Top 15 Herschel Backpacks in 2020 – Complete Guide & Reviews

Since the beginning of its journey, Herschel Supply Co. has been one of its kind. The Canadian brand made its mark by making hipster retro backpacks and accessories and it did not take long for them to rise to fame and success, which is kind of rare for most companies. During the 20 years of its journey, that brand has earned praise and appreciation for its thoughtful, unique line of products and garnered a cult following.

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Herschel – Its Story

With the mission of creating timeless products featuring an attention to details and heritage, brothers Jamie and Top 15 Best Herschel Bags in 2020Lyndon Cormack founded the company in 2009. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the brand’s name was taken from the name of a rural Canadian town in Saskatchewan, where three generations of the Cormack family grew up.

The Cormack brothers wanted to pay homage to the mountaineering tradition of that town that had dwindled into nothingness over time. So, they wove their nostalgia and creativity together and produced the contemporary renditions of classic backpack profiles, primarily aimed at 18-to-35-year-old consumers. However, the popularity has long grown beyond that demographic.

The brand’s ideologies include harking and paying tribute to old times and traditions. The brothers purchase tons of old products, dissect them at their own sewing studio, and recreate with a modern twist.

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Since then, Herschel’s product lines have grown over time. It has started manufacturing other luggage items and accessories too, but backpacks have always remained its forte.

The ‘contemporary twists on vintage designs’ have dubbed into a great commercial success for Herschel so much so that it has collaborated with heavy hitters such as Coca Cola, Disney, Starbucks, New Balance, G Shock, and more.

Herschel is currently a global phenomenon that has more than 10,000 selling points across the world. It manufactures and sells a range of backpacks, luggage, and accessories for hipsters.

Product Range of Herschel

As we’ve mentioned in the previous section, Herschel has expanded its product range over the years after starting off with rucksacks. Its inventory now includes a versatile collection of duffels, suitcases, totes, messengers, fanny bags, and apparel. There are more products in the pipeline to complete the roster of lifestyle essentials.

Also, Herschel was once all about synthetic leather straps, monochrome colors, and an old-time logo. While these features are still the brand’s bedrocks, it has opened up to new tones, hues, and enthralling prints.

We are going to discuss some product lines of the brand:


The name kind of explains the type of products it features. The Classics Collection is designed with everyday travelers in mind. It has bags and accessories that are thoughtfully engineered for the convenience of commuters and frequent trippers.

These products mimic the everlasting things in the world around us. With astute attention to details, you will find these bags utterly modern yet evoking a tad of nostalgia.


The products under this collection are the marriage between the creativity and imagination of Herschel’s designers. You can call it the most artistic of all the lines, since the bags are just different from other collections.

Featuring minimalism paired up with utility and aesthetic, these bags are for those people who want something extra Top 15 Best Herschel Bags in 2020other than just getting the job done.


If the Studio Collection is artistic, the BHW (Bad Hills Workshop) Collection allows the designers to go rampant with their creative vision.

The inspiration behind the BHW was a passion for creation and experimentation. Herschel exercises no rules or constraints to harness their creative spirit. The products under this collection are utterly modern and progressive.


On the way of establishing itself into a brand for the youth, Herschel has not forgotten about the younger generations—preteens and kids. Featuring unique patterns and colors, the bags and dresses don’t deviate from the brand’s signature style traits—classic design and modern functionality.

What Makes Herschel Different?

Herschel products are sold in over 90 countries, and the brand has achieved this huge success within a short span of time, compared to most of its competitors.

What’s the secret behind this wild success and worldwide popularity? What makes it unique compared to other similar brands?

According to Lyndon, the straightforward formula is giving deep thoughts behind the design of their products. A Herschel product is not just a bag for your daily use or trips, it offers a context which consumers can relate to.

Every person experiences different cultural surroundings. Herschel gives its  products a utilitarian makeover without being typical or boring. The approach is so fresh, and the aesthetic is so timeless that the bags connect to modern people’s cultural and everyday experiences. Whether your work takes you to a coffee shop or an art gallery or makes you a digital nomad or a backpacker, Herschel is always up for going along the ride.

The appeal of Herschel bags is so unique yet diverse that they resonate far beyond their targeted demography, which is from 16 to 28-year-old people. Even older people can use them without looking out of place.Top 15 Best Herschel Bags in 2020

Characteristics of Herschel Bags

Herschel bags have managed to create appeal beyond their targeted customer demographic. In fact, the company’s ever-expanding customer base includes people from all social strata and professional backgrounds, whether it is a Wall Street professional, a book nerd, an Otaku, or a school-going kid.

What features shall you focus on while picking up a Herschel bag? Pay attention to these following characteristics:

Design & Materials

Hershel leads from the front in terms of styling a backpack or other types of bags for daily use and short trips. The products are available at a huge range of styles. The brand pays astute attention to detailing but the styles are subtle instead of being screaming to your face.

However, there is no holding back when it comes to color ranges. It’s very common to get a bag in more than 10 color options, but some items are available in over 55 or so colors, which is just unbelievable.

Some of these versions are a single color with accents coming from leather straps and hardware, while others are two-toned featuring pockets and flaps in a different color. Fans of printed fabric don’t need to be downhearted because there are plenty of bags that come in crazy floral and military prints.

All the bags, whether it is a backpack, duffel, tote, or fanny pack, are well-designed and have enough room to carry whatever they are supposed to carry. For example, backpacks can carry laptops, books, tabs, one or two clothes, and a few other items while a fanny pack has enough room for keys, money, pens, or whatever small items you want to put into it. In fact, some backpacks offer a fleece-lined sleeve for the laptop, an ultimate luxury feature to protect your sophisticated electronics.

However, many Herschel models don’t have enough inner compartments and only a few outside pockets. Some duffels and messengers don’t have any interior section at all, which is inconvenient sometimes.Top 15 Best Herschel Bags in 2020

A major percentage of Herschel bags is made of 100% polyester and nylon fabric. The craftsmanship and engineering are top-notch so there is little chance of ripped stitches or broken zippers.

However, the brand uses some special materials for some of their products. For example, a series of products including bags from Novel, Heritage, and Little America lines are made of a special fabric known as the Heavyweight Cotton Canvas, featuring 20 oz. highly durable cotton canvas material.

Another innovative material is SealTech, which was first seen in some bags released in Spring 2016. Unlike canvas material, this fabric is lightweight and resists water on rainy days. However, the truly unique feature is the puncture recovery ability. The rip-stop fabric automatically heals minor punctures and prevents tiny tears from becoming gaping rips.

Features & Functions

The designers at Herschel are really thoughtful about the comfort of the consumers. No more feeling like you are carrying a wooden plank on your back.

Contoured straps, both adjustable and well-padded, are what make the bags a comfy fit. Ergonomic design allows you to carry a bag for hours without having sweat dripping down. For example, some backpacks have an air mesh back padding that not only helps with keeping the bag’s shape but also comfort for your backside.Top 15 Best Herschel Bags in 2020

Herschel bags don’t feature a huge amount of pockets, but every single one of them is well-designed. Their thoughtful placement makes packing, unpacking, and opening and closing the zippers on the move easier.

Hope this short guide clears your confusion and helps you pick up a great bag. However, the truth is that Herschel has plenty of high-quality, highly functional, and beautiful products, so making a choice is quite hard. We’ve made a list of 15 bags, covering all categories, to save your time.

Top 15 Herschel Bags in 2020

1. Herschel Little America Backpack with laptop sleeve
Drawstring closure


$$ 4.8
2. Herschel Novel Duffel Bag
100% Polyester lining $$ 4.8
3. Herschel Baby Strand Sprout Shoulder Bag
Signature striped fabric liner


$$ 4.7
4. Herschel Sutton Duffel Bag
100% cotton $$ 4.6
5. Herschel Strand Small Shoulder Bag
8.5″ shoulder drop $$ 4.6
6. Herschel Supply Co. Sutton Mid-volume Duffel Bag
Poly rip stop fabric


$$ 4.5
7. Herschel Supply Co. Sandford Messenger Bag
Padded 15″ laptop sleeve $$ 4.5
8. Herschel Supply Co. Eighteen Hip Pack
Polyester lining $$ 4.4
9. Herschel Terrace Travel Tote
100% Polyester


$$ 4.3
10. Herschel Sinclair Small Cross Body Bag
23″ shoulder drop


$$ 4.2
11. Herschel Lane Small Cross Body Bag
Solid construction $$ 4.2
12. Herschel Supply Co. Unisex Sutton Mid-Volume
16″ shoulder drop $$ 4.1
13. Herschel Pop Quiz Classic Backpack
Durable polyester fabric $$ 4.0
14. Herschel Gibson Messenger Bag
Fleece lined 15″ Laptop sleeve $$ 3.9
15. Herschel Chapter Travel Kit
Hook and Loop closure


$$ 4.0

1. Herschel Little America Backpack with laptop sleeve

You might have already seen so many people during your daily commute using Little America backpack. This is justHerschel Little America Backpack with laptop sleeve one instance of this backpack’s popularity. In fact, Little America is Herschel’s one of the most popular series. Available in two different sizes and a broad range of colors, does this bag have everything to be the favorite of a modern person?

Design & Materials

The Little America backpack has already established itself as a part of the urban lifestyle. It has become a classic lately for offering a combo of style, function, and space.

Due to picking up design cues from classic mountaineering packs, the bag carries a simple elegance that looks easy on the eye. The exterior leather straps, brand woven label, and hardware add vintage details without creating a fuss.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the rucksack comes in two sizes, mid-volume (17L) and classic (25L). If you are not a big person, the mid-volume should be the right size, but it can carry a 13-inch laptop. For a bigger laptop (up to 15 inches), the classic is the right size.

Made of thick nylon and 600D polyester, the bag offers an impressively long life without showing much wear and tear. If you want it to survive longer, apply a coat of a fabric protector like Scotchgard once every few months.

The heavily padded base is a nice touch as it protects the sophisticated gadgets inside even if you pop the bag down on hard surfaces. The airmesh padded back panels and shoulder straps give your shoulders respite despite carrying a heavy weight.

The buckled exterior straps look complicated but there is no unbuckling required here. A pair of metal magnets keep the flaps closed. Besides, the main compartment features a drawstring closure for quick opening and closing.

Functions & Features

Little America is a great backpack for day-to-day travel like going to work, school, or day hike. Like other Herschel products, this bag is highly functional despite keeping the features to the minimum.

There is only one external pocket when you can keep the items you need the most, such as the wallet, small notebooks, passports, etc. A key chain attached inside the pocket lets you clip your keys to it. Except for this one, the exterior does not have any pocket, not even one for water bottles.

The interior design is pretty much straightforward. There is a huge main compartment with a few side pockets. But the most impressive feature is the fleece-lined laptop sleeve. Your precious laptop will literally be wrapped up with a soft, cozy faux-fur blanket!

There is a rubber grommet on the side for plugging into earphones to a music device inside.


  • Loads of colorful options
  • Padded base, back, and straps
  • Key chain in the front pocket
  • Fleece-lined laptop sleeve
  • Roomy main compartment
  • Slot for plugging earphones


  • No hip strap for long-term carrying
  • No water bottle pocket

2. Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

When’s the last time you enjoyed a long vacation? Loads of people can manage only short trips, from two to threeHerschel Novel Duffel Bag days to mostly a week. Herschel’s Novel duffel bag is a perfect option for those short trips. As usual, the price tag is not quite pocket-friendly but a quality product like this one provides service for years; therefore, compensates for the price.

Design & Materials

This duffel bag features the trademark design and quality of Herschel products. There are two sizes, mid-volume (33L) and classic (42.5L), and scads of color options.

The body of the bag is 100% polyester and the carry handles are faux leather. But the handles of some other versions are polyester. There is a shoulder strap with a padded patch to comfort your shoulder. Herschel is known for using premium materials in their products. So, there is no doubt that this bag is going to last for years to come.

Two-way waterproof zippers protect the openings of the bag. However, the material is not 100% waterproof. Light rain is fine but anything more than that will leak water inside.

Even when the inner compartment is empty, this duffel keeps its shape due to having a solid framework. You definitely don’t a bag that slouches even when half full.

Functions & Features

Planing for a weekend or week-long vacation? This Novel duffel has the perfect size for holding all of your stuff. However, the interior design is more suitable for a gym session than a trip.

There is no pocket in the main compartment, except for a small mesh sleeve. So, you have no choice but to throw everything there. You will need extra bags for electronics, undergarments, and other things that you want find quickly.

Besides, there is a shoe compartment that has a separate opening. A different shoe slot is a feature to be seen in gym duffels, although they are smaller, something around 25 to 30 liters. That being said, this Novel duffel will still fit your locker and will be handy if you to bring some extra gear.

The lined interior is a nice touch as it protects the outer material and keeps it clean. You can carry the bag by grabbing the handles but shoulder strap is the right option when it is loaded.


  • Plenty of space
  • Separate shoe compartment
  • Great for short trips
  • Perfect gym bag
  • Premium material


  • No extra pockets

3. Herschel Baby Strand Sprout Shoulder Bag

The Baby Strand Sprout shoulder bag from Herschel is highly versatile. You can use this carrier as a regular tote or aHerschel Baby Strand Sprout Shoulder Bag diaper bag. Don’t let the high price tag (around $100) discourage you if you crave for a nice shoulder bag with a practical design and stylish look.

Design & Materials

This Baby Strand Sprout is a practical shoulder bag with plenty of room. However, practicality does not mean that the bag does not look good. This is a stylish bag available in a range of color and print choices. The clean lines and classic design create a unisex appeal, so both men and women can use it without being judged.

The bag is made of high-quality polyester material and fabric lining. The interior has the signature striped fabric liner with several sleeves and compartments for a better organization of your stuff.

Several carrying options are another unique feature of this versatile shoulder bag. You can wear it across the shoulder with the shoulder strap or just grab the carry handles. There is also a buckle design for hanging from a stroller.

A neatly folded change mat is a lifesaver for new parents. The sleek mat is a great quality and offers storage space for various and more baby stuff. Despite having this option, this bag does not look like a diaper bag from any angle, which is a great plus.

Functions & Features

This bag holds a lot and opens all the way up so you can see all the things inside without scouring.

There are dividers inside that create three separate sections. These dividers are attached so you can’t rearrange them, which is not needed actually. It does not have a wet wipe case, but you can stash them into the pockets on both sides of the changing pad.

You can use it for holding your clothes for the holidays or all changing stuff for your baby.


  • Unisex style
  • Plenty of color choices
  • Huge storage space
  • Diaper changing mat
  • Stroller attachment clip


  • No zipped interior pocket
  • Expensive

4. Herschel Sutton Duffel BagHerschel Sutton Duffel Bag

The Sutton duffel bag is perfectly sized for everyday use, carrying gym gear, and light travels. It has impressive practical features that will solve your packing dilemma. Compared to a competitor like American Apparel cotton canvas gym bag, this Herschel duffel is a better deal with premier, stronger materials.

Design & Materials

Like any other Herschel bag, this Sutton duffel comes with a classic style, functional design, and attention to fine details. This is not a duffel for week-long trips because it is only slightly larger than a carry-on case. With 13 x 23 x 13 inches dimensions, this bag is perfect for weekend vacations and gym sessions.

This Sutton bag is made of 100% cotton. There is a synthetic lining and the carry handles and shoulder strap are nylon material with no padding. The materials are likely to last for a long time, and the framework is rigid enough to stand upright when the bag is empty.

This particular item looks marvelous in a gray-and-black Raven Crosshatch color scheme. There are several other color options to choose from.

There is a small exterior pocket, and a two-way zipper protects the opening to the main compartment. You can easily sling the bag over one shoulder by grabbing the handles. There is a shoulder strap too for spreading the weight evenly across the shoulder.

Functions & Features

The U-shaped closure opens up to a big compartment. Unfortunately, there are no pockets inside except for a meshed sleeve on the other side of the opening flap. That meshed pocket has a zipper so you can keep your tab, passports, and a few other documents there.

We said earlier that this one is suitable for short trips only. But if you are wearing only summer clothes, it is possible to pack five outfits. However, packing more than three winter outfits is quite impossible.

The outside pocket could be bigger and have a closure. You can’t keep more than one item there without making it bulging. There is no shoe compartment either, and the zipper pulls feel a bit cheap.


  • Stylish, functional duffel
  • Doubles the duty as a gym bag
  • Made of premium materials
  • Spacious interior compartment


  • No extra pockets inside
  • Exterior pocket is small
  • Zipper pulls are cheap

5. Herschel Strand Small Shoulder Bag

This small shoulder bag could be your on-the-go daily companion. With one main interior compartment and twoHerschel Strand Small Shoulder Bag exterior side pockets, it is a perfect stow-and-go bag. It looks so stylish that you can take it to both formal and casual events. For everything this Strand shoulder bag does, it costs only north of $50.

Design & Materials

This shoulder bag comes in a number of color schemes, giving the customers the opportunity to match with their personal style. Full-grain leather zipper pulls offer the brand’s zing along with an extra fashion statement.

The no-frills design features a clean exterior, but don’t let this simple look deceive you. Made of 100% polyester, this bag is extremely strong to endure all kinds of abuse on a daily basis.

The interior is as equally rugged as the exterior. It keeps its shape very well due to the solid base and strong fabric lining.

This bag is worth every penny. Its fabric quality is excellent, which is not only durable but stays clean as well. It does feel stiff at the beginning but gains flexibility over time.

Functions & Features

With 12 inches height and 15.5 inches width, the bag’s size is perfect for carrying your essentials. Whether you use it as an overnighter or a small tote, the zippered opening and easy-access main compartment make your job easier.

The external sleeve pocket creates convenient storage for your smaller valuables such as keys, tickets, or passports that you want to have handy.

Besides versatile use, this bag is easy to carry. Without sacrificing either comfort, convenience, or style, you can carry it on the shoulder or by hand.


  • Plenty of colors
  • Versatile use
  • Stylish
  • Strong zippers
  • Perfect shoulder bag


  • No extra sections or pockets

6. Herschel Supply Co. Sutton Mid-volume Duffel Bag

This mid-volume Sutton duffel bag could be your perfect companion for a simple day out in the park or a gymHerschel Supply Co. Sutton Mid-volume Duffel Bag session. A budget-friendly option to carry out your day-to-day stuff. This duffel serves your needs with a casual style and exquisite Herschel quality.

Design & Materials

The Sutton mid volume is a small basic duffel that looks like a traditional barrel duffel, featuring a zipper opening that runs down its length. Made with 100% polyester body and fabric lining, it comes with plenty of color and print options.

Sure, the fabric is not the thickest you will find and stitch-work is a bit sloppy, but it is one of the well-made duffels you will get at less than $50. It will surely last for a long time even if you use it daily.

The bag has a pair of long webbing carry handles, allowing you to carry it over one shoulder like a tote. There is also a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap. None of the straps are padded.

Functions & Features

The duffel is small so you really can’t overpack it. It is good for your daily tasks like going to a training session, yoga class, or somewhere else. It can also accommodate one or two sets of outfits if you are planning for a day tour.

Unfortunately, there is no internal organization, just a single compartment where you have to keep everything. The exterior has a small pocket though, where you can keep keys or your passport/wallet.

There is no padded base or structural lining to keep the duffel upright when it’s empty. The bottom has six grommets that let out moisture. But liquids can get inside if you put it down on a wet spot.


  • Suitable for daily activities
  • Premium materials
  • Long nylon carry handles
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Drainable base


  • Lacks inner organizer
  • No padded strap
  • Cannot retain the shape

7. Herschel Supply Co. Sandford Messenger Bag

Herschel has designed this Sandford messenger bag for the busy bees and daily commuters. This bag has it all—goodHerschel Supply Co. Sandford Messenger Bag look, durability, and the perfect size for commuting. At less than $50, you are unlikely to get such a premium product from other top brands.

Design & Materials

Going out with this bag means that you are destined to get compliments from strangers. The colored and printed options are beautiful and the slim, handsome design makes it more stylish than a typical black office bag.

The craftsmanship is undoubted high-quality because it is a Herschel product. Canvas body material, neoprene liner, and Herschel’s signature striped fabric detail make sure that you will get to use this bag for years to come.

In a word, the bag is perfect for the price.

Functions & Features

Designed for the tech-savvy and office-goers, the Sandford messenger offers padded protection for your electronics and other stuff. It has a laptop sleeve for up to 15-inch laptops and enough space for headphones, chargers, files, toiletries, and snacks. There is also a key clip and key chain pocket. It is big enough to carry everything for a day’s job but not so big to look hefty.

People who have to fly a lot for their work will just love this messenger. The EVA-reinforced handles and a shoulder strap makes it so easy to carry. There is a zippered exterior pocket at the bottom of the backside. Open the zipper and it converts into a luggage trolley sleeve. Also, the bag maintains its shape even when not fully stuffed and it easily fits under the seat because the silhouette is perfectly proportioned.

This bag does not have too many pockets but there is still a big one on the front panel. A small side pocket on the backside is good for stashing one or two small items.


  • Perfect commuter bag
  • Tons of interior space
  • Has a luggage trolley sleeve
  • Reasonable price


  • Fabric is not waterproof
  • Straps are not padded

8. Herschel Supply Co. Eighteen Hip Pack

This Eighteen fanny pack might not be the best looking featuring a Herschel label sewn onto the body, but this little Herschel Supply Co. Eighteen Hip Packboy can securely hold all the important stuff of big boys. In fact, this utility belt is like the Batman, always have a hidden trick up onto his sleeve. For such a small hip pack, it provides tons of space, so you can unload some of your overfilled pockets.

Design & Materials

With 10-inch height and 8.5-inch width, this bag is not for the petite-sized people. If you are less than 5’5”, it will look awkwardly proportioned across your body.

Otherwise, Eighteen is a perfect addition to Herschel’s hip pack line. It has a snap fastener to carry along. However, the bag works as only a fanny pack or back sling because the wide side support makes it uncomfortable to wear across the chest.

Made with high-quality polyester and Herschel’s signature striped fabric liner, the hip pack features premium craftsmanship, guaranteeing a long-term service.

Another nice feature is the air mesh padding on the back that allows ventilation and prevents sweat.

Functions & Features

The Eighteen hip pack comes with multiple pockets for everyday use or short day trips. Going to spend a full day at Disneyland? Want to attend a music festival? No need to carry a crossbody purse or a backpack. This fanny pack will keep you light by holding a ton of stuff.

The bag fits your phone, a wallet, a water bottle, toiletries, and a few other small items. As you will carry it around your waist, there will be a minimal backache. However, the main section does not have any extra pockets or sleeves  so you have to do some digging to get the small items.

There are two exterior pockets with zipper closures. You can use them for storing tiny items like a pint-sized hand sanitizer and lip balm. But the zippers are stiff and the flaps are sewn in place so accessing the pockets is hard unless you have lean fingers.


  • Practical fanny pack
  • Huge main compartment
  • Stores a ton of stuff
  • Solid construction
  • Two exterior pockets
  • Air mesh back padding


  • Difficult accessing to two front pockets
  • Missing inner organizers

9. Herschel Terrace Travel Tote

The Terrace travel tote is designed for everyday travelers in mind. If you are planning to go somewhere for a day, itHerschel Terrace Travel Tote can hold everything, from lunch boxes to an umbrella, towels, water bottles, and a set of clothes. With a spacious main compartment and few exterior pockets, this tote could be the ideal candidate to be your bag on the go.

Design & Materials

Like a usual Herschel product, the Terrace tote comes in plenty of color options—a single tone, two tones, and a few beautiful prints. It could be a nice addition to your baggage collection and seriously style up your everyday fashion.

Made of durable polyester, the Terrace tote guarantees long-term performance with heavy-duty stitching and premium craftsmanship.

The bag has two long carry handles that you can grab by hands or carry on one shoulder.

Functions & Features

The bag opening features a snap-on closure and it opens to a huge compartment (15.5h x 16.5w inches). Other than a small pocket, the interior does not have any other organizer.

The bag has enough space for tons of stuff. You can just throw everything inside it while going somewhere for an outing. Also, you can use it as your office bag since it can comfortably hold a 15-inch laptop along with a few other electronics and essentials.

There are three pockets on the front panel where you can transfer the water bottle, documents, headphones, and some other items to free up the main storage.

There is no zipper closure in the bag. However, the latch works fine for securing all the interior items.


  • Variety of color schemes
  • Spacious internal compartment
  • Several exterior pockets
  • Solid construction


  • No zipper
  • Lacks internal organizers

10. Herschel Sinclair Small Cross Body Bag

If you are packing for a trip, this Sinclair crossbody bag would be a practical choice. Unlike a slippery tote, it will Herschel Sinclair Small Cross Body Bagcling to your body no matter whatever you are doing, either looking for your boarding pass at the airport security or leaning over to fasten the shoelaces. At less than $30, the price is quite reasonable for a Herschel product.

Design & Materials

Enhance your vacation style with this small essential bag. Herschel is one of the primary choices of hipsters across the world for its classic appeal with a modern twist. This crossbody perfectly catches that spirit to be a favorite of modern people.

When you are visiting a foreign country, go for a day vacation, or exploring a new city, this bag could be your perfect companion for holding some essentials that you may need.

Durable polyester and solid stitching go into the making of this bag. The opening has a two-way zippered closure featuring Prusik cord pulls. The plastic cord pulls feel cheap and probably the only downside of this bag.

For such a little bag, it has several carrying options. You can hang it around the shoulder by using the adjustable webbing crossbody strap. There is also a sleeve at the back and a belt loop so you can attach it to practically anything.

Functions & Features

The main compartment offers 6.5h x 4.5w inches dimensions, enough room for holding a few important items like the passport, tickets, wallets, phones, etc. There is a sleeve for keeping smaller essentials separate from other things.

The exterior has a mesh storage sleeve on the front panel. This pocket offers easy access to a few important items like a boarding pass.

Another interesting function of this bag could be using it for your pet like a dog or a cat. It can hold the pet’s treat bag, bowl, and a few toys.


  • A little, functional crossbody
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Internal organizer
  • Exterior mesh sleeve
  • Shoulder strap and belt loop


  • Plastic zipper pulls

11. Herschel Lane Small Cross Body Bag

A crossbody bag is mainly about carrying your daily essentials on-the-go while keeping your hands free. If you wantHerschel Lane Small Cross Body Bag to put the style in the mix, go for the Lane crossbody bag from Herschel. It helps with packing light and staying mobile.

Design & Materials

This crossbody bag is designed to wear cross-body or across the shoulder with the help of an adjustable shoulder strap. The webbing belt is strong due to having closely woven fabrics that are unlikely to give up easily. Durable canvas construction, solid stitching, fabric lining, flap closure, and Prusik cord zipper pulls give this crossbody an unbelievably long life. However, the plastic zip pull may break under excessive use or extreme force.

With a generous main compartment and few pockets, this crossbody is perfect for daily commutes and festivals. Available in several cute colors, this would be a stylish addition to your outfit.

Functions & Features

This minimal crossbody encourages you to bring only what you need when traveling. No more digging your backpack or tote for the small items. This bag will keep all those hard to find essentials neatly stored in its spacious main compartment two exterior pockets.

There is an extra sleeve in the internal storage compartment, allowing you to sort the items and keep them separate. With 9 inches height and 6.75 inches width, this main section will comfortably hold a 7-inch tablet along with a few other items. Two additional zippered pouches on the front and cover flap make room for a few extra items. Your items will be secured inside by the clip-fastened front cover.

This little bag is great for carrying your daily essentials whether you are going to work or traveling.


  • Cute little crossbody
  • Solid construction
  • Holds daily essentials
  • Enough pockets


  • No padding for the strap
  • Plastic zipper pulls

12. Herschel Supply Co. Unisex Sutton Mid-Volume

The mid-volume Sutton is an everyday duffel bag that also doubles as a weekend travel bag with generous storage. This lightweight bag is easy to carry and looks gorgeous.

Design & Materials

The cylindrical duffel exudes a unisex appeal through its moderate color choices and print options. The style is timeless and Herschel has completed it with a neat and clean look and premium-quality materials.

This one is a handsome overnight bag that promises years of service with a premium polyester exterior and Herschel’s signature striped fabric liner. The two-way plastic zipper with pebbled leather pulls keeps your stuff safe inside.

The bag is so small that you can carry it as a tote bag or over a shoulder by grabbing the long webbing carry handle. Either way, you are sure to draw compliments from strangers. There is also a detachable shoulder strap for carrying across the shoulder.

One downside of the bag is the squeaking sound created by the two clips at the joints of the shoulder strap. They create sound when walking as the plastic rubs against itself.

Functions & Features

The duffel is perfectly sized for light travel and everyday use. You can use it as a gym bag or the storage case when spending a day on the beach or park. It will fit a couple of days’ worth of clothes.

Like lots of Herschel duffels, this one does not have any internal organizer. You have to put all your stuff in the same compartment. There is a small exterior pocket with no zip, which is only good for putting one or two small items.

Metal grommets on the base make the duffel fully drainable so you can put inside the wet gym clothes. However, this same feature allows for moisture getting inside too. So, don’t put down the bag on a wet patch.


  • A stylish, good-looking duffel
  • Great for daily use
  • Durable polyester body
  • Fabric lining


  • Lacks interior organizers
  • Shoulder strap squeaks
  • Plastic zipper

13. Herschel Pop Quiz Classic Backpack

Pop Quiz is one of the best-selling Herschel backpacks and the popularity is not based on the brand value only. It hasHerschel Pop Quiz Classic Backpack one of the most practical designs that you can find in a backpack, carefully fashioned for students and office goers. At less than $100, this backpack is worth of every penny spent on it.

Design & Materials

As usual, Herschel relies on a no-frills, classic design for this backpack. Available in various colors and print choices, a unisex style, and two size options (classic 22L and one size), this bag offers room to make it a part of your personal style.

Designed for people who like to carry lots of gadgets, this rucksack will suit the lifestyle of both professionals and daily commuters. Minimalists will surely love this because the bag pulls off a clean look despite having several pockets. Except for the one on the front, all other exterior zippers are concealed under flaps. Although these flaps make opening and closing the pockets a bit fiddly, a few will complain about the minimal look that comes at the cost of a little extra work.

The exposed zipper on the front adds accent to the monochromatic color scheme. In some versions, the reinforced bottom panel also comes in a contrast color.

Made of 600D polyester, there is no doubt about the quality of this Pop Quick rucksack. The front small pouch has a waterproof zipper and the zipper flap on the main panel also repels water. So, the bag offers some protection for your gear and stuff in a light rain.

The shoulder straps are padded and have an air mesh strip in the middle to allow breathing. But the back panel has no padding and ventilation, kind of disappointing for such a high-quality backpack.

Functions & Features

Pop Quiz is a front-loading backpack with a lanky silhouette. The 15-inch laptop version (classic 22L) offers a fleece-lined and padded section for storing your laptop. If you are a petite person and have a smaller 13-inch laptop, go for the ‘one size’ version.

Except for the laptop sleeve, the main compartment does not have much going on. There is a side pocket when you can keep your phone or other media devices. A hole for headphones is right above this pocket, allowing you to enjoy music or podcasts on the go.

The main compartment is spacious, offering plenty of room for books, docs, a lunch box, or whatever else you want to keep there.

External storage of this rucksack is really impressive. The front zippered pocket provides a surprising level of organizing options. It has an elastic panel for the items that you need to keep separate and a key chain for attaching keys. It has enough space for storing a phone, wallet, notebooks, cards, and other things.

A small pouch on the top of this front pocket is great for electronic devices as it has a weatherproof zip and lining. The most pleasant surprise is the zippered sunglasses pocket neatly hidden at the top near the carry handle. Soft fleece lining keeps the delicate eyewear protected.


  • Spacious for daily essentials
  • Enough pockets
  • Holds a 15-inch laptop
  • Separate padded laptop sleeve
  • A secret sunglasses sleeve


  • No water bottle holder
  • Handling the zippers is a bit fiddly
  • The back panel lacks proper padding and ventilation

14. Herschel Gibson Messenger Bag

This Gibson messenger bag is so handy that you won’t want to travel without adding it to your luggage box. It is alsoHerschel Gibson Messenger Bag excellent for daily use, in offices and schools too. In fact, this messenger is designed for all kinds of travel. At less than $50, this one is a real deal.

Design & Materials

Herschel never fails to impress with construction and craftsmanship. With 100% polyester body, pinstriped inner lining, metal zipper pull, and solid stitching, this bag is ready for all types of adventures.

The fabric feels stiff at first but becomes flexible over time. It is built with long-lasting performance in mind.

Available in various color schemes, the messenger has a simple style to be a part of your professional and casual outfits.

Carrying this messenger is a breeze as it has EVA-reinforced carry handles and shoulder strap. There is also a zippered slot at the bottom of the back panel for sliding it onto a rolling suitcase handle.

Functions & Features

The Gibson messenger is highly versatile when it comes to storage and functions. It is a large travel brief that can replace your tote or backpack. The main compartment has several organizers, keeping your stuff nicely organized. A separate laptop sleeve protects your valuable electronics. The sleeve is mainly designed for Mac laptops. You have to use the main storage section if you have a 15-inch laptop from any other brand.

There are a zippered pocket and two small sleeves on the opposite side of the laptop sleeve, which are great for keeping chargers, headphones, and other small items.

There is one large exterior pocket on the front panel, which can carry all of your necessary items ready for quick access.


  • Nice style
  • Suitable for both professional and casual events
  • Plenty of storage options
  • Separate laptop sleeve
  • High-quality materials


  • Laptop sleeve is smaller for a 15-inch laptop
  • Straps are not padded

15. Herschel Chapter Travel Kit

When you are traveling, you may need lots of tiny little things like glasses, pint-sized toiletries, eyeliners,Herschel Chapter Travel Kit headphones, and more, and opening the big suitcase every time is not an option. In that case, this Chapter travel kit could be your best companion.

Design & Materials

This tiny travel kit is available in three different sizes classic 5L (6h x 9w inches), carry-on 3L (5.2h x 8.5w inches), and one size (6h x 9.5w inches). So, you can choose one according to your needs.

Except for the size variations, the design of all the versions is similar. However, you will get this bag in loads of color schemes so you can easily buy one to match your personal style.

Made of durable polyester fabric, this kit looks highly stylish with Herschel’s signature label on the front panel and the leather zipper pull that adds accents.

The stitching is solid and the construction feels super strong. You can literally toss and throw it everywhere without making any damage. However, the fabric will not survive wet sink at the airport or gym. Also, the interior is not waterproof so seal all the liquid bottles properly before storing them in the bag.

A side handle makes carrying this bag a cinch. You can grab it by hand or attach that handle to your belt or the trolley luggage.

Functions & Features

The Chapter toiletry kit is ideal for keeping you organized at the time of travel. It can accommodate all the essentials that you may need on the road.

The main compartment has a mesh sleeve, which further helps with keeping your items as organized as you like. An exterior zippered pocket comes as a bonus where you can stash a few extra items.


  • Little but functional travel kit
  • Solid construction
  • Polyester body
  • Mesh interior organizer
  • Exterior pocket


  • Not waterproof

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