded in 1910 under the name Samson, it was during the early 1940’s when the Samsonite trademark was used and only in the mid 1960’s when the company’s name has already been officially changed to Samsonite.

Though wood suitcases were most popular back then, in the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s, metal and plastic material already became common in luggage frames. These were known to be more durable and sturdy – a very important requirement for any piece of luggage used by anyone who frequently travels. Soft-sided cases gained popularity in the 1980’s more for its style rather than security of the traveler’s valuables. However, these soft-sided luggage sets still found its place in the market because they were far lighter and easier to hand-carry than wood, metal and plastic ones.

In 1970, Bernard D. Sadow, a high executive in a luggage and coat company in Massachusetts, came up with the idea of adding wheels on luggage. He tried it on a big travel suitcase by attaching four wheels and a strap for pulling, and soon enough patented his invention as the “Rolling Luggage”. Surprisingly, despite the comfort and convenience that his invention brings, it did not become popular immediately.Best Luggage Brands In 2019

In 1987, a Northwest Airlines 747 pilot, Robert Plath who also had an interest in tinkering in his home workshop, came up with the Rollaboard. Instead of using four wheels like the Sadow invention, he only attached two wheels to a piece of suitcase and a long handle for easy towing. His invention was sold to flight attendants and crewmembers. Travelers took notice how these flight attendants are having a breeze with their luggage and so the Plath invention took off. After leaving his career as a pilot, Plath founded Travelpro International, which is still a major luggage brand until today.

How We Came Up With the Top 30 Luggage Brands – Our Methodology

Now that you know enough about the history of luggage sets and what to look for when shopping for your own set, it is time to know about the best luggage brands that you can choose from. As mentioned, the brand is an important factor to consider because it gives you extra confidence that you’re choosing the best luggage brands set.

Today’s generation is quite lucky because prior to making a purchase, we have the chance to check on feedback and reviews of existing customers. This allows us to know whether a luggage brand or manufacturer lives up to its promises of durability and all the other details they included in their advertisements.

While many other lists have based their top brands on the popularity or sales of a certain brand, this list begs to differ. We believe that while sales are very important, determining which ones are the best should be based on actual feedback from real consumers who have already tried out a product or products. The top 30 luggage brands you see below were tallied based on feedback, ratings and reviews from over 230,000 customers from all over the world. With varied feedback from consumers that usually tackle their overall experience with luggage pieces or sets they’ve purchased, we are confident that all the characteristics mentioned above have been considered.

Key findings of our best luggage brands analysis

 best luggage brands

  • The top 10 positions are dominated by well-known and established companies such as Briggs and Riley, Samsonite, Delsey, Pierre Cardin
  • The top 10 luggage brands offers a wide range of luggage types, which are priced towards the upper end of the spectrum. So the motto “you get what you pay for” is generally the case
  • Most of these brands produce a wide range of luggage, such as sets, spinners, backpacks etc, however, some of those specialize in one or two types (i.e. Wally Bags produces exclusively high-quality garment bags)

The best of the best luggage brands In 2019 – Chart

Luggage Type
Luggage Type
  1. Briggs & Riley Baseline International Wide-Body Upright
 Carry-On Suitcase $$$
  2. Samsonite Winfield 2 28- Inch Luggage Fashion HS
 Soft-side spinner $$$
  3. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley
 Spinner $$$
  4. Pierre Cardin Crosby 19-Inch
 Duffle bag $$$
  5. London Fog Luggage Chelsea 21 Inch 360 Expandable Upright Suiter
 Luxury soft side spinner $$
  6. Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood 20 Inch Upright
 Hard side spinner $$
  7. Timberland Danvers River 32
 Wheeled duffel $$
  8. Beverly Hills Country Club Malibu Three
 Hardside spinner luggage set $$$
  9. SwissGear Travel Gear
 Soft side spinner $$$
  10. Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable
Wheeled carry on expandable $$$

One of the questions that we are being asked very frequently, is “what are the best suitcases and of the best luggage brands”. This is a very challenging question.. but after a lot analysis we have put together a table that answers this exact question.

1. Briggs & Riley Travelware (1993, USA)

best luggage brandsIt was in 1993 when Richard Costa founded Briggs & Riley in Half Moon Bay, CA, USA. In mid-2000, U.S. Luggage LLC acquired the company. Today, Briggs & Riley is headed by CEO Richard Krulik at its headquarters in Hauppauge, New York.

Though it has been over two decades since its founding, Briggs & Riley is still considered a young brand compared to other competing brands. However, twenty-three years have been more than enough for them to dominate the luggage industry. Placing on top of this best 30 luggage brands list, Briggs & Riley is well-loved by consumers because of many reasons – primarily the style and design that each piece of Briggs & Riley luggage can offer. Its popularity can be attributed though to its lifetime guarantee – no lengthy and complicated terms and conditions, just a real “simple as that” lifetime guarantee. This covers all kinds of damages, even those that are caused by airline companies.

Today, there are many suitcases that offer an expandable feature; hence, many consumers look for this before purchasing a set. It is worthy to mention that the credit of expandable suitcases goes to Briggs & Riley as they were the first to come up with the NXpandable system. They seem to have a deep understanding of the common traveler’s needs as well because they were the first to develop the outsider handle. This means that the handle is located in the exterior of a suitcase for a more spacious and flatter packing area that’s perfect to keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

Briggs & Riley commonly sells their suitcases by piece though there are a few collections that come with two or three bags. Their sets are not exactly cheap; however, with the lifetime guarantee they can offer, you know for sure that each Briggs & Riley luggage you will purchase is worth every dollar you spend or even more. Currently, they have retailers in the United States and Canada but those from other parts of the world can still own a Briggs & Riley suitcase by purchasing online.

2. Samsonite (1910, USA)

best luggage brandsSamsonite played a huge part in the luggage history. Even before many of the founders of popular luggage brands of today were born, Samsonite already created a huge name of its own. Founded in Denver, Colorado in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder, Samsonite’s first cases were initially called Samson, named after a Biblical character that was known for his incredible strength. The Samsonite trademark was only used in 1941 and eventually, the company officially operated under the Samsonite name in 1966. While the company was initially founded in the United States, its headquarters are now held in Luxembourg, while Samsonite stocks are being traded in Hong Kong.

Without a doubt, Samsonite is one of the most popular luggage brands. In fact, it has become a household name and every traveler must have had a Samsonite suitcase at one point or at least knows someone who owns a Samsonite. Samsonite products range from large suitcases to small backpacks and sling bags. They use materials such as metal, plastic and fabric. The name has become synonymous to durability and strength and every shopper always has a Samsonite on his list of options of luggage sets to choose from.

The best part about Samsonite is that their products remain affordable for the general population. No matter your budget or your purpose for travel, there surely is a Samsonite for you.

3. Delsey (1946, France)

best luggage brandsParis is known as one of the top fashion capitals of the world so it isn’t even surprising that one of the top luggage brands was founded in France. Delsey currently holds its headquarters in Tremblay-en-France right in the suburbs of Paris. Successfully combining style and functionality, Delsey remains as one of the top sellers in the luggage market. With new innovations such as their most recent introduction of the Pluggage, a smart suitcase prototype, Delsey is expected to stay for many more years.

Known for their very simple yet elegantly fashionable and quite reasonably priced luggage, expect your Delsey to last through years of numerous travels. Since the history of Delsey begins with manufacturing of cases for camera and record players, they are experts in keeping valuables protected while inside a bag. This is primarily the reason why their suitcases are known to be very durable and can effectively secure all your possessions when in transit.

4. Pierre Cardin (1950, France)

best luggage brandsAnother luggage brand founded and based in Paris, France, Pierre Cardin has been in the fashion business since 1950. Since its founder, Pierre Cardin, is a fashion designer first and foremost, the success of the brand in the fashion industry was inevitable. From makeup to handbags to perfume and so much more, Pierre Cardin became a name that’s synonymous to class and elegance.

Venturing into the luggage industry, Pierre Cardin did not fail its followers. The brand brought so much classiness to luggage sets and with each suitcase made by this manufacturer, you can literally say that you’re “travelling in style”. Despite being one of the top French brands in the fashion scene, Pierre Cardin luggage sets still remain priced competitively.

5. London Fog (1923, USA)

best luggage brandsIts name might have London in it but this brand did not originate from Europe. London Fog was actually founded in the United States with the name Londontown back in 1923 by Israel Myers. It became well known during the World War II as they made waterproof clothes for the United States Navy. Their success continued even after the war by making raincoats in partnership with DuPont. The company only began its public distribution in the 60’s and opened its own stores in the 70’s. Raincoats were still their most popular product, but soon enough, they ventured into other types of clothing.

Today, they are still a leading manufacturer of jackets, coats, accessories and more. Because they gained the public’s trust in producing durable and high quality products, their luggage collection also received much success. With classy designs that are perfect for business and leisure travelers, you can choose from a variety of London Fog luggage pieces that are all very affordable.

6. Tommy Hilfiger (1985, USA)

best luggage brandsTommy Hilfiger is, without a doubt, one of the most popular fashion brands in all of the United States. Founded in 1985 and now holding its headquarters in New York City, Tommy Hilfiger’s success has continually increased through the years. From high-end apparel to perfume, accessories, perfume and even home decorations and furniture, the brand has become a household name in many parts of the world.

They often make use of the American flag colors of blue, red and white, which are the same colors on the Tommy Hilfiger logo. They have tried using other color combinations too and thankfully, the market welcomed their designs with open arms. When it comes to luggage sets, not only can you expect a hip and chic design from Tommy Hilfiger. It has become a top brand also because of the superior quality materials used and the durability of the suitcases they offer.

7. Timberland (1918, USA)

best luggage brandsThe Timberland Company (Timberland LLC) was founded almost a century ago in 1918. Straight out of Boston, Massachusetts, the manufacturer’s headquarters are now based in Stratham, New Hampshire with over a hundred office locations across the world. Timberland is known for their footwear and apparel that are mainly marketed for those who have a deep love for the great outdoors. Without having to try too hard, Timberland’s popularity never faltered. Even celebrities voluntarily (no need for paid endorsements) wear those yellow leather shoes/boots – Timberland’s style never gets old.

Because of their expertise in ensuring high quality material and superior workmanship for every product they come out with, there were high expectations when Timberland came out with luggage pieces. Rugged and adventurous looking, Timberland luggage pieces are usually made with sturdy fabric.

8. Beverly Hills Country Club (1926)

best luggage brandsJust a decade short from a century since its founding in 1926, Beverly Hills Country Club has seen the changes and innovation in luggage sets. Through the years, the brand has continually improved and made sure that their luggage pieces cater to the needs of all kinds of travelers. Today, frequent travelers still choose to place their trust on Beverly Hills Country Club luggage despite of many other brands and manufacturers entering the market. After all, it is the guarantee of high quality that matters most. If these experienced travelers trust this brand, why shouldn’t you?

Beverly Hills Country Club makes suitcases available for travelers from all walks of life. You can choose suitcases per piece or you can also enjoy more value for your money by getting a full set. There are Beverly Hills Country Club luggage sets with hard cases and those made with durable fabric. Depending on your style preference, there is a piece of luggage for you.

9. Swiss Gear (1893, Switzerland)

best luggage brandsSwiss Gear is a brand under the parent company Wenger. Acquired by Victorinox AG in 2005, Wenger is known as a maker of Swiss Army knives, watches, cutlery and travel gear. Swiss Gear is well known for their wide range of backpacks that are marketed for those who are in for an adventure outdoors. In addition, since the Swiss Gear brand is known for incredible durability, many individuals choose their backpacks for daily use.

Aside from backpacks though, Swiss Gear has also made its way to the luggage market with collections of suitcases that are perfect for all kinds of travelers. Simple in design but guaranteed durable and stylish, you will feel very confident that your possessions remain secure when in transit while travelling with a Swiss Gear suitcase.

10. Tumi Inc. (1975, USA)

best luggage brandsAn American manufacturer founded by Charlie Clifford in 1975 and currently based in South Plainfield, New Jersey, Tumi Inc. has definitely went a long way since the brand was created. Named after a Peruvian ceremonial knife, Tumi is known for the ballistic nylon material used in their products that are usually black-on-black.Simple yet incredibly rugged, you will know for sure that your Tumi luggage will last through many trips over the years – whether you’re flying first class or you’re up for an adventure in the great outdoors. In 2004, Tumi became a unit of Doughty Hanson & Co, a privately owned British equity fund manager.

Tumi has been very consistent with customer reviews and feedback. Though their products are pricier than the usual, you can choose from a wide range of bags and luggage sets that caters too all kinds of travelers’ needs. You can choose from sling bags, travel leather totes, hard case spinners, backpacks, laptop bags and so much more.

11. Travelpro (1987)

best luggage brandsTravelpro’s history dates back to almost three decades ago when a 747 pilot from Northwest Airlines came up with The Original Rollaboard. Since then, Travelpro’s designs have evolved to what it is today. Though they have a wide range of spinner luggage available in the market, many of their most popular products still include their collection of luggage with in-line wheels. Aside from luggage, Travelpro has also began producing clothes, shoes and even accessories.

Living up to their tagline, Travelpro truly is the choice of flight crews and frequent travelers. Not only do they manufacture stylish luggage, they make sure that each one remains durable too so that it can be used for many years. Best of all, they keep their products affordable!

12. WallyBags

best luggage brandsIf you’re a frequent business traveler and you’ve always shopped for garment bags, then you must have heard of WallyBags. While they specialize in garment bags, also known as suit bags, they also have a wide range of other products such as totes and college duffel bags. Always fairly priced for the traveler on a budget, WallyBags has become a big name because of the functionality of each product and the guarantee of durability and stylishness.

WallyBags use different kinds of denier polyester in their garment bags, which makes it ideal for various types of travelling. Furthermore, you will definitely fall in love with the meticulous detailing of each bag, including durable zippers and handles that will ensure your travelling convenience.

13. Victorinox (1884, Switzerland)

best luggage brandsYou most likely know Victorinox as one of the most popular makers of Swiss Army knives. In fact, the company acquired its strong rival Wenger in 2005, which only made the brand more successful as the one and only supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss army. Aside from knives, they are also known for their luxury watches that have grown in popularity across the world. Of course, they are also well known for their apparel and travel gear.

When it comes to travel gear, Victorinox is an expert. They have created several collections of laptop cases, backpacks and luggage sets for tourists. Because they know very well the importance of functionality and durability, their luggage sets are nothing short of excellent with great designs matched with functionality and dependability.

14. Merax

best luggage brandsMerax offers a wide range of products for the whole family that are meant for use in the great outdoors and the home as well. From baby mats to alarm clocks to garden sheds to massagers to outdoor furniture and so much more, you can expect excellent quality and superior workmanship in Merax products. They are also known as one of the top brands when it comes to bicycles. And for the traveler on the budget, they’ve got the best hard case luggage sets in store for you too.

You can choose from luggage sets or suitcases by piece available in classic black or grey colors and plenty more in vibrant colors. Aside from hard case luggage sets, they also have those made in fabric, which are equally durable and stylish too. Furthermore, you can choose from a number of designs including modern and vintage!

15. Wenger (1893, Switzerland)

best luggage brandsWenger remained successful for over a century as a manufacturer of Swiss Army knives and luxury watches as well as travel gear. However, its management made a smart move to sustain the business by collaborating with its rival Victorinox in 2005. Today, with both brands under the Victorinox wing, there’s nowhere else to head but fly up to the top of the knife, cutlery, timepiece and luggage industries.

While Wenger is now under Victorinox, the brand still continues to carry some of their products under their name. In fact, there are still quite a lot of very popular travel gear products made by Wenger that are well loved by consumers worldwide. From backpacks to wheeled suitcases and more, you can get a Wenger piece at affordable prices and expect it to last through countless travels.

16. Kenneth Cole (1982, USA)

best luggage brandsKenneth Cole Productions is one of the most successful brands in the fashion industry. Though fairly young compared to some of the century-old brands that were previously listed in this list of top luggage manufacturers, Kenneth Cole has still managed to remain on the top part of the game with their great creations. Over three decades in the business has made this company stronger than ever and while keeping class and elegance as a priority, Kenneth Cole products remain affordable to the general population.

Most luggage sets produced by Kenneth Cole fall under their Kenneth Cole REACTION collections. Selling at just a fraction of the price of some luggage brands, pieces made by Kenneth Cole remain the choice of many frequent travelers because of the simplicity and elegance it offers. Colors remain mostly neutral at black and grey, but thankfully, the brand has opened its doors to a wider market by introducing bags available in vibrant colors of red, pink, blue and more.

17. American Tourister (1932/1933, USA)

best luggage brandsBusiness and leisure travelers, as well as those going on family trips, will surely find American Tourister sets that they will easily fall in love with. Available at such affordable prices, you wouldn’t think that these luggage sets will break way too easily. However, it is the brand of choice of many American families and many more all over the world because through the years, American Tourister has always been consistent in providing very durable bags that lasts through many years of travel.

Available in sets or by piece, you can choose from spinner and in-line luggage that come in a variety of designs. There are very simple black ones and some fun blue and red ones. Even better, you can even get luggage pieces for your kids as there are a number of cartoon designs that you can get. Among the many American Tourister top sellers today are the pieces in the Star Wars collection, which are definitely must-haves for any collector!

18. Nautica (1983, USA)

best luggage brandsWho doesn’t know Nautica? It’s one of the most popular clothing brands especially among men, but of course they have collections for women and kids too. It’s a high-end brand that primarily focuses on apparel, accessories and even home furniture and decor. This American brand founded in the early 80’s by David Chu has become very popular that it has become a household name. When it comes to luggage, Nautica did not disappoint. They have a wide range of selection that includes hard case, fabric suitcases, duffel bags and so much more.

Usually hip and youthful in design, Nautica bags are very stylish. More than being fashionable though, consumers love Nautica because it maintains class and elegance without having to charge way too high for their luggage sets. Furthermore, Nautica bags are known to be very durable and are best for both business and leisure travels.

19. Rockland

best luggage brandsRockland is the answer to the needs of the stylish traveler. Whether you’re heading out of the city or the country for business or for pleasure, there’s always reason for you to want to be stylish. Rockland offers a number of luggage sets that you can choose from which are all very stylish, no exceptions, and incredibly functional too. Now you don’t have to be a genius to realize that for your travelling needs, it is a must for your suitcase to be sturdy, durable and spacious so that wherever you will be going, and no matter how long you will be gone, your luggage can keep you convenient throughout your trip.

Rockland offers everything from luggage sets to rolling duffel bags to metallic hard case spinners to polycarbonate or fabric rolling suitcases with a variety of designs. There are ones with very simple black or grey colors and others with several colors for the fun-loving hip traveler.

20. World Traveler

best luggage brandsIf you love prints and colors, you will surely have a hard time picking the best among World Traveler’s variety of suitcase designs – simply because each one looks so pretty and nice! Even better, the designs are as awesome as each one’s price tag, which remain very easy on the pocket. While prints such as flowers, polkadots, maps, animals and so much more are readily available, you can also choose from World Traveler’s more simple collections that come in plain colors.

World Traveler offers hard case spinners and upright suitcases by piece and by set. There are also a variety of beach bags, totes, carry-ons and so much more. You might think that because of its cute designs, it won’t be very tough and reliable. It is a pleasant surprise though that numerous consumers have already given their honest feedback about World Traveler bags being rugged and very durable – definitely worth each dollar you spend for it and even more!

21. Everest

Best Luggage BrandsIts name was most likely taken from the world’s tallest mountain, which only the strong and most determined individuals can manage to climb. Everest luggage lives up to its brand’s name – it is tough, rugged and will definitely last even if you plan to go on days or months’ worth of travels. Perfect for the adventurous backpackers, the most popular Everest luggage pieces are backpacks and duffel bags. There are also sling bags, belt bags, totes, briefcases and so many more.

If you prefer wheeled luggage pieces, you will be happy to know that among Everest’s product offers are wheeled backpacks and totes. There are also a variety of garment bags perfect for the business traveler.

22. Olympia

Best Luggage BrandsFor the sporty and adventurous traveler, Olympia is the way to go. There are several rolling duffel bags to choose from, upright suitcases in most required sizes, shopping totes on wheels, hard case spinners, garment bags, backpacks and so much more. The sporty look of many of these Olympia bags gives you that feeling that it is durable, which is exactly what you need for that much needed peace of mind as you travel. Aside from the rugged look, you can also find Olympia luggage that are sleek and classy, perfect for business travels. For the fun-loving adventure seeker, there are also designs with colorful prints that you can choose from.

What makes Olympia a great choice for numerous consumers through the years is its ability to keep their prices on the low. While there are luxury collections that are pricier than the rest, these still remain very reasonable for all kinds of travelers.

23. Ricardo (1978, USA)

Best Luggage BrandsRicardo Beverly Hills was founded almost 4 decades ago by Richard “Ricardo” Gibbs in Beverly Hills, California. This iconic brand takes inspiration from the west coast’s lifestyle; therefore, they came out with modern yet very functional designs. The luggage collection designs of Ricardo come in a wide variety of styles. There are classic and sleek plain hard case spinners in silver, black, blue and more and several more fabric spinner suitcases that have colorful and vibrant prints. Aside from rolling suitcases though, they also have other products including shopping totes, garment bags, wheeled totes and so much more.

Through the years, Ricardo has expanded its reach by taking in several brands including Skyway Luggage and Stephanie Johnson. With plenty of online stores carrying Ricardo Beverly Hills online and a number of specialty stores, retailers and department stores distributing their products all over the world, you will surely have a great time shopping for your next luggage from Ricardo Beverly Hills.

24. U.S. Traveler (USA)

Best Luggage BrandsAnother highly reviewed brand that stays within the budget of the average American family and has now gained support from travelers from all over the world is the U.S. Traveler. Generally more affordable with a variety of designs to choose from, you will surely have a blast choosing your next set of luggage from this brand.

There are soft case suitcases that are made with very durable nylon fabric and there are also hard case ones that are definite must-haves for both business and leisure travelers. There are plain colored designs to choose from and there are also several ones available in print. You can also find duffel bags, totes, briefcases, garment bags and more. If you need expandable luggage sets, you can also find ones from U.S. Traveler. Whether you’re looking for luggage by piece or by set, and you’re on a tight budget, you definitely have to check out the collections available from U.S. Traveler.

25. Athalon

Best Luggage BrandsIn order for one to make most out of his money, multi-functional items are definitely to be considered. Athalon is well known for their hybrid traveler bags that can be used as duffel bags or backpacks but can be loaded with heavier items such as a week’s worth of clothes and essentials for travelling. This is possible because these bags can also be used as a rolling suitcase. Price ranges vary depending on the product you choose and while there are more expensive pieces than others, durability and style is always guaranteed no matter the price.

Athalon may not be the first brand that comes to mind when considering a new piece of luggage for your next travel; however, if your don’t want your suitcase getting old inside your closet when you don’t have somewhere far to go, you can make most out of what you spend for your luggage by choosing an Athalon. These rolling suitcases are not only best for business and leisure travels; you can also have a convenient shopping time or trip to the gym with your Athalon luggage.

26. Anne Klein (1968)

Best Luggage BrandsIn the fashion industry, everybody knows Anne Klein. Though its roots are traced back to the United States, after Anne Klein, the founder, collaborated with Gunther Oppenheim, a fashion guru, in 1968, they also established a partnership with Tomio Taki that brought the label to Europe and Japan. Anne Klein passed away just a few years after the brand was established and gained success. Among other stakeholders in the company, it was Tomio Taki who was left with most of the company. Donna Karan also became a part of the Anne Klein label until the DKNY brand was established.

The name Anne Klein was retained as a brand and decades after the founder passed away, her name still lives on as one of the most popular and successful fashion brands. Among many products, mostly for women, Anne Klein came out with several collections of suitcases that are just too hard to resist. While staying within the reasonable pricing, you will see how Anne Klein best luggage brands easily stand out because of the class and elegance each piece brings. Mostly simple in design, each piece still manages to exude that high-end feel. Especially for those who travel for business and women who want to travel in style for their next cruise or flight across the world, Anne Klein luggage pieces must definitely be checked out.

27. Nine West (1973, USA)

Best Luggage BrandsA brand that came straight out of New York, the world has founders Jerome Fisher and Vince Camuto to thank for all these years of fashion and style excellence that Nine West has brought. A company that deals with wholesale and retail fashion, Nine West has products targeted mostly for the female traveler. Though some luxury pieces can be very expensive, one must know that even if Nine West is considered a high end brand, there are so many bags and suitcases that can be chosen which are very affordable.

Nine West is known for great designs and superior quality. From expandable fabric suitcases to rolling duffel bags to hard case pieces and sets, it’s hard to choose which one to get because all Nine West products simply exude perfection. If you want to travel in style or if you want luggage that “will never get old” when it comes to design, Nine West is worth your attention and your money.

28. Skyway Luggage (1910, USA)

Best Luggage BrandsA brand that’s over a century old, you know for sure that Skyway Luggage, a company that hails from Seattle, Washington, is an expert when it comes to your travelling needs. Acquired by Ricardo Beverly Hills, the brand only grew stronger and had a wider reach. It is now used by many travelers from all over the world who go on business and leisure trips. With affordable pieces and sets, you have plenty of stylish choices.

Skyway Luggage has a number of suitcase designs that’s fairly affordable and are great for both men and women. Aside from their expandable suitcases and sets that are complete with large and carry-on best luggage brands, some of the most popular pieces from Skyway Luggage are their Superlight suitcases. With the budget flights allowing very limited baggage allowance, these light suitcases that are very durable at the same time are perfect choices.

29. Traveler’s Choice (1984, USA)

Best Luggage BrandsTraveler’s Choice is a globally recognized brand with a good reputation of consistently providing only the best luggage pieces for every traveler. Headquarters are in Pomona, California and they also have offices and production locations in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Today, they have a very wide range of luggage collections to choose from – from hard case spinners to fabric roller suitcases, wheeled carry-ons, pullmans, pilot cases, sports bags, casual luggage and so much more.

What’s best about this brand is that they never stay behind. They consistently innovate their products to ensure that consumers only get the best. For instance, one of the newest innovations that Traveler’s Choice has come up with is the T-Cruiser Handle System. These handles make maneuvering easier, which is essential for all travelers on the go. They also have the Cyclone Spherical Wheel System which gives your luggage that much-needed stability.

30. IT Luggage (1985, UK)

Best Luggage BrandsHanging on to the final spot on this list, IT Luggage definitely deserves to be mentioned. As the first UK luggage company that manufactures and imports their luggage from China, they were able to provide very affordable pieces to all kinds of travelers without sacrificing durability, workmanship and design. Now supplying to over 46 countries all over the world and producing millions of luggage pieces, you know for sure that this brand is a trustworthy one.

You can choose from a wide variety of designs from IT Luggage’s premium collection, hardshell, frameless and casual collections among many others. Aside from the fact that these luggage pieces are reasonably priced, consumers love how IT Luggage offers a 10-year warranty that gives you peace of mind of having a sturdy and durable suitcase that you can use for many years to come.