Space & Usability
Value for money
Pros: Fully lined interior lining and most laptop sizes can fit the bag, as well as tablets. It also has magnetic snap closure. Attractive bag in a sturdy fabric. The interior has a light padding and several different compartments.

Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack ReviewHiking can be a great activity – you’re getting exercise, experiencing the outdoors, and if you’re going in a group, bonding with friends and family. Seasoned hikers will know the importance of a good hiking backpack – but for those new to the sport, we recommend the Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack. Despite being a relatively new brand on the market, the company has charmed many users with their products, which receive popular reviews all over the Net. Durable and built to last, the Hiking Backpack is a solid choice for those looking for something to keep their gear safe and sound from the elements. “We have also written a complete guide about Adidas prime backpack“.

There’s a lot of stuff to be brought on a hike: maps, compasses, sunscreen, headlamps or flashlights, water bottles, change of clothes, electronic equipment – the list goes on. For that, you need loads of space, and that is where the Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack comes in. Measuring 22.8 inches by 14 inches by 8.6 inches, there is enough room to store all of the above, and then some. It has a capacity of 50L, or over 3051 cubic inches: enough for day hikes or weekend trips. For extended stays, hikers are better off with larger capacities of 70L and above. Although primarily designed for hiking, the bag is versatile enough for everyday use, and can even double as a travelling backpack for times when your luggage bag is broken. “We have also written a complete guide about outdoormaster hiking backpack“.

The backpack is made up of two compartments. The main storage space has a compartment that can easily fit a 15.6 inch laptop, with room for clothing and other supplies. It is padded with soft, spongey material for extra protection against falls or bumps. The secondary compartment located in front of the main is equally spacious, and has a separate section that can accommodate an iPad or 10-inch tablet. There are smaller mesh pockets within (also padded), so users can organize their smartphones, accessories, MP3 players or toiletries accordingly.

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Build and Dimensions

The outside of the backpack carries two standard side mesh pockets for storing water bottles or sunscreen, as well as an easy access pocket so users can easily retrieve their regularly used items such as tissues and sunglasses. The only drawback is that the pocket is not zippered, so items might fall out if the backpack takes a tumble. On the other hand, the interior compartments are quite secure, as in addition to high quality zippers, the backpack has a ‘flap’ design that covers the zipper opening.

As any hiker will tell you, backpacks can get pretty heavy and the straps can easily cut into your shoulder blades. Outdoor Master has fixed this with S-curved shoulder straps, which are thickened and padded to help distribute weight evenly across the neck, shoulders and back.

Some hiking backpacks come with an internal or external frame which gives it more structure, helping hikers to stabilize themselves while climbing. As the Hiking backpack only has a capacity of 50L and is not overly bulky, it doesn’t come with a frame. This allows for easier storage, as the backpack can be folded down flat and put away when not in use. The backpack features compression straps along the side and bottom to prevent imbalance.

Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack ReviewOn the bottom are tent and sleeping bag straps. The foam padded waist belt is adjustable to fit different body sizes, and also includes a waist pocket. It looks like a small fanny pack and will come in handy for storing valuables such as money, cards, rings and keys.

Another great feature of the backpack is a small hole at the top of the backpack, which allows you to string headphone cables through them – so you can listen to music whilst keeping your electronics safely inside. Topping it off is a top-mounted, reinforced haul handle for when you need to transport the bag across short distances, without having to shoulder it on.


The backpack is considerably lightweight on its own, at 2.6lbs. It is made from high quality and durable but lightweight nylon with Ripstop technology to prevent against ripping. The bottom is high-density nylon for better wear resistance, so users need not worry about the material wearing out from scraping against the ground or rough surfaces.

As the back of the bag is the part that comes into contact most with the user’s body, the Hiking Backpack features a comfortable, heat-dissipating backpad with three different layers. The first consists of a grid design to make the material more breathable, the second is soft sponge, while the third is EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) which helps with rapid evaporation of sweat. Meanwhile, the thickened straps feature breathable grid fabric for superb air ventilation. Better breathability means less sweat and better comfort. Hikes will be more productive as you won’t have to stop and cool off as often.

When you’re outdoors exposed to the elements such as wind, sun and rain, protecting the contents inside your bag is top priority. No one wants to hike up to a camp site and spend the night in a damp sleeping bag or with a wet change of clothes.

Fret not, as the Hiking Backpack is treated with a water-repellent coating. While not waterproof, the bag should hold up well in light rain. It also comes with a waterproof cover which slips over the bag entirely like a raincoat. The only downside to this is that users will have to remove the cover each time they want to retrieve an item from the bag.


One look at the bag’s modern and edgy design and it’s obvious that it was made for outdoor use. It is versatile enough as a day-to-day bag, and can be paired with chequered shirts and jeans for an ‘urban camper’ look. Construction is robust, and even if you’re not using the many straps and hooks on the bag, they add a nice, rugged touch.

It has a two-tone color scheme and comes in many hues, such as orange/grey, black/grey, blue/grey, light green/grey and red/grey. Colors like the red, light green and blue are vivid so you’ll spot them easily in the brush. For something more discreet but still stylish and stylish, black and blue make good choices.

The bag comes with a six month warranty for added peace of mind.

Pros and Cons

Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack Review


  • Large capacity of 50L, suitable for weekend trips
  • Two compartments, comes with smaller pockets for organisation
  • Thickened shoulder straps
  • Good air ventilation and breathability
  • Sturdy nylon material with Ripstop to prevent ripping and tearing
  • Water-resistant coating protects against light rain
  • Comes with waterproof cover


  • Exterior pocket is not zippered for added protection
  • Cover has to be removed completely when attempting to retrieve items


In short, the OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is a great choice for weekend warriors looking for a short getaway from the city. They are not too bulky as to weigh you down on the trail, but their spacious compartments offer enough room to store many essential items. Their high quality and affordable price point makes the bag a real steal.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack>>