The Best closed toe sandals for men in 2020 – Ultimate Guide

The Best closed toe sandals for men – Ultimate GuideSandals serve the comfort of both the worlds – the relaxation of being barefoot and the being relieved by the protection of your feet. Once, the footwear was reserved for lazy beach days or post-hike bonfires. But, their roles have gradually changed, and now you can use them everywhere – while hiking the burly trails or enjoying a peaceful vacation in Hawaii. “We have also written a complete guide about best open toe sandals for women“.

One of the types is closed-toe sandals that will give your perfect protection from broken toes or wet trails. If you are a hardcore adventurer who loves to do canyoneering, rowing canoes, or go to backpacking trips that involve crossing lots of steep passages, these sandals are the way to go.

Classifications of SandalsThe Best closed toe sandals for men in 2019

You should know the types and their functions because the same pair won’t be suitable for both the Bangkok beaches and a trekking journey in the tropics. Whether you have aimed for fording rivers or crossing mountain passes, there are sandals to match your activity.

Open Toe

They have an open-toe design that makes them the perfect choice for summer footwear. Most of the models provide arch support that helps significantly with postures and orthopedic ailments. They are pretty simple to look, but it’s not rare to find some stylish designs. These sandals will give you hours of walking protection, ideal for relaxing family holiday or a beginner-level hiking day trip. “We have also written a complete guide about best open toe sandals for men“.

50/50 Design

Many open style models now come with a 50/50 design to offer the consumers the comfort of both the worlds. You can use them for beach outings and wear them while walking on some dangerous terrains.The Best closed toe sandals for men in 2019

They have toe straps to prevent foot slippage but still allow the feet to breathe with open slits. These will help you hold your footing in slimy place, but you’ll still not get reliable protection against for debris.

Closed Toe Design

These are the best walking sandals if you are going to visit somewhere that is full of rocky or unsteady tracks. They are one of the best outdoor models that provide excellent foot grip and protect the toes from any falling debris on the roads. They are the best choice for places where you may bash your feet on a rock. They are less flexible than their open-toed counterparts, but they are going to last longer. The only downside is the toe area can collect scraps and small rocks, which is annoying and painful.

Benefits of Having Closed Toe Sandals While Travelling

These have certain advantages over other sandals. The edges they over flip-flops or sneakers are:

Best for Rainy Weather The Best closed toe sandals for men in 2019

They are the perfect choice if your next destination is a tropical region or someplace in the world where rain is a common phenomenon. The flip-flops will make your feet dirty and won’t protect you on muddy roads. The boots or sneakers, on the other hand, will make the feet soggy and stinky. The higher sole of closed-toe sandals will keep your feet away from dirt and mud.

Comfortable in Hot Climate

You must have to deal with the baking heat and omnipresent dust if you plan a vacation during the summertime. Walking in casual footwear is hard in such a condition because flip-flops can’t prevent dust and sneakers will just bake your feet.

Give Protection on Rough Ground

Most of the models have a waterproof footbed and durable straps that are unlikely to break off easily. They also provide good arch support, so even if you walk on uneven tracks for hours, you won’t have footsore or back strain.

Perfect for Full-Day WalkingThe Best closed toe sandals for men in 2019

Pack these sandals if your trip involves lots of walking. They have thicker soles than flip-flops and will provide better arch support. In addition, they won’t bother you or your companions with the sweaty smell that comes with wearing boots and other closed shoes.

Essential Characteristics of Good-Quality Closed Toe Sandals

There are many options for choosing a pair of closed toe sandals for men. However, plenty of brands and models mean plenty of features too. Check out what you should look for to get the best bang for your buck.

The Design View

The closed toe design is mainly used for trekking, hiking, and walking long distances. So, you’ll find lots of models that look good and cool but hardly stylish, especially in the men’s section. There is no disguising in the fact that these are the sandals used for practical purposes, so they lack in the aesthetic department.

The men’s closed toe sandals are unlikely to available in funky colors. Brown, gray, black, and other masculine shades are mostly seen. So, if you are somewhere where everyone dresses so beautifully, such as Florence in Italy, it The Best closed toe sandals for men in 2019may sometimes become hard for you to stomach the plain, awkward look of your sandals.

Comfort Level

If you are after the optimum footwear comfort, choose a model that is flexible enough to roll with every step. Your foot should not be in any way fighting with the sandals. The straps should not be too loose to the level of discomfort, and the sole should not be too rigid to become painful with every step. The best-quality ones will be flex in the forefoot.

It’s better if the top sole has supportive cushioning, for it ensures coziness and feels relieving when you need to walk for a long time.


The closed toe sandals should not only feel comfortable, but they should also hold up well against rough weather conditions and extreme level of use. When you are heading outdoor in search of adventure, you definitely don’t want your sandals to snap off in the middle of your journey.The Best closed toe sandals for men in 2019

They are also suitable for water based activities such as fly fishing or someplace where you need to keep balance and cross over large, wet river rocks. Nonetheless, they are not suitable for swimming or wading because they take a long time to dry out.

The sole is the most important part of a shoe. It should have deep tread and adequate rigidity to provide a high level of grip. Bottoms made of hard rubber compounds will give better support and traction when you are balancing on wet rocks or crossing a steep mountainous path.

In fact, the closed toe sandals come with different types of sole dedicated to specific activities. Make sure you have picked the right pair to fit the plan you have made.




Name Material/Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. Timberland Men’s Altamont Fisherman Sandal Leather $$ 4.8
2. Teva Men’s Omnium Closed-Toe Sandal ShocPad heel $$ 4.7
3. Clarks Men’s Raffe Bay Leather $$$ 4.6
4. KEEN Men’s Clearwater CNX Sandal Machine washable $$ 4.6
5. Dockers Men’s Searose Fisherman Sandal Memory foam insole $$ 4.5
6. New Balance Men’s Appalachian Closed-Toe Sandal Ndurance technology $$ 4.4
7. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Realtree Max-5 Sandal Dries out quickly $$ 4.3
8. Nunn Bush Men’s Ripley Sandal Dual comfort footbed $$ 4.2
9. Teva Men’s M Forebay 2 Sandal Better fit with three hook-and-loop closures $$ 4.1
10. SUNROLAN Alivin Men’s Athletic Sandals ShocPad in the heel $$ 4.2

1. Timberland Men’s Altamont Fisherman Sandal

1.Timberland Men’s Altamont Fisherman SandalThe Timberland Men’s Altamont Fisherman Sandals are not what you can call cheap. Nevertheless, the quality you get will fairly compensate for the money you’ve spent. Mimicking the design of formal shoes, these are perfect whether you are traveling, attending an official meeting, or kicking back at home.

The Design View

The leather sandals are available in four different colors – black, brown, tan oiled leather, and tan oiled distressed. All the versions are cool enough to make you look smart and relaxed at the same time.

They look like almost formal shoes, but the straps and front design have given it crisp and casual attributes. With plenty of breathability, there’s less chance for your feet to sweat and smell even if you put them on for a long time.

The Fisherman Sandals deliver comfort and style, and you’ll never regret purchasing them.

Comfort Level

The level of comfort is top-notch because of the model’s Smart Comfort system technology and removable multi-density orthotic. You can increase the custom coziness manifold by adding a pair of sheepskin insoles.

They will nicely fit even if you have Hulk-like foot because of a bit wider design than other similar models.  The straps are solid and durable, protecting the feet well from the outside environment.

The high-quality products will pamper your foot from all angles, allowing you to experience a perfect casual day.


The Fisherman Sandals feature a multi-density rubber outsole for maximum durability and comfort. The polyurethane midsole will give great support to your feet and back. The cushioning soles are great for long walks. Furthermore, it comes with a climate-control lining, so it is equipped to follow any adventurous path you take!

These have an airport-friendly nylon shank that provides shock dispersion and more stability without setting off the security detectors. The sandals are a tad heavier than the competitions such as the Columbia outdoor sandals for men. However, the heaviness only increases its traction on slimy, muddy roads.

The fully-closed toe design will separate your feet from debris, sharp rocks, and other annoying obstacles at the time of trekking or hiking.

You can wear these Fisherman Sandals almost everywhere except for extremely hot weather when only flip-flops are tolerable.


  • Made of leather
  • Look elegant
  • Suitable for both casual and official wear
  • Smart Comfort system technology
  • Removable multi-density insoles
  • Climate-control lining
  • Airport-friendly nylon shank
  • A bit heavier than other sandals, providing better traction


  • Expensive
  • Suitable for only light trails

2. Teva Men’s Omnium Closed-Toe Sandal

2.Teva Men’s Omnium Closed-Toe SandalJust like the Timberland Altamont Fisherman Sandals, the Omnium Closed-Toe line from Teva is not cheap as some models are priced at more than $100. Nonetheless, the excellent quality won’t ever let you sigh over the money! These are well-constructed and will give you company everywhere with big toe space, ample rubber guard, and exceptional durability.

The Design View

Teva bills these sandals as hiking or water shoes, which combine the advantages of both the worlds. They look beautiful from the outset with no funky color, which is relieving for those who don’t want to be spotted from a 50 miles radius. They are available in brown, Turkish/coffee, and ombre blue, all of which are natural shades that are likely to blend in outdoors nicely.

The sandals feature a closed-toe design with quick-release buckle, adjustable heel strap, and a bungee lacing system. These look rugged and perfect for outdoor adventures.

Comfort Level

Made of synthetic fabric and mesh materials, the sandals are highly breathable. The rubber sole bounce and stretch without any fuss, making it easier to walk on rough terrains. The ShocPad heel is cushioned and shock-absorbing, so your foot won’t feel a thing even if you have to jump and run. The integrated toe protection will shield your big toe against anything sharp that you may bump into the road.

The fit is good for most people, and they are available in plenty of sizes. However, it’s not rare to get occasional blisters, especially on the back heel while breaking them in. Apart from that, the sandals are highly comfortable and fare brilliantly with most of the users.

There are two fasteners, on the heel and the front side. These further help with adjusting to the right fit. Besides, the hook and loop systems make hop in and out a piece of cake.


Teva markets the Omnium as hiking and walking sandals, so it’s important to know how they will perform under duress.

They are suitable for hiking and casual walking but don’t think of crossing any major trek without keeping a spare pair.

Their performance is exceptionally well in the water as they don’t trip or slip in wet conditions. You can expect a good grip and traction on slippery rocks and muddy tracks. Nevertheless, these won’t get dry immediately after an aquatic pursuit.


  • Rugged look
  • The ShocPad heel absorbs shock
  • Adjustable heel and front fasteners for better fit


  • Take hours to dry out, so can get smelly and collect mildew
  • Expensive

3. Clarks Men’s Raffe Bay

3.Clarks Men’s Raffe BayIf you want closed-toe shoes with a good foot coverage, the Raffle Bay from Clarks is the way to go. They are a bit expensive as the price hovers between $100 and $150, but you can’t beat them in terms of quality. The fisherman style sandals are perfect for city walking. The lightweight rubber sole combined with advanced technology ensures comfort with every step!

The Design View

The Raffle Bay is excellent for turning up your style quotient. No more hiding the ugly sandals that don’t match the beautiful dresses. The leather shoes come in a rich brown color that goes effortlessly with any casual or formal outfit.

The toe is almost open with just two riptape straps to hold your foot. However, the front side looks quite formal, and the contrast stitching adds detail.

Comfort Level

The use of advanced technology has added softness to the body to keep the users comfortable throughout the day. Even if you have worn them for extended hours, the EVA outsole will impart flexibility and provide a soft feel to the foot for improved functionality. In addition, these have an OrthoLite sheet footbed that provides a cushioned layer for the back of your feet, and thereby reduces footsore and back strain.

A special feature of this model is the lug sole, which means the bottom has a thick rubber layer that improves the utility and traction. Besides, the textile sockliner ensures adequate support and coziness. Whether you have planned for roaming into the cobblestoned streets of Florence or hiking into the Lamar Valley Trail of the Yellowstone National Park, these shoes will never give you any scope for complaining.


The solid construction lends them durability. They will last if your intention is to use them for city tours and beginner-level trekking. They can withstand water too but don’t become too ambitious to keep them on while diving or swimming.

The leather material will hold well for traveling and light-duty off-road adventures. It will show decent performance in aquatic environments but not suitable for extended water activities. Nevertheless, they are supposed to protect you in wet conditions and rocky terrains by offering a firm grip.

They may last for one or two years, but some pairs may surprise you with a longer lifespan. In fact, it also depends on you – how frequently you wear them and how well you take care.


  • Made of a leather material
  • EVA outsole
  • OrthoLite sheet footbed


  • Not suitable for forays in the water
  • A bit expensive

4. KEEN Men’s Clearwater CNX Sandal

4.KEEN Men’s Clearwater CNX SandalThe Clearwater CNX Sandals from KEEN are not cheap, but they will relieve you from the pain of dealing with poorly constructed, thin-soled outdoor footwear. The CNX line is extremely lightweight but does not fail to deliver the protection and durability of other KEEN products. You can use these versatile sandals as basic walking shoes or fast-drying option for the water.

The Design View

The Clearwater CNX features a sporty design with a toe guard, rear pull-on loop, and bungee lacing system. You’ll find them in seven color combinations, and all the versions look stylish and masculine. The stitching also looks good and reliable.

The casual look of the sandals mimics the outdoor vibe. So, they are perfectly fine when you are taking a city tour or spending a vacation in a beautiful place. However, the strictly off-the-cuff design makes the unsuitable for formal scenarios.

Comfort Level

The versatile sandals are a package of protection, fit, and flexibility. The come in various sizes but you can enhance the superb fit by using the bungee lacing.

The contoured arch supports and cradles the foot while the 4mm midsole drop molds around the shape of the footbed. Adding to these features the Microbe Shield and the hydrophobic mesh, and you will find a pair of sandals that are able to provide comfort for extended periods. In addition, the touch of the fabric to the skin is very pleasant and comfortable.

The toe bumper is excellent in protecting your toes. You don’t have to be worried about stubbing them on sharp stones or inconveniently bumpy roads. They are one of the comfiest sandals whether you try them in wet or dry conditions, on flat or uneven tracks.


You can adjust the tightness with the bungee pacing at any point. So, the sandals won’t let you down as you climb over rocks or run on the sand. The soles mean serious business and are likely to form a protective cover around your feet.

The multi-directional flex grooves make the outsole highly flexible. It also gives you a firm grip on most surfaces. The use of CNX technology has cut down the weight to less than 10 oz. So, these combine the lightweight nature of flip-flops along with the advantages of outdoor shoes. You will hardly find a better option for stepping on a dry surface after participating in a water-based activity.


  • Sporty design
  • Lightweight
  • Dry out very fast
  • Machine washable
  • Distinctive toe protection


  • Expensive

5. Dockers Men’s Searose Fisherman Sandal

5.Dockers Men’s Searose Fisherman SandalThe Searose Fisherman Sandals from Docker are ideal for the casual day outdoors. The layer of memory foam insole literally eliminates the breaking in period. You can wear them just out of the box and walk for miles without the fear of blisters. Enjoy your walking much more at a generous price range (less than $100)!

The Design View

The style of the Searose Fisherman is just like its pricier counterparts – stylish. They look like casual sandals, but you can use them everywhere except for an official meeting. The use of synthetic leather has given them a fresh appearance while the stitching in a contrasting color adds to the detail.

These are available in two colors – black and briar. Both the versions look cool because of the distressed leather material.

Comfort Level

The Searose Fisherman is amazingly comfortable with the memory foam insole and fusion footbed. They add extra layers of cushion for the insole and instep. The flexible construction and the large inside space offer a more relaxed fit. However, the Velcro straps at the side of the ankle allow adjusting the fit according to the size of your feet.

The rubber sole is great for better traction on wet and muddy paths. You don’t have to be worried about getting slipped off. In addition, the sole is thick enough to protect you from the ricochet of uneven tracks and the stubbing of rubbles.


The Searose Fisherman sandals are not exactly ideal for surfing or other water activities. The rubber sole will hold well against wet environments, but the artificial leather is likely to be faded and even broken off if exposed to water for a long time. Besides, the memory foam insole will get wet and soggy too quick, taking a few hours to dry out in an ideal condition. So, be prepared to stomach odor and fight the formation of mildew if you are in a clammy mountain area.

They are also not quite suitable for hiking. Although the ‘spider rubber’ soles provide better gripping of rocks when climbing steep paths, they won’t give any extra protection in challenging trails. So, they are fine for beginner-level hiking but if you want to conquer the Devil’s Path in New York State or the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, choose something else.


  • Stylish design
  • Memory foam insole
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for wet conditions
  • Take time to dry out

6. New Balance Men’s Appalachian Closed-Toe Sandal

6.New Balance Men’s Appalachian Closed-Toe SandalThe Appalachian from New Balance is heavy-duty and extremely durable, prepared to take you to the trekking where no sandals have gone before! Considering the quality and class they offer, it will be hard to find anything similar to them at this price range (less than $100) on the market.

The Design View

The Appalachian looks almost like sneakers but with a closed-toe design. The rubber toe bumper, bungee lacing, and fixed toe backstrapgive them a very sporty look. Furthermore, the color combinations are cool too. You can choose between two models – a brown with black and yellow accents or a gray with black and orange accents. The dark shades with bright accents look very cheerful, which is likely to appeal to lots of young people.

Comfort Level

The thick, supportive rubber sole in combination with an upper made of a blend of Lycra and polyurethane is highly supportive and comfy for the feet. They are durable and pliant at the same time, suitable for adventurous outdoor activities. The midsole is made of compression EVA that eliminates any possibility of footsore in combination with the molded EVA footbed.

If you’re thinking about the fit, the sandals come in with every standard size. Many find the absence of any strap around the ankle a problem, but the stretch cord with a slider lock will do the job. It works quite well in adjusting the fit. However, it might be a problem once the lock stops working. Besides, you have to use your both hands to draw the string and tighten it.

Another downside is the use of polyurethane and Lycra in the upper, which makes it less breathable. It may cause excessive sweating in the summer.


The Appalachian comes with the Ndurance technology that uses high-quality rubber compound in high wear areas to ensure maximum durability. The closed-toe style and the rugged construction will protect your feet on the tough trails.

These may feel a little flat around the arches, but that does not make them uncomfortable. The rubber outsole provides good traction and hardly catches debris, pebble, or sand, making walking on rock-filled paths or sandy beaches highly convenient. These are the perfect sandals for outdoor excursions, short trips, and weekend adventures.


  • Sporty design and nice color combinations
  • Ndurance technology ensures durability for the high-wear areas
  • Bungee lacing is convenient to adjust the fitting
  • Reasonable prices


  • The lacing will be useless if the slider lock fails
  • Can make the feet sweat in hot weather

7. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Realtree Max-5 Sandal

7.Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Realtree Max-5 SandalAre you a man who finds pleasures in starting the mornings in tree stands? Does your favorite hobby involve fishing or crocodile hunting? If yes, there’s nothing that can beat the usefulness of the Swiftwater Realtreeshoes from Crocs. Comparing to other products in this list, you can label them cheap (prices range around $50), but only a few are as versatile as them.

The Design View

The Swiftwater Realtree exudes an outdoorsman’s vibe with the camo-print textile exterior and sporty design. Such a print camouflages better when you are out there in the jungle for hunting.

The brown sandals look very youthful with the use of contrast stitching and embossed logos in orange color. The wild vibe is so strong that these don’t look suitable even for casual outings. They are strictly designed for land and water adventures.

Comfort Level

Tight shoes are a nightmare for those who have foot injuries. The Crocs are a great relief for them. This particular Croc model is even more comfortable because it’s less clunky. Although, you can’t expect them to be pillow-soft given that they are outdoor sandals.

The use of original Croslite foam cushion in insole, midsole, and outsole feel cozy to the feet. The mesh upper is supple and plush. Rubber toe bumper provides extra protection from annoying toe stubs.

The foam construction has made the sandals lightweight, and they dry fast because the fabric is breathable and there are ports for the water and air to pass through. The fit is extraordinary, and you can wear them in sizes bigger than your feet because the Velcro strap on the front ankle lets you fine-tune the fitting.

The top middle stitching may rub on your skin at the time of breaking in. Wearing socks is the solution in this case.


Whether you go for a canoe trip or a hunting expedition in a jungle, the Swiftwater Realtree is the best choice. These are versatile in both land and water. You can traverse streams, walk in beaches, or trek along remote trails without any hesitation.

Themesh covering on the upper dries out swiftly. There are enough holes on the sides for proper air circulation keeping the foot dry and odorless. So, you don’t have to deal with the smell and mildew, which are the annoying parts of an excursion.


  • Lightweight
  • Better than regular water shoes
  • Great for both land and water activities
  • Dries out quickly


  • May take some time to break in if you have large feet
  • The stitching in the top middle may rub on the skin

8. Nunn Bush Men’s Ripley Sandal

8.Nunn Bush Men’s Ripley SandalThe Nunn Bush has been manufacturing shoes from 1912. Since the beginning, their products have been praised for featuring quality materials and handcrafting expertise. The Ripley Sandals are not an exception too. These have carried the legacy of the brand in their quality craftsmanship and distinctive style. The prices are reasonable too as you can get a pair from less than $50 to less than $100, depending on the size.

The Design View

The Nunn Bush has always been dedicated to style. So, you shouldn’t have any doubt about the stylish appearance of the Ripley. Made of a faux-leather material, the fisherman sandals appear to be an excellent choice for casual outings. The ventilation cutouts add to the styling and give your feet breathable space during the hot summer days.

You’ll find them in brown chamois and cognac colors, which look elegant but rustic with the combination of visible stitching. Besides, they look like handmade leather though it’s not the original material.

Comfort Level

Nunn Bush does not compromise with the quality of their products. So, you can expect them to provide unparalleled coziness. The dual comfort footbedfeatures memory foam on the top most layer and open cell foam on the bottom. The top sole will give your foot instant comfort while the lower part absorbs the pressure and feel nice and comfy under your foot.

These may take some to break in but are likely to mold around your feet after the initial discomfort. The fitting is nice, and you can further adjust it with the hook-and-loop closure.


The Ripley is not exactly water shoes because the faux-leather is unlikely to hold up against water. So, they are not the sandals to go with if you are planning for lots of adventures in the water.

However, you can still use them for beach walking as the rubber outsole is both rugged and flexible, providing excellent traction on dry land and sand. The tread is also deep enough to call them good-quality walking sandals.

You’ll find them comfortable during the summertime because they have plenty of holes for ventilation. Besides, the mesh upper is breathable too that is unlikely to create smell or collect mildew.

The toe part is covered. Although there’s no extra protective layer, it can protect your toes from hard things like rubble and rocks.

If you want the uncompromising durability, fit, and pliability in your footwear, the Ripley is the way to go!


  • Fashionable
  • Dual comfort footbed
  • Rugged rubber outsole
  • Affordable


  • Made of faux-leather
  • Not suitable for using in the water

9. Teva Men’s M Forebay 2 Sandal

10.Teva Men’s M Forebay 2 SandalTeva is an iconic brand in the outdoor industry. The company has pioneered the category of sports sandals. So, you should not doubt the quality of M Forebay because it comes from Teva! The price is reasonable too as you can get a pair at less than $100!

The Design View

The M Forebay is an excellent example of what good-quality outdoor sandals should have. These feature a sporty look with closed-toe styling, bungee lacing, hook-and-loop closure, and a heel guard. The design is simple enough and the color options – Turkish coffee and walnut – are not outlandish too. However, they are shoes that you will want to put on while trekking on a challenging trail or walking on rough terrains.

Comfort Level

You can expect good support and the highest level of comfort from the M Forebay because the midsole is made of compression molded EVA. The spongy material provides ample arch support with its cushion-like quality. Besides, it ensures no feet-sweating, followed by no stinky smell!

The leather and mesh upper are supportive and breathable, again help with keeping the sweat and smell to the minimum. The ShocPad in the heel area is a Teva specialty, which absorbs shock and offers extra protection for the ankles.

The fitting of the shoes is excellent too as they come with a bungee lacing system and an ankle pull strap. You can adjust them both to give your feet the best comfort.


The M Forebay will grant you the freedom of exploring a full day on wet and dry land.You can climb a mountain, hike over a dangerous terrain, or try to keep your balance on the rocks while crossing a stream. The M Forebay will be your loyal companion in all these situations because the sole is designed to the ground. Teva uses durable Traction Rubber for the outsole of this model for providing a stellar grip on all surfaces.

You can jump into the water with it without thinking twice as the T.I.D.E. Hydro design will help to drain the water fast. Plus, the textile lining has Microban anti-microbial protection, so you don’t have to worry about mildew formation, stains, and odors.

The sandals are highly versatile and are specially designed for the outdoor fun. You can travel the world conveniently with a pair of M Forebay!


  • Versatile sandals suitable for both land and water
  • Traction Rubber outsole for better traction
  • EVA in the midsole offers a high level of comfort
  • ShocPad in the heel
  • Reasonable price


  • The bungee lacing will be useless if the clam holding it fails

10. SUNROLAN Alivin Men’s Athletic Sandals

SUNROLAN Alivin Men's Athletic Outdoor Sports Closed-Toe Sandals Hiking Water Fisherman SandalsUp for some beachcombing, hiking, or strolling along rocky or cobblestone streets? The Alivin athletic sandals from Sunrolan can be your best companion! You can do everything without the fear of being left in the hotel room at the end of the day with sore feet. Besides, the prices are reasonable too. You can hardly expect to grab a pair of sandals of this quality at less than $50!

The Design View

The Alivin is traditional style men’s sandal, but the design is more casual than other listed products. The toe is closed, but the rest is almost open with just three Velcro straps holding your feet.

The shoes are not going to win any beauty contest, but the smart design has made it easier to get into and out, which will be appealing to most people that a stylish look. Nevertheless, these don’t look that much bad, and you can choose from six different colors – coffee, two shades of green, and three shades of brown.

Sunrolan claims the upper material to be leather, but it is likely to be faux-leather given to the low price range.

Comfort Level

The fitting of these sandals is excellent as you’ll have plenty of options with the three Velcro straps. They provide sufficient adjustments and make taking them off a less of a chore.

However, the footbed is not up to the mark as it seems hard without any visible cushioning materials, which makes walking for long hours a tad uncomfortable. Plus, the insufficient ankle padding grazes the skin.

If you want proper walking sandals that will fit properly, cover the distance, and won’t make your feet sweat and smell to death, the Alivin is a good choice. Nonetheless, if you want something that feels more comfortable with a cushioned footbed and foamed upper, go for another brand.


The flexible rubber outsole and low-to-the-ground construction are perfect for stable walking on rough trails. Besides, the sole will ensure your grip on every type of terrain. The tread is thick too, so there’s no fear of skidding even if you have caught up in a sudden rain.

The Alivin is not made for water sports or trekking in wet environments. However, these can take odd splashes without soaking through. They will take plenty of time to dry out though once they are completely soggy.


  • Fresh, sporty design
  • Can take occasional splashes
  • Better fit with three hook-and-loop closures
  • Cheap


  • Hard footbed
  • Ankle strap can scratch the skin

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