Top 15 Best Herschel Luggage and Bags – Guide & Reviews for 2020

Redefining nostalgic luggage and backpacks; the Cormack brothers have taken the classic and enhanced its Top 15 Best Herschel luggage and bags in 2020underlying comfort and utility with modern adjustments, fittings and features! The company understands the needs of the modern user, traveler and adventurer hence design bags and luggage pieces that can offer maximum functionality and utility without compromising on quality built!

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Types of Herschel luggage and bags

Herschel understands that it is not the destination but rather the journey that matters, hence provides the everyday user with ample options to enhance, grow and upgrade in their everyday endeavors! Here are some of the common kinds of Herschel luggage and bags available.

The Everyday Tote bag by Herschel

The everyday tote back holds a special place in the hearts of the everyday work commuter. While it often has a padded separate pocket to hold a 15 inch laptop comfortably, it also has the necessary internal organizational pockets to hold essentials like keys, petty cash and your smart phone as well. These are more often considered to be multi-purpose in design so if you are not using the massive internal space for work commutes, you can quite easily take this piece of luggage on your next mini vacation as well!

  1. Travel backpack by Herschel

Herschel is a modern company and understand the needs of the common travel these days better than any in the Top 15 Best Herschel luggage and bags in 2020industry! The travel backpack by Herschel will consist of hidden pockets, concealed with yet laptop compartments with a separate access, and multiple antitheft zippers to protect the user’s essentials like keys, passports and phones on the go. The internal pockets will have organizational sections to hold your wires and tech related equipment while the external will have key rings and smartphone pockets.

  1. Classic backpack

Herschel has managed to perfect the classic backpack design to match the needs of different users according to their usage. For instance, there is a model specifically designed for the college or university student with an oval dome style and lightweight construction. The most attractive feature of these is their minimalistic design in terms of overtly expressed compartments. You may find the common organizational sectioning within the backpack for laptops and media but on the outside, these will look simple and classy!

  1. Duffle style by Herschel

If you are looking to go away on a short weekend getaway, then you should definitely opt for a duffle style luggage by Herschel. The company is known to take the vintage duffle bag and enhance its overall utility by adding modern features to its design. For instance, you may come across an exterior opening for a compartment especially designed to hold your shoes. This is not only genius in terms of added hygiene but also convenience as well as accessibility!

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Advantages of opting for Herschel luggage and bags

Whether you need a bag for everyday commute, an impending adventure or the once in a while weekend getaways, the Herschel has all your needs covered! Here are some more advantages of buying a Herschel luggage piece:

  • Herschel luggage and bags are designed specifically to match the needs of the user in any given situation from everyday usage to travelling
  • Every luggage piece or bag has a striped interior lining given specifically to act as a second line protection for the contents of the bag
  • The bags and luggage by Herschel are designed are made from durable nylon, canvas or polyester material with reinforced stitching and base for added sturdiness.

Key features of the best Herschel luggage and bagsTop 15 Best Herschel luggage and bags in 2020

From choosing the right size to the material and design, the best of the best Herschel bag will incorporate some essential features that enhance its overall utility. Here are some common features to consider when opting for Herschel luggage:

  • Sturdy material with reinforced bottom

One of the most important things to consider when opting for a Herschel luggage or bag is the material that it is made up of. This will determine the longevity of the bag and will protect the contents against potential hits and bumps. A combination of nylon and polyester is a common feat, while some canvas models are also sturdy. All three of these tend to be water and abrasion resistant.

  • Adjustable and padded straps

In terms of comfort, and convenience, it is always a good idea to opt for a bag with padded shoulder straps. Some of the models tend to be a single shoulder one and these can be stressful for the arm and cause fatigue. The dual shoulder straps, when contoured, adjustable and padded will provide immense comfort especially for those in long commutes.

  • Organization pockets; Exterior

The primary purpose of organization pockets found on the exterior of any luggage or backpack is for easily accessing the necessary belongings without having to rummage through the internal deeper compartment. Hence, it is always a good idea to opt for a luggage piece that comes with anti-theft secure zipper and an organizational section within.

  • Specialized laptop sleeve

For all the tech savvy individuals out there, opting for a backpack of luggage piece with a laptop sleeve goes without saying. Look for one which is either with an elasticized band or a metal clip on and should definitely be padded! In the more modern travel backpacks you will also come across a specialized pocket with its own access point for your 15 inch laptop.

  • Internal fabric liningTop 15 Best Herschel luggage and bags in 2020

Whether you are worried about common clumsiness or unavoidable messes, it is always a good idea to opt for a luggage or backpack which comes with an internal fabric liner. These will not only act as an extra layer of protection against external bumps and hits but will also make sure to contain the messes on the exterior or interior without causing more damage in the surrounding.

  • Organizational section; interior

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when opting for a Herschel backpack or luggage piece is that it should consist of all the necessary organizational pockets and sections that help hold your essentials. To opt for the right model with this feature it is first important to understand your needs and preferences.

  • Reinforced, waterproof and antitheft metal zippers

Zippers are considered as the safest version of closures available. Depending on your usage, it is always a good idea to opt for a model which comes with waterproof zippers. Additionally, an antitheft zipper especially on the external pockets will help prevent loses and keep your belongings safe. Furthermore, zippers with leather pulls are also great especially for conveniently opening and closing.

  • Padded mesh back

A padded mesh back will prevent unnecessary sweating, overheating and ultimately discomfort and an unhyTop 15 Best Herschel luggage and bags in 2020gienic environment. This should be a feature especially considered if you are often stuck in long commutes and reside in a hot and humid country. Backpacks with this feature will enhance overall airflow and hygiene by reducing overall fatigue.

  • Drawstring closures with metal clamp

If you opt for a model with a drawstring closure supported by a metal clamp, be prepared to know that although it may not be the safest mechanism, it is most definitely the best one especially when it comes to easily accessing the depths of the backpack. The metal clamp will act as an extra layer of protection against overspill.

With all the essential features to consider when opting for Herschel luggage and backpacks mentioned above, we have also put together a list of the best and widely acknowledged models easily available online.

Top 15 Best Herschel luggage and bags in 2020

1. Herschel Strand
Self-repairing nylon zippers $$$ 4.8
2. Herschel Highland Medium
Zippered interior mesh pocket $$$ 4.8
3. Herschel Outfitter 90L
Wide front storage pocket $$$ 4.7
4. Herschel Little America
Drawstring closure $$ 4.6
5. Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack
100% Polyester lining $$ 4.6
6. Herschel Wheelie Outfitter 50l
U-shaped closure $$$ 4.5
7. Herschel Novel Duffle
External shoe compartment $$ 4.5
8. Herschel Heritage
Polyester lining $$ 4.4
9. Herschel City Backpack
36 centimeters high $$ 4.3
10. Herschel Travel Backpack
Front compartment with organizers / key clip $$ 4.2
11. Herschel Settlement Backpack
Wipe with damp cloth $$ 4.2
12. Herschel Dawson
8″ shoulder drop $$ 4.1
13. Herschel Nova Backpack
Pockets: 1 slip, 3 exterior $$ 4.0
14. Herschel Classic
Fabric lining $$ 3.9
15. Herschel Terrace
9.5″ shoulder drop $$ 4.0

1. Herschel Strand

The Herschel Strand luggage bag is the perfect size for all your essentials required on a weekend getaway trip! The Herschel Strandbag can be conveniently slug over the shoulder and consists of multiple pockets for better organizational capacity.

Sturdy Duffle design

Made out of sturdy and durable canvas material, the Herschel Strand luggage is built to last a lifetime! The material is water resistant and will also withstand any bumps and hits as it is also abrasion resistant. Moreover, there is an internal lining also given to act as a secondary layer and protect against any potential messes. There are two way zippers given on enter the main compartment with pebbled leather pulls for better grip. Additionally, there are also mental snaps given on the sides to confine the pointy edges.

Multiple organizational pockets

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Herschel Strand bag is its multiple organizational pockets that allow for easily carrying all essentials and more for a short getaway! Within the main compartment of the bag, there in an organizational section with multiple zippered and mesh pockets to hold small things and wires. Additionally, there is a separate padded section given to hold a 15 inch laptop easily and safely. Furthermore, there is a centralized pocket given on the exterior to hold easily accessible gadgets like phones and wallets.

Articulate carry handles

One of the best features of the Herschel Strand bag is that it comes with a set of extremely sophisticated yet practical carry handles. These are slightly padded for added comfort. Additionally, these also have reinforced stitching protecting the connecting metal buckles which allow for more variation in terms of movement. Moreover, the metal buckles also help easily fold up the bag for storage without effecting the handles.


  • The handles have reinforced stitching to along with metal connectors for better utility and mobility.
  • The laptop sleeve within the bag is padded and can easily hold a 15 inch laptop.
  • The side exterior sleeves can be used for easily accessible things such as keys and phones.


  • The laptop sleeve within the bag is padded on three sides and not the one common with the exterior of the bag.

2. Herschel Highland Medium

Traveling light or heavy, the Herschel Highland Medium is built to accommodate all your luggage requirement Herschel Highland Mediumwithout compromising on performance! The 4 multidirectional wheels are supported by a two-step retractable trolley to allow uninterrupted movement in busy streets and airports!

Multidirectional mobility

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Herschel Highland Medium is that it comes with multidirectional 4 polyurethane wheels that allow users to easily maneuver their luggage piece around narrow streets and busy airports. The wheels are sturdy enough to be rolled over pebbled streets without coming apart and quiet enough to move around in a hotel lobby! Additionally, there is a retractable trolley with a 2 stage locking mechanism that allows more room for adjustment for the user.

Ample storage

In terms of storage, the Herschel Highland Medium comes with multiple organizational section on the exterior and within the bag. There is an internal zipper mesh pocket given on the top flap towards the inner side to hold essentials/documents or small sized garments separate. Additionally, there is a top pocket with a antitheft zipper which consists of a mesh organizational panel to hold all your essentials such as wires, phones and keys separate and easily accessible.

Sturdy construction

The Herschel Highland Medium is built to last a lifetime! Made from lightweight yet durable materials, such as polyester and polyurethane, the backpack will be easy to maneuver around in busy airports! Furthermore, the multi-directional wheels are made from polyurethanes which a robust material and will not come apart on pebbled surfaces even. Additionally, there is a fabric liner given that adds the necessary protection against messes and unavoidable accidents. The exposed zippers are waterproof and will not allow any damage to the users belongings.


  • There are garment straps given within the luggage piece to hold all your essentials in place and provide more organization.
  • The trolley has a two stage locking mechanism to provide maximum utility.
  • The top pocket as a mesh organizer within to keep your wires, media and other things separate and easily accessible.


  • Unlike other trolley models by Herschel, this one doesn’t come with a detachable single shoulder strap or stow-able dual shoulder strap.

3. Herschel Outfitter 90L

Versatility in travel; the Herschel Outfitter is designed to provide the perfect hybrid luggage piece between a Herschel Outfitter 90Lshoulder carry on and duffle bag! With multiple carrying options, ample storage space and sturdy built, the bag will make sure to provide the right support in all situations.

Versatile carrying options

In terms of carrying the Herschel Outfitter to any of your intended destinations, the manufacturers have incorporated a number of versatile options. For starters, there are ergonomic webbed carry handles that can easily be snapped together when in use. Additionally, there are similar reinforced webbed handles given on the top and the side for added convenience when stowing the luggage around. Furthermore, users also have the option of using a detachable shoulder strap that consists of a padded section when they need to carry it over a single shoulder. Finally, there is also a stow-able pair of adjustable and padded shoulder straps that can be securely kept away in a hidden zippered pocket when not in use.

Innovative compartments

Whether you want to store something inside or in the exterior pockets, the Herschel Outfitter has you covered on both angles! There in a zippered mesh section given on the lid in the inside to help store documents and smaller garments. Furthermore, there is a front pocket with a hidden zipper to keep essentials needed on the go. Additionally, there is a stow-able shoe compartment with an external opening to keep your clothing items separate from the shoes. There are also additional side pockets given for more organizational capacity.

Sturdy and lasting built

The Herschel Outfitter is built to last a lifetime! Features a polyester and nylon combination outer shell, the luggage is not only water resistant but also abrasion resistant. The luggage features reinforced stitching throughout the different components to ensure that it can easily withstand the hefty weight put in it! Furthermore, it also comes with waterproof zippers that have leather pulls for added convenience. Moreover, the metal hooks and buckles used in the traps are built to withstand heavy loads.


  • The luggage consists of hidden shoulder straps in a stow-able pocket on the back for versatility in carrying options.
  • There are ergonomic webbed handles with snap fasteners so to enhance durability so that they may not come apart.
  • There is a wide front storage pocket given to hold essentials like reading material during your travels.


  • The bag doesn’t consist of any specialized pockets or organizational sections within the main compartment.

4. Herschel Little America

A stylish backpack featuring a classy mountaineering design; the Herschel Little America is made to outperform on Herschel Little Americamany levels in many different situations ranging from the long work and school commute to a rigorous traveling itinerary!

Built to last

The Herschel Little America is built to last a lifetime! Made from a super robust combination of nylon and polyester, the bag’s exterior is made for the avid adventurer. The material is not only water resistant bit also abrasion resistant and will protects the content from external hits and bumps. Additionally, there is also a lining given within that not only helps add an extra layer of protection from external forces but also protects against potential messes. The bag closes down with a draw chord closure and has metal fastened straps and pin buckles for the added support.

Comfortable to carry

In terms of carrying the Herschel Little America for longer periods, the manufacturers have added a set of padded and contoured shoulder straps that even out the weight and reduce overall fatigue and pressure on the shoulder joints. Additionally, there is also a padded mesh back that ensures the necessary back support especially during long commutes and a heavy load. The breathable nature of the mesh back ensure temperature regulation and protects against sweat accumulation and ultimately immense discomfort.

Multiple pockets

The Herschel Little America features multiple organizational pockets for users to comfortably carry all their essentials. The main compartment as a 17-liter capacity with a tech safe sleeve that is padded with fleece to hold laptops or tablets safely. Additionally, there is also a media pocket given within which directly links to the headphone port so you may stay connected to your favorite tunes on the go. The exterior of the bag consists of a front pocket with a key clip and a hidden anti-theft zipper.


  • The bag’s unisex design allows both men and women to comfortably carry it.
  • The padded straps are also adjustable in nature to allow for more room to set the height according to personal preferences.
  • There is an additional top carry handle given for versatility in carrying options and can also be used to hand the bag.


  • The draw chord closure may be convenient but will not be as safe as a zippered opening.

5. Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack

The Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack features multiple organizational pockets designed especially to enhance Herschel Pop Quiz Backpackconvenience and accessibility so that the users doesn’t have to worry about diving deep into the main compartment to reach all their necessities.

Multiple organizational compartments

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack is that it comes with multiple organization pockets within and externally as well. On the front, there is a deeper pocket with an organizational section given for specialized compartments that are zippered or mesh. There is also a key ring given in it. Additionally, there is another zippered pocket given on top of this pocket to hold your essentials like a phone and passport. On the top, there is a specialized pocket given to hold your sunglasses. Within the backpack there is a padded laptop sleeve given to easily hold a 15 inch laptop. Moreover, there is also a media pocket given with a an outlet for headphones as well.

Durable built

Built from sturdy polyester material, the Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack will make sure the content of the bag are well protected. The material is not only abrasion resistant but also water resistant. Combined with the waterproof zippers, this bag can easily withstand the seasonal shower if you ever get caught in one! Additionally, there is reinforced stitch throughout for maximum durability. Finally, there is also a leather reinforced section given on the bottom to allow for added support preventing any hits and bumps to the bag from the bottom.

Padded shoulder straps

When it comes to comfortable carrying, the Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack incorporates all the essential features necessary for ensuring convenience and maximum support. The shoulder straps are not only adjustable in nature but also padded and will make sure that the weight of the backpack is evenly divided across both shoulder. The adjustable nature of these allows users to set the height according to personal preferences. Furthermore, there is a top leather handle also given for variation in carrying capacity.


  • There is a separate sunglasses compartment given on the top of the backpack for easy access and prevents them from getting squished or damaged which is likely in any other part of the bag.
  • There is a leather section given at the bottom of the backpack and in the top handle for added durability and sturdiness.
  • The zippers are waterproof and will prevent water from seeping into the bag in-case you catch the seasonal shower.


  • The backpack doesn’t consist of a padded and ventilated back panel for added comfort.

6. Herschel Wheelie Outfitter 50l

The Herschel Wheelie Outfitter 50l is a hybrid between the common trolley traveling luggage and your vintage duffle Herschel Wheelie Outfitter 50lbag! Its spacious interior, multiple organizational pockets and carrying options makes it’s a non-conventional yet comfortable accessory for your travels.

Ample organizational space

Whether you want to store things within the bag on in the external pockets, the Herschel Wheelie Outfitter 50l features ample storage space and options! There is a main u-shaped closure that gives access within the duffle bag. There is an additional mesh pocket given on the closure to separate out the necessities. Additionally, there are side and front pockets with anti-theft zippers to keep essentials that are require easy accessibility. For instance, the front pocket is big enough to hold your monthly digest or magazine.

Multiple carrying options

In terms of using the Herschel Wheelie Outfitter 50l, the manufacturers allow ample of imagination to run its course! You can wheel it around in the busy airports via the retractable trolley and polyurethane wheels or carry it from the top or side when adjusting it around overhead cabins. The duffle’s carry on handles feature an ergonomic design with webbing which enhances grip and ensures a soft yet sturdy grip when moving around the bag.

Hybrid design

Featuring a classic hybrid design between a rugged duffle and a sophisticated trolley luggage piece, the Herschel Wheelie Outfitter 50l ensures convenience and comfort throughout usage. The luggage is made from high quality and durable fabric that can withstand the tests of time. The zippers have leather pulls for added convenience when zipping up or opening the luggage. Additionally, the zippers are also waterproof and will protect the contents of the bag. There are two polyurethane wheels given that ensure quiet movements. Furthermore, there are reinforced webbed handles for ergonomic comfort given on the side and top.


  • The retractable trolley handle when not in use, can easily be stored away within a zippered compartment.
  • There is a mesh storage compartment given within the top lid of the bag to allow more space to hold documents and other smaller garment essentials.
  • The polyurethane wheels make sure that rolling is smooth and quiet throughout your travels!


  • The polyurethane wheels are not designed to roll at a 360 degrees angle and will require users to change direction actively.

7. Herschel Novel Duffle

Looking for the perfect weekend getaway duffle? Then you should definitely opt for the Herschel Novel Duffle! Its Herschel Novel Dufflevintage design combined with modern features make sure to provide maximum utility and comfort without compromising on safety.

Durable and robust built

Made from extremely durable and robust polyester material, the Herschel Novel Duffle is built to last. The waterproof zippers compliment the water resistant outer shell and protect the content of the bag from the common seasonal rain. Additionally, the duffle is also abrasion resistant and will not come apart easily. The leather detailing on the duffle make sure to add an extra layer of reinforced stitching. Finally, there is also an internal fabric lining for an extra layer against bumps and bruises and unavoidable accidents.

Multiple carrying options

Whether you want to carry the Herschel Novel Duffle in your hands or over your shoulder, the manufacturers have you covered on both ends. The duffle bag features ergonomic two carry on handles with metal buckles that allow for more variation and movement without damaging the leather detail. Additionally, there is also a detachable yet adjustable shoulder strap with a reinforced padded section to provide maximum support to the user’s shoulder especially when carrying a heavy load.

Smart compartments

One of the best features of the Herschel Novel Duffle is its capacity to take the common needs of the users and provide maximum utility around it. To help users easily carry all their essentials for a weekend getaway trip, the manufacturers have added an internal mesh pocket on the side of the bag against the outer shell. Users can also use this space to store smaller garments like socks. Additionally, there is a stowaway shoe compartment which has access from the outside. This is helps keep your dirty shoes away from the rest of the contents of the bag.


  • The adjustable and detachable shoulder strap has a padded element that protects the users shoulder.
  • The backpack can be easily spot cleaned to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
  • The external shoe compartment makes sure to keep your dirty shoes easily accessible and separate from other wearables.


  • The duffle does not consist of specialized organization pockets within the main compartment to store small and intricate belongings.

8. Herschel Heritage

The manufactures of the Herschel Heritage backpack have perfected the casual university/school backpack look by Herschel Heritageincorporating all the essential features that enhance overall comfort and convenience.

Mesh cushioned shoulder straps

Carrying the Herschel Heritage backpack is easy and quite literally breezy! The padded yet ventilated cushioned lining of the straps makes sure to divide the weight load across both shoulders evenly and reduce any unnecessary stress placed on the limbs of the user. Furthermore, the extra ventilation protects against overheating and sweat accumulation as well. Finally, the straps are also adjustable for users to set according to personal height requirements.

Lightweight with a 21.5 Liter capacity

Although the Herschel Heritage backpack can comfortably manage a 21.5 liter worth of load in one go, the backpack still stays considerably lightweight even for long wear! In terms of organization, the internal main compartment of the bag consists of an elasticized laptop sleeve that will hold a 15 inch laptop conveniently. Additionally, there is also a media pocket given with a media outlet for headphones so that the users can connect to their favorite tunes on the go. Furthermore, there is an external easily accessible front pocket to conveniently hold essentials.

Reinforced to last a lifetime

One of the best features of the Herschel Heritage backpack is that it is made to last a lifetime. The back is made from lightweight canvas material which also may lose its original shape when not filled to the brink, but will adequately protect the contents of the backpack from hits and bumps from external sources. Additionally, there are pebbled leather pulls incorporated into the zipper to make sure that the bag can be easily opened and closed. Moreover, there is reinforced stitching and a bottom that provides a sturdy base and safeguards the contents of the bag.


  • The inner lining of the backpack will protect the contents from getting damaged due to external hits and bumps.
  • There is a leather loop given on the front of the backpack for users to attach a bottle or pouch via a metal hoop ring!
  • The front pocket has a hidden zipper that will protect the contents against theft.


  • The backpack doesn’t consist of any specialized organizational pockets within the main compartment.

9. Herschel City Backpack

The simple and elegant design of the Herschel City Backpack makes this one of the top selling models especially for Herschel City Backpackthe quick and fast urban lifestyle! The lightweight, sturdy and super easily accessible backpack can easily carry all your essentials for life on the go!

Simple yet sturdy built design

Simple yet sturdy, the Herschel City Backpack can withstand the harshness of environmental factors in city environments. Made from durable synthetic canvas material, for longevity. The material is water and abrasion resistant. Additionally, it can be easily spot cleaned for ease in maintenance. Furthermore, the mental magnetic strap follows over the flap and helps ensure that contents of the bag remain secure and safe.

Comfortable carrying

In terms of comfortably carrying the backup, the manufacturers of the Herschel City Backpack have added padded shoulder straps. These are wide spaced apart and are comparatively narrower compared to other models. This helps reduce overall bulkiness and ensures breathability and airflow. The shoulders straps are also adjustable in nature which means the user can set the height according to personal preferences.

Two compartments

Perhaps the most surprising feature of the Herschel City Backpack is its overall minimalistic usage of organizational pockets. The two main compartments of the backpack consist of the front zippered pocket and a secondary one consists of the main interior one where one can easily store their belonging. When full to maximum capacity the main compartment can extend forwards to accommodate maximum things. Additionally, the slim interior pocket is zippered and comes right under the flap hence also making it easily accessible.


  • The metal magnetic closure comes from on top of the flap to add an extra layer of security.
  • There is an internal zipper pocket made specifically to hold valuables.
  • The internal lining of the backpack act as an extra layer of protection against external bumps and unavoidable messes.


  • The main compartment is not zippered and doesn’t have a drawstring closure which makes belongings vulnerable especially if the bag is toppled.

10. Herschel Travel Backpack

Built for the tech savvy traveler, the Herschel Travel Backpack is built to not only accommodate all the needs but also Herschel Travel Backpackmake sure to enhance comfort and utility. The multiple organizational pockets along with the sturdy built help the modern traveler easily zip through security checks and busy lanes.

Multiple organizational pockets

There is a TSA friendly compartment given at the back of the Herschel Travel Backpack specifically to hold a laptop. Additionally it is also padded with a hefty fleece which will protect the machinery against hits and bumps. Moreover, the interior main compartment is not only super spacious but also has multiple organizational pockets given to hold small things. Furthermore, there are two side pockets given to hold bottles and an additional front pocket with an organization panel as well.

Comfortable carrying

The Herschel Travel Backpack features dual adjustable shoulder straps for easily carrying you bag during travel. The padded nature of the straps reduces overall fatigue and makes sure the user can wear the backpack for longer periods. Moreover, there is a metal loop given on one of the straps to attach or hang different items. Furthermore, there is a luggage sleeve given at the back of the bag for users that want to attach it to their luggage trolley. Part of this is made out of air mesh material which enhances air flow and reduces overall discomfort levels.

Sturdy built with

Made to last a lifetime, the Herschel Travel Backpack is made from sturdy nylon material which can be easily spot cleaned when required. It is also abrasion and water resistant so that users don’t have to worry about it coming apart or the contents from getting wet or damp. Additionally, there are dual zippers given on the main compartments that help get easy and full access into the backpack. There is padding given in most areas so that the contents remain safe. Furthermore, the interior is fully lined which also acts as a second layer of protection.


  • There is a luggage strap given at the back to mount it over your trolley bags.
  • The back panel has a ventilated lower part to prevent discomfort especially during hot weather.
  • There is a hidden zipper given on the front compartment to hold easily accessible items.


  • The backpack doesn’t have a hip belt included in the design for extra support in terms of weight distribution across different limbs.

11. Herschel Settlement Backpack

Practical yet classy, the Herschel Settlement Backpack is made for everyday usage with a sturdy nylon built, Herschel Settlement Backpackreinforced stitching, essential compartments and a supportive pair of shoulder straps.

Thick nylon built

Build with premium quality nylon material, the Herschel Settlement Backpack ensures longevity without compromising on utility. The material is water and abrasion resistant hence will protect against potential hits and messes. Furthermore, it can also be conveniently spot cleaned when required. The metal zippers have a pebbled leather pull attached for easily opening and closing. Additionally, there is an internal fabric lining that acts as a second layer of protection from external hits or messes.

Minimalistic organization

The Herschel Settlement Backpack is all about minimalism. The overall design of the bag features very fashionable yet subtle compartment spaces that help keep the bag looking simple and practical. The internal main compartment of the bag has laptop sleeve to hold a 13 inch laptop comfortably. Additionally, there is also a media pocket given which is connected to a media outlet as well. The external body of the bag consists of a pocket on the front that with a key clip inside as well.

Padded shoulder straps

To ensure adequate support and comfort while carrying the Herschel Settlement Backpack, there are padded shoulder straps given. These are lightweight and designed to reduce the pressure associated with lifting a heavy backpack. Additionally, these are also adjustable in nature which means that you can set the height according to personal preferences via the metal adjuster given.


  • The internal fabric lining allows for an extra layer of support and enhances sturdiness.
  • The pebbled leather pulls ensure ease in opening and closing the backpack.
  • There is a top carry handle given for hanging the bag or carrying it in an alternate manner.


  • The laptop sleeve given in the backpack is not padded so will not be protected against external hits.

12. Herschel Dawson

Classy with a drawstring closure, the Herschel Dawson is the perfect companion for your everyday exploration Herschel Dawsonneeds. The sturdy nylon material will outlast its counterparts while the multiple compartments will ensure all your essentials are easily stored.

Comfortable carrying

When it comes to carrying the bag for longer periods at a time, the Herschel Dawson make sure to reduce stress and fatigue often found with other bags. The D-ring adjustable padded straps are designed to comfortably contort against the users shoulder curves and reduce any chaffing against the shoulder bone. Additionally, there is also a light back padding given in the bag that help enhance overall comfort levels by supporting the bag’s weight.

Sturdy nylon built

Built to easily withstand the harshness brought on by everyday exploration, the Herschel Dawson will outlive many of its counterparts. Made from sturdy nylon fabric, the bag is abrasion resistant and will not come apart easily. There is a fabric lining given within to protect the contents of the bag from any potential spills and accidents. Additionally, the material is also water resistant and can be easily spot cleaned whenever required.

Spacious compartments with drawstring closures

One of the best features of the Herschel Dawson is that the manufacturer has incorporated multiple compartments to allow users to comfortably organize their belongings. Other than the main roomy compartment to hold all your bulky things, there are additional small compartments given on the front of the bag to hold essentials that require easy access. Rather than zippers, the main compartment has an adjustable drawstring closure and magnetic strap closures with metal pin buckles which are also found on the front pockets.


  • The internal pocket consists of a 13 inch laptop padded sleeve to protect your gadget and keep them safe from other things.
  • The internal zippered pocket helps hold important things safely such as passports, and cables.
  • The distinctive strap details enhance the overall look of the bag and add an extra layer of reinforced stitching.


  • The backpack’s main compartments do not have a zipper, hence will not safely hold the contents if toppled over.

13. Herschel Nova Backpack

The Herschel Nova Backpack is an urban adventurer’s go to bag! With conveniently placed pockets internally and Herschel Nova Backpackexternally, along with a superior construction, the bag will enhance utility and provide the necessary support in every situation!

Durable construction

The Herschel Nova Backpack is built to last a lifetime! The bag is made out of extremely durable polyester material which can easily be spot cleaned when needed. There is an internal lining given that protects the contents against any potential spills or external bumps and hits. Moreover, the material is known to be abrasion resistant and will not come apart even under stressful adventurous situations. Finally, the metal zippers with metal pulls make sure to keep the contents safe and secure.

Multiple organization pockets

In terms of organization, the manufacturers of the Herschel Nova Backpack have installed multiple compartments in the design. Other than the main compartment of the bag, there is an additional internal storage sleeve that allows users to organize their belongings easily. Additionally, there are two side pockets given to hold bottles, drinks and small trinkets. Finally, there is also a front zipped pocket given to hold easily accessible material.

Dual carrying options

The Herschel Nova Backpack provides users with on the go comfort with multiple carrying options. Users can adjust the shoulder straps with the webbing adjusters for a personalized fitting. The slim shoulder straps are not bulky and will not lead to discomfort related to overheating. Furthermore, the manufacturers have also incorporated additional two top carry handles whereby users can either hang their bag or carry it in an alternate manner.


  • There are additional two top carry handles given to carry the bag in your hand or hang it.
  • The side pockets have ample space to carry two water bottles.
  • Dual metal zippers in the backpack provide an easy backup if one stops working.


  • The shoulder straps of the backpack are not padded and there is no padded back section either for added comfort.

14. Herschel Classic

Classy and truly timeless; the Herschel Classic features a sturdy body, comfortable carrying straps and conveniently Herschel Classicplaced organization compartments for maximum utility during travel or regular everyday usage!

Comfortable shoulder straps

The Herschel Classic features comfortable shoulder straps that allow users to comfortably carry the bag over both their shoulders to even out the weight distribution and protect one arm from getting stressed under it. The shoulder straps are padded and contoured for enhanced comfort especially during long wear. Moreover, there is a padded back with mesh material which is also breathable and protects against overheating and unnecessary sweating.

Durable built

Built from a combination of high quality polyester and nylon material, the Herschel Classic is going to last a lifetime! The material can be easily wiped clean and is also water resistant which means that it will protect the contents of the bag. Moreover, there is a fabric lining given that protects against unforeseen messy accidents as well as act as a buffer against external bumps. Moreover, the hidden anti-theft zippers have drawn cord closures for better grip. There are metal pin buckles given on the magnet fastened straps for enhanced durability.

Easy organization

One of the best features of the Herschel Classic is that is spacious enough to carry all your belongings in a super organized manner. There are multiple internal compartments given such as the padded and lined sleeve to hold your laptop or tablet. Additionally, there is also a singular media pocket given to conveniently hold your smart phone. Moreover, this pocket is linked to a headphone port that allows users to listen to their favorite tunes on the go. The exterior has a singular lined pocket with a hidden zipper for holding essentials.


  • The hidden zippers help protect the contents of the bag from potential thefts.
  • The shoulder straps are contoured for convenient and comfortable carrying.
  • The Herschel Classic is a unisex bag hence can be easily used by both men and women.


  • This backpack doesn’t come with a side bottle pocket.

15. Herschel Terrace

The Herschel Terrace is designed to provide maximum convenience to both men and women! The bag is spacious Herschel Terraceenough to easily hold multiple things in one go and sturdy enough to withstand any possible hits and bumps!

Sturdy built

Built to last a lifetime, the Herschel Terrace will outperform on many levels! Made from premium quality nylon canvas material, the bag can be easily wiped clean when required. For additional reinforcement, there is an internal fabric liner given as well which also helps contain any unforeseen accidents! The liner also protects the contents of the bag from any external hits. The base of the bag is also reinforced to hold the bag’s contents in a safe manner.

Multiple storage compartments

In terms of storage, the Herschel Terrace features multiple pockets. The main compartment is almost 22 inches wide with a 6.5 inch depth! This means that it can easily hold your laptop and your lunch without overcrowding! Furthermore, there are additional compartments as well for holding smaller items such as a hanging internal sleeve to hold your keys, phone or petty cash. On both longer sides of the tote, there are center pockets given on the exterior for ease access to common things like headphones and a pocket notebook!

Unisex Tote design

Perhaps the best feature of the Herschel Terrace is its unisex tote design! The bad features two handles long enough to be easily accommodated over a single shoulder. There are also reinforced sections given on the handle to allow users to comfortably carry in it in their hand when required. Additionally, the handles are sewn into the main compartment all the way to the bottom of the bag. Furthermore, there are reinforced sewn sections at the edge distinguishing the handle and the main body for longevity.


  • The bag can be easily worn by women as well as men.
  • There is clip fastening closure given for easily accessing the bag’s interior.
  • The multiple easy access pockets allow users to keep smaller items like phones, petty cash and keys at hand.


  • There is zipper given for accessing the internal pocket which means the bags contents can easily topple out.

Choosing the right piece of luggage goes a long way in understanding the needs of the journey to be undertaken. If you have your preferences and needs sorted, Herschel will always have the right piece of luggage awaiting your approval!

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