Best Ski Boot Bags In 2020 – Complete Guide

Best Ski Boot BagsShort getaway trips are all about organization, and when you turn this trip into a purposeful getaway like skiing or snowboarding, then the stakes for organization rise even higher. Ski boot bags are built to bring out your inner organization skills naturally. When you are pressed for time and space, a great ski boot bag will help you out by holding all your essentials in place without damaging or losing anything during the whole trip.

Imagine a skiing lodge. It’s cold. It’s humid. And most importantly, its buzzing with fellow skiers from all over which means there’s not much room to spare. In circumstances like these, a versatile ski boot bag will become your most trusted and reliable friend. It will have the capacity to not only hold your boots, but also fit in your other essential gear like gloves and goggles. And it will work well against any terrains without coming apart! “We have also written a complete guide about best toiletry bags“.

However, with many different kinds of ski boot bags available in the market, it becomes quite overwhelming when looking for the right one that will compliment all your needs perfectly. Here are some of the common types of ski boot bags that you will come across in your search:

Main types of ski boot bags:

Side boot pockets

These kinds of ski boot bags allow you to store your boots separately on each side of the boot bag. The main benefit Best Ski Boot Bags In 2019 - Complete Guideof this is that your boots don’t scrape against each other or against your other items. This is especially advantageous when your boots are freshly worn and are wet, hence keeping them away from the rest of your gear will only do you good! Moreover, these are easily accessible and you won’t have to rummage through the rest of your gear to get to your boots.

Split level design

While separate boot pockets completely isolate each boot from one another, ski boot bags that come with a split level design create two separate portions. One portion is usually predominantly for boots only while the other is built to hold the rest of your stuff. In split level design ski boot bags, your boots are placed together, and usually either over the rest of your gear or under with a thick water resistant dividing both sections.

Internal dividers

These kinds of ski boot bags look like your regular backpack usually however they come with internal dividers either in the form of padding or bags. These internal dividers are water resistant but won’t be able to isolate the rest of your gear from your boots entirely. Chances are you won’t even be able to cram everything in because of the fear associated with crushing your fragile items. However, in most ski boot bags made with internal dividers, the manufacturers add separate pockets on the outer side with protective layering for delicate things like goggles and phones.

There might be many other kinds of ski boot bags available in the market, but these three are the most generically used designs by most companies. Moreover, while the design and overall structure of the ski boot bag are really important one also needs to keep an eye out for other key features which are usually the small things that make a huge difference. “We have also written a complete guide about best cross-body bags for travel“.

Other key features to consider when about to buy a ski boot baBest Ski Boot Bags In 2019 - Complete Guideg:

  • Size

Size is one of the most important factors to consider when investing in a ski boot bag. You don’t want a size that is too big to fit into the overhead locker in air planes or conventional lodge lockers, or one that is too small to accommodate all your important gears for skiing. The only way you can determine the appropriate size, is by keeping your gear in mind when shopping for a boot bag.

  • Compartmentalization

Boots bags are all about organization; however, understanding the purpose behind different compartments is very necessary. For instance, you would need a separate compartment that is big enough to fit in your husband’s size 14 shoes. Or a mother of infants would be looking for a boot bag that has many compartments to fit her kids stuff without cluttering it.

  • External pockets

There are always some things that you cannot just throw into the main compartment on the boot bag that is holding your clothes and boots. This is where external pockets come in handy and you need some with protective lining so that the delicate items in your gear, like goggles and phones, don’t get scratched not crushed.

  • Material

A ski boot bag will be experiencing some tough terrains and climate so it’s always a good idea to go for a boot bag that comes with a sturdy material like nylon or polyester. Both these are known for their durable and water resistant properties. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to look for a bag that comes with a tarpaulin base because it provides extra layering against water. There are also some that come with rubber spiky feet, and these work well, because they lift the bag off the surface a few inches and protects against water or muddy surfaces.

  • Carrying optionsBest Ski Boot Bags In 2019 - Complete Guide

When you have to carry a boot bag up to the ski lodge with your other gear like skis or board, it’s always a good option to look into the carrying options provided by the bag. Some will come with ergonomic handles on the sides or the top of the bag while the other will feature shoulder padded straps with padded back mesh support. Some might even come with all three options hence allowing you to shift between each easily.

  • Ventilation and drainage grommets

Ventilation and drainage are especially important for the boot compartment. You want to be able to keep your wet boots away from the rest of your dry gear. With adequate ventilation, the boots don’t remain soggy for long and are constantly aired. The drainage grommets make sure no water gets puddle within the bag and cause more damage to other things.

  • Changing mat option

Nowadays, some boot bags are coming with convertible changing mats which allow the user to stand on something dry when changing into boot or changing back into their dry shoes. These are usually some pocket that extends into a changing mat when unzipped.

  • Lockable zippers

A skiing lodge is buzzing with skiers from everywhere and the best way to take care of your small belongings is by keeping your boot bag zipped and locked at all times. Here is where double zips come especially in handy.

  • Reflective piping lines

In dim lighting, having reflective piping over your bag will only make it easier for you to identify your belongings much easily. These reflective piping lines are very helpful when your boot bag is sitting between many other in dim settings.



Name Materials Price



Name Feature Price


  1. Kulkea Boot Trekker – Ski Boot Backpack  Fabrics: Durable, water resistant nylons, polyester and Tarpaulin $$$ 4.6 
  2. Dakine Boot Locker Bag  Ripstop nylon $$$  4.6
  3. Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack  Heavy duty tarpaulin bottom $$ 4.6 
  4. Stage Basic Boot Bag  Durable water resistant 600 Dernier Polyester material $$ 4.4
  5. Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack  1680 denier Ballistic Nylon with Polyester Twill $$  4.4
  6. Transpack TRV Pro  Nylon $$$ 4.4 
  7. Athalon Everything Boot Pack  Waterproof tarp along the bottom $$ 4.4 
  8. Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag  Durable Water Resistant Coated 600 Denier Polyester $$ 4.4 
  9. FUNKTION TOP Lake Placid Practical ski boot winter sports bag backpack by Henry BRUBAKER  Polyester $$ 4.2 
10. Athalon the Glider-Boot Bag 100% Polyester $$ 4.2

1. Kulkea Boot Trekker – Ski Boot Backpack

If you’re fretting the long hike up the hill with all your ski gear hanging around ready to fall off any minute then you need a Kulkea Boot Trekker – Ski Boot Backpack. This spacious bag has the capacity to hold a lot of stuff in minimal space without feeling or looking bulky on the outside. Moreover, its adjustable shoulder and waist straps are an added plus point for the user as they provide optimal support when you have to trek long durations with or even without kids without having the luxury of taking too much luggage. Make sure that you bring with you your best winter jackets on your ski trip.

Key Features

Functional design

Organization is important especially when you are worried to leave behind any of the essential gear needed in a ski trip. However with the Kulkea Boot Trekker – Ski Boot Backpack, you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind! This highly functional and very efficiently designed ski boot bag comes with multiple compartments that can hold your boots, helmet and other essential gear! Moreover, the designers have also made sure to leave room for ventilation and proper drainage so that there is less room for mold or bacteria to form!

Hard-wearing material

While the Kulkea Boot Trekker – Ski Boot Backpack is predominantly made of polyester, there are a couple of other fabrics also included that only add to its longevity and durability. Polyester is best known for being an extremely hard-wearing material, however when coupled with material like nylon and Tarpaulin, which are water resistant, this ski boot bag becomes an irresistible choice! Being water resistant is an added bonus as it helps protect you gear from getting unnecessarily wet and soggy.


One of the best features of the Kulkea Boot Trekker – Ski Boot Backpack is size. It is super spacious and can hold a lot of things without looking overly bulky or letting the gear collide against each other which would damage it extensively. The main gear compartment has the capacity to hold Men’s ski boots up to size 13. If you owner a pair of smaller size then that is a plus point because it only gives you more room to add other things.


  • Comes with padded shoulder straps which allow the user to easily carry their gear over long tiresome terrains.
  • The main compartment contains boot vents which allow the boots to get aired adequately and not leave a soggy smell behind.
  • Also comes with a waist belt that adds extra comfort and support to the user when carrying the bag.


  • May be bigger than the conventional carry on size for flights.


2. Dakine Boot Locker Bag

A Ski boot bag that is more than just about boots, is the perfect investment to make for your weekend skiing trips when you are in no mood to carry a bulky overnight carry on! With the Dakine Boot Locker Bag you will have enough space to add in your gear along with your ski boots without stuffing one over the other. The split level design that features a tarp lined boot compartment makes sure your wet boots stay out of your clothes and other things at all times! More over the tarp lined boot compartment also doubles into a changing mat so you can change with ease and convenience, without getting your feet wet!

Key Features

2 in 1 boot compartment

Ever heard of a boot bag converting into a changing mat? Well, with the Dakine Boot Locker Bag you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet when you decide to change out of your ski clothes and put on a pair of warm dry clothes. The tarp lined boot compartment has the capacity of not just turning into a changing mat but also is water resistant hence keeping your gear dry after your skiing spree!

Split level convenient design

While the split level compartment design may sound a bit small and compact but in reality, the Dakine Boot Locker Bag comes with a spacious interior that can carry enough gear for a ski weekend away! You don’t have to worry about space, as it is built to hold on a lot of material without taking up your boots space in the Boot compartment. The tarp lining makes sure that your boots; wet or even dry, stay separate from your remaining equipment.

Padded shoulder straps

Long journeys up the ski mountain and tiring ones back down can have a real effect on your body especially when you have to carry your gear back and forth. In such circumstances it’s always a good idea to have padded straps that make carrying your bag easy without much effort or pain.


  • Tough wearing material that is also water resistant.
  • The lower compartment can also hold boots of average size.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty which means you don’t have to worry about paying extra incase of any accidents.


  • May not be allowed as an airline carry on.


3. Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack

The Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack is all about perfect organization! With its many compartments and pockets ones can be sure to carry a lot without it getting lost in the ski bag. The safe zone compartment is perhaps the best part about this ski boot bag because it allows users to easily carry their delicate items like phones and goggles without them getting crushed at any point. Moreover, you also get to enjoy the benefits of having a standing mat that doesn’t let your feet or socks get wet in the snow! If design and practicality is your number one priority then you should definitely opt for this ski boot bag!

Key Features

Great compartmentalization

If you are very particular about organization, then chances are you are going to love this ski boot bag! The Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack comes with pockets for everything! There is a separate safe zone compartment that is made with heat resistant and crust resistant material so that you can easily store valuable items like goggles and phones. Moreover, there is also a separate boot compartment so that your other gear is not damaged by the boots. The manufacturers have also added 2 more side pockets for quick storage pieces like gloves and other accessories.

Standing mat

Skiing is fun, but changing into your ski boots can become quite a task if you don’t have a solid dry surface to assist your change over. However, with the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack you don’t have to worry about looking for dry surface because the back panel access zip flips open all the way down become a changing mat when you need to change into your boots without wetting your socks or your feet.

Durable fabric

Ski boot bags need to be hard wearing and tough because they occasionally carry a lot of equipment and are used in difficult climates. However, with the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack you don’t have to worry about durability as the tarpaulin bottom is quite sturdy. Moreover, the boot compartment has grommets that allow for water to easily seep out and let the boots dry.


  • Comes with built in loops hat help connect the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack to other Thule carriers.
  • Sturdy grab handles that make carrying the bag around easy.
  • Zippers are lockable so you don’t have to worry about any of your expensive items getting stolen.


  • Simple divider without padding between the boot compartment and front helmet area which may cause both items to collide into one another.


4. Stage Basic Boot Bag

The Stage Basic Boot Bag is a basic ski boot bag with the all essential features that anyone looks for when purchasing a ski boot bag for the first time! It’s made from polyester material which is not only very durable and long lasting but also very easy to maintain. You can wipe a damp cloth over it and you’re good to go. Moreover, it has enough space to carry your skiing essentials without making the bag look too bulky. The overall design of the bag is quite practical and users seem to comment on its practical features which add to its worth overall.

Key Features

Durable material

Extreme sports gear needs to be extremely durable. The Stage Basic Boot Bag is made up of 600 denier polyester which is not just durable but also water resistant! The dropping temperatures can lead to humidity levels high which means having a bag that is water resistant will help protect your gear from getting wet and soggy. Moreover, moving the bag up and down the ski slope where you don’t have much space for storage in dry areas, it’s always a good option to opt for a material which will block water.

Very spacious

While a boot bag may sound like a bag specifically made for ski boots, but the Stage Basic Boot Bag has the capacity to hold enough gear to get you through a gruesome ski weekend. The main compartment can hold up ski boots up to US men’s size 14, along with other skiing essentials like gloves and goggles or fragile material like phones.

Easy to carry around

Only thinking about the tiring hike up and down the ski mountain can give one shivers. However, with the right support and comfort, the journey can seem like an easy breeze in the park. The Stage Basic Boot Bag comes with top supporting handles that are padded and allow the user to carry the bag easily anywhere.


  • There are double top zippers which make it easy for the user to load and unload stuff.
  • Venting grommets let air through the bag so that the ventilation can allow the boots to easily dry up. The vents also allow for water to easily seep out.
  • 100% polyester material is easy to clean and maintain.


  • There may be a strong smell when the bag’s seal is first broken. However, this smell soon dissipates.


5. Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack

Planning a skiing get away and not sure about how to fit all your skiing gear in a small carry on? Well, with the Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack you don’t have to worry about space issues or any compromise on comfort because this ski boot bag comes with many compartments and pockets that will make organization very easy! Moreover, the padded shoulder straps are great support without adding excessive weight on either shoulder. You can also use one of these best fleece jackets for hiking on your skiing trip.

Key Features

Resilient fabric

Made from 1680 denier ballistic nylon, the Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack is a ski boot bag built to last. The manufacturers have also added extra polyester side panels for design as well as resilience so that the bags quality is not compromised on any level. Even after you haul it up and down skiing slopes and stuff it with your gear, you can expect this ski boot bag to withstand all turbulence without any problems.

Great Compartmentalization

A ski boot bag doesn’t just have to hold your ski boots. In-fact it is always a good idea to invest in a ski boot bag that is multi-purpose and can be used for carry other items as well. The Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack comes with very well planned compartments that can fit in more than just your ski boots. There is a main compartment that is made to hold all your main gear while the other smaller pockets are made for your small items like goggles and gloves. There is also a front zipper pocket to added some more of your easy grabbing equipment like wax and goggles.

Amazing comfort

Nobody wants to haul an uncomfortable bag up a skiing hill in dropping temperatures. However, the Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack is made to provide its user with optimum support and comfort so that you don’t tire yourself out before the skiing trip even begins! Other than the padded shoulder straps, the manufacturers have also added a padded back mesh support so that the items placed in your bag don’t dig into your back.


  • Proper ventilation and drainage grommets so the inside of your bag stays dry and warm at all times.
  • Well stitched with strong seams that will hold the bag together for a long time to come.
  • U-shaped opening from the top gives great easy access into the bag especially during cleaning.


  • May not fit into overhead carry on cabins or standard lodge lockers.


6. Transpack TRV Pro

To be honest, the Transpack TRV Pro is an all rounder! Other than its great features like durable fabric, greatly organized compartments and comfortable straps, perhaps the best part about the Transpack TRV Pro is that it is TSA approved for carry on purposes which means you carry it inside planes without having to worry about the bag fitting in overhead compartments.

Key Features

Many pockets

On a short weekend ski trip, you cannot spare time to even dig through your belongings looking for all your essential gear! However with the Transpack TRV Pro you don’t have to worry about spending time on rummaging through your stuff because with so many well thought and planned pockets, everything will be at the tip of your fingers whenever you need anything! You get to store your boots in the side boot pockets while keep your clothes and other gear in the internal storage compartment. Perhaps the best pocket of all is the top fleece coated pocket that makes sure your goggles don’t get scratched during the journey.

Long lasting material

While the Transpack TRV Pro is predominantly made out of 1680 denier nylon, it also contains some bit of polyester and a tarpaulin surface as well. The nylon and polyester combination is a very powerful one indeed because it is known to provide longevity and stability on tough, hard-wearing trips. Nylon and polyester are also some of the easiest materials to manage when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness. The tarpaulin surface is a great water resistant surface which makes sure that the inside components of your bag remain dry at all times!

Comfort at its best!

Carrying this ski boot bag is the most luxurious part of the whole trip! The Transpack TRV Pro comes with shoulder as well as waist straps that are double lined, adjustable as well as padded for extra support and comfort. The shoulder straps and the waist straps can also be tucked away in a stowaway compartment when the bag is not being used or needs to be fitted in into small spaces. Having a combination of shoulder and waist straps makes sure that the excess weight is taken off of your shoulders and divided evenly between your shoulders and waist.


  • Self repairing double zippers with locking access to protect your gear.
  • The central compartment is also specifically coated to make sure that water doesn’t seep into it.
  • Proper ventilation and drainage grommets that make sure the inside of the bag are always dry.


  • For some the internal compartment may not be designed in a way to easily fit gear like helmet and shin guards.


7. Athalon Everything Boot Pack

Like the name, the Athalon Everything Boot Pack is basically built to accommodate “everything” a skier would need on any given skiing trip! The bag is well designed with separate pockets for every section and every item. There are also clips given within pockets to hold the items in place! Perhaps the best part about the sectioning is the separate boot pockets which measn your wet boots don’t have any contact with the remaining dry items of your bag and can easily dry off with the help of the given grommets and ventilation spaces!

Key Features

Well planned sectioning

The Athalon Everything Boot Pack was built with the primary purpose of assisting kiers on their weekend getaway trips with ease and convenience. And nothing speaks of convenience more than this ski boot bag! There are pockets given for everything. From gloves, to goggles and boots, the makers of this bag have thoroughly thought through the making of this bag and made sure that the users are never disappointed. There are separate side pockets from ski boots which are separated from the main compartment so that the skier can easily access the boots without tempering with other dry items. Also, these boot pockets have grommets that make sure water does not stay inside.

Waterproof material

Made out of polyester, the Athalon Everything Boot Pack is a high functioning boot bag that doesn’t allow water or any liquid agents to enter the inside f the bag. Moreover, the bottom of the bag is also lined with tarpaulin which is also a water resistant agent. Polyester is also a material that can be easily wiped clean which means maintenance is minimalistic.

Easy carrying

The Athalon Everything Boot Pack comes with hidden backpack straps which make its very easy and convenient for skiers to move carry the bag to and fro. Moreover, the makers of this boot bag have also added extra carry handles on two more sides of the bag so the user can basically grab the bag in any direction except from the bottom! All the handles and backpack straps are lined and padded which makes for easy handling.


  • Reflective piping lines the whole bag which allows the user to easily detect the bag on poorly lit days.
  • Each pocket contains clips to help hold the items such as goggles and gloves, in place
  • There is also a separate front mp3 pocket with earphone outlets as well.


  • May not easily fit in the overhead cabin of airplanes.


8. Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag

A ski boot bag like the Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag is a great option to consider especially when you are looking for something that fulfils all your basic needs. With proper well designed compartments and the isosceles storage system in place, you will never feel like you’re carrying anything heavy and bulky on your back.

Key Features

Comfort at its best

When you are carrying you bag with the rest of your equipment, you want to do it as comfortable as possible. To make sure the avid user is not left with a tired shoulder or pulled muscle; the makers of the Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag have added padded shoulder straps that make carrying the bag easy. Moreover, the back of the bag is also padded with close cell foam and provides ultimate comfort.

Adequate distribution of pockets

Organization is very important when you are planning on going on a short trip anywhere. You don’t want o miss out on taking any essential things that would affect your trip significantly. However with the Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag you have plenty of pockets made to cater to all of the essential things required on a ski trip. Other than the waterproof main compartment where you can keep clothes and other gear, the Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag comes with boot side compartments that are well ventilated and have grommets that don’t let water stay within the compartment. There are also additional small pockets on the top and one the sides to keep small handy items like goggles and gloves.

Sturdy material

A ski boot bag that you will be using in not very accommodating places needs to be made up of a material that will last. With the Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag you don’t have to worry about the bag coming apart or not being able to withstand dropping temperatures because it is made up of a very sturdy and durable material. Denier polyester is one of the sturdiest materials used in the making of ski boot bags, and the Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag is also coated which means not only is it long lasting but also water resistant as well! Moreover, it comes with a tarpaulin bottom which adds to its water resistant element.


  • The Isosceles storage system is designed in a way to adequately divide the weight and not concentrate on one side.
  • The zippers have a double locking system to make sure your stuff is always projected at all times.
  • The main internal compartment also has a cord locking closure system which helps hold the items all in place securely.


  • Due to its triangular design, it may compromise the internal main storage compartment’s space.


9. FUNKTION TOP Lake Placid Practical ski boot winter sports bag backpack by Henry BRUBAKER

Planning a skiing trip anytime soon and looking for a ski boot bag that will not just hold your boots? Well, you don’t have to look any further because the FUNKTION TOP Lake Placid Practical ski boot winter sports bag backpack is not like any other bag. It’s spacious, well built to last and comes with special compartments for different items on your gear list! Moreover, the manufacturers have also added rubber spiky feet at the bottom so the bag doesn’t slip off of different surfaces when placed anywhere. This height also adds to the water resistant properties of the bag and helps keep the water and mud away from it. Do not forget to bring with you your best down jackets to keep you warm.

Key Features

Polyester material

Made from polyester, a material known for its hard-wearing and water resistant properties, FUNKTION TOP Lake Placid Practical ski boot winter sports bag backpack is built to stay with you throughout the seasons. The material is known to withstand any potential rips and tears as well.

A lot of storage space

The FUNKTION TOP Lake Placid Practical ski boot winter sports bag backpack contains storage spaces specifically made for different things. For instance, there is a specific compartment for boots that is ventilated and has grommets that allow water to easily seep out. Moreover, the inner main compartment can hold other items and is completely waterproof so that your wet boots don’t create a mess.

Adjustable straps

The main benefit of having adjustable rucksack straps is that you can easily convert the straps and use them as shoulder straps. The FUNKTION TOP Lake Placid Practical ski boot winter sports bag backpack can be used in multiple ways and also comes with a fully padded back as well so that when you carry the bag on your back is not particularly in an uncomfortable position.


  • The bag has rubber spiky feet that don’t let the bag slide away incase put on ice or any slippery surface.
  • The arch zip on top allows for easy access into the bag which is great for cleaning as well as arranging items within the bag.
  • The base also has a polyethylene panel that works as a great water repellent.


  • Some people may not find the zippers as sturdy.


10. Athalon the Glider-Boot Bag

Athalon is known to make some of the most ergonomic ski boot bags in the market! And with the Athalon the Glider-Boot Bag they have made sure to add features that lack in the previous models like the different carrying positions. Moreover, the space within the bag is well distributed hence the user can fit in all their gear without any problems. The nylon material is very sturdy and known to withstand the difficult terrains and handlings a ski boot bag is usually subjected to.

Key Features

Multiple carrying options

When it comes to a ski boot bag, chances are you will be carrying more than just boots in it. And, that will become very discomforting, if the weight is not evenly distributed on your shoulders or the bag doesn’t come with adequate carrying options for optimum support. The Athalon the Glider-Boot Bag, on the other hand, is beyond the regular ski boot bags you come across in the market because it give you’re the liberty to carry it in three different positions. Other than the padded shoulder straps, you also have the option of carrying in sideways or from the top as well with the help of ergonomic handles.

Plenty of storage room

Looking for a sturdy carry-all ski boot bag? Well, don’t look elsewhere because the Athalon the Glider-Boot Bag has the capacity to hold all your essential trip details without needing any extra support from another carry on. The boots section is kept completely away and separate from the rest of your items so that they remain dry and warm at all times. It also has collapsible dividers to hold the boots apart. Smaller items can be put in the side mesh pockets that also have a music port as well.

Heavy duty material

The Athalon the Glider-Boot Bag is made from very durable nylon that makes sure the bag stays with you for many seasons to come. Moreover, the nylon material is also known to be easy to maintain and can be wiped clean without causing too much mess or hassle.


  • Can be easily carried in 3 different positions comfortably.
  • The shoulder straps are detachable when not being used.
  • The bag itself is not very heavy and hence does not become too bulky to carry when loaded.


  • Single widely spaced stitches may compromise the bag’s make.

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