J world new york sundance model is the perfect way to walk around in style while providing the protection necessary to keep your laptop from breaking. Inside the second main compartment there is a padded laptop sleeve with a velcro strap that can keep your laptop stabilized in a position that is in the middle of the bag.

J World New York RBS-19 Sundance Rolling Backpack ReviewMany young, school-going children suffer from back pain due to the heavy loads they have to carry in their backpacks – no thanks to thick and weighty textbooks, stationery, lunch boxes and other school supplies. At such a young age, children are still developing and the last thing they need is heavy backpacks that can be detrimental to their health and posture in the long run. This is why ‘rolling’ backpacks, like the J-World New York RBS-19 Sundance, are a popular choice among parents.  Equipped with shoulder straps, it can be used like a conventional backpack, but pull out the telescopic handle and wheels and hey presto- easy to transport ‘trolley’ bag on-the-go that even adults can use.

Build and Dimensions

The Sundance is a spacious rolling backpack that offers plenty of room for all your essentials, and loads of pockets for easy organisation. Measuring 20 inches high by 13.5 inches wide, the bag comes with two main compartments, a secondary front-loaded compartment, and an external ‘pouch’ with another zippered section on the front.

A look inside the main section reveals a cavernous space which is best for keeping textbooks, binders and files, since the interior isn’t padded. The other main compartment is slightly smaller, but comes with a padded sleeve for keeping a 13 inch tablet or laptop – so models like the Macbook Pro should fit in nicely. The sleeve is cushioned to protect your electronics from hard bumps or knocks.

The external pouch is where users can organize their smaller items, as it has four slots for ID cards and a key fob, in addition to five pen pockets. The pouch is also a great place to store frequently used items such as keys and stationery as they can be retrieved easily without having to rummage around inside the backpack. There are mesh pockets on both sides to store water bottles.

The ‘rolling’ function consists of a unique bottom mold, two durable wheels and a telescoping handle. Thewheels glide effortlessly across surfaces, giving users better control of the backpack while pulling or pushing. As they are relatively noiseless, you won’t have to deal with the embarrassment of squeaky wheels in a quiet environment. The backpack can’t be rolled around on all fours, since the front ‘wheels’ are two plastic ‘legs’. There are advantages and disadvantages to this feature. The upside is that it makes pulling the backpack easier; the downside is that it might topple over when loaded, especially since the backpack is naturally heavier on the front.

The telescoping handle extends up to 21.5 inches and features multi-stage locks, so users can adjust them according to height.

J World New York RBS-19 Sundance Rolling Backpack ReviewFor conventional use as a carry-backpack, the Sundance comes with ergonomic S-shaped shoulder straps with an 18 inch drop, adjustable to fit both large and small-sized users. The straps are padded for comfort, while the back panel features a mesh-like design for better breathability and air ventilation. While the back panel is cushioned, some users might find it uncomfortable since the telescoping mechanism is hard and you might still feel it pressing against your back.

The bag comes with a top handle for single-handed carrying.

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The backpack’s body is made from 500Denier polyester same with, a synthetic fabric known for its tough and durable qualities. 500D is a measurement of the fabric’s thickness. The lower the number, the finer the fabric – so the Sundance has a pretty fine texture that is soft to the touch.

Polyester has many benefits and is commonly used to make outdoor gear and backpacks. It resists wrinkling, shrinking, abrasion as well as mildew, and its hydrophobic nature means that the material dries quickly. While not waterproof, it should hold up well in light rain. Even in strong sunlight or harsh weather, the material is not likely to fade or discolour easily.

The bottom mold is made from a tough but lightweight plastic. Although prone to scratches, it helps to protect the backpack against unexpected shocks and wear and tear. The wheels are similarly made from plastic. The telescoping handle consists of high density PU coated materials and aluminium pipes, providing users with a firm but comfortable grip. Zippers are pretty standard and able to take moderate abuse.

However, since the backpack is not removable from its frame, it cannot be machine washed and should only be cleaned with a damp cloth.


The Sundance comes in a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Solid, dark colors like the Argyle Black look classy and modern, with a shiny, reflective surface. Options like Blush, Orchid and Sky Blue are bold and vivid, with contrasting zippers for a fun look that pops and is easy distinguishable from the crowd.

Meanwhile, flowery patterns such as the Blue Raspberry, Khaki Flower and Autumn add a touch of feminine charm.  Those who prefer geometric patterns can go for Geo Blue, New York and Color Strip. With over 33 choices, users will definitely find one that suits their taste and style.

The bottom mold, wheels and telescoping handle are done in matching hues. The wheels are also engraved with the company’s logo.


J World New York RBS-19 Sundance Rolling Backpack Review

  • Two in one – can be used as a ‘rolling’ backpack and conventional backpack
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Dedicated laptop sleeve in second main compartment
  • Pockets and card slots for easy organisation in front pouch
  • Side mesh pockets for storing water bottles
  • Noiseless wheels glide effortlessly across surfaces
  • Telescoping handle adjustable to different heights
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Lots of colors and designs


  • Main compartment not padded
  • Telescoping handle frame and pipe might press against back when carrying
  • Plastic bottom ‘legs’ not balanced, might topple over when loaded
  • Non-machine washable


The Sundance offers all the benefits of the best conventional backpacks, with the added convenience of wheels. They make a great choice for school going children and adults alike to alleviate problems of bad posture and back pain from carrying heavy loads. The backpack’s affordable cost is a small price to pay in exchange for its benefits.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of J World New York RBS-19 Sundance Rolling Backpack>>