The Best Timberland Luggage Sets In 2020 – Ultimate Guide

Best Timberland Luggage SetsFounded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1918, Timberland is a global leader in manufacturing and retailing quality outdoors wear and gear. The company started its journey with footwear that could stand up the tough weather of New England. However, it has expanded over time to design, engineer, and market premium-quality apparel, luggage cases, backpacks, and other travel accessories. “We also written a complete guide about best luggage sets“.

Timberland luggage is for those consumers who value the outdoors and their time in it. The bags are made with high-grade materials with solid construction that can withstand the outdoor conditions and give your service for years to come. Besides, they also back their products with a warranty that covers all types of manufacturing defects. “We have also written a complete guide about best traveler’s choice luggage sets“.

Travel Bags Offered by Timberland

The bags and suitcases from Timberland are one of the best options for exploring the outdoors. They look good, carry fashionable and functional designs, and are rugged enough to survive in hard environmental conditions.

Timberland manufactures a broad range of travel luggage for both men and women. Their collection includes briefcases, rolling luggage, backpacks, duffle bags, messengers, and totes. They also have kid’s backpacks, which share the same design but with different colors.

What Differentiates Timberland from Other Luggage Brands?

Timberland is a leading brand in the American fashion industry. Like other prominent companies, it also has some characteristics that set it apart from other brands and help to make a name for itself.

Outdoor Lifestyle

In designing the products, the company takes inspiration from its rich New England heritage. For this reason, all of their products including the luggage and backpacks promote the outdoor lifestyle. The bags carry stylish but practical designs and are sturdy enough for outdoor environments. So, they perfectly fit whether you are walking through forest trails or rushing in city streets.

Eco-FriendlyThe Best Timberland Luggage Sets In 2019 - Ultimate Guide

Timberland makes their products responsibly to protect the environment. The cotton used in their products are sourced from organic sources, and all the materials are PVC free. PVC releases harmful byproducts at each step of its production. Besides, burning them releases toxic elements in the environment while burying them is threatening for the earth.

Affordable Luggage Sets

A great feature of Timberland is that many of their travel bags come in a set so that all of your travel needs are met with a single purchase.The 2, 3, and 4-piece luggage set includes everything from suitcases, carry-ons, duffels, and totes, which will ideally set you up regardless of the length of your journey.

Besides, these luggage sets are available at affordable prices, offering great savings on buying each piece individually.

Key Features of Timberland Luggage

Timberland cares so much about protecting the outdoors and the communities they live in. However, that focus to be an Earthkeeper does not let compromise with the quality or style of their products.


Like all other brands, Timberland luggage also has distinctive designs and styles. Their fabric bags look unique The Best Timberland Luggage Sets In 2019 - Ultimate Guidebecause of the aesthetic use of leather strips on the polyester body. Their cool, adventurous look is suitable for the urban nomads. They also have leather bags that look elegant with their minimalist and appearance and can compete with any brand in terms of quality and luxury.

The hard-shell luggage is also ideal for trendy travelers because the designs have many cool features such as grooves, slants, embossed brand logo, and the subtle use of accent colors.

Quality of Materials & Durability

Timberland’s soft-shell luggage is made of canvas, cotton, and leather. They use high-grade, PVC-free materials so that the bags last for a long time without polluting the environment. The hard-shell suitcases are made of polycarbonate or molded ABS. They have a rugged look and durable construction that are ideal for on-the-go adventures.

The aluminum trolley handle, hard-plastic wheels, and high-quality zipper and snap-in closures are also durable and won’t fail easily.

Timberland backs their products with a one-year warranty on material and workmanship defects. However, their agreement with Randa Luggage will cover the backpacks and luggage sold in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico with a 10-year warranty. It will cover manufacturing defects but not normal wear and tear or damage caused by airline handling, misuse, neglect, or unauthorized repair.


The Timberland luggage comes with all the features necessary for easy packing and comfortable traveling. The suitcases have a large zippered curtain on the lid and adjustable valet straps in the main compartment for smart The Best Timberland Luggage Sets In 2019 - Ultimate Guidestorage and organization of your stuff. The soft-shell bags have exterior pockets for storing the emergency and quick-access items.

Some of the bags have an expandable option so you can squeeze out some space of one or two days of extra packing.

The suitcases have four-wheel spinner system that facilitates smooth mobility with a 360-degree rolling. The trolley handle that has a push-button locking system puts less strain on the hands and wrists. They also have carry handles while the duffels and messengers have shoulder and side straps for easy lifting and carrying.

In a word, the bags have been made with every feature to epitomize travels made for the modern trails.

Let’s check our take on ten of the best Timberland luggage sets:




Name Material Price



Name Material Price


  1. Timberland Luggage Jay Peak Four Piece Set  Durable 600d polyester fabric $$$ 4.9 
  2. Timberland Shelburne Expandable Three Piece Hardside Luggage Set  100% ABS $$$ 4.5 
  3. Timberland Fort Stark 3 Piece Hardside Luggage Set  Expandable ABS $$$ 4.5 
  4. Timberland Luggage Boscawen Three Piece Luggage Set  100% Abs $$$ 4.0 
  5. Timberland Hampton Falls 3 Piece Luggage Set  100% Polyester $$$  4.0
  6. Timberland Boncliff Three Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set  100% ABS $$$ 4.0 
  7. Timberland Orange Trail 4 Piece Set  ABS, Pvc free, high density polyester $$$ 4.0 
  8. Timberland Luggage Twin Mountain 4 Piece Wheeled Duffle Set  100% Polyester $$$ 4.0 
  9. Timberland Reddington 4 Pc Set  100% Polyester $$$  4.0
10. Timberland Gilmanton Three Piece Hardside Set 100% ABS $$$ 4.0

1. Timberland Luggage Jay Peak Four Piece Set

The Jay Peak four-piece set is one of the most affordable options from Timberland because most of their 4-piece sets are more than thousand dollars. This set is priced at slightly over than $300, which is a steal of a deal considering their high quality and capacity of handling rough usage.


The bags are available in two color options – cocoa and burnt olive. Both the versions features accent colors that have given them a distinct appearance and attractive look. Besides, the two color options are uncommon, preventing others from mistaking your bags for their own.

Except for the colors, the design is quite simple where practicality instead of style has been given priority. Except for the backpack, all the upright duffels have a trolley handle and skate wheels, which almost remains hidden to add to the neat and clean look.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The bags are made of 100% polyester, which gives protection against moisture and wet conditions. Besides, the air-mesh padding features moisture-wicking fabric for breathability and carrying comfort.

The interior is textile lined, and its zippers are self-healing. So, there’s no chance for the bags to accidentally rip or fall open. The trolley handle is very strong, and it also has TPE overmold for a comfortable handgrip.

The luggage set comes with a 10-year warranty. Randa Luggage will cover it for any manufacturing defects.


The bags have a cinch system inside for keeping your essentials safe and in position. They have multiple interior pockets to help with the organization and separation of items. The exterior has multiple loops of tapered webbing for secure attachment of handbags and additional gear.

The trolley handle is adjustable at various heights, and the skate wheels offer easy maneuverability. Besides, the wheels are almost even to the bottom surface, so they don’t break off when thrown into and out of the conveyor belt.

The small backpack is a great bag to keep under your seat and carry the essential items such as passports and wallets. In fact, the whole set solves your packing needs for a great flying.


  • Lightweight frame and construction
  • PVC-free
  • Trolley handle has push-button locking mechanism
  • Affordable price


  • The skate wheels don’t roll sideways
  • The zipper seams don’t seem durable enough


2. Timberland Shelburne Expandable Three Piece Hardside Luggage Set

If you want a set of hardside spinners that can carry all of your clothes and stuff for a long vacation, the Timberland Shelburne 3-piece luggage set is a durable and practical choice. It’s a set of three suitcases sized at 28, 24, and 21 inches that can handle all of your travel needs. Besides, the set is quite affordable too except for the dark navy version that is over $1,000.


The suitcases look masculine with a diamond ribbed exterior that features a couple of curved lines. The metal trolley handle, plastic wheels, corner guards, and the side bezels further add to that macho style.

The set comes in three beautiful colors – dark navy, chocolate truffle, and shadow gray. All the versions have black accents, which add more beauty to the simple design.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The suitcases are made of 100% ABS. The durable hard side shell is PVC-free and has top and side carry handles.

The interior has a textile lining, and the fabric is sturdy enough not to tear off after a couple of trips. The quality of a travel bag is determined how well it can hold up under the stress of the journey. Besides, larger bags have to survive the abuse of the airport checking. These suitcases are so well constructed and durable that they are unlikely to rip or fall open in these situations.

The luggage set comes with a 10-year warranty on manufacturing defects.


The interior has a zippered curtain Interior is fully lined with a zippered curtain for keeping the essentials separate from the clothes. The valet straps in the main compartment facilitate easy organization. You can even expand all three suitcases for 2 inches additional storage capacity.

The trolley handle has a push-button locking system that keeps the luggage in place. The wheels make it easier to rotate the bags in any direction.


  • Simple, stylish design
  • Push-button locking trolley handle
  • Expandable


  • No mesh pocket inside for keeping shoes


3. Timberland Fort Stark 3 Piece Hardside Luggage Set

If you are not only looking for quality but also a bit of style, the Timberland Fort Stark 3-piece luggage set should be your next purchase. Priced less than $500, the suitcases are ideal for all of your travel escapades and outdoor adventures. They look unique and are equipped with all the features for easy mobility during journeys.


The Fort Stark luggage set looks a bit futuristic with their shiny exterior with noticeable grooves marked byvisible lines. The PC film coating on the body gives it extra sheen and the leather “Timberland” logo further adds to their distinct look.

You’ll find the set in three colors – brown, green, and tan. All the versions have a golden trolley handle, side bezels, and black carry handles and wheels with golden accents.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The suitcases are made of ABS material with a coating of PC film for extra shine and gloss. The hard shell is robust enough to protect your belongings. ABS perform very well in high impact conditions, and the side bezels and corner guards add extra protection.

The aluminum trolley handle, durable zippers with leather pullers, and the plastic wheels are likely to provide a long-term service and withstand the stress and abuse of flights and tours.

The luggage set offers a 10-year warranty for any defects in material or workmanship.


The interior has a zippered compartment on the lid and a large main section with elastic valet straps for packing convenience. You can expand all the suitcases by 2 inches to increase the storage capacity.

The push-button trolley handle and the carry handles make hauling and lifting a breeze! The eight-wheel spinner system rotates to every direction for easy rolling.


  • Futuristic design with a shiny exterior
  • Expandable
  • Eight-wheel spinner system provides smooth mobility


  • The wheels have rubber layer that may break or chip off
  • The interior does not have any zippered or elastic pockets


4. Timberland Luggage Boscawen Three Piece Luggage Set

Just like the Jay Peak four-piece set, the Boscawen three-piece luggage set is available at an unbelievable price – just slightly over than $300! In fact, the blue version is less than $300, which is even better!

The luggage set is well-constructed and durable, just like other Timberland hard side models, and is ideal for long vacations or weekend travels.


With sharply lined ridges and diamond ribbed exterior, the suitcases exude a commando style vibe. Their rugged exterior looks like capable of taking rough handling and stress of travels like a pro.

The set is available in three colors – blue, olive, bronze, and grazed ginger. All the models feature a trolley handle, carry handles, side bezels, corner guards, and spinner wheels.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The body of the suitcases is made of 100% ABS that contains no PVC. The casing seems adequately stiff, and the inside lining is nylon. The bags can take the beatings of severe weather and rough handling.

The body is water resistant and withstand scratching, poking, and thumping. The handles and the wheels are sturdy too. However, the only matter of concern is that the exterior does not have any snap, lever, or latch. It means that it is held together by two zippers only. You can use a lock though to keep everything from spilling out in case the zippers fail.

The set provides a 10-year warranty on manufacturing defects.


The interior has a zip-flap compartment, a pouch, and the main compartment with elasticized valet straps. The recessed telescoping trolley handle keep your luggage in place and reduce strain on hands with a push-button locking mechanism. The spinner system four wheels are ideal for smooth rolling and the carry handles make lifting easier.


  • Sports a commando style design
  • Extremely durable exterior
  • Recessed telescoping trolley handle
  • Spinner wheels for easy rolling


  • The exterior does not have any snap or latch closure


5. Timberland Hampton Falls 3 Piece Luggage Set

The Hampton Falls 3-piece luggage set will make your travel a breeze with their lightweight and functional design. You can carry them easily through the airports, or anywhere you go. The set includes a 30-inch wheeled duffel, a 20.4-inch wheeled carry-on, and a 17.5-inch backpack, which can set you and your partner up for at least a week’s packing. You also have so many options when it comes to the most durable luggage sets.


The smart and practical design of the luggage set will let you travel in style. The duffel and the carry-on has a trolley handle and skate wheels, so you face no problem moving them around.

They are available in two color combos – burnt olive/steel gray and chocolate truffle/steel gray. Both the versions have black and burnt orange accents that add to their charming look. The gorgeous colors make it easier to identify the bags at the airport.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The bags are made of 100% polyester with textile lining inside. The material is water-resistant, and you can clean it off dirt by using a piece of damp cloth. The aluminum trolley with molded thermoplastic rubber (TPR) handle grip provides superior comfort.

The plastic skate wheels, corner guards, bottom bezels, and plastic handles, all seem durable and long-lasting. However, the zippers can be ripped off, but a 10-year manufacturing warranty will cover you!


The interior of the bags has compartments and organization pockets to make packing easy!The duffelcomes with two separate compartment areas for maximum organization. The backpack has a padded compartment for laptop or other electronic devices and an organizational front pocket.

Both the carry-on and the duffel has molded feet on the bottom that prevent tipping over and keep them upright. They nestle inside each other for space-saving storage.


  • Gorgeous colors for easy identification
  • PVC free
  • Lightweight
  • Molded feet at the bottom


  • Skate wheels don’t move sideways
  • The zipper seam can be ripped off


6. Timberland Boncliff Three Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

A set of three hard side spinners at less than $350? Yes, please! The Boncliff 3-piece luggage set from Timberland gives a budget-friendly option to those avid travelers who look for adventures not the luxury during their journeys.

Many people love this luggage set not only for its decent price but also for beautiful design, convenience, and many unique features.


It is a 3-piece set of 29, 25, and 21 inches hard side spinners. The grooved design, diamond ribbed exterior, and the corner reinforcement attribute them a rugged military look and give the impression that they are going to last for years to come.

Available in blue, burnt olive, and red colors, the suitcases can be the perfect companion of any urban nomad.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The bags are extremely durable because of their molded ABS hard side shell. The material is also free of polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), so it doesn’t pose any threat to the environment. The body is impact-resistant, which is further reinforced because of the side bezels and corner reinforcement.

The aluminum trolley handle and the carry handles are securely attached to the body. The zipper closures and the wheels also seem durable though the rubber layer on the spinner wheels is likely to be chipped off.

You’ll get a 10-year manufacturing warranty with the purchase of this luggage set.


The fully lined interior has a zippered compartment on the lid and a zippered pouch for keeping the small items. The elastic valet straps hold the clothes in place in the main compartment. The suitcases don’t expand, but they have generous space to set you up for at least three weeks.

The push-button locking trolley handle and the eight-wheel spinner system facilitate easy rolling smooth maneuverability.


  • Rugged design and construction
  • The exterior is highly durable
  • Affordable price


  • The stitching of the zippers may rip off
  • The wheels’ rubber layer may chip off
  • Not expandable


7. Timberland Orange Trail 4 Piece Set

The Timberland Orange Trail 4-piece luggage set has been designed with the down-to-business, no-nonsense travelers in mind. With plenty of organizational pockets and an expandable feature, the bags will keep you more than ready to hit the trails any time you wish!

Besides, you can’t ignore the price here. A 4-piece set of high-quality luggage at less than $500 is quite a steal of a deal.


The set includes three 28, 24, and 20 inches spinners and a 17 inches backpack. The design looks practical with organizational pockets inside and outside. It is available in a black/gray color combination that either gender will feel pleased to own. In addition, the burnt orange accents and leather trims make the appearance more pleasant and beautiful.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The bags are made of PVC-free, high-density polyester, which is water and moisture resistant and can hold well against scratches and pokes. Besides, cleaning them off dirt is very easy as you just have to wipe with a piece of damp cloth.

The aluminum handle is securely attached to the exterior. The carry handles and the backpack’s shoulder straps also seem to withstand a considerable amount of pulling and lifting. The side bezels, corner guards, and plastic wheels are durable too though the rubber layer of the wheels may break off after some time. However, you can claim repair or replacement if found any manufacturing defect within ten years of purchase.


All the bags including the backpack have two exterior pockets including a pouch, which keeps the emergency items secure and safe but quickly accessible. There’s a zippered pouch on the inside too for easy organization. The main compartment has valet straps for keeping the clothes wrinkle-free. Besides, you can expand the suitcases by 2 inches!

The trolley handle and four-wheel spinner system help to roll them smoothly. The padded carry handles and the shoulder straps provide comfortable lifting.


  • Perfect for practical-minded travelers
  • Expandable
  • Affordable price


  • Rubber layer of the wheels may break off if rolled on uneven surfaces


8. Timberland Luggage Twin Mountain 4 Piece Wheeled Duffle Set

The Timberland Twin Mountain luggage set includes three 30, 26, and 22 inches wheeled duffels, and one 16 inches messenger bag. The whole luggage set, which is available at an unbelievable price (less than $400), can your convenient travel companion. They will hold up very well whether you use them for domestic or international trips.


The use of polyester fabric gives the luggage a shine that you won’t find in bags made of pure cotton. They are available in cocoa/black and burntolive/black color combinations. Both the versions look nice, and the burnt orange accents further enhance the appearance.

The duffels carry a practical design with exterior and interior pockets, a telescoping wand, carry handle, and inline wheels.

Quality of Materials & Durability

All the bags are made of 100% polyester that does not contain the toxic PVC element. The fabric is durable and resistant to water. So, you can spot clean with a damp cloth. The duffels also have corner guards and bezels at the bottom that help them standing straight.

The aluminum telescoping wand attaches firmly to the exterior, but you can still push and pull it smoothly. The inline skate wheels are solid and give good performance on any surface. The zippers also feel heavy-duty. In a word, the overall build quality of the bags is good.

You will get a 10-year warranty for the luggage set. It covers manufacturing defects but no normal wear and tear.


With a textile lining, the duffels have separate packing compartments for clutter-free internal organization. Besides, the two adjustable straps at the sides of the main compartment will keep the clothes in place. They also have exterior compression straps for added protection.

An interesting feature of the duffels is an inner boot bag that will keep your shoes or wet items separate from other stuff. The messenger bag can comfortably carry your paperwork and a large-size laptop. You can even use this bag for everyday purpose.


  • Practical design
  • Interior boot bag
  • Affordable price


  • Skate wheels don’t move sideways
  • The carry handles and the zipper closures may tear off in case of extremely rough handling


9. Timberland Reddington 4 Pc Set

Featuring three 29, 25, and 20 inches spinner suitcases, and a boarding bag, the Timberland Reddington 4-piece luggage set lets you travel in style. They are perfect for all of your travel needs as the suitcases have adequate space for clothes and other essentials while the boarding bag has enough pockets for keeping the passports and other quick-access items within your reach. We also have a list of the best luggage sets for women.


The bags exude a sleek style with their streamlined body and clean exterior design. They are available in black and military colors, and the leather trims add more charm to the overall look. The suitcases have a telescoping wand, carry handles, and four spinner wheels. All the bags have exterior snap-in and zippered pockets.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The bags are made with polyester with full grain leather trims, which make them resistant to scratches and dirt. The aluminum trolley handle is securely attached to the body, and all the zipper pullers, handles, and straps seem durable. The spinner wheels are excellent for smooth maneuverability, but they don’t seem robust enough to withstand the abuse of rough handling.

You’ll get a 10-year warranty for this product. It won’t cover any normal wear and tear, but you will get repair service or replacement for any manufacturing defect.


The suitcases have a large U-shaped zippered compartment on the lid. The main compartment is big, and the valet straps hold all the stuff in their place. The boarding bag features a fully lined interior with a padded laptop compartment. All of them have a large exterior pocket with buckled flap and a zippered stash pocket.

The suitcases have a telescoping wand and a four-wheel spinner system for easy maneuverability and carry handles for enhanced lifting convenience.


  • Sleek design
  • Exterior pockets
  • Four-wheel spinner system


  • The spinner wheels don’t seem durable enough for thumping and thrashing
  • There’s no interior pocket or pouch


10. Timberland Gilmanton Three Piece Hardside Set

The Gilmanton 3-piece hard side luggage set from Timberland is stylish and extra durable. Besides, it is available at less than $350! Including three 28, 24, and 21 inches suitcases, the set is just perfect to add to your luggage collection. The bags will carry you through any occasion whether it’s a quick gateway or a rugged adventure.


The diamond ribbed exterior featuring some vertical lines and slants, the suitcases look simple. They have been designed for serious travelers who want a budget-friendly luggage set that is capable of providing service for a long time.

The spinners are available in blue color with burnt orange accents in the zippers and the Timberland logo. The overall look is simple but trendy.

Quality of Materials & Durability

The spinners feature a durable ABS hard side shell. The body is water, dirt, and scratch resistant and can take a considering amount of beatings and poundings. The hard shell can also withstand high impacts, which is enhanced by the corner reinforcement and size bezels.

The aluminum trolley handles and plastic carry handles can take a decent amount of pushing, pulling, and lifting. The spinner wheels are also sturdy. However, if these things don’t hold well, you can ask for repair or replacement under the 10-year manufacturing warranty.


The spinners have a large U-shaped compartment and a zippered pocket on the lid. The main compartment is spacious, and you can expect the clothes to be in place during transit as there are valet straps.

However, there’s no pocket for keeping the smaller items such as toiletries or paper documents. You have to keep them in a separate pouch to maintain a clutter-free interior.

The 360-degree rolling spinning wheels and the telescoping wand with the push-button locking system are ideal for easy mobility.


  • Practical design
  • Telescoping wand and spinner wheels
  • Budget-friendly


  • There’s no interior pocket or pouch for storing smaller items
  • No TSA lock

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