Top 11 Best Rio Beach Chairs – Guide & Reviews for 2020

A beach chair is of paramount significance to ensure a comfortable day at the beach, poolside, backyard, terrace, orTop 15 Best Rio Beach Chairs in 2020 any other outdoor event. Moreover, you’ll spend innumerable hours in it during summer, and a high-quality beach chair helps in seaside expeditions and backyard outings for many years to come. Including backpack chairs with incorporated coolers to ultra-light alternatives that are trouble-free to carry, the best offerings from Rio beach chairs are a critical element to a beach-day comfort.

Evidently, everybody’s description of a perfect beach chair is somewhat dissimilar. Some people desire a chair that’s high off the ground, while some want to be extremely close to sand. Some believe a cup-holder is necessary, while others desire headrest and backpack straps. Neon stripes may be appealing and noticeable to many while some may favor retro print or fundamental solid color. Rio beach chairs take care of all these preferences and are comfortable, supportive, and easy to haul over sand, have many attributes, and fold/recline in multiple positions ergonomically.

If you’re shopping online, it’s hard to determine upfront the best Rio beach chair for your inclinations. That’s why Rio beach chairs are beach-tested by carrying across sand and quality-tested with some hours of sitting, and even rated across various categories like ergonomics, design, and durability. Read about the 11 best product recommendations below to narrow down a perfect Rio beach chair.

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What Are The Main Advantages And Uses Of Rio Beach Chairs?

Rio beach chairs are well-built and offer the finest summer experience as it’s a trustworthy seller and maker presenting first-rate beach chairs. Here are the advantages of purchasing Rio beach chairs for all users during Top 11 Best Rio Beach Chairs in 2020summer:

Utmost Comfort

The actual reason you must purchase this sort of beach chair is the incessant comfort. If you’re comfy, you probably spend extra time on beach without getting exhausted. Majority of Rio beach chairs are made of strong frame and solid breathable fabrics, while some have cushioned padding to ensure maximum comfort.


Naturally, typical-sized chairs are manufactured for lightweight and average-height people. Large and tall persons are anticipated to have additional weight, and consequently, the chairs need stronger materials. Users will hardly ever experience any troubles like cracking or damage while using Rio beach chairs. It ensures safety for restless kids as well.

Extra-Strong Accessories

The advantage of Rio beach chairs is they have added accessories in comparison to normal ones. Just like solid materials for manifold users, the added accessories are also strong and can contentedly handle considerable body weight without any wear and tear. Therefore, there’s nothing to agonize about when you buy Rio beach chairs for you or whole family.

Effortless Portability

Rio beach chairs are manufactured of ultra-lightweight but resilient materials which ease carrying around. These chairs are foldable and fit in your car trunk or travel bag effortlessly. Some come with a bespoke carry bag which eases moving across beaches. Just confirm you choose a well-suited Rio beach chair for you for better experience with portability.

Extreme DurabilityTop 11 Best Rio Beach Chairs in 2020

Rio beach chairs for all users are finished of sturdy materials that last a long time, and if you don’t comprise too much body mass, then these chairs can serve you for many years. Though, check the materials utilized to construct the chair like steel, aluminum, or any rigid material. The warranty is also a noteworthy consideration and must be the chair’s durability indicator.

Soak up the sunshine with Rio lightweight, durable, and comfy beach chairs since summer is here. Given the space, you can bask in the sun at a safe social distance beside the pool, backyard or porch; getting the accurate beach chair helps enjoy summer in your preferred beach without worries.

Rio beach chairs are developed to be weather-/UV-resistant as they are typically used outdoors. This enhances durability. While deeming the cleaning process, these chairs are designed to be easy to enable cleaning it swiftly without much uneasiness. Lightweight attributes make it easy to carry along anywhere you travel.

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What Are The Different Types Of Rio Beach Chairs Available?

Rio beach chairs are well-known among its clientele for versatile design and manifold types. Here’s a detailed look.

Classic Beach Chairs:

Classic style is evocative of traditional beach chairs. It has many different positions, making it easy to spot the one that’s accurate for you. It even effortlessly springs open, and regulates with the body if you sit up. The canvas seat is extremely hard-wearing and encases a sturdy frame. Zipper pockets in back ease stow your stuff. Padded, flexible straps allow relaxed carrying.

Slingback Chairs:

These aren’t the standard for beach chairs, but they ought to be. This cradles the body like a hammock, hugging the body whether one is seated straight or lounging. Its solid frame has many adjustable positions to helpTop 11 Best Rio Beach Chairs in 2020 users sit comfily and generally contains polyester seat that dries effortlessly. The chairs have UV- and water-proof coating to make them last. It needs time to be trained how to assemble a slingback chair but, once you learn it (or follow the instructions), it’s easy.

Backpack Beach Chair:

This has a bit of everything. Built-in coolers are big enough to hold numerous drinks and cupholders easily hold whatever interests you. The chair has 4-5 positions and a broader-than-average seat for a spacious experience, making it faultless for larger frames. Foldable bars at the top support the head if you wish to lay back. It contains backpack straps for trouble-free carrying. Elegant lace-up option is generally available.

Multiple-Folding Position Beach Chairs:

These beach chairs have the identical size as other chairs, but is deceivingly lightweight owing to its rust-proof steel/aluminum casing. The chair has flexible straps for backpack-style carrying, and two hefty pockets to haul several stuff. 4-5 positions with a fold-out railing support head and neck in sand if you lay it back totally. Amazing mechanisms and prints make this an attention-grabber.

Extended-Height Beach Chairs:

Heavier and taller people require beach chairs, too, and that’s where these chairs come in. They sit 17”-20” off ground to have room for longer legs and even contain a taller-than-average backrest for longer torsos. It contains generous 6-7 reclining positions and safe-adjusting technology built into armrests to avoid pinching fingers. A tiny-side zippered pouch and cup-holder can hold all essentials. The chair folds up unpredictably small.

Sunshade Beach Chairs:

This chair containing built-in umbrella is a game-changer for users who prefer shade. The chair’s shade has UPF-50 fabric and a huge, flexible bow-shaped sunshade, so you can move the shade along with sun. The multiple-position chair has mesh backrest to keep you cool, and an adequate-sized pocket to store towels and books. The chair also contains backpack straps and extra strap to secure it for portability.

Sling Chairs:Top 11 Best Rio Beach Chairs in 2020

Lightweight, easy to haul, and really comfortable to sit in, even for extended spans of time! Use them primarily for beach, pool, and terrace for sun-bathing. They sit low near the ground and good for using inside a beach tent as these fit flawlessly. These are low enough to put your feet in sand or waves but just elevated enough to keep your body from touching the sand, and it folds up easily than pop-up tent, and never collapses on back or pinches your fingers.

Lounge Chairs:

Long loungers are comfortable alternatives to conventional beach chairs. These function as lounge chairs and are lightweight supporting the back easily. The backpack carrying style eases portability. These are comfortable, broad, and recline fully.

FAQs Regarding Rio Beach Chairs

Q: What sort of Rio beach chair must you pick?

A: The finest beach chair will rely on a few aspects. You will hike with it, perhaps a long walk to a beach. Mass and portability must top your list. On the beach, you might want additional attributes like attached umbrella or zip pockets for personal belongings.

You can choose a robust beach chair and fix beach cart/wagon. This grants you the capacity to make lesser trips to a favored spot on beach.

Q: How much mass can a Rio beach chair support?

A: The standard weight capacity varies between 200-400lbs. Most chairs have 200-300lb. range. For users with kidsTop 11 Best Rio Beach Chairs in 2020 sitting on lap or who desire a robust chair, pay attention to weight capacity of any chair you select. This helps maximizing beach experience and not worrying about harming the chair.

Q: Which material is highly comfy?

A: It’s not essentially the material that brings comfort to a beach chair. But, it can increase the comfort but a frame actually makes Rio beach chairs comfy.

For instance, a beach chair with bars digging into the back will be painful despite the material. Instead, look for a beach chair with a comfortable frame. This demonstrates that company has dedicated time and deliberation into chair design.

Q: What Are The Features Of The Best Rio Beach Chairs?

Rio beach chairs have extraordinary features for versatile beach use. Read on to ascertain you’re investing in some top-notch cutting-edge products.

Material & Construction

There are many dissimilar material types that Rio beach chairs are constructed of. A spongier material like polyester/cotton gives a comfortable spot to rest. Most materials are waterproof for sitting close to water or endure rainstorms.

Rio beach chairs are flexible. You can sit upright to relaxing backward effortlessly. Armrests have integrated supports and elevated seatbacks offer neck support; the contemporary beach chair is made with ergonomic comfort in mind.

Rio beach chairs have straps so you tote them like a handy backpack along with lugging other beach items to/from the car on scorching days. Deem how tall you desire to sit. Some users wish sitting low to sand, but if you’re aged and have terrible knees, you might desire tall beach chairs as they’re trouble-free to get out of.

Most beach chairs support up to 250-300lbs on an average, if you’re on the heavier side, get beach chairs that Top 11 Best Rio Beach Chairs in 2020declare supporting up to 500lbs.

For additional sun protection, find a beach chair with shade cover or canopy. Some chairs have adjustable canopy so you stay sheltered from harmful UV rays despite the angle of sunlight. Umbrellas or canopies offer outstanding protection from elements like rainwater or wind.

Lots of beach chairs currently have built-in accessories like pillows that add comfort to chair. Many beach chairs come with pockets or storage containers to hold keys, snacks, books, or sunglasses too. Most chairs have insulated cup-holders to hold your beverages retaining its temperature.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Multiple-position reclining of Rio beach chairs fine-tune into even 4-7 angled positions. This is accommodating for tanning/sun-bathing or if you desire to lie down for a nap in warm sunshine. If you have a chronic back pain, seek beach chairs with manifold reclining positions, footrest, headrest, armrests, or lumbar pillow for the lower back for a good ergonomic support.

Most Rio beach chairs have flexible design. This denotes you can fine-tune your position to everything, be it sitting straight to lying down. This permits capitalizing your chairs making them adequately comfy to last for a full idle beach day.

Rio beach chairs have a low profile, hands-free, and lightweight design to carry them easily. Frequently, you cart along with children and added gear bags so a beach chair that folds up tiny can be a genuine lifesaver. Sometimes, chairs convert into backpacks or have straps that you may throw across shoulders. These free up hands and let you carry beach tents or coolers effortlessly. Look for chairs that fold up petite and flat. This will help you leave/place the chair in car trunk without occupying room.

Having a chair that presents adequate high-back support is vital, particularly, if you spend much time in beaches/poolside. High-back styles let chair smoothly transform into beach lounger without sacrificing portability. Chairs with excellent folding mechanisms contain a bag for the chair to slip into so it easily sits over shoulders for easy transportation.Top 11 Best Rio Beach Chairs in 2020

The amount of time spent on beach chair during summer is extensive. Consequently, ensure it’s comfortable. Adding some padding/cushioning to seat/armrests helps you get into the comfiest position possible alleviating pressure points and tender/achy muscles/joints/bones.

As sand is uneven, you can place your chair in uncomfortable positions. You’ll spend quite some time in chair during summer, so it’s exceedingly important that your chair has durable legs.

Verify the weight rating of chair before buying. Rio beach chairs have good weight ratings that basically suffice for fully-grown users. It is important to note material type used to build legs. Are they adequately sturdy to endure bumpy beach? Buying a rust-defying steel-legged Rio chair is your safest bet.

Rio beach chair sitting low to ground are safe and trouble-free for kids to get in/out. These are resilient enough to handle a beating. Drink holders are great for holding kid’s milkshakes/fruit juices. Sunshade or umbrella-top provides much-needed shade to a youngster from harsh sun. Conversely, Rio has large heavy-duty stable backpack chairs with generous 300-pound weight limit plus wider seat.

Fully lounging on beach must be your peak priority and resting your feet certainly helps. So, footrests are structured as a chair component. They move if you shift and conform to feet contours for comfort. Built-in footrests let you completely unwind and recline.

Durability & Warranty

Rust resistance is an extremely vital feature for any beach chair. Being close to salty sea/ocean water, it willTop 11 Best Rio Beach Chairs in 2020 take a serious toll on the chair. The salt-spray from sea/ocean beaches rapidly tarnishes any metal aging it quite quickly. Investing in rust-proof Rio beach chair will radically amplify lifespan. The rust-proof layer is frequently viewed as coating over metal that functions to shield it. This allows you to sit near waves with no fear of chair decay.

Waterproof/fade-proof traits are a spot on sign of quality, ensuring the chair features a high-quality fabric. Beach or pool is a tough surrounding for any gear to hold up. You deal with direct harsh sunlight and a drenched and dirty setting. With harsh sunlight, beach chairs begin looking aged and tattered quite rapidly. Opting for Rio beach chairs with first-rate fade-proof/waterproof material makes your purchase last much longer.

Warranty span, returns, or refunds are the diverse elements that you must examine if you’re purchasing a Rio beach chair. Longer company warranties make your decision easier.

Top 11 Best Rio Beach Chairs in 2020

1. Rio Beach Classic 5-Position Folding Beach Chair (Top Pick)
Built-in towel bar 4.8
2. Rio Beach 17″ Extended-Height 4-Position Beach Chair
Adjustable, padded shoulder straps 4.8
3. RIO Beach 4-Position Lace-Up Backpack Folding Beach Chair
Flexible lace-up suspension 4.7
4. Rio Beach Portable Compact-Fold Breeze Sling Chair
Large, adjustable foam pillow 4.6
5. Rio Beach Bum Folding Beach Chair
2 separate storage compartments 4.6
6. Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair
Quick-dry fabric 4.5
7. RIO Beach 4-Position Easy In-Easy Out Folding Beach Chair
Weight Ccpacity: 230 lbs 4.5
8. Rio Beach 15″ Extended Height 4-Position Beach Chair
Weather proof 4.4
9. RIO Beach Hi-Boy 17″ Extended Seat Height Beach Chair
8-position reclining options 4.3
10. Rio Beach Wave Beach Folding Sand Chair
Weighs only 5 lbs 4.2
11. Rio Brands SC642BP-TS Hi Boy Beach Chair
Weight capacity 250 LB 4.1

1. Rio Beach Classic 5-Position Folding Beach Chair (Top Pick)

Bask in the nice sunshine with Rio Beach Classic 5-Position Lay-Flat Folding Beach Chair!Rio Beach Classic 5-Position Folding Beach Chair (Top Pick)

Since its inception in 1947, Rio Brands is dedicated to service, excellence, and novelty. It presents attributes in comfort, sturdiness and function that are lacking everywhere. Company has earned a splendid name for making finest-quality products by bringing style and class to beach and backyard furniture with top-rated designer styles for outdoors and beach.

Through innovation, Rio Brands designs its products with latest and recent characteristics so you can invest in a consistent and high-quality product like Rio Beach Classic 5-Position Lay-Flat Folding Beach Chair.

Material & Construction

7lbs Rio Beach Classic 5-position lay-flat folding Pacific Blue aluminum beach chair has seat depth of 14.25”. It has built-in towel bar and standard headrest.

This chair has rip-free protection. It has bar-tack stitching in 16 dissimilar places to strengthen fabric strength. The fabric is made of thick, first-rate 600 Denier fabric that withstands daily usage.

Portability is easy with padded flexible shoulder straps and compact fold. Armrest has water-/scratch-proof solid hardwood.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Enjoy full-day tanning with 5-position ergonomic reclining lightweight beach chair with comfy lay-flat option. Recline devoid of troubles of pinching fingers/hands in brackets with patented in-built SAFE-ADJUST technology of wooden armrests.

These contoured wooden armrests are preserved with ocean-grade coating to avert scratching and offer weather-proof fortification.

It has tilt-lock protection with locking bracket to avoid beach chair from tilting/folding during use and strengthens seat frame for tougher, more resilient chair. Seat height is low at just 8 ½” off ground.

Durability & Warranty

Rio Beach Classic Lay-Flat is a durable and admired sand chair. Enjoy all summer in the sun in 5 dissimilar reclining positions with SAFE-ADJUST patented technology for long-lasting use. It has rust-proof aluminum frame for use at backyard/terrace/pool/beach.

The contoured wooden armrests offer utmost elbow plus forearm comfort and stay sealed with marine-grade covering to avert scratching and has resistance to every-day weather elements like sun, wind, sand, or dust.

The beach chair has aluminum frame with proprietary locking brackets to strengthen chair strength and prevent it from folding/collapsing during use. The heavy-duty beach chair supports up to 250lbs. You get 1-year limited warranty.


  • Recline in 5 positions with lay-flat preference
  • Easy-to-carry design with padded modifiable straps
  • Patented SAFE-ADJUST tech pinch-free armrest design


  • No pocket/cup holder
  • Metal parts could be of higher quality

2. Rio Beach 17″ Extended-Height 4-Position Beach Chair

Invest in the tough and versatile Rio Beach 17″ Extended-Height 4-Position Folding Beach Chair!Rio Beach 17″ Extended-Height 4-Position Beach Chair

RIO Brands beach gear utilizes lightweight fabrics to bring maximum function. The objective is to help enjoy beach adventure, without any burden of carrying weighty accessories. Rio Gear gives an assortment of lightweight folding beach chairs like Rio Beach 17″ extended-height 4-position folding beach chair.

Material & Construction

17″ extended-height 4-position folding Aluminum beach chair from RIO Gear comes in Blue/White/Green Stripe color. It has durable polyester fabric.

The rust-resistant aluminum frame is all-weather-resistant and weighs 8lbs. Open dimensions are 39.5”x27.8”x27.6”.

It’s very comfy and easy to get in/out of. It has cup holder with 1.5” depth so drinks won’t simply fall out. The cooler bag can be used as storage bag for books, keys, phones, and more. Built-ins on armrests are cell-phone slot with bottle opener. Store personal belongings within insulated storage pouch containing mesh pocket expediently located on armrest.

Comfort & Ergonomics

RIO beach chair has extended seat height sitting 17”off ground making it suitable and ergonomic for taller and bigger users. It easily/comfily reclines to 4 dissimilar positions with SAFE-ADJUST technology built into molded armrests preventing any chronic pain or pressure points.

SAFE-ADJUST brackets offer a guarded reclining without getting fingers/hands pinched. The extra-broad molded armrests offer elbow with forearm comfort. The modifiable, padded shoulder straps and compacted fold eases portability.

Durability & Warranty

The beach chair includes compact folding design occupying lesser storage space in car or home. Simple storage enhances proper care and durability. The rust-resistant, heavy-duty aluminum frame is built tough. The patented locking brackets fortify chair strength and prevents chair from folding/collapsing. The portable beach chair can support around 250lbs. You get 1-year limited warranty.


  • 17″ extended-height 4-position beach chair
  • Molded extra-wide armrests
  • Insulated storage pouch with mesh pocket


  • No padded neck-rest

3. RIO Beach 4-Position Lace-Up Backpack Folding Beach Chair

Exude a style statement at the beach with RIO Beach 4-Position Lace-Up Backpack Folding Beach Chair!RIO Beach 4-Position Lace-Up Backpack Folding Beach Chair

Across seasons, the company Rio Gear travels across the planet to unearth the newest and recent trends on fashion runways and initiates it to beach. Rio Brands is committed to superiority and security. The company chooses to act better than other brands. So adjoin fashion and utility to folding beach chair with Rio Beach 4-position lace-up backpack beach chair.

Material & Construction

8lbs Navy-colored Tropical-styled RIO Beach lace-up aluminum-framed beach chair has polyester material. The lace-up suspension adjoins nautical fashion to sand chair and offers all-day comfort by matching to body. Open dimensions are 44.7″x25.5″x26.5″.

It presents easy hands-free unrestricted portability and is very lightweight to carry. Flexible backpack shoulder straps with huge storage pouch for beach accessories are patented and just by Rio Beach.

Flexible suspension structure supports/conforms to body. Aluminum frame is lightweight, rust-resistant; it has outsized adjustable pillow, cup holder, and 4-position easy-adjusting recline alternatives.

The internal hook-and-loop fastener pocket maintains small things in place. When you’re prepared to pack up and leave, secure main pouch with modifiable buckle straps to store personal articles in place.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Relax beside the pool or at beach contentedly with unique form of 4-position easily-adjustable reclining beach chair. Typical beach chairs are 8½” off ground. The lace-up chair offers higher ergonomic seating alternative at 11” off ground, making it easy to get in/out of. A locking bracket averts camp chair from tilting/folding during use and supports chair seat frame making it stronger, more resilient.

The broader, molded waterproof armrests offer comfort to elbows, hands, and forearms with all-day seating. Fingers or hands won’t be caught in Safe-Adjust brackets. Large, adjustable foam pillow ergonomically supports your spine/neck/head. Tilt-lock protection is in place.

Durability & Warranty

The frame is made of heavy-duty lightweight rust-proof aluminum that lasts for years no matter how rough the ocean wind is.

It has durable rip-free protection with bar-tack stitching in sixteen special places to strengthen fabric potency. Fabric used is prepared of chunky, unparalleled 600 denier fabric ensuring rough usage. Weight capacity is quite strong at 240lbs. You get 1-year limited warranty coverage.


  • Large, flexible foam pillow
  • Elegant lace-up suspension
  • 240lbs weight capacity


  • Stitching could be stronger
  • Arms/adjustments are fragile plastic

4. Rio Beach Portable Compact-Fold Breeze Sling Chair

Relax and watch the waves with Rio Beach Portable Compact-Fold Breeze Sling Chair!Rio Beach Portable Compact-Fold Breeze Sling Chair

Sit back and unwind with your feet in sand all day. If not at the beach, take it outdoors anywhere. Rio Beach portable compact-fold Breeze sling chair is perfect for park concerts, sitting on game sidelines, relaxing in backyard, or using by the lake.

Material & Construction

Denim Blue 10.58lbs Rio Beach Breeze sling chair has Aluminum and Steel frame. The core mesh insert is structured for utmost air circulation and cooling. The exclusive, compacted folding chair has carry strap for effortless portability.

The well-built, powder-coated steel white frame is rust-defiant and is easily-foldable. It has an outsized, flexible foam pillow softly supporting your neck plus seat-side drink holder.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Breeze sling chair sits 13.5” off ground to easily and comfortably get in/out of it. It has a breathable mesh fabric with center mesh insert for highest ventilation generating airflow through breathable backrest plus seat enhancing user comfort with zero sweating.

It’s extremely ergonomic! Being low to ground, it helps stretch legs out. The back has sufficient tilt for lounge chair feel.

Sling chair has ample seating space. It even folds two times; its top folds down and in half. It’s quite easy to operate, not awfully heavy and incredibly sturdy.

Durability & Warranty

The sturdy, rust-defying steel frame is ultra-durable, lightweight and trouble-free to fold. It includes a carry strap for straightforward portability. This augments chair’s shelf life. Rust-proof frame grants versatile use anywhere near water.


  • Large, flexible foam pillow
  • Suitable seat-side drink holder
  • Breathable mesh fabric


  • Carrying strap might have been designed better
  • A bit cumbersome to carry

5. Rio Beach Bum Folding Beach Chair

Find a perfect summer companion in Rio Beach Bum Folding Beach Chair!Rio Beach Bum Folding Beach Chair

Rio Beach Bum folding beach chair is a perfect summer gadget for the beaches for all-day comfort and lounging.

Material & Construction

Turquoise Polyester Rio Beach Bum folding beach chair has seat depth of 22”. Tall beach chair offers an elevated beach seating at 12” off ground.

Deluxe ergonomic armrests are of solid hardwood and extra-wide with integral carry handle. Compact and portable chair has flexible padded shoulder strap and compressed fold for portability.

For personal storage, you get 2 detached storage compartments including a large zippered pocket and a smaller sealable Velcro pouch. Swing-out drink holder is provided.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Pinch-free recline is obtained with patented Safe-Adjust armrest design. Recline without any concern of fingers/hands injured by brackets. It has 4-position customized easy-change recline. The solid, extra-wide, water-resistant hardwood armrests are sealed with defensive coating making them weather-proof/scratch-resistant.

Tilt-lock protection with locking bracket prevents beach chair from tilting/folding throughout use and strengthens seat frame for stronger, more heavy-duty chair. The lightweight, rust-free aluminum frame weighs 8lbs. Headrest is cushioned and backrest height is average.

Durability & Warranty

Rio Beach Bum folding chair has rip-free protection including bar-tack stitching in 16 diverse places to support fabric strength. The fabric used is solid, first-class 600 denier fabric that withstands rigorous usage. Durable chair has a massive weight capacity of 250lbs. Locking bracket prevents it from tilting/folding and reinforces seat frame for extra resilience. There’s 1-year limited warranty coverage.


  • 250lbs weight capacity
  • Carry-handle on wooden armrest, carry strap
  • 4-position recline


  • No towel bar
  • Not good for carrying long distances

6. Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair

Chill in the seashore with Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair!Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair

Rio Brands is esteemed for making a premium range of outdoor products intended for camping and bringing fashion, quality to beach furniture to ensure durability that will last.

Material & Construction

Beach lounge chair weighs 9lbs. Seat height is 10“ off ground, the folded dimensions are 25.75“x22“x 3″ and open dimensions are 72“x22“x10″; weight capacity is 250lbs. With lay-flat feature, you can customize your own beach chair convenience with unlimited reclining positions.

Avail total comfort with quick-dry sling design made of durable polyester to suffer everyday usage. It includes an easy-access big storage pouch for traveling. It is made out of rust-proof steel and lightweight. The sling is made of sturdy, polyester, quick-dry fabric giving all-day comfort, relaxation.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Travel light with this beach lounge chair, unique backpack shoulder straps give open movement and custom-fit ability thus you can travel in relief. Make the most of your beach chair with trouble-free to access large storage pouch with an abundance of room to store your beach towels, beverages, small accessories, snacks and a lot more. Customize your comfort level with limitless reclining positions contain lay-flat selection. The backpack lounger sits 10” off ground making it effortless to get in/out.

Durability & Warranty

The product offers features in durability, comfort, along with function. It includes sturdy, powder-coated steel frame that is rust-resistant; it’s easy to fold. Get 1-year limited warranty!


  • Patented backpack straps for easy portability
  • Large storage pouch
  • Unlimited reclining positions
  • Comfortable seat height


  • Fabric quality could have been improved

7. RIO Beach 4-Position Easy In-Easy Out Folding Beach Chair

The contentment of beach relaxation complete with RIO Beach 4-Position Easy In-Easy Out Folding Beach Chair!RIO Beach 4-Position Easy In-Easy Out Folding Beach Chair

Rio folding beach chair comes with finest quality to deliver maximum function. You take pleasure in your overnight adventure, lightweight design that gives maximum convenience to relax.

Material & Construction

The folding beach chair weighs8 lbs. The seat height is 12.75” and weight capacity is 250lbs. It has solid hardwood arms that are sealed by marine-grade polyurethane to endure elements which are resistant to scratching. The chair seat features long-lasting polyester and is made to survive everyday usage. It features trouble-free 4-position Safe-Adjust recline design. With 4 different reclining positions, you won’t worry about getting your fingers/hands trapped in brackets.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The outdoor chairs are suitable for your beach time; it brings a level of ergonomic rest to your outdoor occasion. It features convenient carry straps for trouble-free transport to seashore, sporting event, park, or outdoor performance. The tall beach chair frame is made with lightweight aluminum, making it hardwearing and weighs only 8lbs.

Durability & Warranty

Turn any beach comfy as home with this reasonable and strong RIO chair. These dependable options can endure performing. From sturdy fabric to corrosion-proof construction, while you buy from RIO, you are familiar with its resilience. Also, it’s backed by 1-year limited warranty.


  • Convenient carry straps for easy transport
  • Durable quality for outdoor use
  • Simple to recline
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Shoulder strap may be intimidating for portable purposes

8. Rio Beach 15″ Extended Height 4-Position Beach Chair

Basking in the sunshine while owning Rio Beach 15″ Extended Height 4-Position Beach Chair!Rio Beach 15″ Extended Height 4-Position Beach Chair

Rio Gear camping folding chair is manufactured of lightweight materials to bring maximum function. Make your relaxation time cozier all backed with elegant design to carry around.

Material & Construction

The folding beach chair weighs 8lbs. Beach chair includes an extended seat height sitting 15” off ground and has a weight capacity of 250lbs. You can easily recline to 4 different positions via SAFE-ADJUST technology outfitted with molded armrests. It has SAFE-ADJUST brackets giving a guarded recline devoid of worries or fear of hurting fingers, hands.

Extra-wide molded armrests offer elbow/forearm comfort and include built-in cell-phone slot, cup-holder, and bottle opener. The adjustable, padded shoulder straps, with compact fold, make it trouble-free to take anywhere outdoors; also rust-proof aluminum frame is enduring to survive all-weather and weighs only 8lbs to carry it on the go.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The product is constructed with convenience in mind that transforms into a backpack; outdoor events are by no means easier with RIO. It includes an extended seat height and molded armrests are extra-broad and contoured to give maximum elbow/forearm comfort. The armrests have handy features like a cell phone slot, built-in cup holder, and bottle opener.

Durability & Warranty

The product is made from durable fabric, rust-/corrosion-proof materials, as you purchase a Rio product you know it will serve you with trustworthy outdoor gear for years to come. It’s backed with 1-year limited warranty.


  • Outfitted with molded armrests
  • Rust-proof aluminum frame
  • Safe reclining
  • Compact and portable design


  • No wooden armrest

9. RIO Beach Hi-Boy 17″ Extended Seat Height Beach Chair

Perfect beachside escapade with RIO Beach Hi-Boy 17″ Extended Seat Height Beach Chair!RIO Beach Hi-Boy 17″ Extended Seat Height Beach Chair

RIO brings you the beach chair that has shade canopy cover made with lightweight materials to deliver the utmost function. You will benefit from your daily/overnight adventure with a perfect portable product.

Material & Construction

Hi-Boy folding beach chair has open dimensions of 56.2” x 27.2” x 27” and weighs 10lbs. It has 17” extended seat height with a canopy that gives all-day tanning through maximum sun protection. Recommended with Skin Cancer Foundation designed for blocking sun’s damaging UVA/UVB rays, the regulating canopy gives UPF 50+ sun protection. While not in use, the adjustable sun canopy effortlessly folds behind chair meant for storage.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The chair comes with a canopy that features 8 different reclining options. Now, you can recline without the worries of hurting your fingers/hands. It’s backed with SAFE-ADJUST technology that’s constructed to molded armrests. The molded armrest offers maximum elbow/forearm comfort.

For extra comfort, the extended height backrest is perfect for big and tall users and has plush, flip-over pillow intended for head/neck support. The beach chair includes handy and personal storage with side storage pouch, cup holder, and cell phone case. Keep your beverage close by and put off sand from getting to personal belongings.

Durability & Warranty

The chair is perfect to take anywhere outdoors. It is made of lightweight yet durable rust-proof aluminum that will last long with performance. There’s 1-year limited warranty.


  • Outfitted with seat-side storage pouch
  • Adjustable UPF 50+ sunshade canopy
  • Extended height backrest
  • Rust-proof aluminum frame


  • Canopy could have been sturdier to withstand heavier wind

10. Rio Beach Wave Beach Folding Sand Chair

Define your outdoor camping experience with Rio Beach Wave Beach Folding Sand Chair!Rio Beach Wave Beach Folding Sand Chair

Rio Beach folding sand chair has earned an excellent reputation for making a premium range of outdoor lounging perfectly blended with fashion and quality to beach/backyard. You get quality and safety with a handful of features.

Material & Construction

The folding sand chair weighs 5lbs. It has 1-position and its built-to-last frame is manufactured with strong, powder-coated steel. The weight capacity is 190lbs. It is rust-proof metal and made to endure water elements, it is recommended not to immerse it into water and wiping excess water or moisture off prior to storing to extend beach chair life. It is constructed with rugged and hard-wearing 600D polyester. The polyester chair backing along with chair seat will dry rapidly; giving you entire-day comfort.

Comfort & Ergonomics

By a new frame design, the folding sand chair is now simpler to store than ever! The fresh lower profile provides a more compacted beach chair ideas. It’s ideal for an outdoor sport or concert in park and is compact for effortless storage and transport. The chair sits 5.5″ off ground. It weighs 5lbs for easy portability and is easily carried through ergonomic bar frame.

Durability & Warranty

The folding sand chair is constructed with hard-wearing fabrics that resist color fading plus constructed to keep you dry; also has durable powder-coated finish for complete resilience for more years to come. It comes with 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Chair is space-saving
  • Portable design
  • Rugged 600 denier polyester
  • Durable powder-coated finish


  • Sitting position could have been slightly higher to ground

11. Rio Brands SC642BP-TS Hi Boy Beach Chair

Rejuvenate in your beach time with Rio Brands SC642BP-TS Hi Boy Beach Chair!Rio Brands SC642BP-TS Hi Boy Beach Chair

Rio Brands brings you 17″ backpack beach chair that is an immense place to sit back and relax in the beachside; also it is backed with 5 different positions for added flexibility to your convenience.

Material & Construction

SC642BP-TS chair weighs about 7lbs. This beach chair has the adjustability setting of five different positions and features zippered storage pouch. This chair’s outfitted with a storage pouch with an insulated cooler pouch with straps. The seat sits 17” above ground intended for trouble-free sitting along with a drink holder and cell phone holder. The weight capacity it can bear is 250lbs.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The backpack beach chair is perfectly designed for an afternoon nap or for someone who simply wants to spend the evening time on the beach. It has the expediency of 5-position setting along with light aluminum frame making it straightforward to carry around. This portable chair includes double backpack straps, a drink holder along with side-zippered pouch by cellphone pocket.

Durability & Warranty

The beach chair is outfitted with quality materials and craftsmanship; this is lightweight durable chair, and solid hardwood armrest has scratch-resistant quality for complete peace of mind. Get 1-year limited warranty.


  • Adjusts to 5 different positions
  • Portable design
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • Zippered storage


  • Drink holder could be stronger

Maintenance Tips For Rio Beach Chairs

Since Rio beach chairs are always exposed to elements like sunshine and saltwater, it must be correctly taken care of. If you take it for granted, it will deteriorate and build up mold/mildew.

  • Prepare required solution for cleanup. Take non-abrasive white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray solution directly onto affected spots generously. If mold is rather stubborn, spray even more to remove stains. Repeat the process until mold is totally removed.
  • Vinegar has strong odor, so wipe the chair clean with sponge or cloth. Then, rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • If vinegar is not removed completely from chair, opt for gentle dishwashing liquid.
  • Combine some drops of liquid with 2 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 gallon hot water. Mix everything and clean chair carefully. Next, rinse with warm water entirely.
  • Always allow your chair to air dry for keeping it fresh and clean. Let it stay under sunlight for a whole day in a dry, warm place with stable air circulation.
  • Ensure your chair is fully dry before using it since additional moisture may ruin the frame and fabric.
  • To confirm your chair will preserve its outstanding functions, keep it in a first-rate storage area. Do not stow it in moist places where it may catch mold or mildew.
  • If you use bleach, read the directions first before using it to ensure it will not harm the fixture.
  • Do not chuck out molds or utilize strong chemicals within an enclosed area. Check to carry out these procedures inside an open space.
  • To avoid fading, a beach chair with UV or weather-resistant protection is suggested. If you do not desire to manage mold or mildew, you can choose chairs manufactured from non-fabric materials.


Going to the beach might seem a tad different this summer, but regardless of what that experience holds, you’re expected to get a first-rate premium Rio beach chair loaded with multipurpose features. Nevertheless, there are scores of styles to pick from, so searching for the top Rio beach chair can seem a tad overwhelming.

Any of the above-mentioned Rio beach chairs from the list is worth trying this summer and even design experts agree how great a difference a grand beach chair makes to your beach outing. Paying careful attention to definite features mentioned above will really help.

Ensure you assess what size user you are, your preferences, accessories you carry, expected life-span, and certainly, what type of storage and portability you prefer!

Think how it folds up and whether it will take up some room in your car trunk or home storage. Technically, ascertain how much weight it holds and whether it’s safe and ergonomic for different-sized users. Focus on the maintenance procedure it needs according to material and frame type. Determine how it can fight sun and saltwater exposure. If you analyze these versatile traits, you are never unprepared for outings on the sunny beach again.

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