Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage In 2020 – Complete Guide

Planning a trip is always enjoyable, but when it comes to luggage, few travelers take pleasure in the thought of Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020pulling weighty, overfilled bags into or out of airplanes, buses, RVs, trains, or vehicles, even those baggage carousels.

Nonetheless, in this age of fast pace, travel is taken for granted, and people have become rather accustomed to the notion of living out of a suitcase with their readied luggage. Despite the reminiscence and keenness for boxy classics made from premium leather, recurrent travelers, and predominantly frequent flyers are better off voyaging with lightweight version made of cutting-edge state-of-the-art materials.

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This is where Victorinox travel luggage steps in; it is the result of decades of high-end engineering expertise translating into elegant compositions coupled with perceptible comfort. What sets this top-quality luggage apart from the rest? When you travel, know some background details to make every benefit clear from outset.Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020

Whether you are fond of checked baggage including hardside/softside suitcase, or a carry-on/tote bag, if it comes to luggage, lightweight form and durability is the alternative to limit bulky overweight fees and bag-stowing troubles, and also it gets you moving rapidly. Saving weight is essential to capitalize on things you carry.

So, if you’re single-minded to locate a fine luggage, these 15 best Victorinox luggage recommendations is your top bet. Go through the accessible options to make an informed choice and purchase something that satisfies your needs.

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About The Brand: Get To Know Victorinox

In 1884, an inventor called Karl Elsener founded a cutler’s workshop in the area of Ibach-Schwyz in Switzerland. In the initial years, he Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020worked to in order to combat unemployment in the Schwyz basin.

In 1891, he supplied soldier’s knife to Swiss Army for the initial time. He developed Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife or the legendary Swiss Army Knife in 1897, creating a foundation for a prosperous company that can hold its own position on world stage.

From then onwards, his solidarity spirit, unfathomable roots in the region and tough commitment to values shaped Victorinox business philosophy.

Today, Victorinox is a universal company with five product categories: Swiss army knives, fragrances, travel gear, specialized household knives and watches. Swiss Army Knife is core product and has a ground-breaking role in development of every product category.

Victorinox pledges that its products satisfy uppermost standards in every area and quality is never compromised, despite production site. The bulk of Victorinox products are to this day manufactured in Switzerland.

For expertise reasons, travel gear items are made abroad, where technical, staff and material resources required for competent manufacturing may be accessed. To guarantee these products meet highest standards, partners are selected cautiously and high-quality standards are sternly enforced. This quality level has allowed Victorinox to emerge a leader in Switzerland and globally.

Victorinox AG is an autonomous family company; 90% of shares are held by Victorinox Foundation. The company’s unremitting existence is thus optimally assured as 90% of obtained profits are available to business. The remaining 10% of shares are held by a non-profit foundation that maintains charitable projects. Quality, functionality, novelty and iconic design have uppermost priority at Victorinox.

Victorinox travel gear has many captivating stories to tell regarding how its products have provided outcomes and even saved lives on water, land, in the air, and also in space. There are 70 stores worldwide. Each store is sharp in tradition and reflects values and attribute of quality, functionality, legendary design innovation.

What Are The Various Types Of Luggage Sold By Victorinox?Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020

Cutting-age structure and well-thought-out engineering are instilled in diverse sorts of luggage manufactured by Victorinox. So, a family trip, solo trip, road trip, overseas vacation or a bucket-list destination, personalized Victorinox models make trips easier.

Wheeled Duffel

A logical concept and utmost comfort while transporting gear, great flexibility and a finely-organized interior, lots of space and ideal form for a weekend getaway; whatever your personal inclinations, the Victorinox duffel bags are planned to last all lifetime by your side and fulfill every necessity. Business or pleasure, stylishness or quest, understatement pieces or genuine eye-catchers for the baggage claim; these duffel bags add a chic touch and a dash of tint. It’s sensible expanding horizons and looking at various options available.

Ultra-light polycarbonate, abrasion-proof high-quality surface fabrics, fiberglass-reinforced frame structure; almost every single Victorinox wheeled duffel bag is built from all-inclusive engineering proficiency, materials put through in-depth testing, and revolutionary technologies. This ensures that this travel gear satisfies all requirements of contemporary globetrotters, and also complies with Victorinox standards.

Hardside Spinner Suitcase

A long-haul flight, long-standing stays and long train trips; the ultra-strong polycarbonate hard shell of hardside spinner suitcases resists everything as twin-caster wheels are equipped to maneuver around all obstacles in your path. You can count on it for years to come, so choose your destinations and leave all worries behind.

Hardside Extra Large 8-Wheel Travel

Comfort grip, single-touch, and twin-trolley aluminum handle structure locks into 3 dissimilar positions – 104cm (41″), 99cm (39″) as well as 94cm (37″) – to assist travelers of different heights. Large 60mm twin-caster wheels give a smooth roll across any plane while presenting 360-degree maneuverability, and are ultra-recessed to exploit case size and packing ability. Concealed ID tray in handle bezel glides up to divulge pen and SIM-card replacement tool. It’s constructed of 100% pure polycarbonate and has puncture-proof zippers, included Travel Sentry Approved Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020combination lock and super-recessed wheels and handles for maximum ability.

Expandable Carry-on

For utmost agility when traveling the world, rely on lightweight expandable carry-on Victorinox bags. All carry-ons are designed to satisfy needs of main airlines while surpassing the anticipations of global travelers. Expandable Carry-on is an enormously-organized travel buddy for regular intercontinental travelers. The secret to this practical carry-on’s adaptableness is its zippered expansion structure which permits a changeable depth while remaining amenable with most carriers. With eight wheels, it’s a compacted case that is tremendously maneuverable.

Garment Bag

From terminals to gym, these sturdy, multi-purpose, do-it-all gears are prepared for anything on your schedule being packed with functionality you require for your everyday use, travel or daily commute; if that’s what your schedule needs. It has plenty of room for everything. When time is limited and you must look meeting-ready, garment bag is your go-to choice. The interior is proficiently designed to house everything you require to look smart in your meetings, no matter wherever you are and how far you travel. Ideal for 3-5 day trips, it has a foam bolster compression strap to curtail creasing, tie/shoe pockets, savvy 2 snap-in organizational pouches and separable J-hook for hanging.

Softside Case

Soft denotes strong in Victorinox softside luggage range, which merges cautiously-thoughtful packaging solutions with elegant access possibilities. All through the range are material amalgamations that are both stylish and extremely abrasion-resistant. The result is stylish-looking luggage solutions that stay, wherever their trips lead and Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020whatever blows they may take along the way.

Wheeled Boarding Tote

Comfortable and sensible, yet elevated on style, the Victorinox wheeled boarding tote fuses elegant roles with lofty detailing to equip business travelers with the gadgets they require for seamless trips. 4-wheeled boarding tote works just fine for weekending or business trips, presenting simple maneuverability and ample storing space.


Weekender transports your essentials with effortlessness and competence. This deluxe carry-all luggage has a roomy chief compartment that’s accurately-designed to hold all you’ll require for a comfy time away, and large exterior pockets, one of which alters into sleeve for sliding over wheeled luggage. For this Victorinox bag’s internal organization structure, there are functional features like waterproof pocket for wet or grimy items, and a key fob connected to a different zippered pocket.

Carry-All Tote

Whether you’ve a swift weekend trip or seeking a roomy carry-all to append to your collection, the Victorinox carry-all tote is your answer. It has sleek look and good organization. A tote bag must be a solid fit for your lifestyle and well-matched to your height. If the design you select is too tiny, then posture and form might be out of sync, and if it is too big then maneuverability remains a challenge. To agree on what feels best, visit a Victorinox Flagship Store, there you can take tote bags for a test drive before setting off on your subsequent adventure.

3 Sensible Reasons to Choose Victorinox Over Other Brands

Now, you might be thinking why to choose Victorinox luggage and how it will alter your travel experience. Well, Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020opting for convenient Victorinox luggage can absolutely modify the manner you travel, primarily if you travel frequently.

Excellent Access & Organization

A luggage is all about straightforward accessibility and organization; PakMaster, solid compression straps, Pack More System is Victorinox’s elegant luggage solutions for order and accessibility of travel gear. The aim is to steadily defend your laptop, guarantee your clothes stay wrinkle-free, and that swift accessibility to all luggage whilst on the road is not a concern, and also helps swiftly salvage a fresh shirt or any garment without commotion.

In-Built Security

Victorinox has awesome built-in security. Suitcase locks avert theft and unlawful accessibility; as part of harsher security provisions for global air travel, luggage cases with TSA-approved locks have been initiated. If one of these cases must provoke suspicion, security staff might utilize a master key to unlock it without doing any damage. While doing a purchase, look for white and red symbol with a diamond.

Helpful Customer Support

Good customer service makes greater sense; even if online shopping is super-expedient and you manage to locate the case you want, visiting a Victorinox Flagship Store is constantly a satisfying experience. Particularly, if you aren’t 100% sure! You can enjoy personalized customer support, take a closer look at dissimilar products, try it out, and perceive what fits and feels finest for you.

What Are The Distinctive Features Of Victorinox Luggage That Differentiate Them From Other Brands?Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020

When you purchase luggage, there are many things to consider such as quality, material, resilience, storage options, comfort, portability, and style. But innumerable people don’t consider is how many features a luggage has. Not considering this might cost you in countless ways later on. To avert this, here are the features to note while buying Victorinox luggage.

Build Quality & Construction

It’s a matter of experience and your favored travel mode. As it comes to constancy, heaviness, and value, there’s not much difference currently. Victorinox luggage constructed of ultra-light shockproof polycarbonate presents improved protection in intense conditions; if you imagine loading practices at airports and baggage reclaim area, you may feel more comfy with such a robust companion. Nylon and additional high-tech fabrics permit more flexibility while packing or stowing luggage.

Size and weight are vital. Small, medium, large, or XL; these decisions are mostly driven by personal requirements. As long as obligatory stability is offered, the general rule is going light! In addition, large suitcases perpetually occupy extra space and this sequentially denotes added weight. In several cases, diverse scenarios apply to business or pleasure travel and which denotes the resultant anticipations are complicated to completely gratify with individual model.

Mix and match in fashion! Any luggage is a sensible alternative for families, and for those users who desire to own a selection to opt for merely getting dissimilar dimensions and categories, rooted in the principle each person gets ownTop 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020 bag! Victorinox luggage has been particularly developed for this reason, combining hard-side/soft-side in mix-and-match fashion. Currently, Victorinox basic travel luggage collection consists of suitcases, backpack, weekender, totes, and carry-on.

Whether a shopping carry-all tote bag, over-the-shoulder weekender, or garment bag; development at Victorinox is alert and forward-looking, following an understandable concept of design. This enables adding new pieces to lightweight stylish travel gear collection whenever the requirement arises, while sustaining a reliable and pleasant appearance. Because contemporary prerequisites are constantly-altering, a smart carry-all tote bag must be uniformly well-matched to business and pleasure. After all, nobody recognizes where tomorrow may take them. That’s why design has forever played a chief function; it is part of obligation Victorinox makes as a brand.

Comfort & Portability

Uprights/wheeled case/carry-on are spacious, easy, and comfy on upper back/spine/wrist/neck and merely way ahead of bulky non-wheeled travel bags as it comes to maneuverability and quite easy to stow in airplane overhead bins and trains. It doesn’t matter what your favored travel method with feasible exemption of sailboats. Victorinox suitcases are structured as uprights and fitted with four/eight strong wheels; they merely keep on rolling smoothly, whether you’re twisting, spinning, dragging, pushing or pulling. None of these movements are almost as smooth and comfy with 2-wheel models. By using ultra-well-built, scrape-proof materials, your case can endure the harshest circumstances and linger by your side for many years to come.

If you’re under 30 years of age and are actually fit and athletic, a heavy luggage isn’t a difficulty. For approximately all persons, grasping a heavy load isn’t medically suggested. Remarkably, for users who are elderly and for consumers who have muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular diseases, or chronic aches, possessing lightweight suitcases could be sensible in moving around without jeopardizing the body. Arthritis, back, spine, shoulder, or knee pains are sometimes linked to carrying heavy luggage during traveling, motivating to keep your luggage light.

The lighter any luggage, the less damage it leaves on body, making you less tired and can diminish occurrence Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020and/or severity of body aches or pains from voyage. Any individual who desires to haul a bulky suitcase around an energetic terminal or train station recognizes how much injury they do to their bodies. That’s why you require lightweight Victorinox suitcase. The ability to voyage light is bliss.

Dwell on how you travel around and what your future necessities may be. If you travel generally with a carry-on, you’d want one that may hold up during rigors of boarding and getting bounced around in overhead bins/compartments. If you chiefly go on long-standing trips, investing in a rock-solid checked bag is perhaps the correct choice.

Many Victorinox bags are expandable, so they may grow a bit to house whatever you may pick up on the travels. If you like doing shopping, this is something you require. Otherwise, the additional material and layers may add redundant bulk.

Durability & Warranty

Solidity and durability are the fundamental criteria for any first-rate luggage to handle long/short trips, and particulars are significant. Zippers must open/seal smoothly and naturally and teeth must interlock tightly to avert them from splitting open. Sewing with manifold seams appends strength and averts splitting. The significant detail as it comes to changeable handles is suppleness corresponding to body elevation; if it’s too small it can impact posture, which also denotes abridged comfort. It’s also significant for handle to fit warmly in hand and have no jagged/pointy/sharp edges and welding seams. And, aluminum beats plastic each time, and loose mobility is also a Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020revealing symbol of pitiable quality.

You don’t recognize what a luggage encounters in cargo hold. You should obtain a lightweight suitcase that can bear the test of time. The materials should be secure from filth, precipitation, and spillage. The case must be solid enough to survive irregular handling and must be scratch-/fracture-/dent-proof. A suitcase must be smoothly identifiable and noticed on conveyor belt.

If you want your luggage to last long, purchase one with a manufacturer’s warranty to mend or substitute the bag. The peak luggage brands contain longer warranties. Buy luggage that can be sanitized effortlessly.

Top 15 Best Victorinox Luggage in 2020

1. Victorinox Vx Touring Extra-Large Wheeled Duffel (Top Pick)
Y-shaped webbing compression straps $$$ 4.8
2. Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Spinner Suitcase
10-year limited warranty $$$ 4.8
3. Victorinox Lexicon Extra Large 8-Wheel Travel Hardside
Double racquet coil YKK zippers $$$ 4.7
4. Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Global Expandable Carry-on
U-shaped front zippered pocket $$$ 4.6
5. Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Dual-Caster Spinner Garment Bag
Mulitple interior pockets $$$ 4.6
6. Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 2-Wheel Frequent Flyer Carry-On
Abrasion-proof and water repellent $$$ 4.5
7. Victorinox Vx Touring Wheeled Carry On
Y-shaped webbing compression straps $$$ 4.5
8. Victorinox Connex Large Softside Case
TSA approved combination lock $$$ 4.4
9. Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 Medium Softside Case
600D Ballistic Nylon fabric $$$ 4.3
10. Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Dual-Access Carry-On Spinner
Removable 15-inch laptop sleeve $$$ 4.2
11. Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Wheeled Boarding Tote
LISOF dual caster wheels $$$ 4.2
12. Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 Weekender
Multi-purpose $$ 4.1
13. Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 XL Weekender
26″ shoulder drop $$$ 4.0
14. Victorinox Etherius Large Expandable Spinner
10-Year Limited Warranty $$$ 3.9
15. Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Weekender Deluxe Carry-All Tote
Large zippered front pocket and a rear zippered pocket $$$ 4.0

1. Victorinox Vx Touring Extra-Large Wheeled Duffel (Top Pick)

Pack smart and travel light with Victorinox Vx Touring Extra-Large Wheeled Duffel!Victorinox Vx Touring Extra-Large Wheeled Duffel (Top Pick)

An energetic lifestyle is always an element of Victorinox identity. Built to satisfy the modern traveler’s needs, Vx Touring is Swiss-engineered for seekers of adventure.

This lightweight item is constructed of long-lasting materials and has a supple, unstructured design with a sequence of expedient features for effortless packing.

Designed for adventure, this lightweight Victorinox Vx Touring extra-large wheeled duffel has suitable functionality and ability for extended trips.

Build Quality & Construction

Anthracite Vx Touring duffel comes in 3 colors measuring 7.47lbs expanding to Designed for exciting adventure, this roomy lightweight wheeled duffel is full of function.

Spacious chief compartment with big U-shaped opening inflates 3cm (1.1″) for extra capacity. Interior organization comprises Y-shaped webbing compression straps, big zippered-mesh lid pocket and zippered-mesh side pocket including a key fob and storage slots.

Exterior organization comprises a padded concealed facade compartment, zippered swift-access side pouch and two rear ones, effortless-to-freshen, wet/dry pockets idyllic for storing running shoes, toiletries, unclean clothes, or wet swimsuits. Outer material is Polyester. 15.4″w x 32.3″h x 12.6″d dimension expands to 13.8″d.

Comfort & Portability

One-touch, monopole handle structure with ergonomic comfy grip locks into three dissimilar positions – 94cm (37″), 99cm (39″) as well as 104cm (41″) – to fit travelers of different heights and zips off if not in use. The compact designs of monopole handle permit consumption of interior packing space.

Inline wheels with improved stability offer a smooth and secure roll with no strain on wrists or hands. Two-wheel bags present additional interior packing capacity.

Adjustable side compression straps with resilient Hypalon attachments pushover to even out heavy loads. Rear skid plates offer fortification to areas liable to abrasion. Detachable attach-a-bag strap shelters an extra bag to duffel front and holds 13.6kg (30lbs). Top/side haul handles and bottom grab-slot allow simple carrying. Lockable zippers come with Hypalon pulls.

Durability & Warranty

Durable materials are included with ABS framing tubes filled with sturdy fiberglass rods and scrape-resistant VX4 fabric and VXTek fabrics. Conveniently-placed haul handles allow trouble-free grabbing. Unstructured design, strong interior/exterior compression straps come with strategically-placed pouches.

Get removable luggage tag to place inside a different bag for using as a wallet. Travel Sentry Approved combination lock protects belongings and permits airport security screeners to disengage the lock without harming it and relock it following inspection. Access Lock Combination Recovery Program permits registering lock combination on and recover if it’s forgotten. It has a 10-year limited warranty.

It’s perfect if you’re planning for a long driving tour or trip abroad. It’s compliant with airline luggage allowance.


  • 3 extra liters of packing space with zippered expansion
  • Durable Hypalon attachments
  • Two easy-to-clean, wet/dry pockets on back panel
  • One-touch, monopole handle system


  • Pull handle is short

2. Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Spinner Suitcase

Fly to exotic destinations with Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Spinner Suitcase!Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Spinner Suitcase

Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Spinner Suitcase is an epitome of dependability, flexibility, style, and ground-breaking functionality which make it a globally-accepted travel gear among users.

Build Quality & Construction

8.8lbs black-colored Spectra 2.0 hardside spinner suitcase has Checked-Large (30″) size with 4kg weight capacity and measures 18.5″w x 29.6″h x 10.6″d.

When it’s time to tour the world, Spectra 2.0 is equipped. Engineered to weigh light without sacrificing toughness, these cases contain 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate, a fashionable, scratch-proof matte finish and defensive corner guards. And with its swift-access door, you’re always ready. Just select your destination, pack Spectra™ 2.0 and plunge into your subsequent adventure.

Comfort & Portability

Soft tread of Spectra 2.0 offers perfect traction for a soft/easy roll across any plane while also offering 360-degree maneuverability.

Dual-trolley aluminum handle structure locks into three unlike positions for comfortable grip. Organized packing into two compartments is enabled by split-case design. The peak compartment contains a zip-around mesh door to shelter items in place. The compartment underneath has Y-shaped compression straps and one zippered pocket.

Dual-caster wheels feature a soft tread offering ideal traction for a smooth roll across any surface while providing 360-degree maneuverability and zero weight-in-hand.

Durability & Warranty

Spectra 2.0 is covered by global 10-year limited warranty; it’s Travel Sentry Approved. Lock allows US TSA screeners to undo the lock without harming it, and relock it after examination.

Durable materials like break-resistant 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate along with corner-guards and zipper bumpers.

Year 1 of warranty comes under Victorinox Total Protection Program: During the initial twelve (12) ownership months, your product is assured by Victorinox Total Protection Program.

Years 2-11: Victorinox Quality Warranty Program: From the commencement of the second until the conclusion of the eleventh year of ownership, your product is covered by Victorinox Quality Warranty Program.

It works domestically or internationally and withstands heavy rain, uneven gravelly country roads, does not tip over low or doesn’t gets scratched easily. Wheels are smooth and bag rolls noiselessly/easily.


  • 8-wheel travel case
  • Break-resistant bayer polycarbonate
  • Dual-caster spinner wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Aluminum trolley handle
  • Integrated Travel Sentry Approved lock


  • Handle occasionally goes down without pressing the button
  • Can get marks if handled very harshly

3. Victorinox Lexicon Extra Large 8-Wheel Travel Hardside

Go for extra-roomy and ergonomic Victorinox Lexicon Extra Large 8-Wheel Travel Hardside!Victorinox Lexicon Extra Large 8-Wheel Travel Hardside

Victorinox Lexicon extra large 8-wheel travel hardside is a tourist’s choice as it offers tremendous space along with amazing portability.

Build Quality & Construction

Made of 100% virgin break-resistant polycarbonate, 13.36 lbs Lexicon 8-wheel hardside travel case comes in 2 colors. It has puncture-resistant zippers, incorporated Travel Sentry Approved combination lock, super-recessed wheels, handles giving maximum capacity and removable full suiter. 21.7″w x 32.3″h x 12.6″d hardside has capacity.

Integrated USB cable joins exterior USB port to zippered internal hanging side pocket where a power pack may be stored.

100% virgin polycarbonate has fashionable, scratch-resistant matte finish delivering advanced strength for highest performance level. Double racquet coil YKK zippers are fully puncture-proof.

Comfort & Portability

Large 60mm dual-caster wheels roll smoothly across any surface with 360-degree maneuverability, and are ultra-recessed to exploit case size and packing capability.

Top and side soft-grip retractable haul handles are super-recessed to maximize case size and packing capacity.

On hardside’s bottom, there are two zippered mesh pockets maximizing existing packing space amid trolley poles, whereas two hanging side pockets contain accessories. X-shaped compression straps keep folded belongings safe during transit. On top, zippered divider-wall disconnects packing sections and has a huge zippered pocket with easy-to-rinse lining perfect for wet/unclean clothes and pocket including a removable full suiter featuring foam bolsters to reduce wrinkles.

Comfort grip, single-touch, dual-trolley aluminum handle structure locks into three dissimilar positions 41″, 39″ and 37″. The wheels are very smooth whether wheeling upright/leaned back and pulling is easy.

Durability & Warranty

Break-resistant 100% virgin polycarbonate with chic, scratch-proof matte finish distributes superior strength for maximum performance level. The polycarbonate is very well-built and resilient.

Double-racquet coil YKK zippers are puncture-proof. Integrated Travel Sentry Approved combination lock permits TSA screeners to release the lock without damaging it, and relock it following inspection. Register lock combination on with Access Lock Combination Recovery Program and recover it if forgotten. Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program shall reunite you with the bag free of charge anywhere if it ever is lost.

It easily holds a fortnight’s worth of business and casual outfits (including suits), boots, shoes, knick-knacks, watches, toiletries.

This bag is sizeable for a much extended trip. You could live out of this suitcase forever and have space left for souvenirs. Get a 10-year warranty.


  • 100% virgin polycarbonate
  • Integrated Travel Sentry Approved combination lock
  • 60mm dual-caster wheels


  • If you overpack it, you’ll certainly pay significant oversize bag fees on any airline

4. Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Global Expandable Carry-on

Breeze through crowded terminals and aisles with Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Global Expandable Carry-on!Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Global Expandable Carry-on

Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Global Expandable Carry-on is a sturdy luggage, tidy-looking and built to endure rigors a luggage goes through on conveyor belt or inside the cargo hold.

Build Quality & Construction

Lightweight black 31l capacity Lexicon 2.0 is a wheeled expandable standard cabin case made of TourMax Ballistic Nylon. 80mm wheels give smooth & steady roll with top/side leather-wrapped haul handles.

It has modifiable dual-trolley handle, Intelligent Pack More system and zippered expansion for extra packing space. 15″W x 22″H x 9.8″D carry-on expands to 11.4″D. Two-wheel construction offers additional packing capacity.

Deluxe Pack More divider has a big, easy-to-rinse water-proof storage pocket and generates a horizontal packing surface for wrinkle-free clothing transport. Upright X-shaped compression straps grip clothing firmly in place if bag is tilted upright and diminish wrinkles.

Comfort & Portability

U-shaped front zippered pocket has manifold compartments for easy organization including a padded pouch for 17″ laptop and zippered padded pouch sized perfectly for tablet.

Intelligent Pack More System has four packing solutions; Pack More Divider used to systematize your packing case, X-shaped compression straps keep all belongings in order, a detachable suiter for hanging clothing and 1.6″ zippered expansion to provide bonus space.

Pack More Divider has huge, easy-to-rinse waterproof storage pocket ideal for separating shoes, wet clothes from residual bag contents.

Bottom of the bag is a grand place to roll/tuck casual clothes to capitalize on packing space. Store odd-shaped items like boots or toiletry kit!

Place the divider to build a flat packing space for residual folded clothing. It separates dirty from unsoiled, or items belonging to other people while sharing a bag. Pack remaining items on divider top and secure with X-shaped compression straps.

The comfort-grip, solitary-touch, dual-trolley aluminum handle system locks into three separate positions. Streamlined handle design makes sliding this bag a breeze.

80mm wheels offer a smooth and steady roll. Leather-wrapped top/side haul handles ease grabbing out of car or overhead bin.

Durability & Warranty

Get reinforced protection with Lexicon 2.0. It’s constructed of super-tough TourMax ballistic nylon, corner guards with back skid plates providing additional protection to case segments prone to impact and abrasion. It’s perfect for short trips and satisfies most worldwide carry-on regulations. Get 1+10 warranty!

It is jagged, fits flawlessly in overhead bins, and most importantly the structure is outstanding. You can expect it to remain looking grand for years. The interior nylon is a strong tent fabric. The wheels are placed all the way to bag edge to diminish tipping.


  • Dual-trolley aluminum handle
  • 80mm wheels for a smooth, stable roll
  • Spacious main packing area
  • U-shaped front zippered pocket


  • Handles/inner material could be better
  • Exterior material is thin and non-smooth
  • Wheels are a tad wobbly

5. Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Dual-Caster Spinner Garment Bag

Go onboard for wrinkle-free travel with Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Dual-Caster Spinner Garment Bag!Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Dual-Caster Spinner Garment Bag

Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 spinner garment bag has lightweight design, featuring dual-caster wheels that provide a stable base and perfect traction for a smooth roll with zero weight-in-hand, all backed with various features designed for functional organization.

Build Quality & Construction

Black-color Lexicon 2.0 measures 13”x24”x25” and weighs 14.99lbs. Dual-caster wheels give smooth roll across any surface also giving 360° maneuverability along with zero weight-in-hand.

It features plenty of room for your entire belongings, with comfort-grip, one-touch, and dual-trolley aluminum handle system locks in two different positions as 104 m (41”) and 99cm (39”) to help travelers of various heights. Also, two hanger clamps on interior make the top use of packing space and secure garments, and even more, you get multiple interior pockets for organization.

Interior includes a tricot-lined tie pocket, shoe pockets, two zippered, organizational pockets, mesh snap-in organizational pouches and detachable J-hook intended for hanging.

Comfort & Portability

The dual-trolley handle system allows adjusting to perfect handle position while transitioning from pushing the bag upright position to pulling it on two wheels. With dual-caster wheels presenting ideal traction intended for a smooth roll across any surface even as also giving 360° maneuverability with zero weight-in-hand. Two hanger clamps make safe garments, foam, bolster compression strap reduces wrinkles.

The top soft-grip retractable haul handle lays flat. It has an integrated ID tag for security and convenience. The lockable YKK Racquet Coil zippers are worthy features. Custom zipper pulls include a thumb groove inspired by the Swiss Army Knife. Travel Sentry Approved combination lock safeguards belongings even as in transit and allow TSA screeners to open the lock devoid of destroying it, and relock it later than inspection.

Durability & Warranty

Lexicon 2.0 Collection’s manufactured with superior protection and a choice of exceptionally hard-wearing, water-/abrasion-resistant fabrics with TourMax Ballistic Nylon (Black) or ForteLux Technical Fabric, this dual-caster garment spinner is perfect for an extended journey such as a 3-5-day business trip. Also, you receive a global 10-year limited warranty.


  • Adjustable and dual-trolley handle
  • Intelligent Pack More system
  • Outfitted with leather-wrapped haul handle
  • Padded compression straps


  • Hump in the middle is slightly intimidating to use

6. Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 2-Wheel Frequent Flyer Carry-On

It’s time to hit the road with Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 2-Wheel Frequent Flyer Carry-On!Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 2-Wheel Frequent Flyer Carry-On

You get the expediency and sensibleness into your business trips by Werks Traveler 6.0 range from Victorinox. The iconic luggage has smart functions with prominent details.

Build Quality & Construction

Werks Traveler 6.0 comes in black color finish measuring 9.1”x13.8”x21.6” and weight is 14.6lbs with the capacity of 92L. It’s manufactured from abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon and features a well-constructed design among a locking telescopic handle, backed with smooth-rolling wheels, along with an integrated USB port thus you can charge your devices while you’re on the go.

Multi-compartment carry-on case is always handy. Expandable for additional capacity, this carry-on features a completely-lined interior among a Pack More packing cube, compression straps to avoid contents from shifting, two large mesh pockets is worth having, and a removable tri-fold suiter system intended for hanging garments.

Comfort & Portability

Traveler 6.0 has extraordinary packing solutions, including the expandable Pack More system by padded laptop compartment that has a removable 3-fold suite, with two large mesh side pockets plus x-shaped compression straps.

The easily adjustable luggage is neat and adjustable in height, gives a padded 15.6″ laptop compartment, a big expandable zippered compartment and makes a flat packing surface intended for wrinkle-free transport of clothing or storage designed for worn apparel.

The product is outfitted with a lightweight 3-stop dual-trolley handle system of aviation class designed for improved comfort and stability. Traveler 6.0 is integrated with multi-tool inspired by Swiss Army Knife that has USB port (carry-on only), ID-Tag and pen, SIM card replacement tool.

Durability & Warranty

Traveler 6.0 is made with durable ballistic nylon materials that are extra-strong and abrasion-resistant. The top and side soft-grip haul handles for highest comfort. The product comes with a total of 11 years of Victorinox warranty.


  • Ballistic Nylon
  • Intelligent Pack More System
  • Outfitted with self-healing YKK RC coil-zippers
  • X-shaped compression straps


  • USB charger system could have been improved, as you cannot access the battery from the outside of the bag

7. Victorinox Vx Touring Wheeled Carry On

The backpacking goes streamlined with Victorinox Vx Touring Wheeled Carry-On!Victorinox Vx Touring Wheeled Carry On

A dynamic lifestyle is a Victorinox identity, so they’ve introduced Vx Touring wheeled carry-on that is built to meet the wishes of modern traveler; the Swiss-engineered model for those desiring a world of venture.

Build Quality & Construction

Vx Touring wheeled carry-on comes in color variants like Anthracite, Dark Teal measuring 9”x14.1”x22.4” and weighs 5.74lbs. Intended for adventure, this carry-on size wheeled duffel is lightweight.

It has the spacious main compartment with a big U-shaped opening that expands to 3cm (1.1″) intended for extra capacity. Interior organization has Y-shaped webbing compression straps; it has a large zippered mesh lid pocket with zippered mesh side pocket featuring a key fob and storage slots.

Comfort & Portability

Manufactured for adventure, this wheeled duffel is lightweight and equipped with functions. One-touch monopole handle system with ergonomic comfort-grip locks to three diverse positions namely 94cm (37″), 99cm (39″) & 104cm (41″) to make room for travelers of a range of heights and zips away while not in use. The solid design of monopole handle gives utmost utilization of internal packing space. The inline wheels give even and steady roll.

The exterior organization features a padded front compartment sized to accommodate up to 15.6″ laptop, a zippered quick/easy access side pocket and two rears, with easy-to-wash, wet and dry pockets just right for storing running shoes or grimy clothes. The provided top/side haul handles and bottom grab slots offer trouble-free carrying. Also, lockable zippers with Hypalon pull. The removable luggage tag is extremely convenient.

Durability & Warranty

It has long-lasting materials including ABS framing tubes packed with strong fiberglass rods with abrasion-resistant VX4 and VXTek fabrics. Also, the adjustable side compression strap with sturdy Hypalon attachments cinch to steady heavy loads.

Rear skid plates offer protection to areas most likely to get abrasion. Removable attach-a-bag strap safeguards an additional bag to duffel front and holds about 13.6kg (30lbs). It’s backed with global 10-year limited warranty from manufacturer’s side.


  • Monopole handle
  • TSA combination lock
  • Wet/dry pockets
  • Convenience of removable luggage tag


  • Rubber loop on wheeled duffel might wear off

8. Victorinox Connex Large Softside Case

Travel with the convenience of Victorinox Connex Large Softside Case!Victorinox Connex Large Softside Case

Victorinox Coonex comes with an expandable packing compartment that enables best use of space, with lightweight yet modern components to keep your valuables safe.

Build Quality & Construction

Connex large softside case comes in burgundy and black color measuring 20.1″W x 28.3″H x 12.6″ D and it expands to 14.2″D that weighs about 10.9lbs, and it features the capacity of 102L that expands to 113L.

Made with Imported Ballistic Nylon, this features spacious main inner packing compartment with X-shaped compression straps. The zippered divider wall makes for trouble-free packing.

Comfort & Portability

Large Softside case makes going for a flight easier. With super-quiet wheels along with silent Lisof tires, you can travel smoothly over any plane. The unique, pioneering design offers optimized space with a clean look. Expandable travel case’s outfitted with 8 wheels that is smooth to commute at any time over any terrain. 60mm dual caster Hinomoto wheels and silent tires ride effortlessly.

Durability & Warranty

Made with exceptionally durable polyester, it is lightweight and scratch-resistant. Swiss-engineered dual-trolley system is of aviation status quality for improved stability or comfort. It’s backed with a warranty of 1+10 years.


  • Extremely durable and lightweight polyester
  • Large 60mm dual caster Hinomoto wheels
  • Long-lasting YKK zippers
  • TSA-approved combination lock


  • Slightly bigger

9. Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 Medium Softside Case

The perfect escapade starts with Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 Medium Softside Case!Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 Medium Softside Case

Unisex Werks softside case from brand name Victorinox is a must-go for business travelers. Straightforwardly move this multi-terrain suitcase with its LISOF dual caster wheels and steady telescopic handle system. Competently pack your belongings intended for a long work trip or vacation escape.

Build Quality & Construction

The medium-sized Werks Traveler 6.0 comes in three colors as black, blue, and grey. It measures 17.3”x11.8”x25.6” and shipping weight is 14.25lbs. A removable elegant packing cube has (1) padded 15″ laptop sleeve, with this apparel compartment, capacity expansion of 5.5” compression abilities, along with organizational dividers.

The softside case is manufactured with 600D Ballistic Nylon. This softside suitcase is both abrasion-proof and water-repellent. Rest certain your belongings will remain dry and protected throughout travels. It has a hidden ID tray in handle bezel, which slides pen and SIM card replacement tool. U-shaped front pocket holds a 15.4″ laptop. The bag easily expands to 4″.

It’s backed with travel Sentry® Approved combination lock safeguards belongings and gives U.S. airport safety screeners to open the lock devoid of destroying it and relock it following an inspection. Access™ Lock Combination Recovery Program lets you register your lock combination and recovers it if you forgot it.

Comfort & Portability

The softside case has the tough YKK zippers and integrated TSA-approved combination lock for added security. You will have wrinkle-free transport as the packing cube assists you to create a flat packing surface intended for wrinkle-free transport of clothing, while the removable garment bag tidily stores any items that need hanging. Interior Pack Additional System features the Pack additional divider, mesh pockets, along with X-shaped compression straps. Integrated garment sleeve’s for packing hanging clothing.

Durability & Warranty

The softside bag has an extra-strong, abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon that is convenient for rigorous use. Lockable YKK® Racquet Coil™ zippers include superior strength. You will never go wrong with a warranty of 1 plus 10 years. Year 1 has the Victorinox Total Protection Program and years 2 to 11 cover the Victorinox Quality Warranty Program.


  • Large 60mm dual caster Hinomoto wheels, Lisof® silent tires
  • Durable materials
  • Swiss-engineered telescoping handle system
  • Heavy-duty YKK zippers with integrated TSA-approved combination lock


  • Slightly delicate for handling

10. Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Dual-Access Carry-On Spinner

Gear up to perfect getaway with Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Dual-Access Carry-On Spinner!Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Dual-Access Carry-On Spinner

Victorinox Spectra 2.0 is backed with pioneering innovation for your day-to-day travel. Just pick your spot, pack your Spectra™ and dive right into any upcoming adventure.

Build Quality & Construction

Spectra 2.0 comes in Red and Navy color measuring 16.3”x21.7”x7.9” and weighs 4.46lbs. International Carry-On meets most global carry-on regulations. It has dual-access, front zippered, quick-access door by an organizational panel with main compartment opening. Durable Materials are manufactured with break-resistant 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate by corner guards with zipper bumpers.

It has comfort-grip dual-trolley aluminum handle system locking about three different positions. Incorporated combination lock allows U.S. TSA screeners to disengage lock devoid of destroying it, and relock it following inspection.

Comfort & Portability

Quick-access door is always comfortable to use, with easy-roll with soft tread giving perfect traction for a smooth roll across any surface with 360-degree maneuverability. Two-way packing makes the case get expediently loaded throughout front-access door with zipping away from laptop panel or all the way through main compartment. Interior compression straps hold baggage in place in transit.

Durability & Warranty

Engineered to be lightweight devoid of sacrificing durability for long trips, this case’s outfitted with 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate, a fashionable, scratch-resistant matte finish with protective corner-guards. You get 11-year warranty and 1 year, comes with Victorinox Total Protection Program and years 2-11 is Victorinox Quality Warranty Program.


  • Break-resistant Bayer polycarbonate
  • Multiple packing options
  • Aluminum trolley handle locks into several positions
  • Front zippered quick-access door


  • Slightly prone to scratches

11. Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Wheeled Boarding Tote

Go light and trendy with compact Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Wheeled Boarding Tote!Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Wheeled Boarding Tote

Indulge yourself for speedy trips with the Victorinox Werks 6.0 wheeled boarding tote. Perfect for most domestic, international and commuter flights, it is lightweight and portable.

Build Quality & Construction

Black-color Werks traveler 6.0 measures 9.1”x13.8”x16.9” and weighs 9.7lbs, it’s manufactured with extra-strong and abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon. It features dual-trolley handle system that gives superior control by ribbed comfort-grip to reduce vibrations.

Four premium dual-caster wheels ensure an even roll across every surface and offer 360° rotation, zero-load maneuverability. The exterior comes with a zippered front pocket, concealed side pockets and a rear pocket that switches to a sleeve for sliding over hold system of wheeled luggage.

The front organization panel includes two small padded electronics pockets with zippered mesh pocket. Interior comes with X-shaped compression straps to secure and condense contents; it has a padded pocket sized to accommodate laptop and tablet.

Comfort & Portability

The boarding tote comes with dual Hinomoto spinner wheels, you can glide it along smoothly beside you in any direction you desire. The wheeled tote unfastens flat for packing ease and you can spread out it if you require extra room.

Durability & Warranty

The boarding tote’s made with ballistic nylon, to ensure tear-/moisture-resistance as the Victorinox Werks 6.0 boarding tote’s durable and built to travel everywhere for short trip! It’s backed with 1 plus 10 years warranty, as year 1 warranty covers Victorinox Total Protection Program including airline damage; the Warranty Years 2-11 cover Victorinox Quality Warranty Program for manufacturer defects.


  • Rear TPE plastic skid plate that safeguards bag from abrasions
  • Lays flat for effortless packing
  • X-shaped compression straps
  • Expands 1.5″ for extra packing space


  • Slightly heavy for some users

12. Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 Weekender

Enjoy the voyaging in this season with Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 Weekender!Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 Weekender

Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Weekender is a handy bag for speedy getaways to any home away from home. This large carry-all contains plentiful capacity and a zippered drop-down for additional storage room while needed.

Build Quality & Construction

Werks Traveler 6.0 weekender comes in black, blue, and grey color finish measuring 12.6″W x 19.7″H x 8.7″ D and weighing 3.4lbs, manufactured from durable materials of 600D Ballistic Nylon fabric, as this weekender bag is together abrasion-proof and impermeable. Rest guaranteed your belongings will remain dry and safe through all your travels.

1 rear pocket comes with convenient 1 front zippered stash pocket, plus 1 zippered lining pocket inside for speedy access to your travel necessities. It has convenient removable, modifiable, padded shoulder strap. The rear pocket changes to a sleeve for sliding above the handle system of wheeled luggage. Drop-down expansion panel intended for additional capacity.

Comfort & Portability

Straightforwardly store/carry your Werks Traveler 6.0 weekender wheeled luggage; the rear pocket converts to a sleeve intended for sliding over handle system. It has drop-down zippered expansion for additional storage in carry-on.

The exterior features a front zippered pocket for fast access to your essentials. Completely lined interior features one zippered pocket! The multi-purpose weekender bag has a spacious interior with organizational pockets. Molded haul handles let multi-purpose carrying.

Durability & Warranty

It’s constructed from 600D Ballistic Nylon fabric and polyethylene lining that has trusted Swiss quality. This weekender bag is ideal for a weekend adventure or a trip to gym. Skillfully crafted in Switzerland in 1884, Victorinox provides a 1 + 10-year warranty. Making a worthy investment has never been so easy.


  • Hardwearing 600D Ballistic Nylon fabric
  • Zippered lining pocket inside
  • Spacious main compartment


  • Slightly bulkier

13. Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 XL Weekender

Go lightweight by traveling with Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 XL Weekender!Victorinox Unisex Werks Traveler 6.0 XL Weekender

Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 XL is ideal for a weekend journey or a trip to gymnasium. This spacious carry-all contains plentiful capacity and zippered drop-down opening out for additional storage room when required.

Build Quality & Construction

Black-color Werks Traveler 6.0 XL Weekender measuring 12.6”x19.7”x8.7” and weighs 3.4lbs with spacious storage. Made from 600D Ballistic Nylon fabric, it’s abrasion-proof and water-repelling. You’ll be confident your belongings will remain dry and safe through travels. The weekender bag features 1 rear pocket, 1 front zippered stash pocket, and 1 zippered lining pocket inside for speedy access to travel requirements.

Comfort & Portability

Effortlessly store your weekender on your wheeled bags, the rear pocket converts toward a sleeve for sliding over the handle mechanism. The Traveler 6.0 is outfitted with a drop-down zippered expansion for extra storage in your carry-on.

The zip-top opening gives trouble-free access to spacious main compartment. This XL size is a multi-purpose weekender bag with large interior, organizational pockets and molded haul handles and also, removable, modifiable, padded shoulder strap. Rear pocket switches to a sleeve for sliding over handle arrangement of wheeled luggage.

Durability & Warranty

The skillfully crafted luggage in Switzerland since 1884, the weekender’s prepared of durable nylon that is abrasion-proof and water-repellent. Victorinox provides a 1 + 10-year warranty. Making a quality product has never been so easy. The handy bag is good for short getaways.


  • 600D Ballistic Nylon fabric
  • Polyethylene lining
  • Interior comes with one zippered pocket


  • Conventional looks

14. Victorinox Etherius Large Expandable Spinner

Commute to places with Victorinox Etherius Large Expandable Spinner!Victorinox Etherius Large Expandable Spinner

Go comfortably in traveling with Victorinox Etherius expandable spinner; it’s attractive in appearance and makes your every trip pleasant, with accommodating space and durable build quality that you want to rely upon.

Build Quality & Construction

The large-size Etherius expandable spinner comes in Illusion Blue color finish measuring 12.2”x18.5”x29.5” and expands to 13.8″, the item weighs 12lbs. Manufactured with lightweight 100% pure polycarbonate, global carry-on effortlessly glides to airplane aisles and gives added capacity with needed convenience of a zippered expansion system.

On the interior, zippered dividers make two roomy packing compartments even as an expansion system provides extra packing capacity when needed. Premium 55mm Hinomoto wheels confirm you have a smooth roll. Also, equipped Y-shaped compression straps keep folded belongings secure and help decrease wrinkles.

Comfort & Portability

Etherius has comfort grip and one-touch dual trolley handle locking to three positions to accommodate travelers of many heights. Top haul handle offers trouble-free grabbing. Incorporated Travel Sentry Approved lock permits TSA screener to open the lock without harm, and relock it after check-up. Access Lock Combination Recovery Program lets you register lock combination at and recover in case if you forget.

Durability & Warranty

Manufactured from 100% pure polycarbonate, which is extremely durable and lightweight to carry, also comes in XL size that has ample space to accommodate your belongings for a longer trip. You get the convenience of a global 10-year limited warranty.


  • Global 10-year limited warranty
  • Ultra-strong 100% pure polycarbonate
  • Expansion zipper for added packing space
  • Smooth 55mm Hinomoto wheels for effortless maneuverability


  • Not suitable heavy luggage carrier

15. Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Weekender Deluxe Carry-All Tote

Travel with your essentials in Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Weekender Deluxe Carry-All Tote!Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Weekender Deluxe Carry-All Tote

The deluxe-range Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 carry-all tote has a spacious main compartment and provides you profusion of room for everything you’ll require for a weekend trip.

Build Quality & Construction

Lexicon 2.0 Weekender comes in black and grey color shades measuring 9”x13”x23.5” and weighing 2.34lbs. It gives better protection and an alternative of one of two extremely durable, water-/abrasion-resistant fabrics as it’s made with TourMax Ballistic Nylon for black shade and ForteLux Technical Fabric for grey.

Interior organization has an easy-to-clean, water-resistant pocket perfect for wet/dirty items along with a zippered pocket. Exterior features a big zippered front pocket along with a rear zippered pocket that switches to a sleeve intended for sliding over wheeled handle systems.

Comfort & Portability

Interior organization features an easy-to-clean, water-resistant pocket perfect for wet or dirty articles and a zippered pocket among key fob, equipped with a large zippered front pocket. Rear zippered pocket converts to a sleeve intended for sliding over wheeled handle systems. Spacious main compartment gives an abundance of room for everything you’ll require for a weekend trip.

The provided integrated ID tag is for security and convenience. The custom YKK zipper pulls has a thumb groove inspired by Swiss Army Knife. It has comfy leather haul handles. Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program will come together with your bag anyplace in world should it ever be lost.

Durability & Warranty

Lexicon 2.0 is the perfect getaway gear for short travel, as the product’s manufactured with water-resistant zippers on main compartment to safeguard your belongings. Lexicon 2.0 Collection gives better protection and an option of one of two extremely durable materials like TourMax Ballistic Nylon or ForteLux Technical Fabric. It comes with 1+10 years Warranty program from manufacturer’s side.


  • Top-zip closure secures items
  • Easy-to-clean water-resistant interior pocket
  • Large zippered front pocket
  • Leather-wrapped haul handles


  • Base stability could have been better

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